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We thought we’d like to know who all these disabled people Miller has been consulting were so mad an FOI request to find out. here is the list we got back.
Maria Miller has said that she is consulting with 50 disability organisations over changes to
WCA DLA and other matters. We would like a full list of those 50 organisations. We would also
like to know what funding these organisations receive from the government.

Maria Miller, the Minister for Disabled People, is the responsible Minister for Personal
Independence Payment.  The development of Personal Independence Payment is still
ongoing, however, during the informal consultation we held over the summer regarding the
original draft of the assessment criteria, officials met with around 60 user-led and
representative disability organisations in order to hear their comments. The organisations
official met with are detailed below:-
1.  Action for ME;
2.  Action for Blind People
3.  Action on Hearing Loss;
4.  CALL Scotland;
5.  Capability Scotland;
6. Citizens Advice
7.  Centre for Mental Health;
8.  Child Poverty Action Group;
9.  Crohn’s and Colitis UK;
10. DIAL Peterborough;
11. Disability Action In Islington;
12. Disability Alliance;
13. Disability Lambeth;
14. Down’s Syndrome Association;
15. Dystonia Society;
16. Ecas;
17. Enfield Disability Association;
18. Essex  Coalition  of Disabled People;
19. Family Action;
20. Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living;
21. Hackney Carers;
22. Hayfield Support Services with Deaf People;

23. Headway Glasgow;
24. Haemaphilia Society;
25. Inclusion Scotland;
26. Independent Living in Scotland Project;
27. Leonard Cheshire Disability;
28. Limbless  Association;
29. Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living;
30. Macmillan;
31. Margaret  Blackwood  Housing Association;
32. Mencap;
33. Middlesborough Welfare Rights Unit;
34. MS  Society;
35. Mind;
36. Momentum Scotland;
37. National AIDS Trust;
38. National Autistic Society;
39. National Deaf Children’s Society;
40. National  Rheumatoid  Arthritis Society;
41. National  Federation of the Blind;
42. Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People;
43. Parkinson’s UK;
44. Papworth Trust;
45. People First;
46. Poverty Alliance;
47. Quarriers;
48. Royal National Institute of Blind People;
49. Scottish Association for Mental Health;
50. Scope.

Some organisations were met individually and some as part of group meetings.


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  6 Responses to “So we all wanted to know who Miller and the Slash and Burn Gang were talking to”

  1. NCODP were consulted and were clear in our outright opposition to the scrapping of DLA and its replacement by the mis-named PIP. We are deeply unhappy that our opposition to PIP has not been reported whilst our involvement has been (mis) used in a desperate attempt to justify the changes.

  2. Also feel it’s worth pointng out that Citizen’s advice isn’t a disability org…

  3. Disability Lambeth doesn’t exist. Disability Advice Service Lambeth does and they don’t appear to be n support either

  4. As a staff member of the Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCiL) I can confirm that our organisation has never met with Maria Miller about the proposals to abolish Disability Living Allowance. We are firmly opposed to the 20 % cut to the budget for Disability Living Allowance and the new assessment process for Personal Independence Payment. The Department of Work and Pensions are misleading everyone by saying they have consulted with and listened to disability groups. All of the above Disability Organisations are actively campaigning against the proposals in the Welfare Reform Bill. Maria Miller said in a Guardian article on 18th January, following the Spartacus Report, ‘I have personally met with over 60 disabled people’s organisations in the development of PIP and visited disabled people around the country to hear their views.’ http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/blog/2012/jan/18/disability-welfare She has not personally met with our organisation or with many of the others on the above list. I would dispute this list.

  5. Fantastic job!

    I’ve written an open letter to Maria Miller, and linked back to here: http://misplacedmarbles.blogspot.com/2012/02/open-letter-to-maria-miller.html

    We need somone to ask their MP to ask Maria Miller to name specifically which charities it is that support the Welfare Reform Bill, given all the evidence we can find suggests they don’t. I don’t want to do it, as I only sent my MP a letter asking her to ask Maria Miller two questions a week ago.

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