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Merry Cross writes:
I’m appalled that effectively, ATOS is picking us off, one by one and I believe we need to amass good evidence of how they are destroying our contribution to society.  I’m hoping to show what contributions we can make when we have the necessary assistance and also the cost to society, ultimately, of refusing it.  If I can do this with at least 20 ‘case studies’ as it were, I believe I could produce a powerful report.  I will not use anyone’s full name in the report, just initials, and the region you live in (e.g. South West) but I will need your name and a contact address.  This could be the address of an advice agency, for example, if you want to keep your own address private.
In order to compile a report, it would be brilliant if you could answer the following questions.  Please feel free to do so in whatever way suits you.  You may prefer to answer each question in a sort of list, or you may prefer to write your story, making sure that the answers to the questions are to be found in your story.
In relation to ATOS assessments for ESA
·        What benefits were you receiving before the ATOS assessment?  Please explain why you needed this/these.
·        What has been stopped and what has been the impact on you? (Please include any emotional impact as well as any practical, medical or financial ones).
·        Were you doing any permitted work or voluntary work before your assessment and have you been able to continue with this?
·        Do you have any particular comments you want to make about how the ATOS interview was conducted?
If you have lost Disability Living Allowance after a re-assessment
·        Were you working?  If so, what were you doing and how long had you done it for?  Were you receiving any help from Access to Work? (Financial; equipment; PA?) Please say also if you were doing anything on a voluntary basis.
·        Have you been able to carry on working?
·        What other effect has the loss of this benefit had on your life?
Please send your information either direct to me at merryw@talktalk.net or to mail@dpac.uk.netmarked ‘For Merry’.


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  1. please can someone help me get my benefits back, firstly dwp stopped my pip after two years of having it,they said i have to re apply every two years,then atos sent me a letter asking me if anything has changed, i replied no, then i was sent a another letter saying i need to be re assessed! i asked for a home visit and intially they said no,so i went to cab and straight away they said they would come round on the 11th nov which was on a saturday,they then sent me a letter saying that they will come round on the 25 october which they did,now my esa has been stopped and their reason is that i never showed up for an assesment on the 26 september,
    with all this its made my condition worse and now im getting in dept.please call me on 07799971909 if you can help

  2. its very effective thanks for sharing.

  3. I received pip for joint hypomobilety, depression,anxiety, painic attacks, epilepsy, and the list is endless.
    I’m only 31 and have so many problems. I had face to face meet that didn’t go well. She lied and said she done a physical examination ( untrue) pip turned the caulk down. I then put in for a mandatory reconsideration.
    Rung them today to be told a letter has been sent out but they can see what it says. So I rung back few hours later to be told, they still can see the letter about the decision but told me it was disallowed. I know the case manger is meant to ring explaining why they made that decision. I’ve heard nothing. I’m so confused been in tears and don’t know what to think or believe. I’ve had to go on bank hours at work because I thought I could try and muddle through it. Clearly not. Pip have had all information from doctors etc. Could the advisor got it wrong without seeing the letter. Not sure what to do. Many thanks Vicky.

  4. Hi,

    The other day my DLA was suddenly stopped and the first think I knew about it was a letter from notability saying they would be taking my car off me. Shocked I phoned Pip and they said the reason it had been stopped was because they had not received my 40 page form. However I posted it on 19th May and phoned them on 20th may to let them know I’d posted it and thanked them for giving me extra time. However they have said there is nothing they can do so they are taking my car, stopped my £222 care and my daughter’s carers allowance just like that. I was awarded DAL indefinitely in 2003, I have been in constant pain for the last 26 years and suffer from depression and anxiety. I’ve been up all night and just managed to stop myself from ending my life….can someone help me please. I have my own home and don’t know how I will manage.

  5. In relation to ATOS assessments for ESA
    · What benefits were you receiving before the ATOS assessment? Please explain why you needed this/these.
    I was on ESA Support for dyspraxia for 2 yearsd, and I had depression at the start of it. (I was born with it) Been dealing with benefits for over 12 years, unable to get or hold a job. I did once have a job as a chambermaid, was laways commented on being too slow.

    · What has been stopped and what has been the impact on you? (Please include any emotional impact as well as any practical, medical or financial ones).
    ESA has been stopped as this is a problem continuously for people with dyspraxia. I got the magic ZERO! I just got my letter today so not fully read it. I have to support my folks at home

    · Were you doing any permitted work or voluntary work before your assessment and have you been able to continue with this?
    Nope, I was on support

    · Do you have any particular comments you want to make about how the ATOS interview was conducted?

    • I am a person whom suffers from muscular atrophy which is a muscle wasting condition I have to walk with a walking frame to support myself. I also have chronic migraines for which I have to take 6 injection per month to try and control them. Along side this I also have chronic arthritis of the spine and now cannot straighten without support I have a very severe stoop. I am in chronic pain and taking morphine.

      I had a home appointment and unfortunately wrote the date down wrongly and was not at home when my assessor arrived.i had written it down for 2 days later. Consequently my claim was turned down because of my missed appointment. How can this be right? This benefit should be based on an assessment not a mistake. I have read on the web site that my benefit will stop 28days after the DWP have made their decision. My benefit letter states that my benefit will stop less than 28 days after my appointment which not only makes the information incorrect it means that if it takes the DWP a few weeks to process the information they have collated they have made a decision before my appointment date. I rely on my disability stickers totally and I feel that I have had my legs taken away. I telephoned the number on my letter for my appointment as soon as I realised what I had done which was on the day of what I thought was my appointment I was horrified at what I had done. My refusal letter states that I have not given them a good enough reason basically they don’t believe me. Who is not going to keep an appointment on purpose knowing what the outcome could be. If I was going to make an excuse I would have mabe it on the date in question not on the date that I thought that it was. The decision makers seem to be consentrating on where I was on the original date which was just 2days prior to what I thought it was. This should not matter as I have never claimed that I stay in during the daytime. The stress and upset this has caused me has been insurmountable. I have lost over a stone in weight and feel that I have been punished like a naughty child for getting a date wrong. I am sure that the DWP get things wrong so why am I not allowed to.

  6. From: ……………………………………………..
    Sent: 25 April 2017 22:35
    To: ‘ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘mayt@parliament.uk’;
    ‘caroline.nokes.mp@parliament.uk’; ‘nick.loughran@royal.gsx.gov.uk’;
    ‘miguel.head@royal.gsx.gov.uk’; ‘caroline.lucas.mp@parliament.uk’;
    ‘media@equalityhumanrights.com’; ‘leader@labour.org.uk’;
    ‘Wellbeingofficer@ecdp.co.uk’; ‘kate@katebelgrave.com’;
    ‘opinion@theguardian.com’; ‘politics@theguardian.com’;
    ‘francesryan.journalism@gmail.com’; ‘keith.hollywood@mosslaw.co.uk’;
    ‘members@disabilityrightsuk.org’; ‘OCU.TEAM1@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK’;
    ‘correspondence@dwp.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘charlotte.ingle@royal.gsx.gov.uk’;
    ‘privateoffice.external@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk’; ‘gazette-
    subscriptions@lawsociety.org.uk‘; ‘newsdesk@independent.co.uk’; ‘pip-
    customerservice@atos.net‘; ‘thomas.dunn@atos.net’
    Cc: ‘…………………………….’
    Subject: Corruption.
    Attachments: Corrupt.pdf

    To all concerned,

    PIP claim for Mr …………………………………

    Over the months I have been sending you all information, of which you were all witness to the strange
    behaviour by both the DWP and ATOS. The following will now demonstrate why I was so concerned.

    Please see attached DWP letter, who have stopped my dad’s claim because I asked the analyst a
    question as to whether he was a professional, of which the analyst replied he was not a professional.
    Indeed my immediate concern was that I wasn’t happy with an unprofessional person to assess my dad
    and thus I stated that a paper hearing should therefore commence.

    I am now having to go through a mandatory reconsideration, of which to this affect I sent a letter dated
    24/04/2017 to the DWP.

    I also sent additional information dated 25/04/2017 to accompany the letter dated 24/04/2017.

    In addition to the above, I am sending yet another addition to accompany the mandatory
    reconsideration and that would be dated 26/04/2017, of which is having to prove that the DWP and
    ATOS were to blame and at fault for my dad’s claim being stopped and which entail transcripts of
    recordings with the analyst etc. This will be added to the other two prior letters dated 24/04/2017 and


  7. All these Solicitors companys,all these organisations and groups,all the members of unions political parties…….WHY CAN NOBODY FORCE the Government to grant legal aid for DWP cases????WHY!!!!!!
    its as simple as that….WHY?……Ill be interested if anybody at all answers this question upon this page anybody at all and if nobody does then that answers all your questions to all your answers without a civil movement or body of people to push this through then its never going to change……Moscow CT anybody interested? start here and have your say!!!!!!!! Moscow CT

  8. I have problem with kidnes stone, this start in 2012 but in 2014 he DR. Decide make me stent Implant ,but for now I been leaving with this material in my body anyone can imagine along all this time how I can suffered with pains and syntoms. DR since first day this DR non he make sameting wrong, he can hidden, I non undescended how one profissional can lying only for non want mass he name he prefer for patient death, for can cover this neglegence he non have heart,now all my life stop I can’t go back my work,I can have any benefits, I have payed, tax but now ESA refuse me pay a given O, how sameone can go working with implant in body I’am desesperat with symptoms fever ,all professional non what is consequences.

  9. Why is no one fighting for justice for us? Is the house of commons you don’t hear anything about this injustice. Where is the compassion of this nation? Where are the Righteous leaders defending the truth? The hope of our nation rests on the compassion of those living within it.

    • A petition in parliament needs to be started, this will begin to get the wheels turning.


      Its a disgrace that people able bodied, and disabled;unemployed homeless etc have no redress in law when already in a highly vulnerable position, both financially and medically.

      • Thank you Fred, just what I was thinking after I recieved the 1st letter refusing to award pips (even though a panel of DLA professionals had awarded me higher rate mobility & care ‘for life’.
        The way I think is that an award of higher rate for getting around AND care, FOR LIFE is a contract, regardless of what the benefit is called, In a similar way if you have a loan, that loan can be sold or passed on to another company but the debt is still owed. I see it as a breach of contract?

        As for the much needed petition, it’s ‘on hold’ until afetr the general election (8th June 2017)

  10. Hi all

    Somewhere on here I wrote that I lost an appeal for ESA but appealed to the Upper Tribunal on two counts, one being that an Unregistered GP sat on my Tribunal and all the evidence I could find online pointed to the fact that any GP sitting on the Tribunal should have been registered with the General Medical Council.

    Incredibly after harbouring little hope that any admission would be made about this I have received a letter today from The Tribunals Service admitting this “oversight” and have set aside the original Tribunals decision and are going to send me a date for a new Tribunal hearing. I won’t go into the details of the pros and cons for me on that on this thread but the point being is that if any of you have lost a Tribunal Appeal and an Unregistered GP or Medical Practitioner sat on your Tribunal then this more than likely if the same applies for everyone means that you could be entitled to a new Tribunal on the basis that you had an Unqualified Tribunal Member sitting on your hearing.

    You should be able to check if your Medical Practitioner who sat on your Tribunal was/is registered by using the search facility on the General Medical Councils website.

    Hopefully this will help some of you have a second chance…..

  11. I was awarded DLA indefinitely about 4 years ago because i have ankylosing spondylosis fusing of the vertebrae i can barely walk or put my socks and shoes on, i tried to work and set up a little part time job for myself which i struggled to cope with and eventually i just couldn’t do it anymore due to the pain and stress, i also suffer with iritis which is a secondary illness of the eyes caused by ankylosing spondylosis and i am also now on anti depressants, my symptoms and illnesses have increased yet they stopped my DLA, i will be made homeless within the next couple of weeks as i cant pay my rent let alone feed myself, i am on anti depressants because I’ve been so down recently and been having suicidal thoughts and planning how I’m to top myself, well I’m guessing now it won’t be to long before i take action because i hate this world and the demons that run it.
    I have no family or friends to help in​ any way with regards to living somewhere or financial help and I’m scared that if i find myself sleeping on a bench with a bag of clothes i will take all my painkillers anti depressants and wash it all down with huge bottle of brandy or the like, i said i hate the world a couple of sentences up but that’s not true the world is a beautiful place with lots of beautiful people but i cant live alone on the streets, one night out there in the cold and i wouldn’t be able to walk in the morning.
    Anyway that’s my story, thanks for reading, Jason

  12. 1 Received PIP last year on top of SDA which I was awarded in 1999 after a major stroke.Now after a silly assessor gave nil points and ticked boxes “not applicable” I was denied the PIP,so I wrote in they have just paid one amount on my birthday in February and nothing else,now to my annoyance I will have to attend another assessment in March to be transferred to ESA. ,A lady said on the phone they will probably sign me off! Over my dead body,I was classed 90% disabled unfit for work when I received SDA so this is all rubbish,I hate this rotten Government, my Father would turn in his grave .They just find us a nice easy target.its all wrong.

    Turn l

    • hi their i lost my appeal athe tribunal on firday just gone and this is very bad as i did need my esa to live on as well and now in the past ihave got it back last night restated as well now too they should change the law un der the department of social sercuity act 1992

    • Hi this is a follow up comment since my last one.I had a letter last week ,first line said I was not entitled to ESA,I should go and get a job in my wheelchair and park it at my employers place.I tried to get a job in 1 999 after my stroke and I was taken the rip out of at the interview,for which I lost a court case against the company.What planet is this government on,now I have no money they have stripped me of €300 a month for which I am sure someone got an award and no points into the bargain,so that’s PIP and SDA gone in a heartbeat.Never mind,claim jobseekers and be aggravated every day to get a job you will never get.I am in the process of writing to my Labour MP but now we have this shower in again all that will be in vain!

    • I thought progressive illnesses were not assessed . Not true have COPD grade 3 and Heart disease only discovered by my spirologist at appointment who noticed that I was very breathless.This was not noticed by my GP.I was turned down for PIP now waiting for ESA appeal.After reading letters on this page I feel you need to have Cancer to be eligible

  13. I was awarded indefinite DLA/SDA in 1999 but have just had it taken away after my claim for PIP failed. I sent a letter saying I didn’t agree with the decision but that failed too. I am in deep shock, how can the government give an indefinite award and then suddenly decide to change the name and the criteria of this benefit leaving thousands of people without any help at all? To be eligible for SDA (Severe Disability Allowance) you have to be 80% disabled. But being 80% disabled isn’t enough to get PIP!! Unbelievable! Life was hard before but without my DLA/SDA it will be unbearable.

    • my son was signed of for life and pip now stoped hsi money 2 as i am his carer now afects me 2 now i elft looking for full time job cant one and ic ant leave my son on his own 2 i applyed court n lost that 2 i now not no what to do my doc evn refused to back him up with LETTER AD HE NOS HE SICK..IF U BEN SIGNED OF FOR LIFE U SHOULD NOT HAVE TO REPLY PIP N GET U DAM MONEY STOPED IT NOT RIGHT AND THIS HAPPEN TO MY SON 2

  14. I was taken of ESA following an assessment in which the incompetence of the nurse resulted in her saying that my condition was not as she knew it. That would be a surprise to my doctors who needed experts to assess in order to diagnose, as it was outside of their knowledge. So it’s good to know that a nurse unable to find employment in a medical role has a higher knowledge of disability conditions than doctors who specialise!

    My ESA was removed in November and in January my tribunal appeal was accepted. Once accepted it was 3 days until interim payments would be made into my account. I was asked for medical certificates which I provided Jan 12..today is Jan 30 and I still have no money.
    I asked S REED MP for help..he contacted the DWP once and since then has failed to even respond to my emails. But then there is no election due.
    Customer services aka complaints has got the past 2 weeks promised and promised help. .but 18 days and not a penny.
    I have today cut my gas and electric as I am in debt with borrowing to keep afloat. Bank fines have past 11 X 20 after a promise of funds in account resulted in non payments and I am unable to get out either.

    I would never NEVER suggest that anyone trust or be honest ever. .I am a tax payer with no criminal record and am still being treated like some joke. .I do not deserve that and have passed my tolerance levels. Steal cheat and lie. ..that’s the only way with dwp. .

  15. Hi there, just wanted to add my situation into the mix and to see if anybody has any advice.
    I met and married my working husband 6 years ago, at the time I was suffering terribly with anxiety and depression and I claimed some benefits as a result of this. When I married my husband he basically started providing for me as his wage of 25 thousand a year could support us both, he cared for me and helped me with my mental health. After about a year into our relationship I had a call about the disability living allowance I received (this was the only benefit I had) and they said I had to go to an assessment, I was too anxious to go to it and so I didn’t go which resulted in my help being stopped. I wish I had the courage and the right mental health to just go as I was entitled and it actually made things worse but anyway I didn’t.
    Now years later my husband was diagnosed with cancer out of the blue. I have had to care for him and my anxiety has got worse, the gave us a ds1500 form which I found out they give to terminal people and I had to try and navigate the system again. With no money coming in I tried to apply for the mortgage interest payments and was told we couldn’t apply for 36 weeks! What do they want? For me, a mental case, to take my seriously sick husband and care for him in a doorway? In 36 weeks we would have been repossessed. We spent all of our savings trying to help My husband over this last year and now we’ve nothing left and only just claiming benefits. I just can’t believe they can do this to people in our position. They shouldn’t have stopped my disability living alliance years ago but fear made me let them and now they won’t help my husband after he’s been looking after me all these years and paying into the system. It’s just so unfair.
    I’m so sorry to read about your awful cases too. If anybody has any advice they can give me is be very grateful

  16. hi guys , sorry to see of all your problems, i too have many issues going on, i have not been able to have a local gp for 2 an half years as i complained mine called me a liar when i asked for appointment with back specialist , as he said i already been sent 1 an not gone , i said i hadn , he called me a liar an got letter out of medical records to prove i was lying, shame the highly educated man didn read it as they sent it to address i lived 5 years previous , so i proved him wrong , complained to health board, 2 weeks later cops come to my house tried issuing me with a harassment order on me, i told them t f off as i done nothing, the cops they reported me to child services for being violent to them (i am a single dad) i am tight with child services they rung me an told me saying the cops obviously lying, if i was violent to them they would of arrested me, so told me to complain to the independent police complaints commission , i did , they done a 2 week investigation an found dr health board an cops got no proof against me at all, the dr claims some1 rung his surgery an threatened him over phone to 1 of his staff, , an i cant get meds or see a gp cause they want me to travel 30 mins to see 1, yet its just me an my 7 year old bot, i have 2 herniated discs giving me sciatica 24/7 , emphysema muscle an sleeping an eating disorders arthritis thro out my body , my left hand is shrinking an i have no feeling in it or my arm as i nearly cut it off years ago , an i have won 10 appeals over 20 years costing the tax payer way more benefits than i would claim in 5 life times yet this time they give me 0 points , my conditions get worse every day i won 10 appeals in past where they had given me 10 points an this time i get 0 , hence the emails to am’s teresa may ect , just off for a meeting at 11am with plaid cymru as i want this read out in parliament and debated on , how the hell can they justify spending 10 times what some1 would ever claim in benefits to chuck them off it when courts have said 10 times before i am legally entitled, as so many others are , they are putting the uk billions in debt an breaching peoples human rights in the process, wtf !!!!! how can they keep doing it year after year ?

  17. Hi, Im glad so many are coming together. My wife has bi-polar disorder and a severe bowel condition. Before this hit her she was a chef. She was after a few years of waiting diagnosed with bipolar and awarded DLA higher rate care, lower rate mobility. I took a career break of 7 years to look after her. Im not sure of the body conducting the “assesment” but nothing we mentioned was taken into account and none of the evidence we collated was used. Instead the lady was asking my wife very leading questions and for the most part only went on the fact that my wife was dressed and felt well enough to put makeup on. So we contested the decision with a mandatory reconsideration letter and again collated more evidence. We heard nothing back so i phoned and i had to answer all sorts of questions over the phone. but any time i mentioned her bowels they said they could not take that into account and any mention of her bipolar was also dismissed. We are now at a stage of taking it to the tribunal, however i am at the end of my tether as my wife lost her DLA/PIP while we challenge this. I have lost my carers allowance and income support and now we have today had our housing benefit and council tax suspended. My wife has been on a downward spiral since and is now at a stage where she is thinking of suicide, not wanting to leave the house and barely even talking to me. The people conducting these assements need to be looked at and infact need to take a long hard look at themselves. they turn genuine people away and cause havoc to rip through their lives. were nearly on the street and if my wife takes her life i will hold these companies, the DWP and the government to account for everything they have caused my wife and my family to go through. If there is anything i can do to help take this to the next stage please just ask. you have my permission to contact me via email if you need any more details.

    • Make sure you apply for Housing and Council Tax on the grounds of ‘nil income’. This should at least secure your housing for a while

    • My daughter was stripped of her ESA (Wrag) in May 2016. There was no questionnaire, just an Atos assessment which awarded her 0 points. The assessment was a farce. The HCA refused to acknowledge either her conditions (Chronic Fatigue, General Anxiety and Panic disorder, Depression, and severe Dyspraxia) or her description of her daily life, but focused instead, on the SPD and Hyperemesis she suffered during her pregnancy 7 years ago, and the fact that she (used to) go to the ballet, theatre, cinema with her daughter. Since these were no longer relevant, she was found fit for work. She had never applied for ESA on the basis of her pregnancy symptoms, she had been transferred there from Invalidity Benefit, which she had been originally awarded for her dyspraxia and mental health problems, the CFS was admittedly a new diagnosis, but would have been added to a questionnaire, had there been one.
      The Mandatory Reconsideration was thrown out immediately, despite medical evidence (which we were unable to supply earlier since there had been no questionnaire) but by immediately taking her case to Tribunal, she was awarded ESA at the basic assessment rate. She lost her Housing Benefit, and Discretionary Housing Payment, which left her in a position where her outgoings on bills exceeded her income before food etc was even considered.
      The Tribunal was just before Christmas. She was awarded 23 points, and we were told she was eligible for more, but the extra would make no difference to the result. She has been put in the ESA Support Group for a minimum of 2 years, and was advised to apply for PIP given the severity and longevity of some of her symptoms..
      It was interesting that the DWP had tried to suggest that the doctor’s report should be treated as unreliable, since it did not match the HCA’s description of her daily life. Unfortunately for the DWP, there was uncontroversial evidence supporting my daughter’s personal description of her day.

      My advice to you is:
      Gather your evidence from everywhere and from anyone who knows your situation.
      Get your doctor to write a letter showing the detrimental effect this is having on your wife’s health. If her condition is deteriorating as a result of the DWP’s decision, she needs to be in the support group.
      Get CAB or a similar agency to deal with the Tribunal on your behalf.
      Be prepared for a rough time. 🙁

      Good Luck in dealing with it

    • I am appalled buy hearing of ur story very sorry to hear ur surrering iv no answers to help I just want to say to your wife and yourself hang in there suicide is not the answer iv been down that road myself as I broke my spine and went through major surgery and was a complete failure the pain I’m enduring is so painful I’m mostly bed riding and there’s plenty of times iv been so bad iv just lay we’re I stood iv been lifted of the kitchen floor was most recent episode and set in bed this happened after a car accident I also developed epilepsy to and sleep peralises it’s hard I know and I have to take mountains of tablets each day for toilet problems needing to go so much even straight after iv been and its the genuine people like arselfs that suffer as I know people that are just getting it and cars anal of dla and there’s nothing wrong with them holidays anal how they do it I don’t know I had set out loads of tablets ready to overdose myself I’m only 29 I was so depressed the pains always there I have 3 year old child and a 10 year old they’re suffering to from all this I don’t know whether I was a God sent but my door rapped and was someone I haven’t seen in years literary seconds before about to take the tablets they came in made me laugh and had talk they never knew Wat I was about to do but I thought was my dad back and put tablets in bin quickly I’m glad this happened cause after I really scared myself I still think of it a lot just to stop the pain but reason I say is at the time I was not scared to go through with it and think at times I hope that I don’t get like that that I wasn’t scared at the time and was going threw with it my kids are better with a dad for lot of reasons for advice and a role model of how they grow up than no dad I’m scared all time even thou wee suffer you and I I tell you this and it’s the first time iv ever replied online ever I sympathise with Wat I red ur husband needs you my brother overdosed at 16 died but was revived a few times lost his sight and hearing he got it bk but not fully he will always have seeing problems and again to put my family mum and dad threw that again I seen the effects I’ll never forget I’m 4 years younger I was 12 the memory stuck with me I know I’m going on a bit but I hope this helps and saves ur life knowing ur husband needs u I know it’s hard I am brought up in Belfast area and to get help is hard I know coz there cutting down on people on dla and its the ones have no were nere Wat u and I go through get every benefit under the sun and get away with it u can reply to me but appreciate to be kept anonymous for numerous reasons but keep yourself safe and I know it’s hard at times but remember who still needs you I know we’re strangers to each other but I don’t want see another life took over fact being let down and yes keep every doctors appointment you attended and write down every time ur bad as my dad does for me to show them in benefits office they’ll never understand Wat wee go through till it happens to themselves like my dad says we’re just another number stay safe

  18. I too have health problems and been on an indefinite DLA/ESA for 11years to be told over the phone that it has now stopped and i am fit for work. The interview i had was not with a doctor or a health care professional was with some jerk off dufus who gave great pleasure in telling me that i have not got a RIF chip injected into me illegally my question is this who gives these people the right to over ride doctors, specialists, psychiatrists. You could literally die in there office and they would still try to bill the corpse. These people are despicable instead of stating that they don’t have the qualifications to make decisions like this they choose not too. Why ? because there all comfy in there little protected life styles security of their pensions, they give themselves the OK by saying were all bums who like to live like this a life on benefits,.No holidays no car no Mortgage and we like it FOOLS it is called divide and conquer and the country is going to fall apart even more so very soon. News for your sort bad stuff happens to bad people.. I know i learn’t by my mistake maybe its to late for you YES people… ; what goes around comes around. GODS Word

  19. Iv been on DWP for 16 years and IV been having major problems with pip and ESA I’m disabled I have back problems and IV lost 3″ in hight I have ADHD I have hip problems I can’t sleep properly because of the pain I was hit by a car last year and had two fingers ripped off and sown back on now the doctor wants to amputat them because they are causing problems with the rest of my hand I had my pip taken away after I got hit by a car I went to the tribunal with 5 K wires holding my hand together and the cunt judge said I wasn’t untitled to any pip or a easement and said Idont meet the threshold for the test now they are trying to do the same with my esa I can’t even get to the hospital for treatment because I have no money left and I’m in debit Because of pip and I’m also suffering from extreme depression and much more

  20. tamping an pretty suicidaL AT mo had 2 herniated discs for 20 years 1 of which is touching my sciatic nerve (mri scan proves) also have emphysema, won 10 appeals over last 20 years , always had 11 points at assessments . tho this time even tho i now have terminal illness i never had last time i got 11 points, this time i got 0 . done mand recon u know what they said mun , unlucky fella ur still not getting benefit , i have to appeal again , but i thinking of just trying to find these decision makers an eating the cunts seriously had enough an wanna hurt people in to the position they have 2 live like me dont see any 1 dont go anywhere dont eat or sleep cause of pain , r these cunts for real i so wanna hurt them then die

  21. I had been on high rate mobility before it went over to pip I had been on this over ten years with angina and heart disease copd and arthritis in April this year I had home visit and report was pack lies what I said and did as a result my pip was refused 2 days later I discovered the reason my health had worsened was because I had cancer so I rang and told them still lost the mandatory reconsideration my appeal is not till February so I have been months with out pip I have had to find a car find tax and insurance as cannot walk far I am on oxygen tank which I have to take out with me then it was trips to hospital 3 ops now 5 weeks radiotherapy it costs me £20 to do the 60 miles each way for radiotherapy and I am helped with £7-25 this leaves me to find £12’75 every day all week for 5 weeks that is more than my pension have had to sell my household goods just to afford to go for treatment I cannot pay for oil which is my heating and hot water I cannot use electric heaters as can’t afford to put £10 a day in electric so during this recent cold spell have been in old stone cottage with no heat and no money can only afford 1 sandwich a day gone from size 20 to 16 in just 3 months totally depressed too cold to stand and wash even if boil kettle won’t resort to begging missed 2 appointments can’t afford to go and if this is my life in poverty don’t want any more treatment because life is not worth fighting for today I stood 5 hours sick and in pain and frozen in a car boot just to earn enough petrol for 1 trip to hospital and then came home to freezing house I’m tired of it all seriously battling against suicide and only because I wouldn’t want to hurt family who are struggling themselves

  22. I suffered a massive heart attack and nearly died Sept 2014 and have not recovered due to body not tolerating medications. I kept on working, making things as self-employed working from home. I ended up diabetic now on insulin twice daily, now suffering from underactive thyroid, high blood pressure and body still reacting to medications. My muscles ache constantly whether standing or sitting, body breaks out to open sores, constant cough, intolerable itching all over body, nausea, tiredness and on and on it goes! March this year I had an accident stepping into a private car taxi, I got one leg in and the idiot drove off throwing me back into the car. Now got tennis elbow and whiplash because of this. That was indeed the end of my little business that I fought SO hard to keep, I use craft tools and I can’t hold them anymore or hold them tight enough, so business gone. Specialist docs said 1 year before I start feeling any better.I receive med certs since then, had assessments for PIP and ESA. PIP awarded me 15 points when you need 16 to actually get the benefit! Mandatory reconsideration failed and they reduced me to 14 points!!!!!! I now have a tribunal on 2nd December. ESA assessment on August and my assessment has been with the decision makers since then until 11.11.2016. I got a ‘phone call telling me I got 0 yes that’s correct 0 points, my benefit was stopped while she was talking to me and I have to go look for a job?????? BUT BUT BUT I had a job self employed and I can’t do it any longer or any other job. No said she JSA or you will have nothing to live on. I’ve sent in a mandatory reconsideration. Off I went to JSA yesterday to be told this is only you registering, which took 1 hour and 25 minutes, me telling her I can’t go on, it will only be a few minutes more, I can’t do this, only a few minutes more, you have to come back on Friday ( 2 days later, why couldn’t I just sign it when I was there) every Friday, yes every Friday and on a Wednesday to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ BUT BUT BUT I attend my heart failure nurse on Fridays, oh that’s ok well give you a time that suits both appointments BUT BUT BUT my appointment is in another town and because everything is SO difficult for me as I can hardly walk most days it takes me 3 hours to get there by 2 buses and 2 trains. That’s ok you can do both on the same day I’m sure. PLEASE SOMEONE LISTEN TO ME I’M REALLY NOT WELL JUST NOW. I’ve also to go on courses to show how I’m really trying, and to go in on different days to ‘chat with people who MAY be able to help me. Give me a break please I’ve just turned 63 and I’ve got all this wrong with me! Said she remember if you’re late or don’t turn up there are sanctions. My thoughts ,,,,remember if I push my heart too far there are sanctions for that! I will be penniless next week as I cannot put my life at risk and this is what I’m being told to do by pen-pushers when I’ve got all the specialists reports saying ‘ this woman’s really not well just now’ Sorry to go on but I’m totally disgusted by how I’ve been treated by this government. IS THERE ANYONE TO HELP ME? May I also add the JCP is across a very windy bridge then up a steep hill and no buses go there, too bad if you have a serious heart problem!


    • Hello Jean, you need to contact your local CAB office they will be able to advise on what you need to do about this

  23. hi everybody so happy i came across this forum ,my story went from dla to pip had medical which was hell failed that pretty much they put me on lower ,so lost my car .cut in money ,did the reconsideration again same thing even thou i was 1 point from enhanced in both ,lies on there statements took it to tribunal lots of letters from my rhemogolist and doc and other consultants ,where i tell you no lies it was like being torn apart by a pack of wolves ,i was getting so confused by all the questioning ,and i was crying my daughter was crying it was awful .well 2 days later i got the dreaded letter and id failed ,so who knows will i lose all of it or stay on the lower rate .they said about esa ,so im sure thats why i failed too .goodluck everyone ,you need a good representation from a organisation , they dont care rem that !!

  24. My son aged 34 can hardly walk has vascular narcosis of hip it’s totally crumbled. Has since aged 13 suffered with anger issues and depression over last four years has sever back pain too ESA stopped his money on the looking for work part. His tried so hard bout only thing capable of is labouring he tried shop work can’t bare dealing with public. His leg goes right out awful limp awful pain. He is doing an MR. Is someone who can help we hope write it. The Pip ESA say must straight away apply for universal credit his Last payment was 24rh October. He is temp accommodation a studio one room with 9 year old daughter his just got custody depression rhfiufh the roof. He rang ESA before decision finalised told not to send in med cert as wont need it he has one from 14th to 28 th October from the end date one for 13 weeks he is r his wits end he does not know what to do he will have no money but will claiming universal credit make problems with the MR he can’t type so on his behalf

    • Hi everyone. I am so angry l had a medical assessment 3 months ago I have copd. and severe depression arthritis in both hands. I lost my daughter 5 years ago and my depression got worse l got no point s from the assessment. and she also told a lot of lies about me had my ESA stop and told to go to the job centre I can not work thru ill health. I did not no what to do I was to the point of ending it all . Told my doctor.. He as book me in to get some help for my depression waiting for Appointment

  25. Over the last year I have been suffering from chronic insomnia and severe attacks of vertigo. I also have partial deafness, type 2 diabetes, Irritable bladder and irritable bowel syndrome. The last four do not stop me working but do limit the sort of work I can do,. The vertigo and insomnia however are why I claimed for Employment and Support Allowance. My Doctor regularly signs me off with a fit note declaring I am unfit to work and I am “still” under consultants trying to work out how they can help me as my horizontal balance mechanism is severely compromised (in a nutshell knackered!!) but as with the NHS these things take time, a long time,. A local Charity who help disabled people into work has even declared that no one will employ me due to my conditions and thus they can’t help me.

    Everyone accepts that I am unfit for work apart from the people that matter most, the delightful entity The Department of Work and Pensions. I firstly failed the well known Work Capability Assessment with 0 points. I then failed the Mandatory Reconsideration. I then failed at the apparently Independent Tribunal meaning that the only benefit now available to me is Job seekers Allowance and to get that you have to declare that you are fit for work!!

    The Tribunal Judges parting shot to me just after declaring that she had sided with the Department of Work and Pensions. “Mr ****, I do wholeheartedly understand that due to your conditions you will find it practically impossible to find an employer who will employ you”……. This seconds after she had declared me fit for work!!

    A disgraceful system run by disgraceful people.



  26. well i had drill bit go in my eye left lot damage pip says my eye sight theres nothink wrong with both eyes when was is blind and has lot damage at the back of my eye makes me sick how they treat people

  27. Hi My name is John I am 55 years of age.

    First I was awarded DLA had it for a while then had to be re assessed , I lost it , fought for it twice eventually won it again , this happened twice over a period of years. The last time I lost it I went to court and won my case.
    NOW due to PIP I lost it again , just like many of the reports on here a lot of lies were written on the papers that came back to me, I wrote all the things said about me that where wrong and proved everything for the last court hearing I won. My paper work for my defence now totals 340 sheets of information this has my life in it for the last 40 plus years.
    BUT because most of my illness is due to mental health , anxiety , depression, anger issues , I feel ATOS do NOT take this into account. I also have three upper vertebrates damaged that trap nerves, arthritis and spondylosis. In there report one lie said I do not take any pain relief? This was because the last prescription I had was a phone in because I was low on medication it did not have all my medication on it. This was explained to the women and verified by my wife , we told her to look at my paper work sent to them, NO problem she said.. so all the way in her report (around 6 times) NO pain killers taken, was written. over 6 attempts on my life (most recorded in hospital or doc) , Again NOT taken into account, One of the best lies in her statement was “He has three damaged nerves that have to be removed, and fused together ?” ? and this is from a so called professional !! Lies and yet more lies.
    My PIP has NOW gone yet again to court.

    So my main thing here is DOES mental health count in these tests ?, because last time I looked it is classed as a disability as from 2010. And as I have been classed with depression ect and taking meds for it for 16 years, Although I can trace it back 40 years.

    If it may help anyone some advice by me is make notes always, keep records, dates, make copies of everything you get (as a lot of mine have been er lost? as thy often tell me) , luckily I duplicate mine for just an event. Get postal evidence of everything sent.

    Take care people and good luck to all.

  28. hello everyone i suffer with anxiety and depression and was given o points from atos i didnt go further to tribuneral as i couldnt bear sitting with a crowd of people judging me so i went back on jsa i have to go to many appointments and look for work i cant and not well enough to do this atm.so i refered myself to iapt i explained all that i was suffering i am waiting to go to therepy for post traumatic stress disorder.i also got phq-9 score of 19 and gad-7 score of 17 and atos gave me 0 can someone please advise me if i can apply for esa or pips as i have this letter from a psychlogical practioner as my doctor is useless as i asked for a letter from them to back up my claim and they said they couldnt do this for me….ive had a stressful couple of months

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear about your problems.

      Firstly, re-apply for appeal tribunal, the process is very easy and the centrers are very considerate of your needs, you can wait in a quite room before your hearing and you can bring a friend or carer with you, just advise what your needs arethe appeal Form.

      They have really great trained staff at the appeal centres and The people who hear your appeal are impartial and not on DWP’s side. I found them very helpful and listened to my appeal better than ATOS did.

      Regarding your GP, a GP has a legal responsibility to provide any evidence you may need to pursue a DWP claim, Your appeal will automatically require a collection of your medical notes from your GP anyway..also do not pay for these notes if requested by your GP…DWP will pay the cost.

      If you require further supporting evidence from your GP and are getting no where then speak to the practice manager who I’m sure will get you what you want, if that doesn’t work..tell them you intent making a complaint to your local health board..remember this, your GP works for the health board, the health board work for you and your request being ignored is unacceptable..GP’s are employed to serve you..!!

      Hope this helps

      Best of luck for the future

      P.s My appeal was upheld and increased..don’t give up.!!!!

      • How many times did you have to appeal before you got it raised? Terry

      • You think the Tribunals are open and honest, and nothing but impartial.Honest folk doing honest work, eh?

        • Why have I only just now seen this request? I have been searching for help for 4 years and found none at all. CAB are useless: they give pamphlets and nothing else. Age UK is nothing more than a money-garnering “charity” who do less than nothing. For 4 years I have been so ill and not even able to get Jane Glover at Wolverhampton Jobcentre to answer WHY I have been so targeted. Finally, she called me into an interview at Leamington Spa Jobcentre to face one of her Agents, “Sophie”, who revealed only then that the purpose of the interview was not to ensure I have all the entitlement I could, but to accuse me of “not turning up at an interview 4 months earlier”. This was a lie, although I had had to miss a past interview because I had been in a severe asthma attack that day and could not travel the 14 miles to Corfe Court in Coventry for “assessment”.

          In January 2018, without prior notification to me, Jane Glover contacted WDC and told them that I was deemed not to be eligible for ESA from August 2017 – and with the click of her fingers I have been thrown into 4 months “debt”, despite proving my illnesses from start to finish. Furthermore, in the short space between me seeing her Agent and her contacting WDC., I had a fall and my right elbow was completely shattered. It is even now currently held together by 11 pins and 2 plates. In addition to my other illnesses, this was considered “zero points” in the claim I tried to make. I have not been allowed to claim since.

          I have lost the home I managed for myself and my daughter, have had no income at all for 7 months, am considered “in debt” when I did nothing but claim my very basic entitlements; and I have NEVER been able to get Jane Glover to respond to any of my requests for a Mandatory Review and the report that was made about me at Corfe Court in Coventry.

          Where on earth can I get help now that I am penniless, homeless and still so injured and even more unwell? Really, with all these “reports” and “protests” being made, where is any help or advice whatsoever?

  29. Was on DLA, my condition got alot worse, I phoned DLA and told them this, then was forced to go write out a PIP claim form. Someone said when a condition gets worse it’s not law for them to force you onto PIP, only if your condition gets better, you come up for your yearly or 4 year review of DLA. so, I sent my completed PIP form back on 8th November 2015 (8th being the last day deadline to send it back) and heard nothing back until the 19th of December, someone phoned me from PIP and stated we have not had your PIP form back, I stated sorry, I sent it back on got the receipt (which sad to say I lost, but the PO worker I know a little was willing to be a character witness to say I did infact send it) they said we will send you another form out, then on the 26th-27th December I get another call from PIP stating we have had nothing back from you yet, I stated that I had received nothing in the post, by this time I was in a blind rage, they stated ok, we will send another form out which I received on the 4th of January hear or there. By this time I flew through answering questions and leaving alot of how my illness affects me out of the PIP form as I was worried as HELL! that my DLA would stop as when PIP phoned me on the 26th-27th they stated, if we do not get the last form back in time we will TERMINATE your DLA! Thus, why russing like a lunatic to complete it. Then, my world fell on the 6th, a letter came from PIP which stated, as you have not sent your PIP questionnaire form back in time your DLA has now been terminated! – I was just tingling all over, in a rage yet very upset as I had evidence that I sent the 2nd PIP form back as requested by PIP. I got the help of my local MP and they still told him the same story, he did not send the PIP form back in time. Now, 8th of the 8th 2016, I went for a assessment with ATOS and OMG what a farce, I got a copy of the report, pure lies and exagerations!!! I was born with a spina bifida, had 2 major operations, I have a deformed lower spinal section, nerves that are damaged beyond repair and 3 undiognosed health conditions. Basically when I went in to the room (there was no-one waiting outside) as soon as I sat down she stated: Sorry, hardy no time to do this assessment, there is other people waiting, I thought, errrr, I see no-one outside. The very 1st question she asked me, I replied as I should, tried to describe how my disability affects me on, for example, cooking, I can’t cook as of pain levels, extreme wobbly legs, permenent feeling a car battery is hooked up from my waste down, tingling like crazy (got this for the rest of my life) have falling over a few times now trying to do something as simple as putting something into a microwave, I just missed stabbing myself in the stomach when I had my last fall, so, I can’t cook for myself at all, but she stated in the report, can cook foods in the microwave and is generally ok with this, but as I tried to state in detail at the medical she just stated, yes or no please or minimal info needed, I am in a rush. Each question went like this and I knew it was doomed from the very 1st comment, but what gets to me the most that made me very sad, she clearly stated! Medical is now OVER!!!! Yet as I got up to go outside she asked if I had a partner, I do so I said yes, then left. In the report she said, has a gf and he really cheered up when talking about her. I was shocked, literally stunned, that is disgusting!!! behaviour!!! so, I got in contact with my MP again who stated just wait until you get a decision before doing anything else which I did, but I got turned down with just 6 points in the care component and no points in the mobility component, yet I can not physically walk more than 20 meteres (around 15 with a walking stick, my stick I do not have yet as I was using my mums stick around the home until i broke it as I fell over onto it. Oh lastly, I took evidence with me, a MRI scan and a doctors letter explaining my disabilty in fairly good detail, I laid it on to the table as ATOS state on there website, please bring any additional medical evidence with you so the assessor can make photo-copies of them, my assessor did NOTHING, just ignored them altogether!

    Now, I made copy of my MP email asking me wait to do anything to PIP, as I presumed PIP may think, odd, all this time and he has not reported the HP, HP? bwahaha, hopeless pr*%k, so, I made a copy of this, I reported the assessor to the GMC and made copies of this as the assessor I saw is not on any GP or health registrar so she is NOT! qualified to make any findings about my medical condition, only a qualified neurosurgeon can make comments. So I forwarded all of this to PIP and I am now waiting for a second decision which I bet is going to be the same or if not worse than before as they can not see that my assessor lied, so they are only going (at PIP decision team) on lies!

    P.s. My condition stops me physically going anywhere, doing anything physical, my own mother has to bath me from my bum down (not front to ya know what) but top thigh front down, has to help me change, has to encourage me to take meds, eat, sleep, gets me water in the night and cooks and cleans for me. Perfect way of living I have eh, well, so PIP think I must do.

    ATOS, PIP, DLA are a real disgrace to the UK, I am desperate in need of it but no ……………..

    • Hiya I’ve had my benifits stopped I’m 67yrs old on my left lung I have copd with nodgles on the right I’ve had breast cancer I’ve had so much radaition it’s burnt my lung to the size of a new born baby.i suffer depression and and other illness I’ve had in my life verbal abuse mentle abuse I’ve never had nothing now it will be the 3rd time in October for my appeal it’s the only time I can get out otherwise I’m house bound the 1st appeal lasted 5 seconds the 2nd one I got threaten with a warning what I will never know now I’ve got to go through with again in October help me someone thank you DERBY

    • I won an appeal against an Atos decision. My appeal hearing was on June 11th 2014.

      Approximately 16 months earlier I attended an assessment by Atos. I was driven by a friend, who I requested remain as a witness. My request was denied. After studying My notes for all of 2 minutes, this Woman then seemed to hesitate rather uneasily, before seeming to somewhat conveniently decide that her field of qualification was Neurology. She seemed to squint rather uneasily as she tried to pronounce the word Hydrocephalus. I felt extremely uncomfortable as this creature poked & prodded at me, almost as if she expected me to do tricks, like some sort of bloody performing seal. I was never so glad to get out of a place in My life.

      Two days later I received a call from My Disability Adviser, informing Me that My benefits had been stopped. This was confirmed, several days later by a letter from DWP.

      One week later I received a copy of the ATOS report, as did My Disability Adviser. We were BOTH in utter shock.

      Now, I can hardly walk, so obviously running is out of the question, YET this alleged medical professional had claimed I had the fitness, Stamina & Capability of an Olympic Athlete.

      Their decision, based largely o fabrication, manipulation & false representation. I was even left to almost freeze the following winter, as I approached the DWP in an attempt to claim a cold weather payment, which was refused, I was told because I had appealed the Atos/ DWP decision.

      Approximately 16 months after this whole farce started My appeal was heard by 2 Ladies on an appeals tribunal. At the meeting I had a support worker in attendance.
      That appeal was on June 11th. Two days later I received a letter informing me that the decision had gone in My favour. I was to receive an increase in My allowance & & It was to be back-dated.

      Roughly 8 weeks later the full payment was in My account. This enabled Me to pay off My Bank loan,approximately 30 months ahead of schedule.

      I was then able to get a Motability car. I,d been without a vehicle for 6 months up to that point, having had to use my DLA to try to clear My debt.

      I could never understand How a partially paralysed person be given an A 1 Physically fit statement.

      I had been told that They (ATOS) while assessing for PIP They Themselves were in fact in receipt of some sort of performance related incentive. Hence the reason for upsetting so many genuine claiments, & in the worst case scenario leaving some of them feeling that their only way out was to take their own lives. I hold ATOS, the DWP & the Government jointly responsible For These atrocities.

  30. hi….I was on PIP..new name for DLA……I got in touch with pip because I had to go in hospital for an operation.I went for another assessment….but got turned down.Wish I never said I went into hospital.I have an ileostomy which is over active..plus need a stick to walk..plus I have spinal stinosus.I call pip again today…..got the the case manager phoning me on Monday 1st nov………iv not been able to work for 6 years……ATOSSERS are a waste of space…only put on their computers what they want .

  31. Well all welcome to my club i have no money for two years.
    No 1 had five strock .
    No 2 type two diabetic .
    No 3 arthritis .
    No 4 spine damage .
    You are all saying that ATOS is to blame you are all wrong they wrote me of as unfit to work the next week i was put on the work group and all money come to a stop that was over two year ago no matter what i try for gets turned down all savings now gone but i retyre come january 2015 .
    Its a good my wife works but with the one wage coming in we are deep in date with paying bills never had a holiday the whole of our lives nice start to my old age ,
    So its ATOS as you all think is to blame its the DOWP plus Smith and David cameron that is to blame dont blame ATOS they are paid for falling people AND PAID VERY WELL FOR IT .

    • Hello friend, The same for me I have had NO money payments since Dec 2012 I have to steal food, Items and break the law to put food in my mouth. If I need toiletries I also must steal from shops, items then sell to my food, clothes to put on my back, or walk around like a tramp. I am 56 years old not in good health yet this person Fiona Howlett at Lowestoft, DWP stop my money, insult me and my friend, claiming the kitchen is to small. Britain is full of madness, corruption. Hundreds are living this way now, I even break into peoples houses to get food, items to sell for food. I wish my-self dead every evening as I fall asleep sad and depressed on my friends settee. Such a sad country Britain has become.

      This is wrong how people are treating each other and others.

      Peace my friend. God bless you

    • I was turned down twice to get benefits for what was an unfound hypothyroid condition. I was so tired I couldn’t make the appeal court meetings. I was exhausted and my memory was terrible, I would constantly forget and miss appointments. Depression was also very bad and most days I was unable to face going out because I felt depressed angry and upset a lot. I spent a year fighting them before I gave up and made a fresh claim which went through straight away yet a judge refused it???. I even tried to kill myself out of desperation because I was so fed up of feeling so ill and the pressure was getting too much. Even now although I am getting correct treatment I am still so concerned as all my health problems have not been magically solved. I am still tired, suffering aching joints, insomnia, depression and anxiety, I also suffer a sweating problem which greatly affects my confidence. Doctor had to take me off the pain meds because I also now suffer ibs on top and a bladder problem. My worst concern is ESA are going to make things difficult for me to cope with the pressure once more. Even doing a shop is nearly impossible for me. I am not sure I could handle a full days physical work or what the impact of going to work whilst I cannot sleep and am so depressed will have on me.

      • I had my assessment on the 7th of july 2015 this was for to change to the support group , I got a call and voice mail left on the 29th asking me to call a lady back which I did . She made a appointment to get a decision maker to ring me on the 22nd between 11.30 and 12 noon they rang me at 11.10am I was stuck in the bathroom after having yet another bad night with ibs. I rang the lady at 12.06 who rang me on the Monday to say I had a missed call early she said it was her and her that had all ready done my decision and stopped my esa all together.
        I could not believe the way this lady spoke to me on the phone and omg the lies and abrupt telephone manner hence to say I called my benefits advisor and asked her to deal with her.
        There was no mention of applying for a mandantory reconsideration I was just told to claim esa.
        Today the 25th I received my point score and I can not believe the rubbish written on it the all assessment was a joke there was nothing on it that id actually said ie; I was in distress at the assessment on the scoring it says I had good rapport and good eye contact ????? I was in distress and crying ,in pain with my knees and back and bad stomach cramps. How the hell are these people getting away with lying on what is some ones life . She even said she had rang me and I wouldn’t answer my phone FGS she rang early im very sorry I couldn’t get off the loo as I have bad ibs.
        ATOS need bringing to book for the countless disregard for peoples illnesses and not only making people feel they are doing wrong but ruining others lifes .
        Needless to say I am applying for a mandantory reconsideration asap.

    • Oh my so sorry to hear that but that’s what’s happened to me I don’t go out of my own and I can’t go anywhere they’ve said they know I cannot work I’ve got underative thyroid gland I’ve got kidney problems not to mention depression anxiety and panic attacks and they said we know you are not well enough to work that your partner goes to work so therefore in thee months from today for your money stops and that was three years ago

  32. My friend was diagnosed with chrons late aged 49. He had his ileum removed and had a stoma. He had surgery this year to reverse the stoma in July, on the day of surgery ESA stopped his benefits because they said he did not return a form he didnt recieve.

  33. I was assessed by ATOS in may 2014,I have depression and anxiety.My assessment kicked off with a lady asking how I was coping since a recent suicide attempt,this had nothing to do with my case and I told her this,I was then asked about my everyday life,how I coped with various tasks.l answered honestly and that was that.I then received a zero points letter from the dwp based on the ATOS assessment,when I read my interview notes,I was startled to see that the answers were fairly consistently opposite to what I’d said.To cut a long and confusing story short,I appealed and was set for a tribunal,in the meantime I had no income,almost lost my home,my special needs kids missed their summer-as I was doing what I could to fight my corner-and I was persistently being told by DWP to apply for JSA, I pointed out that this would be fraudulent as I am not fit for work.So,almost 4 months later I received a letter telling me that I’d got my decision reversed and no tribunal would take place.I am now back where I started,benefits reinstated and awaiting a letter of recognition from ATOS as to how such a series of errors on their part almost caused me to take my own life,now on 3 times the dose of meds than before all this Kafkaesque nonsense began and 450 pounds in debt due to the phone calls,travel and correspondence which I made in order to go fully round the block and back to where I started.

    • That was exactly what happened to my daughter and it left her feeling desperate and very depressed. We have just appealed and I am also going to see my local M.P. tomorrow as I was so utterly disgusted of how they can just stop someone’s money overnight and leave them in the crap!!! it isn’t just for my daughters sake as she is one of the lucky ones and have me and her partner to support her through this, it just made me angry that there must be hundreds of vulnerable people having this done to them daily, and it is not justified by ticking a few boxes, this is peoples lives and it needs to be looked at again by this so say caring government !!!!!!!!! very appalled

  34. Hi m husband has just received a letter today saying our money has been stopped my husband is disabled has just come out of hospital after another op they are saying we never sent medical report back which we did by recorded delivery and was sent back to us saying received they say i must have gone to wrong address now we have no money coming in we t our wits end trying to ring atos now and they are closed to updates fuming..

  35. I have severe Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ankylosing Spodolitis, Angina/Ischemic Heart Disease (I’ve had 4 heart attacks and 2 stents), and if that isn’t enough I am also Hypothyroid and type 2 Diabetic, both the latter just exacerbate my other problems, I am also on anti-depressants.

    I have tried to get myself back into work by starting a small business (permitted work), all this has done is deplete our savings and give me a load of stress.

    Lost my ESA in November 2012, appealed the decision and was awarded 15 points in Sept 2013, unfortunately this wasn’t enough to put me in the support group, the tribunals recommendation was I not be reassessed for at least 2 years and be placed in the WRAG

    Well so much for the tribunals recommendations, after 6 months of fruitless calls to the Jobcentre regarding my placement in the WRAG I wrote them a snotty letter and sent a copy to my MP, That got me a response from the Jobcentre, their excuse was (and your going to love this….) “Because your not actually getting any benefits your not a priority for the WRAG” all they have done since is suggest I look at further education (i’m 60 next week) or voluntary work and help me prepare a CV.

    So that’s it, taken off benefits, had to manage on my wifes earnings and savings since November 2012, absolutely no help in finding work, I can’t even claim JSA because of the Tribunals recommendations.

  36. Hi am Robert for yrs I have been getting ESA due to having epilepsy … I suffer frequent fits and live at home with my mum as she is my carer … I recently had to go for the dreaded medical with atos …. I have been to these many times over the yrs and always got the required points to continue to claim ESA ……however my latest medical I didn’t get enoff points and now my claim has stopped and I was told to claim JSA

    Was advised to claim JSA I told them that am not fit to work but it was like they were reading a script to me

    I was told to ask for a mandatory reconsideration before I can appeal which I have done in writing today

    I am now waiting for the outcome of my reconsideration and in the meantime I get NO MONEY at all !!!

    Any help or info on what to do next

  37. The best link anyone ever gave me.. It gives the personal emails of the CEO of ATOS plus MPs, prime ministers, DWP department heads etc!!

  38. hi, ive had depressioon and anxity for the last 12 years and I tried to do something silly just over 13 months ago my doctor passed me fit and atos passed me fit .but I stated work with the people I used to work with .know the company are writting to atos and the medical doctor who examined me it was an E.N.G.1 medical.Ive allready had a back to work nterview and a risk assesment done about me but the company seem to be changing the goal posts can somebody advise me and help me please

    • I’m at my wits end. Went to CAB for advice regarding a pending Tribunal as the Atos decision was a complete joke. I’m attending my 2nd work related interview next week. CAB told me to cancel the tribunal and wait for my next assessment, as the Tribunal will only look at what you were like on the day of the Atos assessment. So I’ve taken their advice.

      I’m 43 years old with serious heart problems since birth. I’ve been claiming IB for 20 years. I used to work and was on a bright career path, but had to stop working due to ill health.

      I’m 11 years post Heart Transplant, Immune suppressed, not expected to last another 5 years. I also have Osteoporosis, High Blood pressure, had a hip replacement, kidney disease stage 3, Gout, Anemia, currently under physiotherapy for knees, hip, back and ankle pain. I’m constantly exhausted due to severe Sleep Apnea. I’m constantly monitored by my consultant and GP, blood tests etc. I have an Angiogram coming up in a few weeks requiring a couple of days in hospital. Yet I’m deemed fit for work, it’s just totally unreasonable. My GP and Consultant say I’m being punished for surviving.

      Anyway, I have my 2nd ESA interview next week, nothing has changed health wise, probably I’m in a worse state with the joint problems and now taking double the Blood Pressure tablets, most likely because of all the stress this has caused me.

      My ESA is ‘Exhausted’ in May, which means I’ll have to drop into JSA, even though I’m not fit enough to seek work. What can I do? What can I say in this next work related ESA interview? It’s beyond a joke, stressful, and cruel. I also think it’s against basic Human Rights.

      Any advice would be helpful.

      I’d hate my legacy to be another one of these poor people who die after being found fit for work.

      • Chris D

        No you are not going to be one of those poor people who die after being found fit for work. You are going to be strong and survive this. Hang in there mate, there are plenty of us fighting right now, and unwell. You are not alone. I hear Atos are getting sacked very soon. Not sure what will take its place? Things do seem to look a bit better on the horizon. Hopefully this nasty Tory gov will get the sack too next election 2015. I understand the joint pain you have in the ankle, I have osteo arthritis in mine after it got broke in a bad accident. I am waiting for an operation, fusion or joint replacement? not sure about it tho as I too have been deemed fit for work by Atos. it’s been a nightmare and constant fight. Living in poverty on reduced esa of 76 pounds a week. You can reclaim esa after six months from the atos decision. You will let dwp know if your problems have worsened. You are entitled to esa without a doubt, so keep fighting, and never give up. Yes they are breaching human rights on every level. We will beat them if we all stick together, look after ourselves and fight for our rights. Stay strong and take care.

      • mike just reading what happend to yourself and can relate to my circumstances regarding your illhealth and mine now; and sometimes after the big fight weve both been on that atos cab and all other internal goverment bodies would just like us to draw our last breath after the nhs made a fotune out of gabg proceeding,s etc my question is now they have decided to take away my esa means tested me and after all the 40 + years contributions paid in my self and everyone else living in this moniecist police state they love to call democratic what happens now to people like us that are to ill to work they forced me back to work before when i was to ill to go back to work but went back in fear of loosing our home ended up having heart attacks needed cabg i fear if i go back this time being starved back to work what the other alternative i suffer with gout carpul tunnel syndrome both wrists and pains in both legs and cheast still healing inside after the cabg wont be able to pay for all my meds now

      • Hi,my daughter who is 10 is type 1 diabetes her symptoms are getting worse,its affecting her everyday living.She is not like a normal 10 year old.Recently i went to my daughters tribunal hearing, received the decision back had to read it several times i was so angry and upset,they said that she isn’t entitled to any rate.I spoke to her diabetic nurse and she was shocked also that they have done that.I don’t know what to do now,if i get help from a solicitor i have to pay a upfront fee i haven’t got that kind of money.I don’t think they even listen to what problems you’ve got they just want everyone to get back into work even though they are not fit to work and just want to save money and spend it on stupid things.I feel sorry for everyone out there that has the same problem.K

      • You should nt appoint any organisation that wants up front fees to act on your behalf ., if you cannot get help from your local CitizensAdvice Bureau, as a lot of them have closed, there are a lot of freelance welfare rights representatives that would take your case on.Some operate on a no win no fee basis others are fee based payable prior to a Tribunal hearing ,if it goes that far or payment if it can be resolved following a reconsideration by DWP.

        I am a free lance Welfare Rights Representative with many years experience of appealing DWP decisions ,please feel free to contact me if you want

        • my first time i claimed for income support as a lone parent for child of under 5 years. i was declined with the reason that I am not entitled to income support and that i should go and claim for JSA instead. its worth mentioning here that i first applied for JSA and was refused that i dont have enough contributions.
          was advised by my local job centre plus i should apply for Income support. Now DWP is telling me i should go and apply again for JSA.

        • Dear Greg!!!
          I become diagnostic as epileptic end I receive ESA,in may 2015 I have assessment on Atos.Yesterday the Job Centre phoned Me and said that I have 7 points from My assessment,now My ESA is stopped and I can apply for JSA,but I’m not fit to any work till july 2015 (My Gp.He considered me for the faulty work 2 month ago)When I spoken with lady on the phone and apply for JSA she asking Me”Do You looking for the job”then I said to her that I’m not fit to work till july 2015 but Yours commission He cured me :)Then she said “If You not fit to work,then You not entitled to apply for JSA”Any way I’m going to see My advisor today in Job Centre and I want them to Mandatory Reconsideration before i can appel their decision.I’m dangerous for My self and people around Me,because I don’t control Me epileptic seizures and I can lose consciousness any minute.Dear Greg if You can somehow help me in this matter?!
          Kind Regards

  39. Hi all,
    Well I have received my appointment with ATOS, which is next Tuesday. So ok I have been receiving lower rate DLA for mobility and care and I.B. for a while now, actually I have not worked for almost ten years albeit a few hours part time a few years ago, but I was sacked because I could get there every time due to panic or just dark depression and self doubt.
    Anyway, I have a leg problem and bad eyesight but the main reason for my being off work is mental health issues. Briefly I am a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser and have been free of for 9 years. Got myself a little flat as part of my rehabilitation into society which was provided by Sussex Oakleaf charity via the local council.
    So as I feel today suffering as I do from manic depression and manias and isms, that I take bi polar medication for, I was more valuable a human being when I was spending ridiculous amounts of money on alcohol. At least the government was getting duty on every can or bottle I purchased.
    My point is this, disability is anything that stops us living, doing or contributing to life as another ” normal ” human being would do. This is not how I saw my life being, no confidence, erratic unbalanced behaviour, a fear of using public transport etc etc.
    So somebody will judge my worth and usefulness in a 20 minute time slot, and decide more than likely I am fine and can function in a work environment and I just need to snap out of it !! Do these people; not think that if I could be earning and have some structure to my life I would have been in employment by now?? I am not lazy far from it, and whilst sitting here at home typing from my little castle many would deem me as functional and literate, so ATOS if you are reading this try spending a day in my head space and see how it feels then multiply that day by 365 then by 9.
    My point is who would employ me ? I am a mess and only just coping away from the outside world and would love to be able to manage all the things that working people seem to take for granted.
    Oh and I am writing a song as a protest, so see if I get arrested I guess, are we still in a democracy
    or is freedom of speech only for politicians?, thing is I don’t lie and they will tell you everyone can reapply for the benefits, it is just going to called something different now, hmmm so if this is true why have I got to be put in front of an ATOS assessor to be quizzed and made to feel even more lowly and useless and reiterate to myself how little use I am in most situations,and why then do they not send a letter saying fill out one of those lovely lengthy forms we all love and they will write to our G.PS for info about us, because its not going to save then money, so they say we can work and add to the already long list of stressers and reasons why we feel rejected and worthless only to be rejected by potential employers now as well?
    The real world scares me, and I have tried so hard for so many years to overcome this, but now am feeling it would have been better and easier if I had just drank myself to death and not tried to find a better life for myself. If I could wave a magic wand and be the person I wanted why would I live on meagre money and dread coming out of my comfort zone ? My thoughts are with you all at this crazy time in our counties history. If we stand, or sit or crawl together they will have to take notice ? Sorry to rant but I feel like a criminal being summonsed to court to plead my innocence and prove I am not a malingerer , they don’t want the facts from healthcare professionals, the whole point is if you don’t attend they WILL not maybe stop your money, and if you do attend of course you are able bodied and able minded so what’s the reason for not working, clearly you are fine yes ???. Comments will be welcomed, as will anyone wanting my email address for support or just to bond with somebody who is suffering with chronic yes chronic runs since receiving their lovely invitation. Jon.

    • Greeting’s – & thank God for usage of my fingers for I am aware there are many without, inc limbs. Yes, perhaps we could “crawl’ together – or row the same boat we are in but methinks the ‘boat’ full & sink & wouldn’t the sods in the big house celebrate with the Havana’s/Moet!

      Me: 54, life turned upside down due to being a witness to murder with threats on my life. Moved home (not safe house due to my pet), sincere pal’s remained while others steered clear! Prior to this I had slipped & injured my spine which caused me to leave my job as a chef. Put on lower rate of Carer’s A llowance, but all this changed in 2008 after the horrfic crime carried out inches from my face. PTSD diagnosed, new GP with Diazepam prescribed along with Stats for ‘sky’ high cholosterol, migraleave for severe migraine, can’t recall the others’ but I rattled… In 2010 I was the only person to snatch a lady from the on-coming path of a large truck (air brakes) couldn’t stop, I then fell & was walking around with a fracture to my pelvis. This affected my spine to the extent I could not stand & MRI scans showed deterioration of the spine with accupuncture/injections regular at the Pain Clinic London. Oh’, boy was I mad at myself having being in the right place at the wrong time! I do NOT REGRET rescuing that lady as she was someone’s Mom, Sister, Daughter….I was mad at the fact I had to resort to form filling & especially when I had another chef job lined up. Here we come, the INFAMOUS ATOS represented by tag wearning bufoon namely ‘Dr’ ********** whos use of the English language was [nul points] & as I already prepared an e-mail describing my attire (trainers already laced by a pal) in the event: Oh’, nothing wrong with her spine then – but on this knowledge he (quack) banged desk with monitor almost dropping off UNLESS he read it. I insisted ‘another’ be in the room & read the e-mail which he done causing the quack’s jaw to visibly drop! Upon receiving feed back with nul points (anticipated), I instantly appealed with the trubinal next week. Ms ******* had her son with her acting as her intrpeter – I DO NOT HAVE A SON. Ms ******* had no trouble unbuttoning/buttoning her coat – I WAS NOT WEARING A COAT. This refers to my bilateral CTS. As a chef I wore out my fingers & had 2 operations. No mention of MRI/X-RAY results but, apparently Mr quack could see through my body as he found nothing wrong with my spine – mind boggling to say the least. In my appeal I have requested CCTV images to be played as my ‘SON’ would be viewed in the waiting area [NOT]. My content may not be as bad compared to what I’ve read on here, but if one turns to drugs/alcohol, lock ourselve’s away, dwelling on dark thoughts – isn’t that the very reaction the ATOS/DUNCAN SMITH’S/CAMERON’S of this country desire? Protests, petitions etc are not working so off we go down that dubious road called HOPE & more importantly trust in the Trubinals.
      Reading about blind persons, limbless persons, crippled persons and recently a lady in an induced COMA be declared ABLE to work made me soooo angry. I resorted to pawning valuables purchased when working, but held on to this lap top only to venture to the pawn shop again until I can redeem. What life is this? will the BIG BOY’S raise the dead declaring same fit to work soon!! Nothing would surprise me now. I don’t drink/smoke – because if I succumb to drink I doubt I would stop. So now I await the Trubinal’s result, but I sent a strong letter addressing each paragraph of that Decision Maker’s result concentrating on the ‘SON’ – I lost my 17yr Daughter in 1991 age my only child so I was very distressed reading about this imaginary ‘SON’. But then again, seeing the HCP referred to as ‘PROFESSIONAL’ I was left questioning my own sanity & did he know more than me…..
      We are merely boxes ticked by morons who have no medical training – rushed along so that extra £30 earned at Medical Assement/s – could they describe us? could they really be all that interested in anything other than our hair combed, laces done up,ahhh, she can work! Dare I say the BB cameras in our bathrooms’ in order we wipe ourselve’s! (excuse language), or brush our teeth? For reasons ‘we’ can all relate to: I cannot expand on some issues/cultures and the REAL reason as to this onsalught on persons in serious medical predicaments, lest I forget the impact on our NHS services. I sincerely hope we can stand up as one voice, be heard & ATOS abolished else their will be serious up-roar in our country. Good luck to everyone, take a firm stand, be strong & keep appealing & I wish I was legally trained for I would represent each of you free of charge for we DESERVE TO BE HEARD. Thank’s fo reading and excuse errors as I’m in agony leaning & typing..

    • Hi Lisa,

      You have just put into words exactly what I have been feeling, I am going next week on Tuesday as well, and really dreading it, people cannot see that who would wish to be like this, living on fresh air when they could have a better life for themselves, the only thing putting me off work is mixing with other people who can make your life hell.

  40. My husband gets a £25 a week annuity pension.He qualified recently at the age of 52 because of his chronic neck and back problems fused discs and severe depression and agraphobia following an accident at work 12 years ago.Before the accident he was a very strong fit and active man he kept down 2 jobs and had totally renovated our 3 houses from semi derelict.He was a great father and husband and very loving and supportive. We were a family of 6 and we supported our kids through college and universities, we didn’t have more than 4 or 5 holidays in 30 years because money was so tight we concentrated on providing the best home which could secure our families future. We both worked very hard and even managed to pay our low mortgage off, so in many ways we have been very fortunate.But we have sacrificed our health and almost our marriage due to the pressures of realising this dream.Despite having several health conditions myself, being unable to walk for two years.
    I never claimed benefit even though as my husbands depression got so bad that he wouldn’t leave the house and I had to care for him after several suicide attempts hanging and pouring petrol over himself.
    I have had to give up a successful career to care for him as he stopped functioning and became very detached losing his libido for life.Now and then I see glimpses of my lovely husband but most of the time he is a broken paranoid man who is suffering physically and mentally.We have been told that an operation could raise the quality of life but there are such high risks that could result in crippling him from the neck down that he won’t take the risk and even the consultant suggested that pain relief would be a better alternative.
    3 years ago life went from bad to worse my son was diagnosed with a brain tumour this affected everyone and with the strain my husband had a complete breakdown and was sectioned for a few days but talked his way out of hospital because he is so frightened of them. Since my husbands accident my husband claimed long term incapacity benefit which was hard but bearable, then last spring 2013. he was told to apply for ESA AND DLA. he failed the ATOS/ESA assessment, we appealed and lost it because I had to represent him as he couldn’t leave the house.Luckily we had a good result with DLA and he was awarded the highest componant and I was awarded a small carers allowance. In the summer I became poorly myself with lumps in my breast and trigeminal neuralgia at the same time. I was admitted for 4 days and then later for 10 weeks as an outpatient. In that worrying time I forgot to post a very important letter -his DLA renewal, we were late by 2 weeks I only realised when I had a letter telling us that his benefit had ceased with my carers allowance but we would get a much lower Income support until Jan 11th and then all benefits would cease. Because of the phasing out I was told by DLA that they could no longer consider our case or the mitigating circumstances because of ‘changes in the system’ and told us to apply for PIP instead .We did so for my husband at Christmas IT TOOK 3 WEEKS FOR THE FORM TO ARRIVE AND 4 PHONECALLS.I filled it in for my husband who was very low because of the situation and we are still awaiting the result.Two weeks ago when all benefit ceased I was told it could take up to 2 months as there was an enormous back log. So I then applied for ESA for my husband although in the short foreseeable future he is incapable of working.We also managed after a nightmare of persuasion to get my husband down to our local doctor who gave him a sicknote for 3 months.I rang income support in tears asking if we could have a short term loan to bridge the gap but was pointed to the local food bank. We have gone past our overdraft facility and are seriously in debt. I am now feeling depressed myself as life is becoming unbearable but I have to keep trying for my family I am exhausted.My circumstances are sad but I’m intelligent and articulate and I now know that if it can happen to us it must be even harder for vulnerable people who struggle with all the red tape.

  41. Hi, first time I’ve writtin on here. My dad, who has been classed disabled for over 20yrs has had he’s disability benefits stopped. Yet, when he went to claim job seekers allowance they told him he can’t claim that as still classed disabled!

    So, he’s not getting no benefits, can’t find a job and it’s now left to me and my mum to make up the difference out of our pay which is already stretched. So cross and don’t know who to talk to.

    • he needs to go to a CAB and also his MP for help with this

    • Hi Daniel, you/your dad need to get to a CAB -not clear if your dad tried to get a reconsideration/appeal against the decision- these are time limited , so you need to act fast if not. It depends on type of disability support payment your dad had

  42. For the last 16 years i have suffered with depression, insomina and painic attacks and anxtiy attacks i had a atos review they called me a lair and said i wasnt suffering with anyproblems cuz i cud speak to my dauthger that im fine to work yet i cant b in crowds or i have a panic attack and pass out
    I cant cope with stress due to anger problems and moody swings this boxing day i lost my partner of 5 years and im struggling to cope

    • I’ve just had the same thing happen to me. They stopped my benefits mid-December without me realising it. I have no job or income and unable to work anyway. I’d be homeless now if I wasn’t living with my OAP parents who are having to continue to work in order to ensure their daughter doesn’t end up on the streets. I feel like I’ve just jumped into a black hole…as if my life was great anyway.

    • I suffer with manic depression sleep alot on alot of meds got to have op on my spine i can hardly walk or lift things yet apparently im fit for work?

  43. Hi,i am a worried single parent mother who has a 12 year old daughter Amber oxenham who has type 1 diabetes,she was diagnossed september 2012,when she got very sick and ended up in intensive care,luckily she got better but we had to learn very quickly about her care she will now need for the rest of her life as type 1 diabetes you have for life.she needs constant supervision by an adult which is me,she needs to test her blood sugar eight plus times a day,also inject insilin into herself four times and sometimes more than that a day,in which i need to supervise her doing and sometime intervine if she refuses or cant do it,i also need to work out how much insulin she will need in each injection depending on what her blood sugar is at that time and she at 12 cant be left by herself to do,also if not well we are up through the night testing and treating when too high or too low,if her blood sugar too high we have to give more insulin injection,or too low we have to treat with lucozade and biscuit,or put gel in mouth if she becomes unconscious and at the worst case scenorio i have an emergency injection to give her ,these low blood sugar episodes are called hypos,if not looked after properly with highs and lows,she could become blind,loose limbs,or could accually die,as this is a life threatening condition,i also needs to make sure she has her perscriptions all times and have her sharps box changed,aswell as that she has to do wee tests to check kytonnes,and a blood sample which follows hospital visit every two months,she does go to school but any problems i am contacted straight away sometime can give advise over phone or if really unwell im straight up there to pick her up and at times she doesnt even get to school because she feels too unwell to go,at the beginning of all this i had to give up my job to look after amber,and was told by ambers nurse and doctor that i can claim dla for amber,and carers allowance for me,which applied and got medium rate care component for a year right away,come september this year i was sent forms and letter telling me it was due to run out in december and i can reapply so i did straight away back in september,come the 21st of november i had not heard anything back from them so i phoned up to be told theres not much coming up on there system but it shows that i applied and a decision hasnt been made yet and he took my phone number saying someone will phone me,after not hearing anything i phoned again the 26th of november and was told a decisicion was made back in october and it was turned down in which contradicts the phone conversation i had on the 21st,in which i said to them,but he said point blank well we sent you a letter in october and to take it up with my post office,i am in the process of appealing against the decision,but it is going to take time in which i dont have given the fact i was not told sooner appeals take 11 weeks plus the time i need to get advice from citizens advice,ambers diabetes nurse and doctors,come the end of december i will have money stopped,amber does have a lot more needs than an average 12 year old there is no question,and do not know where to from here dla told me that she can basicaly look after herself and obviously who ever made the decision knows nothing about her condition,they are not listening to me

    • My son is 14 years old,he has been type1 diabetec since 10 years old,like yourself we were told to claim for DLA and carers.These forms are a night mare to fill in,it takes me about four days and I end up in tears,In august I had to fill another form in and in the past it does take about 8 to 10 weeks.I hadn’t heard anything so I rang and was told my son wont be now be in receipt of dla and wont get cares because he is 14 years old and can look after himself.I explained to what I do for my son during the night ,any one who has a diabetic child/teenager will understand wether they are hyper or hypo they can become very difficult and upsetting for a child his age to wet the bed.i have 2 single beds in his room with clean shorts and t-shirts(a teenager thing too old for pj’s) so he can change and go into the other bed then il do his blood test and make him eat/drink because all he wants to do is go back to sleep but you know aswell as me they have to be tested and I cant allways believe my son when he says he has done his bloods!!,we do our best to keep control of his condition but with diabetes hyper’s and hyo’s JUST happen.Yes my son is 14 but he is a diabetec and not like a 14 year old who has not got diabetes.my own mam now helps me out when she can with money to go to hospital diabetic clinic,washing machines,dryers,bedsheets and bed mattresses and with food shopping,the dla money covered a lot of these and unlike some would believe this money went towards my son and his needs not on holidays,clothes and what ever else these folk thought.they would think twice if they were in this situation.so any way I have received 4 letters now telling me my son in not entitled to dla and I wont get cares.what else can I do invite them to stay in my house for a week but they will have to sleep down stairs because my 12 year old sleeps in “the spare room” what I pay £15 a week for bedroom tax so he is not disturbed by my diabetec son and me which can be every night or 3 to 4 times a week.If anyone out there can help my son and me and others like us it would be a great help. regards Paula.

  44. My health has deteriorated through inflammatory bowel disorder from 2007, then liver problems, then joints, and now a recent diagnosis of inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, which is extremely painful. I am just starting a new programme of drugs. I was awarded ESA and put in the working group years ago and have done some voluntary work and worked part time as required however developed new symptoms as described. I wrote to ESA and said I wanted to be put in support group at first sign of deterioration on advice of my DWP advisor but was turned down. Now I have just received a new ATOS paper to fill in which indicates a new interview. I am a single mother and my teen child has been ill with issues that are demanding and need attention as I need to attend in school consulatations frequently. I am dreading what ATOS will do next as i have frequent pain in hands wrists and knees and feet, so don’t know what on earth to do frankly, walking and preparing meals is painful.

  45. I have had my Incapacity stopped I suffer with anxiety and depression, I was working 6 hours a week permitted work which I have now given up. I applied for contributions based Jobseekers and was told by some rude person on the other end of a phone that I had not enough NI contributions to claim she was extremely rude you’d have thought I was asking her for the money out of her purse when I asked what do I do now she said are your married your husband can support you. I am a grown woman who has worked 30 years+ if ATOS say your fit to work then the government should have something else in place to help

  46. Can someone help me please as I am so upset and dont know which way to turn. I have the permission from my friend who has no energy left to fight a horrible situation anymore. My friend was in receipt of DLA and has been for a number of years. She was on medium rate of mobility and low rate of care. She has recently been seen by ATOS who wrote a report stating her Disability was not warranted by DLA and she was fit for work and to be awarded ESA. She appealed against this decision at a first tier and it went it went before an internal panel who again agreed with ATOS. She was then given the rights to appeal again to a second tier which would go to a Social Security Appeals Tribunal were it would involve herself a representative, an Adjudication Officer and a live panel of three, having experience or background relating to the case. This took place on 21st August 2013 and a few days later she received a letter stating she had been unsuccessful. She asked for a written report on what grounds her appeal had been unsuccessful. This was only received on Friday 15th November 2013 nearly three months after her appeal. What I read is absolutely appalling, I am a professional myself and the report is defamation of character, contains derogatory remarks about my friends disability and how she has got the professionals believing her. I have known her most of my life and she is a wonderful genuine woman, who unfortunately is suffering with many things that prevent her leading a normal working life. In my eyes if she could she would but to see the pain and suffering she is in, I find the decsion makers conclusion disgusting. There is also supporting medical evidence provided from her GP, Occupational Therapist, Consultant etx yet they have failed to include it, an have actually stated in the letter that she needs to get a grip on reality and the reports have been produced from professionals on her providing the information rather than assessment. I am disgusted and I am angry over this report and I am seeking advice and guidance on what actions or steps can next be taken. This needs to be made publicly aware that while a small fraction of people maybe committing benefit fraud there are a lot of genuine claimants out there that are now being penalised and receiving documentation that leaves them weakened by their already illness but have no fight left in them to dispute the way the Government is handling these cut backs and therefore the decision maker wins. These letters are appalling and whoever wrote them are obviously not trained correctly because you can not assume you have to have hard fact, hard evidence but wordings of making professional believe they have a disability when infact they dont? who are they to make that decision. These reports frighten people, plus they know they are not in a position to oppose it as they dont have the money to make a private libel against them. Please help me, this is a genuine case, I wish for my friend to be successful and rightly receive the benefit she deserves. Shes not a sponger, she has worked most of her life but illness took over. She is 59yrs of age and I feel being discriminated against. Any support or assistance would be gladly appreciated. Regards Carolyn

  47. “A tool against WCA’s And PIP’s ? – Dr’s and nurses could face 5yrs in prison”

    Quote: –

    ‘Downing Street said the proposals would apply to health workers throughout the UK because it would be a change to criminal law which is not affected by the devolution of health services’.


  48. hi i had arthritis for 6 years i was on the sick due to depression depression lasted for years then i started to get pains in my right knee kept locking went doctor he said it was lose matter around my knees went to hospital they said its arthritis my gp says different couldnt be bothered getting into a argument with him, past year my left leg is the same getting bad pains even typing now is coursing me discomfort.starting to get pains in my wrist arms find it very hard to go up and down stairs with my knees. I never claimed dvla or mobility i was getting incapacity benefit i find it very hard to walk far my doctor said its the weight but i did say to him i know alot of people who are thin have trouble with there legs he never said anything . went for a medical at atos failed i knew i would i had no support from anyone . am 48 year old man am now on job seekers i have to apply for three jobs a week in which i do soon as i mention arthritis i get no reply now jobseekers wants me to work for my jobseekers but what job can i do cant stand up all day sitting down i get discomfort am not the kind of person to moan about my pains or play up mybe thats why no one will listen.

  49. My mums lost my dla as its saying she does it carer form me more than an hour what about my exzema asma and odd

  50. I am 58 and waiting for the dreaded ”medical” letter from Atos. I have worked all my life as a nurse up to 15 years ago when I sustained a bad accident on the ward. Recorded and accepted as an industrial injury by the DWP. As time as gone by this has developed into severe arthritis spine, knees, ankles and shoulders being the main areas. I also have barely controlled hypertension and chronic asthma. The goverment, with their rhetoric has had me believing, yes, I could possibly do some work, so I applied for and was given a job at my local supermarket 16 and a half hours a week. I have spent 2 days in a class room and one day for 2 hours behind a till. This morning I cant get out of bed. The pain I am in makes me want to end it all. I truly felt last night it would be a good thing if I went to bed and didn’t get up, ever. I am not going to be able to do this and I am going to have to telephone them today to tell them. Am so worried now about when I fail this medical (as I know I will because I can breathe) how will I live. I am going to lose everything I will be homeless, God help me

    • Hi Lorraine,
      I know just what you mean when the government force us to ‘think perhaps we could manage a bit of work’. I too am an oesteo arthritis sufferer in my ankle and spine, after a terrible accident that left me with this permanent damage, and a life of pain. They only scored me 6 points, so I have lossed my ESA. I am now really finding it hard to look for work on JSA. I am in dire pain, poverty, and am worried sick. I need a joint replacement, or fusion op but I just can not go ahead with this. I am too worried and vulnerable. I know its being in- denial when I think perhaps a little work will be ok. I know I can not do it., too. I feel like I am walking on a broken leg every day. I am dossed up to the hilt on Tramadol. It is hard to find the strength to keep going, I know want you mean. But we do have to keep going, we can’t let these arrogant pigs with no conscience treat us like this.

      Lorraine it does sound like the job is making you arthritis worse. Any extra activity and stress causes it to flare up real bad does’nt it. This is so unfair. Your health comes first. Do not put yourself at any risk for this rotton government that does not care about you. Get help and advice from you Docter, welfare rights and re claim ESA. You clearly are ‘not fit for work’ Take care of yourself, and do not do something you will regret.

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  52. I had a phone call yesterday to say I didn’t get enough points so no more money so what am I going to live on for the next few weeks no more crisis loans where do I go ?

  53. hi all i have fribromalga . me. ibs lots off other health probs was put on esa went to medical saw some one for 20 mins she came out with a load off lies at one point i went dizzy nearly fell she never mentioned that it was not a medical some woman who decided before i walked into room 0 pointsso i am appealing and to top in all cause off what she said my dla has been stopped after getting it for 9 years i am either bed or house bound and when i do go out i suffer i feel like they are calling me a liar i dont sit around being ill for the fun off it my husband gave up work to look after me how can they suddenly stop dla nothing has changed i have not suddenly got better its just more stress more upset and you feel isolated crazy times sorry for ranting x

  54. When I attended an assessment last year I was refused as the report said I fit enough to work!! It also said I was male? And that. I was examined? I am a woman with children, I was addressed as Mrs and believe me I look like a woman and when I appealed against the decision it went to appeal stage 2.
    Then I received an apology, I believe my report had been copied and pasted from another report.
    Asos have a quota to get as many people off benefits as they can- target driven.

  55. hello can anybody help me. i have been to 3 tribunals now all have said i am fit for work. i have blackouts obstructive sleep disorder a severe back problem and nerve problems in my arm giving severe shakes. also i have anxiety and depression now because of money worries and family worries. i take 6 different medication that makes me sick and dizzy. i have problems staying awake during the day. now because esa stopped my money they told me to go to jsa to get money. jsa could not believe it so they told me to look for a job 1 hour a day 3 days a week. i have another tribunal 27th july. any help would be appreciated.

  56. I am in remission after having had 3 reoccurences of Hodkins and nonHodgkins lymphoma.l finally had to undergo a stem cell transplant and due to the damage caused by the cancer in my whole skeletal structure I am now living in an adapted bungalow and carers 3 times per day. I had to appeal a request to attend an atos interview and because I am in a special care group was awarded nhigh rate mobility and mid rate care because when I am put to bed i am there until my morning carer comes in and deals with my care and medications.
    I am dreading another return to work interview and getting really depressed as I am in constant pain and if my meds are increased I wil be sedated and bed ridden.Why Mr Cameron are we disabled being put to this stress when Abul Hanzer has more rights than us?

  57. Hi karen im so sorry that you have been declined my suggestion would be to appeal. Taking all relivant medical documents with you inc doc letters etc. How can the denyyou medical if the info is inaccurate unture and there are so many discrepancies in it. Appeal appeal appeal hun .gd luck kind regards wendy

  58. I had Incapacity benefit with severe disablement enhancement with age,Income support,housing benefit and DLA

    Written diagnosis of Aspergers,House Bound with supporting consultants letters- I received a WCA appointment.
    Evidence sent including 18 years of NHS notes, Hospital letters and direct payments carer who also works for National Autistic Society.

    Spoke to ATOS and recorded call- explained to ill to attend and told would be a refusal, told them recording call and I was not refusing.

    ATOS send cancellation letter- further information received, do not attend.

    3 month later no warning dwp disallow claim,Job Centre can’t access file and Key worker tries unsuccessfully for 7-8 hours to sort it.

    Been to MP and they say will intervene.

    Only people of use for food when I run out are Salvation Army.

    25th feb onwards and still waiting to sort it 🙁

    should I steal?

  59. I went for a medical assessment on the 23rd Feb 2013, I have just had my letter saying I’m fit for work, 16/03/2013. I have been in a rehabilitation centre for alcohol addiction, but been out for nearly 2 yrs., the alcohol as left me with short memory loss, I have arthritis in my hands and feet which effects my ability to carry things, I’ve had 2 operations on my hands and was told that I would always have problems with it and it would get worse, I’ve had an operation on my foot which was only 50 50 chance of working and did not do anything, I have a number of other illnesses, she lied all the way through, she said I didn’t have 2 have a medical if I didn’t want to, she said I refused it, she said I could climb stairs @ my flat which however I haven’t got any stairs @ home to climb, and there were a load more lies, it was a nurse who I saw, mine were off specialists which I’m no longer under because they can’t do anything else for me, my lower back pain, in which I can’t get out of bed without help and can’t have any different medication. can any one help me please


  61. i broke my lower spine in two places & had to have steel rods attached after a car accident in 2008… i also fractured my pelvis & broke off the iliac wing leaving my pelvis rotated back,My Themor is slowly penetrating my right hand side of my pelvis & at present my right leg is over 3cm shorter this has resulted in severe scoliosis,a fence post penetrated my abdomen & i had to have 2 emergency bowel resections.Breaking my lower spine has also left me having to self cathiterise.Im 100% reliant on my elderly mother who is awaiting a knee & a hip replacement 🙁 i also rely on my two daughters aged 8 & 11… They have been my sole carers for the last five years.For the past few years i had been on high rate mobility & middle rate care this enabled me to get people in to help me & to pay the difference in my rent as i had to leave my house to move somewhere were the toilet was on the same level as i could not use the stairs.On the 14th of January i had an assessment by an incompetant doctor from Medical support services who was here for 10 minutes & DIDNT any way shape or form do a physical assessment,it was obvious that he was unsympathetic to my situation from the word go.I received a letter not long after to say that i was no longer entitled,i asked them to send me a copy of the report & when i received it i broke down… it was literally full of lies & empty spaces that were not filled in… he names my conditions as back pain & omits the rods,scoliosis,my rotated pelvis & the fact that i spasm & lock all day & during the night… he didnt mention that my themor is entering my pelvis or that i have degenerative disc disease & kidney disease.I can honestly say that if i didnt have my beautiful daughters that i would have no reason to live.My pain is excruciating 24/7 & is getting significant worse due to the degenerative nature.Im trying to fight this decision but i haven’t got any fight left… ive gone to my local MP & the newspapers about this in-humane decision,hopefully in time the deciosion will be over turned but i have zero faith in the system

  62. My husband has suffered depression since his rented shop was sold under his feet last June 2012 then he was diagnose with severe heart disease in dec an has had two operations three of his arterys are severlly diseased he he has to take the strongest ventolin to breath carnt walk far because his breathing has diebetes and his left arm effected by the heart disease he in pain with it all the time plus he on over twenty tablets Aday an my sons have to help him with them as he gets confused an has been refused dla we live on 91 pound for the both of us as I am severlly disabled since 1995 now they putting it down to 74 aweek as taking money for water we are at wits end carnt eat an he supposed to have special diet just at wits end we carnt live like this anyone advice us pleaseeee as at end of my tether thankyou

  63. I was assessed by Atos in October 2012, following the assessment I recieved a copy of the assessment from Atos awarding me 0 points, and on the same day recieved a letter from DWP stopping all of my Income support stating that because I was severely disabled I was not eligable for ESA!

    The medical assessment report written by the Atos medical professional stated that he ‘suggested’ that I could walk 200 meters and I was faking my disabilities, but infact I can only walk 15-20 feet with the aid of a walking stick, as I have spinal and pelvic injuries dating back to a severe fall in 2001, which left me with the lower lumber L 2/3 and L 4/5 collaped and putting severe pressure upon the sciatic nerve in my right buttock and leg. I never recieved any NHS treatment for these injuries and ended up having to borrow nearly £1000 to have a lifescan report which proved to DWP in 2008 that my injuries were fact and also showed that the severe shunting of the right side of my pelvis from the fall resulted in a hernia. Since 2008 I have still not recieved any medical treatment other than pain killers from several GP’s whom think I’m lying about my injuries, despite the fact that the Lifescan report proves my injuries are a fact. For the past 3 years I have been undergoing tests for severe inflamation in my shoulders, arms and hands, which is painful on a daily basis and prevents me from even picking up a kettle of water, and althogh after taking 7x500mg’s of codydramol to attend Atos’s medical assessment and drive an automatic car and parked it right at the front doors to the building, managed to get into the building totally exhasted and breathless, then unable to sit on their hard plastic chairs, no handrails to hold onto to get to the medical assessment room, practically falling with dizzyness, never once removed my coat, although it wasn’t buttoned up as I couldn’t feel the buttons having loss of sensation in 3 fingers in my left hand and 2 in my right, worse trousers with an elasticated waist cause I can’t feel buttons or zips, bent over like a 90 year old, painkillers wearing off, falling against doors and wall’s in their corridoor, the medical professional stated that I had no waisting of my calves but never once asked to see them, tried to get me to jump up over 4 feet onto a bench which frightened the hell out of me because I’d have probably have fallen in trying to climb such a height and despite being in obvious pain not only with my spine collapsing and sciatic nerve compression during and after the medical assessment, the Atos medical professional stated on his report that I was fit for work. I’ve also had athsma for over 13 year’s, and have been perscribbed inhibiters to prevent me having athsma attacks, and despite the Government requirement that for this condition I shold have been awarded 15 points, the Atos medical professional decided to himself and stated on his report that becuause I hadn’t been hospitalised that I was not getting the 15 points the Government states on their website that I should be awarded for having athsma, even though the Government website does not say that I have to be hopsitalised with athsma to be awarded 15 points, and despite being perscribed inhibiters by my GP for many years to stop me from being hospitalised seem’s to be something that Atos’s so called medical professionals have difficulty with understanding on a basic medical level!

    Well, all I can say is that Atos seem to believe that the word used in their reports of ‘suggest’ as stated and used by the so called medical professional on his report, mean’s a ‘fact’ when the word ‘suggest’ means nothing more than fantasy, and the heavy use of reverse psychology in his report to turn my disabilities into some kind of super human feat akin to Superman, only proves one thing to me, which is that the DWP are contracted to the Nazi SS Action T4, and I’ll be emailing Atos this week to ask them when can I expect the Gestapo to come and drag me from my home and throw me in the gas chamber, or can they provide me with a job seeing that they’ve found me fit for work and I’ve been refused employment with the Queen’s Armed Forces for being severely disabled, refused by the Governments Civil Services because I’m too severely diabled to be employed by them, and been refused by the public sector because my disbilities outweigh their policy on the risk iof health and safety of employee’s act and now not recieving anything in benefits whatsoever as the DWP have shoved me into a catch 22 situation by stating that I’m too severely disabled to be awarded ESA and the JobcentrePlus say that I’m too severely disabled to get JSA, so all I’m good for is lying on my face and cleaning Atos toilet floor for 8 hours a day with a toothbrush clasped between my teeth being that no one else will employ me!

    • I was assessed by an Atos doctor and the report on his observations were disgraceful and a pack of lies . He was rude ,ignorant and rushed me during the assessment .He refused to look at further evidence which was put in a file to show him . I was removed from high rate care and mobility of DLA to nil overnight ,and this Doctor’s report definatly held the majority clout in the decision .I have had long term mental health problems for 18 years , am 100 % dependent on people ,cant go out alone or even stay in alone .I feel detached from reality nearly 24/7 .I have had to have electric shock treatment for suicide attempts as a result of depressive illness .I feel detached from my own self ,have no confidence or self esteem .I suffer with bladder and bowel incontinence ,severe anxiety ,panic attacks. I was under a psychiatric consultant for 17 years ,and was only discharged a year ago because my consultant had exhausted all avenues of medication ,including Lithium ,electric shock therapy ,counselling ,psychotherapy ,psychology none of which made any significant improvement to me . Every day of my life is a living hell in my mind and body .I get no feelings of joy ,happiness , I suffer with fibromyalgia which went un diagnosed until recently ,which can range from everyday pain in my knees ,stiffening ,pain ,stiffness in neck back ,shoulders arms ,wrists ,fingers . constant feeling of heaviness and fatigue throughout my body and mind . I have a condition where i fall asleep without warning and this could be dangerous if unsupervised .I told this doctor who is also by the way also a general practitioner at a surgery about half hr away from where i live .I told him how mixed up ,confused i get very easily and cant concentrate or take in information around me .I told him of the derealization i suffer with this word not even used in the report ,past self harm with razor blades ,suicidal thoughts of which he described as strange thoughts .Bed wetting which is embarrassing to talk about to a stranger let alone a male .Yet he summarized me as friendly , well nourished , well built ,intelligent ,no signs of sweating or shaking ,refused to get up and walk ,yet did not say in his report that I could not walk as my feet were in so much pain and I could not stand on them .Since this visit and being signed off dla ,i am lost our mobility vehicle and therefore the slightest small piece of independence i had enabling me to get out on short journeys .I have lost my appetite completely ,experiencing tremouring through out my body all day every day . Im not sleeping ,i have relapsed mentally having suicidal thoughts of which i had to been seen on 3 occasions by the crisis mental health team and referred urgently back to my previous psychiatric consultant , both my antidepressants increased .I emailed the GMC on 3 separate occasions firstly dating back to early November ,yet had no response from any of my emails . Its my strong belief that the Dr who visited me from Atos has no duty of care to patients and only to that of Atos .I even complained about this Dr to Atos and basically say its mine and my partners word against his as we had no impartial witness . He even lied what time he arrived and left my home . So 18 years of suffering with mental health problems ,physical problems , people dependent and all listed above ,existing in my life not even wanting to live ,having to be supervised / cared for with personal needs ,living my life scared like a little child .Yet somehow Atos was able to cure me overnight by sending a doctor who obviously has no understanding of mental health or the complexity . or the fact that just because i can relay to him how i feel .how i am not effected ,how i suffer does not warrant someone being described as intelligent ,what about the fact that years of medication and lack of mobility has made it difficult for me to lose weight ,He ticked i didnt need help with basically anything that in his opinion i can manage all alone .. Duty of care I seriously think not .. This has been typed for me by my cousin as i am unable to do it but am with her as she types this on my behalf

      • I have a rare hereditary condition which affects various organs as well as cardiovascular system. As a result I suffer from torrential nosebleeds, severe breathlessness due to oxygen depletion and am prone to interior haemorrhaging. I also have a heart condition and am waiting for open heart surgery and possible liver transplant due to abnormalities within the liver, causing stress on my whole body. I am being monitored/assessed/treated by at least 5 different consultants and have been deemed totally unfit for any type of work until vital surgery has taken place and I’m given the go-ahead to start living life normally (or as normally as possible).
        I was claiming JSA but they told me that as I was missing “interview dates” to attend hospital appointments (I go to hospital at least once or twice a week) I was not eligible to claim JSA and was told to apply for ESA.

        I did this and was sent to ATOS for what they call a “medical assessment”. I took all my correspondance from my consultants which set out the serious nature of my illnesses, and also a letter from my GP with her own evaluation which was that I was too ill to work.
        The “medical assessor” at ATOS refused to read any of the letters I’d taken as she said their own assessment was all that would be taken into consideration. She took my pulse (which was far higher than it should have been, but she obviously thought a pulse of over 100 bpm was normal) and asked me if I was able to walk 50m unaided, climb a set of stairs unassisted and dress myself without assistance.
        I tried to explain what my doctors had told me and urged her to read the letters outlining my conditions, but she said it wasn’t necessary.

        I then got a letter to say that I had scored 0 points under their assessment criteria and was therefore fit to work!
        JSA still refuse to let me claim as I am still at hospital 2-4 times a fortnight and therefore unavailable at those times so ineligible for the benefit, and ESA refuse me because I scored 0 points at interview.
        I’ve been without any financial support for over 4 months now and am relying on the charity of friends and neighbours to get by. I am still waiting to hear if my appeal has been successful but I won’t be holding my breath!
        This Government needs to go.

  64. I as yet have not had an assessment of either type , But I am stressed and worried and having panic attacks as I await the inevitable. I know the day wil come and worry about money, I have have highest rate DLA mobility and middle rate care , I also get IB with sever disability premium .. I have only recently found out that I will be losing the SBA in April . What happened to headline about this ,, no it is announced, when other news is bigger so hidden in the small print somewhere . My daughter is my carer an I hate her having to revolver her life around me so I adapt to her now she has a full time job and lives her own life as much as possible . My kids have taken it in turns to be my main carer ,my eldest now has a family of her own and is pregnant again , My son sufferes from depression and the strain of caring for me are too much as he hates seeing me in pain . So it is left ot my daughter , but I pay her of sorts to make it possible for hr to care for me , she helps me with house work she helps me walk in little spurts as sticks hurt me hands and cause them to spasm, my back spasms leg goes numb and the other swells and gets heavier as I walk the few steps I do. I try and drive but only if I really have to ,five foot to my car , 8 ft to the shop door and pain I carry a loaf of bread , nothing more . I can not walk to the shop at all it too far .So she shops on wy home from work , she comes home at lunchtime to make sure I eat and have taken pills , But I worry everyday , I want ot hide away and not go out , not eat not do anything at all. But she pushes me to do so , but i know weventually Iwill not be able to , if not because of my health but through lack of money .

    I dream of being in a old neglected building , a factory or warehouse that has gone bust , and in this place are many other sick disabled and some healthy but unemployed people . Whole industrial estates filled with people like me. Away from the rulers of this country , the one who themselves have claimed DLA even though they did not need it as being a millionaire , but Cameron he claimed it because he could . does he think we are all secret millionaires How many other millionaire or at least very rich are claiming it , maybe if it was for people unable to work there would be enough for us to live with respect , this money was given to the 95.5% because we need it to live on to pay for our care , but because 0.5% claimit when they should not we are being made to feel like criminals , less than human , so I see these ghettos of disabled under the guise of care homes as we will not get our rent paid either , and if you own your home they will take to pay them back …. Where are the people who care for us , to fight for us to get justice and a fair society .Instead we are demonized as the dross of the country . If not for my kids would not be here , I nearly died of a PE in 2008 and again 2009 and I now wish I had . I would have saved the NHS and the government a fortune .

  65. Thank god there is more people out there like me.
    I have been sick for 15 yrs but only dealing with benefits for 2 ! what a disaster.
    I have been told i am a time wasting idiot who has nothing wrong with her.
    I have chronic chrones disease, dizzy spells which make it impossible to go out.
    I cant contol my toilet ( sorry to be blunt )
    I have chronic daily migraines
    I have to have constant care from my Husband but i applied for DLA & was told i was 100% fit despite letters from my doctor & the Hospital.
    I sent in the Gl24 claim form with further letters & much to my dismay after 4 weeks have been told the RELEVANT GL24 form has been lost so there is no claim.
    I cannot go on like this.
    I sit & cry daily .i just want to Die.
    What is the point in carrying on?
    They say we are shirkers.THEY havent got a clue!!
    Sorry to go on but i have no one to talk to it really would be so much easoer to be DEAD!!

    • Sharon, I’m sorry to hear you feeling like this and wonder if there may be some different treatment you could try. I also have Chrohn’s disease so understand what your daily problems are. Maybe you could email to mail@dpac.uk.net

    • Sharon, in my area (Bury,Bolton,Preston), the DWP/Benefits offices don’t respond unless it is sent Recorded Delivery. I also put on the form/in the letter, that ‘this has been sent by recorded delivery’. Whilst this has a cost (usually £1.55 first, or £1.44 second class), it does always get a response. I keep a copy of all letters/forms I send, but, as Linda says, email is ideal as 1) You have proof it’s been sent and 2) you have an automatic copy. I don’t have Chrones, but I do have losing balance (namely, CSM), and anybody who has suffered from losing balance/dizziness, will immediately know it’s not possible to hold a job, whatever the job. I am member of ME groups, and CLL groups, a lot of which takes place via Newsletters; for me, family and friends, these have been really helpful. I note there is an online group – ‘Chrones Disease Support Group – Inspire’. Maybe this may be of help to you. One final point re the so-called assessors: I wonder whether any of them understand what the word ‘chronic’ means?

    • “I sent in the Gl24 claim form with further letters & much to my dismay after 4 weeks have been told the RELEVANT GL24 form has been lost so there is no claim.”


      Put a FOI request in for all the info DWP has about you and I’ll bet that your claim/GL24 turns up in it. The DWP has said/done this sort of thing many times from what I read in the forums, but when people go to a “Tribunal” the stuff DWP said they don’t have is in the folder that the DWP HAS to give to the”Tribunal”. What does that tell you…

  66. I have the Dr coming to the house a week on SUNDAY 16 TH Dec2012 yes and how much do they get paid for that, the frud department has been following me since 7th Januery 2012, and I have been to two inteviews (more like POLICE INTERAGATION FOR MURDER) .
    My question is can I video or record the Doctors visit
    Thanks Sandra

  67. If you are a millionaire politician it means that there are bundles upon bundles of notes in the bank, that can keep you in absolute luxury for the rest of your life. However, if you happen to be disabled and poor then this coalition wants to humiliate and punish you, for simply having the audacity to being a disabled person in the UK, and claiming a pittance in benefits to make ends meet.

  68. Hi My Dad has a had a mobility car for as long as I can remember for a condition that he has had since he was 4 years old but has got worse as he has got older. He recieved a letter stating that he was granted his mobility car until 2014 when it would be reviewed again this was back in October. He has now recieved a letter this week stating that they have reviewed his case and is no longer entitled to the car and they would be collecting it in 7 days time. He then recieved another letter the next day saying “thank you for asking us to look at your claim, we will be in touch” He has never contacted them to ask for this to be looked at why would when you have been granted it!
    Not at any point on the first letter which says he has the car until 2014 does it state this decision is subject to xyz???
    Does anyone know where we stand with this? Or who I can contact to take this further

    • I don’t really understand why this has happened if his DLA is still in place, and can only suggest you contact Motability Operations to find out more details. If possible get help from a CAB or other advise organisation.

      • Thanks Linda. I don’t really understand the whole thing either. I have advised my Dad to go to citizens advice so I’m hoping they can help. More so to understand how they can publish one letter then go back on what they have said

  69. i claimed IB from 1998 Due to depression an anxiety I was told i was fit for work in 2009 i was put on Is as i had a child under 5 i have recently been put on jsa i feel im probably at the lowest point iv ended up in so much debt due to the change in money i have 3 children an its only because i know i have no family to take case of them That im still here. I wish i wasn’t the way i am id love to be full of confidence an not scared to talk to people i don’t know. Thanks to atos they have made me feel so low and suicidal i really don’t think it will change.

    • Hi Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear of your situation. Are you getting support from your GP? Have you asked to be refered to see a phychiatrist? If not, I think you should. You need as much support as you can get. Have you thought of going to see the CAB for legal advice on your situation? There are appeal process’s that you need to do, to get your situation reviewed.

  70. I have been on ESA since last july. After been tld by my GP that i have anxiety and depression . I hve been on my recent check up with ATOS and i have been told today that they are stopping it has my score was 0 . I have been to my GP and he said i am not fit to work because of mental problems . I really cant understand what this means how can my GP say this and they say something else . My ex ran out on me last yr and he has left me with 2 children . This is what started this off in the first place . I have got no better since last year in fact worse as my antidepressants have increased as well . WHAT DO I DO I AM AT MY WITS END.

  71. I’m 57 Have had heart attack, copd,arthritis and now being tested for cancer, because I returned health questionaire form late benefit has been stopped and just recieved letter from council to say theyve stopped my rent. Apart from topping myself where do I go from here for help???????????????

  72. I have crumbling discs and Fibromyalgia for 5 years, the pain is so bad I have even attempted suicide twice. My daughter and son have been great but at 43 I never thought I would have to ask my 18 year old son to help me out of the shower, help me dress and help me to and from the toilet. I am in constant pain and I lost 3 stone to try help myself as I thought that it would help my back which it never. It annoys me that I am not entitled to mobility allowance. I am in so much pain getting in and out of my daughters and sons car that I am stuck in the house most of the time as I can’t walk very far without being in pain. My quality of life is nothing at the moment and I have very nearly tried suicide again. The government don’t want to help, they just want to save money. I worked from the age of 12, paid tax and NI from 16 and have worked all my life (except for maternity leave) ANNOYED is not the word I would describle for how we are treated.

  73. My partner went for a medical a few months bk now his type 1 diabetic which isnt under control his had a heart attack his now got a irregular and enlarged heart and heart beat stage3 kidney failure depression coz of all this and aggrphobia and because I’ve done most of the talking and not him, and hes legs just give way with no signs and a twisted spine thay still told him he was fit for work and all they physically asked him to do was to lay down and lift his legs and yet they saw he couldnt do this right he is not work shy hes had his own business and hes tried for work but coz off his medial conditions no one will employ him but yet atos says his fit for work we have lost loads of money and its now come to the point were I have my family looking after him and my 2 hildren so I can go to work

  74. these people are insane i got zero points because basically i am still alive and didnt commit suicide this year
    on depression medication and huge migraine meds this company is a disgrace

  75. Hi, I have been stopped my DLA they said i didn’t fill in the forms, I said i didnt have any sent to me, after phone call’s to Blackpool they sent me forms to fill in and said I would have to start a new claim, I phoned the post and complained that my forms had not been posted they said they will investigate it. Phoned Blackpool again I asked them to look on their computer to see if they had sent me the forms she said they didnt send any forms to me, she would put it on file that they didnt , Got refused DLA again after 8 weeks as my surgeon was off for a few months.and they didnt have the forms filled in from him I told them he was away, didnt make any difference to them. they said they could look at again for me after 7 weeks I phoned them, for some one to say they didn’t know any thing about it. put it through again 9 weeks later big no again as they looked at a doctors report this doctor didn’t know I had a opp 3mth before and didn’t know what was wrong with me. 10 years ago I had a exterior fixator fitted for 19 weeks on my leg, then over the last 4 years i have had a full knee replacement that fell apart had the bottom taken out and a longer one put in, now waiting for them to take the top part out and put a new one in,, that’s two knee replacements in 4 years on one leg. plus 8 cameras looking inside. still got pain swelling and heat coming from my knee. pain killers coming out of my ears.
    Today had a letter to say i am fit for work ffs this is the last straw for me. the stress of the last 6 mths have been to much for me and my wife.

  76. i was working full time, after a long illness of severe polyarthritis all over body, chronic fibromyalgia, angina, hypertention, small arteries disease, raynards desease spondylitis of the spine. and degenerate joint dease. I went part time work, claiming dla and mobility allowance, i wanted to stay at work. I got taxies to and from work. after ATOS visit and a form that was misreprisented I lost my dla and mobility allowance and wct. The ATOS officer lied about me and told me to shush two times and filled them boxes without asking me the questions.
    I had to give up work I could not cope, my illness got worse, i was paying council tax and housing benifit my dues to society whilst at work

    I claimed esa and got the highest rate the medical officer stated I was not fit for work and would not be in the distant future.
    I appealed against the dwp decision, and won the case. high mobility low dla. but now I am to ill to work and the government pay for my hb and ct. and it cost them thousands for the appeal. why didnt they leave me alone and they would have been better of I would still be in work,paying my dues to society.

    How could one ATOS officer asses me for 20 minutes and make a decison, counter acting my DOCTOR, A REUMATOLOGIST, A CONSULTANT, A PHYSIOTHEROPHIST, A PAIN CLINIC CONSULTANT, A PYSCOLOGIST. help me to understand was he MEDICALLY TRAINED IN ALL OF THESE AREAS. They are corrupt and will reap what they sow. Fight on all you people the truth always prevales. And to top that I met a man who worked for DWP who used to help me on the bus to work, and he told me he worked with a man at DWP who got DLA and suffered with FIBROMYALGIA, does this mean there is one rule for them and another for us.

  77. Hi, I failed my Examination in July and under the stress of the whole appeal process, I found a job I believed I could manage. Sadly after only a few months my condition has worsened and now have severe anxiety attacks and depression. I was claiming support due to a mobility issue and now I’m suffering from a mental issue due to the pain and stress of work. Im a complete wreck, physically and mentally. I now have to take medication for my anxiety and depression as well as pain relief. I’m really ill. I did not chose to be disabled, I’ve worked all my life, as a result of an accident I’ve been left like this. I don’t want a hand out, I need a hand. I’ve received no advice or support except from my doctor and local Cab. The doctor has suggested I stop work and Cab want me to put in a fresh claim no including my mental state. Only for my wife and kids I’d do something silly. I believe this whole thing is.nothing more than an excercise in cleansing of the weak and disabled and ill. We don’t deserve this, were not all scroungers. I’m not rich and with the money I received we lived a very megre existence but atleast we had some existence. Something needs done, I didn’t choose this non of us did. I’d much rather run and play with my kids than sit here, these are cards I’ve been dealt. The least we can expect is some help.

    • hi john im so sorry about what youv gone through iv just recieved my esa50 petrified of losing benefit and being made destitute iv got the cab by my side hopeing against hope they will offer me some protection from this worst case scenario i cant believe this government is getting away with doing this to people my heart goes out to you remember you are very important person in this world dont let them make you worse be strong they are inhuman i also suffer depression and understand how devastateing these people can be to us just that such people exist or can sleep at night is a nightmare in itself
      stay strong

      warm hugs sue

      • Thanks Sue.I hope you get sorted out, it’s just not fair. They deem us fit for work but what work? They pull the plug and offer no support. It’s a disgrace. I’ve received my fresh claim forms and medical info from my Doctor. Will get to it tonight.

        All the best Sue, let us know.

    • Hi John, I know how you feel mate.After my ESA was stopped following an Atos medical I tried to work and ended up unconcious on the floor with a gashed head.I tried for ESA again last May and was told I was not entitled.Then in October this year, with a lot of help from a kind Mr Price (DWP) I was told I had been entitled to it afterall.It was paid back dated from May which meant I could sort my overdraft out and not worry as much when putting the heating on.However I now have a new Atos medical assessment in a couple of weeks which I have asked to be recorded. A4U who helped me fill in my ESA50 tell me that I should get the required number of points to be classed as unfit to work.At my first atos medical I believed that the “HCP” was a real caring,understanding medical person, now I know they are just soulless, compassionless box tickers with a fancy name interested only meeting targets and their pay packets.B

      • Thanks Bill. Glad you got some resolve. Good luck for your next Exam. I think we should have the right to choose our own doctor or atleast a neutral body to do the exAmination. It’s obvious these people are simply on a pay agenda. I’m surprised any self respecting doctor would even do the job. Surely it’s against everything the job stands for? I wish you well Bill, goodluck.

  78. So far I’ve not been bothered by the system for a while, but when I 1st applied for ah benefit I had been stuck in the house for years (I have agoraphobia) my support worker took me to the jobcentre to see how they could help having been told my problems they said all I can do is go on JSA they acknowledge I wasn’t fit enough for work but said they would turn a blind eye so for maybe a year or 2 my support worker took me to sign on every time it eventually took it’s tole and I was beginning to loose my sanity that people that worked with the work program said I should be on “ESA how on earth are you on JSA”. I applied for ESA and I got it right away no problem they did the correct test and gave me a mental health test (I have heard of people with mental health problems being giving physical test and being classed fit enough for work.) and life feels a lot peaceful for now.

    During my time on JSA when waiting for an appointment they often would make you wait for absurd amounts of time as much as 2 hours after your appointment time and I did observe lots of bad things being done to other clients like one man came in for an appointment at a work program and was told there was a mistake there is no appointment then when the man leaves the man in charge says “thank god, I can’t stand people like that I just wanted to get rid of him…” and the secretary says should I mark the man as attended or not attended the man in charge said “not attended”. I over heard lot of conversation involving involving the job seekers agreement and they would often brag to each other how high of a target they managed to set for certain clients and saying that they’ll be getting a sanction soon (like how many jobs have to be allied for in a week they could tell you to do 100 which you’d fail). I would hear random vice versa rules which they would tell you to follow then tell you off next time for following it then give you a new rules I personally got this a lot. Messed up times happened a lot they’d call some one before there appointment time then mark them not attended then they would be there on time but be turned away, arrive a couple minutes early or on time and be told at the desk your late (they may of not even called you yet as well), Turn up really early wait way past the appointment time and when they finally call you they ask why are you late.

  79. I just had my IB stripped away, received a phone call from a “Decision Maker” asking me if there was any info i felt he should know that wasn’t covered in my examinationor in the form i filled out, i spoke for about 5 minutes explaining that i had worked since i was 16 and had always enjoyed it. Ipointed out that at the time i was on a fairly nice salary, lived in a picturesque village in Hertfordshire and was in a job where promotion was a near certainty. I asked him if he could think of any reason why i would give up this life to go on IB and uproot my family from Herts to Bolton if there was any alternative. I have Degenerative Disc Disease and depression brought about by my frustration at not being able to work and being on my own most of the time, i have undergone numerous painful and undignified treatmeants have had a discectomy (failed) have exhausted all alternative therapes and have been released from all treatments of a conventional nature with basically a “we can’t help you” punchline. But this was all a waste of time it became apparent that the decision had already been made and the phone call was purely procedure. I did find out during the course of the phone call that my Assessor was not even a Doctor but was a Physiotherapist my physical exam consisted of me raising each legand that was it the questions i was asked were designed in such a way to make it impossible for me to continue receiving IB.

    I asked the Decision Maker to suggest a job i could do given all the information he had, he of course declined to offer any help in that area after 37 minutes of me making various arguments for my cause i was told the phone call was going to be terminated as it was a waste of his time going round in circles and revisiting my arguments.

    So now i have the appeals procedure to look forward to, and was told that any costs incurred by me in getting written reports from from my GP were my responsibility and were in no way refundable he then went on to say that a democratically elected Government had implemeted this scheme and that it was fair as i recall noone voted for a coalition Government and in effect we all got what noone wanted. This whole afair has left me feeling really angry about an unfair decision, a decision which has been made by people who aren’t Doctors and certainly not Neuro Surgeons. I am at a loss as what to do next as i was told my IB stops in two weeks from today and in my experience nothing will be done in 14 days when dealing with the smiling assassins at the DWP.

  80. Letter from the tribunal and it is going to be a long time before its heard and yet iam a genuine case and cant under stand why its possible to put people through all this unnesssary stress.They are very cruel people with no compassion at all, but remember what goes round.

    • Johnlamb, again, take your case to your MP. It’s unforgivable to expect disabled people who already have enough to cope with to be driven to the brink by Atos. Go there every day if you have to, camp out and tell them you’re not moving until somebody helps you. We are wasting our time and energy appealing to Atos, this is the Government’s policy and the more we pass the fallout from it back into their hands, the better. Take care.

      • Thank you Liz i am never going to give this up because they have no rights to treat genuine folk this way and i know one day i will win through, I am not going to stop there either because i can honestly proove they lied and lied and thats criminal.I also beleive they hold back imformation that can stop you getting your benefits.They do not care about you and dont beleive for one minute they have consciences. THEY HAVE NOT.

  81. I am totally shocked, panicked and feel depression coming on which I have avoided for such a long time after receiving the call today that I did not make the requirements and that my DLA will be stopped in 2 weeks time.

    I am registered blind, have diabetes and it is now feeling like I’m at the bottom of the frying pan as I am apparently fit for work, my hopes of studying with the OU next yuear are looking more like a fantasy again now, should I just give up?

    I have been in receipt of DLA since I was 17 years old (at which point I had been officially registered as blind), now at 31, with no improvement whatsoever to my eyesight (in point of fact, it is worse), with my dreams of getting an education so that, with support, I could get into a subject area that will help me into work. I am being told I am capable of it with no support.

    This i sseriously concerning me, it has been a struglle enough to try and get my dreams to a reality, but now I am, according to an assessment by somebody that didn’t know me, that lasted no more than 20 minutes, able to work.

    I am upset, distressed, and downright depressed about this, I don’t know what to do, maybe I should just give up 🙁

    • Adam, don’t cause yourself any more distress trying to get Atos to listen to you. Go to your MP. Let him or her see you in person, bring all your paperwork, tell them what happened and let them deal with this for you. Don’t give up. We live in terrible times I know, but please don’t give up.

  82. i had so called atos assessment december 2011 and got zero had appeal september 2012 the medical evidence made a complete mockery of atos decision i could not believe the lie’s assessor had told i don’t know who he asked the questions because it was’nt me i just don’t know how they are getting away with
    the dubious methods they are using it must be costing us millions in appeals most of the cases should not have gone as far as appeal

  83. I had my assessment on 19th September. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for the past five and half years and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago. I received my decision letter this weekend and have been refused ESA. The report states that I was scored 0 for all descriptors, despite no questions being asked about the mental and cognitive descriptors at all. The assessor has put me down as having no difficulty climbing and descending stairs or sitting or standing for more than an hour, despite being told that I struggle with pain when climbing stairs and frequently descend the stairs by sitting and sliding down on my bottom. I shifted and fidgeted throughout the interview because I was so uncomfortable sitting, but she has stated that I sat for 22 minutes without a problem. The whole exam took no more than 25 minutes and I was standing or lying on the couch for half that time so that’s a total lie. She “observed” that I had no problem removing or putting on my coat, but I didn’t remove my coat at all during the exam and even lay on the couch with it on while she carried out the lower limb exam. I apparently walked normally for 15 metres to the exam room, despite the fact that the length of the whole waiting room was not more than 12 metres and I was seated only half way across the room from the door she called me in through. I was walking with a stick and limping heavily, but this is normal, apparently!

    I can interact with people I know, but she has also stated that I have no problem with social interaction with people i don’t know, which is completely wrong, despite not having asked me about this at all. She also said that my mental state was normal, despite the fact that i was shaking and sweating and apologised to her for this, then stumbled over some of my answers, failed to find full answers to some of the questions and became quite flustered. After the lower limb exam I burst into tears and was quite distressed, but was ushered out through the door anyway and none of this was mentioned in the report. She didn’t refer to my ESA50 form at all during the interview and even had to ask me what the conditions were that I had, which gave me the impression that she hadn’t even looked at the questionnaire before calling me in.

    I have since had a look at the scoring system for the descriptors and would score at least 18 points had the questions been asked. I would also meet one descriptor in the Limited Capability for Work Related Activity test which would allow me to be placed in the support group.

    It seems that ATOS staff are not even asking patients about one half of the descriptor activities and are making stuff up on their reports just to meet targets. I now have the stress of submitting an appeal and waiting until the DWP accept it before I can get my benefit reinstated. Stress makes my symptoms worse and without the money coming in that stress is exacerbated so I’m in for a very Merry Christmas.

    None of the information she wrote in her report was accurate and didn’t bear any resemblance to the events of the examination on the day or to any of the info I had provided. They didn’t even ask for supporting info from my GP or Psychiatric Consultant before making the final decision. Complete farce from beginning to end!

  84. I had my atos on june 13th. It was for my depression ,degenerative neck condition , inoperative trapped nerves through elbow, sugar diabetes, BESIDES THE FACT THAT ON JUNE 12TH I HAD ANAL TRAC SURGERY WITH SETON IN PLACE (now incontinent). I was pronounced fit for work . On my papers I recieved was a constant referal to driving manual car. Ive sent my appeal in with photo copy of my car docs. which is a automatic. Atos are a complete joke and there to rid as many off ESA as possible. I lost my job through my mental state . I feel if my appeal fails I will commit suicide and end my pain

  85. Just seen my local MP what a waste of time.

    Have had ME since late 80s , have worked on and off never claimed any benifts, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3yrs ago with exacerbation of ME. Pain is just getting worse all the time .

    ESA Stopped in April, DLA refused. Filled out another ESA FORM again put into WRAG , have had no ATOS assesement in 3yrs , every medical form sent with application .

    I have no income , husband is self-employed with very little income , the bills are piling up .

    My MP asked me what ESA stood for , can you believe it .
    Asked what I wanted to happen form meeting , well to be placed in ESA support group of course .
    I asked why two leading consultants had given me my diagnosis, yet an ATOS doctor overrides there decision on your diagnosis, he had no answer .
    I explained to him that a staff grade doctor is some one who generally failed their consultants exams , I know that from having worked in NHS.

    I am not going to hold my breathe that he will do anything, it says it all when a government minister doesn’t know ESA stands for yet it was clearly stated in the emails I and my daughter have sent him .

    I don’t normally post anything on any site , but just needed to put this down. This government wont be happy until people like me are dead and buried and they don’t have to think about us , yes that sounds dramatic but it is how he made me feel .

    I would like to know did Mr Cameron claim DLA for his son , despite his very healthy bank balance.

    Well back to worrying on how to pay the bills.

    • To answer your question Sarah, yes Cameron did claim DLA for his son. It disgusts me the way he trades on his memory as he did in his speech to Conference whilst sick and disabled people are struggling to survive. I really think they are not just callous but stupid as well, which makes it worse somehow. It’s goverment by tabloid; they really seem to pick their policies according to whatever myths they read in the daily mail with no basis in reality. People are dying because of their stupidity. It has to stop.

      • Yes ”Scameron” did indeed claim for DLA for his son but what bother’s me is what did he put on his DLA form for expenditure of earnings and savings? by all accounts he’s a Millionaire did he not declare this on his claim… typical Tory Greed and self entitlement i’m disgusted with all of them claiming their expenses from hard Tax payers money!!!

    • David Cameron did claim DLA FOR HIS DISABLED SON, as a multi millionaire, and I would call him benefit scrounger for doing so.

  86. in 2009 i was involved in a head on crash were i was left unable to work through my injuries and mental state i was diagnosed with PTSD i made a claim for ESA which went very well at first then i got a ATOS appointment my friend took me to the appointment as i was still in plaster with broken knee and lower leg and broken arm so i needed help when i tried to move about i was show into a room told to sit down on a old plastic moulded school chair this was not easy a polish man asked my name which i replied asked how i was feeling and i said too be honest like shit having to come here to see you but if it had to be then i’m here what do you need to know ???? i was in the room for about 4 minutes he never even ask anymore questons just sat there writing stuff down they make you feel like a lemon then said i could go about 2 months later i got a letter from dwp saying my benifits have stopped as i’ve Scored a big fat zero yes 0 and if i want to appeal i could which i did and again lost because the pannel said i was capable of doing some sort of work even in plaster what i total sham this country is

  87. in 2009 i was involved in a head on crash were i was left unable to work through my injuries and mental state i was diagnosed with PTSD i made a claim for ESA which went very well at first then i got a ATOS appointment my friend took me to the appointment as i was still in plaster with broken knee and lower leg and broken arm so i needed help when i tried to move about i was show into a room told to sit down on a old plastic moulded school chair this was not easy a polish man asked my name which i replied asked how i was feeling and i said too be honist like shit having to come here to see you but if it had to be then i’m here what do you need to know ???? i was in the room for about 4 minutes he never even ask anymore questons just sat there writing stuff down they make you feel like a lemon then said i could go about 2 months later i got a leter from dwp saying my benifits have stoped as i’ve cored a big fat zero yes 0 and if i want to appeal i could which i did and again lost because the pannel said i was capable of doing some sort of work even in plaster what i total sham this country is

  88. I have a friend who has a heart condition that hasnt ever claimed dla. He could drop dead tomorrow due to his heart failing. He claims income support with his partner and i would assume due he is unable to work he would be intitiled to some sort of dla.. Would he be able to get a letter from his doctor explaining why he is ill and unfit to work. Its a rare condition and couldnt spell it if i tried but maybe dla dont know what the condition is? any thoughts? Thankyou

    • if he needs constant supervision or supervision through the day then he should claim DLA now. The form is about 50 pages long and you have to give your doctors details for them to get more information from them anyhow.

  89. I had my ATOS assessment and guess what I failed with only receiving 6 points? I have been told because I lifted my sun glasses of my head I have full mobility of both arms even though I have a brackle plecus “excuse the spelling” I also was asked what programmes I watched (this was a trick question to find out how long I could sit in a chair) I was told at the Job Centre Office to do a reconsideration as it was quicker well how wrong were they 5 WEEKS TO RECEIVE A SPECIAL DELIVERY LETTER I failed the reconsideration and I have now been informed that I am not entitled to any money while a asked for a reconsideration! My Landlord as given me a letter to leave the property due my rent not being paid, my Daughter is not getting school meals as she is not entitled now, I do not get free prescriptions because I am not entitled to them, I fell so ill and down and I just do not know what to do! I have filled in a GL24 Appeal form and then “yes you have guessed it I JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND WAIT” well waiting does not bring in money! and also I have a witness to what I am about to say the Manager ye the Manger of the Job Centre office said “Some people have had to support themselves” I asked what did he mean he replied “Support your self” I said “What work illegally what are you advising me to do” I would love to receive some comments as to what he was suggesting PLEASE I am now not eating very well as I am on a special diet “cant afford to buy the dietary foods” “no heating on” would really like some answers and comments. Kind Regards a genuine person that is not very well 🙁

    • Get straight down to your local MP’s surgery and the citizen’s advice bureau. Just tell them everytning you have put down here. Unfortunately most of the questions asked at assessments are trick questions; that’s how they manage to con people out of what they are legally entitled to. I’d get on to your local newspaper; more and more of them are happy to run stories like yours if you don’t mind the intrusion. But I think the comments about working illegally deserve wider publicity anyway. Most of all, look after yourself, you can make a start on all this on Monday. Go to your GP too, they may help in some areas or write a letter supporting your illness and unfitness for work. Do you have friends or family who can help you temporarily? Other people may have more ideas too. I know it’s hard but don’t let them win, take care. x

  90. i have worn a hearing aid for twenty years,yet thers is nothing wrong with my ears. damned itiots!!!!

  91. im posting on behalf of my mum 18yrs ago she had a massive heart attack and 2 major inbetween then and now,she cant walk is constantly in severe pain has diabetics,artharightis “i know spelt wrong lol”,and the dla asessor came to visit and told so many blatent lies such as we have an upstairs bathroom in 36 yrs I havnt seen or heard of it,my mum gets my sister to get her shopping yet the dr wrote my mum could hear someone from across the road talking, the poor woman is to ill to go shopping. how can my gp,hospital back everything thats wrong yet a dla dr can write whatever crap she thought of and my mum got her benefit took away? Our GP might as well be lp record his report means that little and the hospital drs should take a bed and sleep cause their report means nothing. basically its like they want to cause so much stress etc they wont face the crimes himmler etc faced for legal murder…

  92. im awaiting an appeal date for esa that was stopped in may following my atos medical, my dla was due to end this month but had my renewal through and have been awarded hrm and lrc for 2 more years i filled in the form and sent in all my hospital letters and treatments into them awarded straight away no hassle. makes me laugh that i get awarded dla for another 2 years but an atos doc says im fit for work get this as the report says if miss baker was given or had access to a wheelchair she could work with no problems totally decieves my surgeon trying to get me back up and about so quick fix for atos stick me in a wheelchair of to work i go long term my hip stiffens and ends up evevn worse as people know movement is better for arthritis then being still. I worked from 14 to 24 then collapsed at work where i was a manager of a supermarket. id been putting up with pain in my left hip a good year before i collapsed as im not a doctor person i just tend to get on with things. when i went after the collapse i got signed off for 3months straight away and passed around different places to find out the problem had xrays mris physio eventually a year n half later i had a hip arthroscopy which found i had ripped the cartilidge in my hip joint to which fluid had leaked out and caused a cyst the size of a 2p to sit in my hip joint and then the biggy he also found i had osteoarthritis im 26. im currently having flouroscopy and ultrasound injections every 3 months to my hip joint and my outer pelvic bone ive sat and cried to my surgeon at the fact im going insane,hate being on crutches 24/7 hate having to rely on others as i was a bubbly confident girl i want to go back to work and he says i carnt untill ive had a good course of these injections. reaslisticly i know i cant go back to work yet but i can hope but i also know my hip will never get better and my surgeon says the earliest i can have a replacement is 40 the usual age is 55 but it wouldnt be cost effective as i would need it every 10 years thats 5 if i lived to my 70s lol. i have to laugh things off because if i dont ill loose myself and i dont want that as id say i was a very happy sociable person maybe not now but ill get there in the end and ill battle these jobs worths every step of the way im not daft the nurse i had even new my surgeon! roll on appeal day as im sure if dla was awarded without medical and just on the paperwork i sent in then im sure ill win my appeal. i wouldnt mind but i do want to work and read till my hearts content to keep my brain working so i dont loose my marbles im only claiming to cover me while i recover and get to some sort of happy medium where i can go back to work its not like i havent paid my taxes over 600 pm might i add and this is the first time ive ever claimed and will never being doing again if i dont have to what a joke the whole system is i wish everyone the best and never let these people belittle you stand up for yourself and believe in yourself dont get lost in the system and be proud of who your are disabled or not we are all human no one is better than anyone they just like to think they are i hope one day the people that run these policies will reap what they sew i one way or another KEEP YOUR HEADS HELD HIGH xxxxxx

  93. People.. Okay here’s is the process in short.. If anybody differs then I need to know, because I intend to take this to my local mp, CAB, ATOS Management, DWP Managers, then onto government.. But this is what I believe is the functional process…

    First you are selected to attend a medical, which is purely for physical ability,…however irrespective of your condition ATOS personnel are stripped of the positions if they pass more than 12 % application per month, so most invariably fail.

    So you take your matter further advising them my GP has given me a Doctors note identifying my condition, so suggest to them, then maybe he should be struck of the register by British Medical Association, as he surely must be incompetent ?? This only provokes them to suggest you APPREAL !! So you do !!

    After about two weeks, you are then advised your decision has been passed to an independent judicator, namely via a tribunal…approx 6/8 weeks later tribunal finds in your favour..Sounds simple right ..well it is, but its long and labourious..and they just hope people accept first decision as gospel..So those they win, the rest they lose..its just loss liability ..FACT ! ! !

    So I know it a nuisance.. but just stand up (After all you can …So they say) and fight for this injustice process..big deal you get your money in 12 weeks, but what do you do in the meantime ??

    Its scandalous…Please email with any remarks..Its important


    birkdaleman@hotmail.co.uk put ATOS in subject box

    Good luck

  94. I claimed ESA in August 2008 due to neck and shoulder problems. I have since been for a medical assessment with ATOS who have gave me only 6 points. I have appealed the decision that has been made against me and some 13 weeks later i now find myself in possession of a huge brown envelope that is now telling me that their decision makers have also decided that they have made the right decision. They claim that they tried to contact me by phone to ask if I had anything further to add to my statement before a decision was made but I had changed my telephone number, but they could have wrote to me, hardly fair when this depends on whether I get a benefit or not? They have now stated that they are sending it to a tribunal service. I am clueless as to what to do. I am not sure whether I am still on ESA for now, how to go about defending myself, whether I can add more evidence as since my original claim my health has deteriated. These people know that I cannot get a solicitor without legal aid and that legal aid will not pay. I am depressed to the point where I cannot cope anymore. ATOS and this benefit have made my life a misery and I rely on this benefit to survive. It will be impossible for me to sign on Job Seekers allowance as I take huge amounts of medication to include Morphine. I do not sleep at night and I often sleep in the day. I forget things all the time, What sort of job exactly do they expect people to do that have all these disabilities. There are no jobs for people that are healthy and that have qualifications never mind people that have illnesses and need time of work to attend doctors, specialists and the like.

    • Alicia, Go to your local CAB and if able contact your local MP. Also complain to ATOS. I have and they have found difficulties for me and have informed the DWP, I have the letter and emails which I’m hoping will be great support of my case. I hope you get it sorted soon.

  95. Iwas wondering how long these appeals take because they have taken the high mobility and the high care from me and im finding it very hard to cope.I sent the DLA letters from the spinal unit and lots of additional evidence of my poor health conditions.I solicitor and a local MP looking into this ATOS problem, i evev wrote to IAIN DUNCAN SMITH to no avail. i was told i would be wasting my time.I have done nothing wrong but they have made me feel like a criminal. all this has left me totally drained and to all you others who are suffering like me i wish you luck and god bless you all.

  96. Hi,
    I have had all DLA benefits taken from me. I first received a letter from my car leasing (mobility) company informing me they were coming to my home to collect the vehicle. When I contacted DLA about this they stated this was an error and I should have been informed by them that my benefits were ceasing. They also told me I had a right to appeal their decision. I did this and had a call from ATOS to say they would be visiting me for a medical assessment the next day…..I thought this was a little quickly however decided that I would have to have this assessment. Following the assessment I was issued with a ‘report’ which absolutely did not reflect any examination or illnesses I suffer with, it was almost as if I was reading a fairytale. Since then I have been provided with information which states I should have been given seven days notice for medical examinations!
    I have been collecting this benefit for over 12 years and have copies of letters stating I would be entitled to DLA ‘for life’. How can they just stop benefits like this?
    I suffer from mental health problems – manic depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I have also had many problems with my heart and have required bypass surgery for this. I have also suffered with chronic pain complaints for over 25 years, which due to my other health concerns the surgeons have been unable to operate to establish if this will help.
    My own G.P states in an appeals letter (which he has provided me with), ‘In conclusion this man’s life is very restricted by the severe symptoms associated with his degenerative spinal disease and his mobility is severely restricted’.
    I am a 68 year old and I feel l been treated unfairly and the way in which the government have choosen to deal with their issues have led me to deteroiate both physically and mentally. I only hope they are pleased with their decisions and hope they have the decency to uphold their accountability for causing all of this unwanted and unwelcome stress on both individuals and the National Health Service!

  97. can i write anything i want about atos.

  98. Have we all seen this?


    Huge TUC March in London Oct 20 against cuts.

    If you can’t join in person, you can still join in spirit online at above link.

    Read the comments – ATOS mentioned!


  99. Hello everyone,
    first of all, I want to wish those of you that are having to fight ATOS the very best of luck, I have a feeling I might be joining you soon. I’m not sure when my review is due but have a feeling it is on the horizon and am terrified.

    My health problems pale in comparison to some of the things mentioned in previous comments, but here’s my story anyway. I suffer with sciatica which effects my lower back and left leg. I have horrendous spasms all the way down to my shin, which cannot (yet) be controlled with medication. My ankle is becoming progressively weaker, and it’s coming to the point where I will be scared of putting any weight on it for fear of it buckling. I take tramadol, diazepam and gabapentin to try and control the pain/spasms but to no avail. I can’t stand for more than a few minutes, can’t sit for more than a few minutes, can’t sleep because of it. (to name but a few consequences).

    I’m getting more and more worried about the impending doom of having to face an ATOS ‘health professional’ and have been trying to think of ways to make sure that what they write down is accurate. Could we all start asking to see the form they have filled in before we leave the interrogation room, and pull them up on the omissions they will have made? Surely it’s within our rights to see what they have written before they send it off? Then again, I suppose there’s nothing to stop the really dedicated ‘professionals’ from forging a new report as soon as our backs are turned.

    As Sarah said above, I really hope karma gets the people that can happily do a job like theirs, or that they end up in the same position one day and get to see the consequences, first hand, of their lies and deceit.

  100. Hi,

    I had my DLA stopped in September after receiving Higher Rate Care and Lower Rate Mobility for my Epilepsy for the past 6 years. I have frequent grand mal seizures during the night, one lasted for half an hour, I’ve broken teeth for grinding so hard when I fit, I’ve had a tooth get knocked out, I’ve bitten part of my tongue off at the side which is now constantly painful. I live in the middle of nowhere so transport links are terrible, when I want to get to hospital appointments my husband has to take time off work resulting in loss of pay. I’m lucky enough to work from home but I get paid a really low wage (I work for my father-in-law), I’ve worked in full time employment from 18, had my first job at 16 and paid taxes & ni contributions. I wasn’t diagnosed with epilepsy until I got pregnant, I fitted throughout the pregnancy and was in and out of hospital. My symptoms haven’t changed, in fact nothings changed, I don’t get admitted to hospital every time I have a seizure, but I don’t know when they’re going to be, so if I were crossing the road I could have a seizure (I get absences/dizzy spells etc. in day) but apparently I’m fine to be alone when I’m out, my epilepsy nurse is disgusted and is writing a report for me to take to the tribunal, my consultant said “people die from epilepsy, not just because of a seizure but because of the location of that seizure” I don’t understand what the people at DLA don’t understand with that! I wish I wasn’t epileptic, I hate it, if there was a magic pill I could take to get rid of it and not have DLA then I’d gladly take it. I can’t drive any more, so I’m not independent which I also hate. I’m terrified of the tribunal, my husband’s coming with me but I don’t know who to get as a representative I’ve contacted CAB but I’m still waiting for them to get back to me, it’s horrible, you’re made to feel like you’re lying just the thought of it makes me feel sick and I can’t stop crying. We’re in the lucky position that we can still get by (just about) but things are very very tight now, for me it’s less about the money and the more about being told there’s nothing wrong with you. Sorry I just needed to off load, after reading what some of you are going through I realise I’m quite lucky, I don’t know why they make disabled people feel like this, I understand they have to save money, I understand that some people claim when they don’t really need it, but that’s not the fault of those of us who are generally ill, surely there has to be a kinder way to address the issues, I hope karma catches up with those who are making us feel worthless.

    • I had my DLA taken away from me at the beginning of august, the first i heard about this is when i received a letter from the car firm that leases my mobility car, i thought they had made a mistake so i rang the DLA and asked about it who told me there was an error and for me to appeal.
      I was visited by an atos doctor who told me so many lies that it made me sick to the stomach.I have been claiming disability at DLA for over 12 years, i have had a heart by pass and suffer with chronic anxiety and mental health illness, i also suffer with chronic back, who i have been getting treatment from the Bristol Spinal Unit who told me they wanted to operate but due to my medical condition i was unfit to have it and have been on painkillers for the last 20 years.
      I am a 68 year old pensioner and feel as i have been treated poorly, this government doesn’t care about peoples personal problems or what they have gone through,this whole affair has left me very traumatized and have got a solicitor and a local MP dealing with my appeal

      • Try and have someone there with you and have pen and paper to take notes. you can also ask for a recording if it suits you, I only wish i had all this imformation before i had my ATOS examination. I didnt even know that they had to give 7 days notice. They [ ATOS] rang me one and arrived the following day, i was so naive and just done they asked. Good Luck.

  101. when i went to appeal the so called atos medical assessor had stated he has a bit of backache other than that he is fine the truth is i have multi level spinal degeneration foraminal stenosis spondylosis and top spinal neurosurgeon had reported me inoperable to much damage also on failure sheet i was tidy and well kept so if you look clean and tidy surely you can’t be disabled i passed appeal with overwhelming medical evidence they are saying anything to fail you and ignoring any evidence so many are now under appeal which costs the country millions and yet the government condones and encourages atos to treat people this way the plan is to wear you down till you can’t be bothered to fight anymore

  102. My wife has just received notice from the DWP that they have found her “fit to work” after her latest ATOS farce.

    However, some points to note :

    On the interpretation of the report from ATOS, the DWP call my wife a different name on more than one occasion. Even in the same paragraph ” … Mrs Smith [my wife] was was able to … and so its our opinion that Mrs Chapman [WHO??] should get 0 pts”. Just shows the level of contempt towards the sick and disabled that currently exists that they can’t even get her bloody name right. But then .. Maybe they were looking at the mysterious Mrs Chapmans report when they decided my Mrs claim .. Grounds for immediate over-turning of the decision??

    The report fails to mention :
    That my wife couldn’t walk (on crutches) the 19 meters from waiting room to assessment room without stopping and that it took her 2 minutes. Instead, they suggest she could use a wheelchair to propel herself despite never going to the assesment in a wheelchair (and can’t due to no upper body strenght, too much strain on her lower back and not being able to sit for periods).

    Three times during the assesment my wife needed help to stand from a seated position – one time the assessor even asked me to help her stand.

    When standing, the assessor again asked me to hold my wife up and stabalize her as her legs were buckling so that she could attemp to touch her toes (she got to mid thigh) … yet reported that she was able to stand for 2 minutes perfectly fine.

    I’ve said elsewhere on these forums .. if I filled a benefit claim form in full of lies, misrepresentations of truth, misleading answers and blatant omissions relevant to my claim, they’d haul my ass into court on benefit fraud charges.

    How come ATOS and the DWP can get away with doing exactly the same thing?

    Again – if anybody has any advice on the “Mrs Chapman” situation and where the credibility of the decision stands in that regard – I’ll be all ears.

    • Jay, I think you should send copies of the letter showing their mistakes to your MP, the Health Minister, David Cameron and show doctors relevant to your wife’s condition. Also add what you have said here about you having to help your wife during the interview. I think this is awful. I am dreading my interview.

  103. hi chris…my name is sandra and i have an appeal coming on october 1 after 2 cancellations and the stress levels getting higher wonder how much longer these nazis scum can push us about…but we will fight on and they will get their own….THE FIGHT GOES ON…..regards….sandra.

  104. I am going for an ATOS medical – mind you they dont give ‘a toss’ next week – should be fun – apparently it is a nurse who does the medical – I’m a nurse so looking forward to it. ESA sent me to see the Community Mental Health Team for an asssessment – I work in that department and in fact it was a nurse filling in for me that did the interview and she was sitting at my desk using my stuff!! – have complained to both ESA and ATOS about conflict of interest to be informed there is no such thing !!

    • Earlier this year I complained to the Nursing & Midwifery Council about the Registered Nurse who carried out my Atos medical assessment.The NMC replied that they were unable to help as the Nurses registration had lapsed.They said they would keep my complaint on file in case she re-registered.True to their word the NMC has written and I quote ” Following a recent audit of cases,it has come to our attention that Ms Adams registration is now effective and as such the case as been re-opened”.
      To register a complaint against an Atos Nurse write to:First Floor,I Kemble Street,London.WC2B 4AN or email, fitness.to.practice@nmc-uk.org

    • HI Beccy, will you re post here how you got on? be interesting to see how the “interview” went,,, thanks CHRIS

    • This was my Atoss medical for cronic back pain after a failed back operation and about 8 years of being on Incapacity.

      “Doctor Atoss” – Lift up your t-shirt, she looked. Now bend over and reach for the floor

      Me – Sorry, I can’t bend like that, I have to squat down on one knee, my knees are shot and I’v now got a Bakers cist on them from overuse.

      That was my Atoss “Medical”

      I got ZERO POINTS !

      Back in about 2004 I had previously been to another Atoss doctor who signed me off for at least 6 years!


      • My Mrs has been waiting for a miracle cure for 15 years for her back problems .. the NHS hasn’t been able to provide it despite numerous procedures and an operation … Yes ATOS cure all her ills like Tommy Cooper …. jus’ like that.

  105. How can I possibly begin a comment with a simple Hi or anything even approaching a normal accepted greeting… I just want to say to everybody here that I am so very very sorry that things have become so horrible and bleak that thoughts are turning inward and to places which should never ever be visited because of other human beings inability to empathise or even be basically human toward others, Please never never think that the world would be better off without you in it, Everybody and anybody with any type of illness thinks at some point about the unthinkable and contemplates the darkness which is sometimes more appealing than the prospect of fighting any longer, turn that feeling into anger and start to make a noise, once you start shouting, people will shout with you, this site proves that nobody is ever alone…
    Esa has become a hugely unfunny joke, Dla is hot on the heels of idiocy with plenty more to follow… universal credits anyone????? Oh and by the way you need both computer and internet connection for this particular benefit.. and as we all know being disabled is SUCH a well paid pastime no probs with ANY that then… Also am currently in receipt of “assessment” rate esa, after being removed from esa January and put on jsa, regardless of the fact that I was in hospital with chronic osteomyelitis and fighting for life.. Oh and Dla stopped too, as I can “self propell” in a wheelchair, albeit with IV drip and v.a.c machine attached to self… Something needs to give and quickly. Huge hugs to all of you, keep fighting, stay LOUD xXx

  106. hi I’ve been reading all your comment’s just like mine had to take my dla claim to tribunal to get it because atos so called medical person did the same left things out of report & made things up ,now it’s happening again with esa benefit where I was given 0 by yet another lying atos so called medical person he put that having severe depression & severe anxiety , carpal instability syndrome in both wrist’s/hand’s since 2010 which causes pain , numbness & tingling & weakness , painful hypermobile shoulder since 2010 nothing has helped as of yet , both knees are painful because of hypermobilty which causes locking & clicking , hypertension unstable since 2002 plus both feet hurt due to clicking & hypermoblity plus on lots’s of pain meds & anti depressants but I was told I could go back to work with in 3 months when all my medical report’s say the opposite but atos failed to send the report’s onto dwp so waiting for reconsideration p.s ive compained to dwp & atos plus reported the lying atos dr to the gmc p.s i’m 41 yrs old

    • I think I may be in the same boat has you Chris. ATOS stated in my report that my mobility issues will be back to normal in three months, and would need another medical. Yet, the DWP ignored this. ATOS have undergone an investigation after I complained and discovered that I will suffer difficulties outside my home and this was not addressed in my report and have forwarded it o to the DWP for reconsideration. Although there is a spanner in the works, in my report it states I get a taxi alone, which I don’t has cannot get about alone and if I do get a taxi itis rare and to hospital appointments only and with someone always, yet, ATOS’s discovery has shown that is not mentioned in my report, I have it in black and white. Does this mean that my assessor had written the wrong report for me?

      I have also complained to the NMC, still waiting an outcome.

  107. my name is paul ihave a partner 3kids my ib as been stopped by atos and my housing benifit & rent as been stopped im only geting child tax credit , what am i suppose to do im unsure were to turn, like many other familys this has and is taking a terrorble toll on my family,and the worry of what the future holds, the unsure the insecurerty i find hard to put in to words, like many other people each with there own acounts each one a echo of my reading throu them as touched me,aslike myself we are all troubled by our uncertain furture, would the people of atos like this to happen to them and there families??????? have my human rights been violated 14, 9,2012

    • hi p.robinson…go to your local CAB…and newspaper someone there should talk to you….tell the DWP that you intend to do this as they wish to see your kids go hungry and if by law they are allowed to do this…your local newspaper may wish to make a feature of this…and if you ring the DWP make sure you get the name of the person you speak to and the call centre location and you intend to post it on the website….NAME AND SHAME THEM…..tell ATOS THE SAME….i dont know if you have mental health issues but MIND charity is also a good move as they are sueing over this goverment shambles…i wish you luck let me know how you get on…..regards…..sandra. ps see your doctor..and try to see a lawyer at the CAB.

      • Just to clarify the Mental Health Resistance Network are taking a judicial review against the work capability assessment (WCA)process, not MIND

  108. my son lost his esa because of an atos assessment. we complained to the jcplus re atos’ lack of understanding and empathy re my son as an individual and his individual case/disability. we suggested the questionnaire didnt even relate to him as an individual & half the stuff on the questionnaire he wasnt even requested to answer/do. jcplus said he could appeal to get esa back as long as he produced med certs. he hasnt had to produce certs since they swapped him from incap to esa? he may not get them now. but what im now trying is to suggest is that we dont want to appeal to get esa reinstated , we want to appeal against the atos assessment and findings which in turn lead to the decision of the jcplus to stop the esa. without the atos involvement, he could have still been getting esa now….he got very little else support from the jcplus..many agencies he was sent to for support shut down re cuts! its ATOS we should be gunning for and the Govt! no empathy for the individual.

  109. Hi there, I’m 30 years of age and for the past 2 years I have been trying to come to terms with being diagnosed as a undiagnosable neurological disorder. This has left me being unable to walk with either sticks or a wheelchair dependent on the distance. I also have severe incontinence issues and require daily care throughout the day and night. I have just had my ESA stopped due to it being over the 365 days your allowed to be on it. I have lost £x a month, I’m on High mobility middle care on DLA. After CAB being unable to help I ended up writing to my MP as I’ve been told that I fell ill at the wrong time because the 2 years they used to calculate it I was in my final years of Uni where I was studying molecular biology so after working since leaving school and paying into a system that can’t support me now because I fell ill at the wrong time may I also add that after attending years of medical I was placed into the support group which is supposedly for the people who can’t work at all so am even more confused and no one seems to be able to help me

  110. I am sure that if everyone contributed just one pound we could hire a lawyer and take these bastards to court. The truth is they would not have a chance if this was done. The fraud, blatant lying and cheating genuine sick people of their rightful benefits is a government sanctioned crime and should be shown up as such. The EHRC is being run down by this government so they can get away with this Fascist policy they are using against us.
    But we must fight and never give in, we must be in unity of mind and together we will bring down this feckless bunch of workshy scroungers……………i mean the Condem government, means the same thing anyway.

  111. Have been for a medical (incapacity) and turned down again 4 times in 4 years three times have to appeal and successfully got it back each time after they wrote to my doctor and specialist (I have bi polar disorder, i will be fully deaf in 3-5 years and also I am currently undergoing tests for lupus and blood disorders that have only been discovered) i tried to kill myself last time and the stress is causing me to self harm feels like they just don’t care and i’m getting to the point why bloody bother anymore.
    I have worked in the past and if i was mentally able I would love to work but it seems that i’m just another ‘scrounger’ and they couldn’t care less about me or my medical history. i’m getting more and more stressed and the self harming is getting worse every time I ring them they say it’s not on the system yet and I posted it 2 -3 weeks ago. so what am I supposed to live on fresh air?

  112. I have read all your comments and frankly it terrifies me for what is to come. My hubby has Parkinsons and arthiritis with limited mobility and needs his car to get about. I wonder if anyone on here has Parkinsons and how they fared at an assessment?

  113. Update: The DWP are now messing me about and stating that my appeal claim won’t cover my case (this is what the CAB filled in). I now have to have another meeting with CAB and get a letter in to back up my claim. They admitted that their reason was because 1) I study (I study online), 2) I got to my assessment (If I didn’t my money would have stopped straight away), 3) I can use a computer and phone (what’s that got to do with mobilising?). It’s a joke and I’m losing the will to fight, but I have to! Thanks again for all your support… I phoned the hospital yesterday and all the doctors are on holiday over the next few weeks and I’ll get an appointment in October (now how’s that supposed to help my case?)


  114. Do you all know and aware of this petition? http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/20968

  115. I have tonic clonic epilepsy ,which is large and small fits.I had my dla stopped in Feb and had to appeal and go to a tribunal,which I did and won.please if you have to go to a tribunal turn up as you are able to put your side to the judge,doctor and a carer in my case.now just waiting for tribual for my esa as they say I can work which is stupid are they going to pay for a carer so I can go to work I dont think so.

  116. Hi, I am 55 yeras old and lost my dla appeal in april this year and was only awarded the lowest amount for not beig able to cook an evening meal, thats roughly 80 quid a month. My esa appeal was the same day and I was put in the work related group and this was backdated for me, but I recieved a call to say I had done my full year now and wasonly entitled to my nat ins paid! no thought to the fact i have worked since i was 15! apparently I have used up my contributions. To say I was devastated is an understatement, I am deeply in debt due to losing my job through this spinal arthiritis and I have also fybromyalgia and mild epilepsy, I was on debt management but they have now said adious because I can not pay them each month! I can see myself slowly slipping unde and understand how some people have taken their lives!! I havent the guts!! but this depressing way of life brought on by the government is cruel and wrong!! how am I supposed to help towards the house, my poor hubby who himself is ill and works for the prison service is running himself to the ground trying to work extra hours just to keep us afloat, sadly we are slipping behind now and can see the house going along with our dignty! If I was fit to work I would but I am in constant pain and sleep very little, due to nerve damage and of course the stress, my hands are agony as are my knees and my neck s fused to the left, 55 thats all have I to suffer till my pension age which is 63! if there was a magic buttton to turn off my heart I think I would use it some days, worry about food, bills , xmas everthing seems pointless now, I know it wasnt a great deal of money but it helped. We arge too so my relationship is also suffering and cat even claim free dentist anymore, even if I did get a job interview a credit search and thats me not being considered. Surely someone in government must see that all this bollocks about getting people back to work is just a ruse to bring the unemployment figures down, yes because we are sat at home not claiming owt!!! rant over guys sorry but I really am as low as I can go.

    • hi all
      i lost both my benifits esa from atos medical and dla because of atos medical listen every one needs to get intouch with there mps i did and got both my benefits back ( the same as every one else my medical was a farce complete lies contraditictions i was so angry like a lot of you i had worked from the age of 15 to 51 but then started to fail health wise dont get mad get even take no shit off them if you are not well enough to work i was medicaly retired at the tender age of 51 and this life i lead now is awful who the bloody hell would prefer benefits to a decent wage is beyond me .as i said fight for your rights i have paid into this system for just on forty years not to keep people who dont want to work but so as if i became to ill to work i could get the help i needed

  117. hi ive been long term disabled and on incapacity benefit for 15 years untill i had the atos medical .i need lots of surgeries but have been advised i would die on the table or not cope with the pain after surgeries. i currently have serious nerve damage to leg 5 herniated discs in back and throid problems i wear a leg brace use a stick and use a tens machine .i am suffering with depression but cant be given anything because my thyroid isnt under control this is making my illness worse having all the worry of this appeal . i take huge amounts of pain medicine like morphine upto 900 ml grams a day along with about 10 other pain and other meds to keep me alive they have cut my benefit almost over night from £370.80 a fortnight down to £71.00 a week i have a wife who does most things for me and 4 children who are young .this is making my condition even worse worrying about this appeal can they cut my money like this and what will happen next

  118. Another victim here of these cheating comdem barstuards. Im just about to have all my dla/esa taken away from me, while suffering for 7 years with crippling disc degeneration. I cannot work, most days i cannot move, this condition has left me with severe mental illness, now been made worse by cameron and co. Why are we all putting up with this? Why does no one help us? We are being treated worse than animals. Even my carer has given up on me. Suicide is my only option now. I wish you all well in your endless fight. You can count me as another statistical victim. Goodnight.

    • Dpac has tried to get in touch with you on the email address given more than once-please contact us again, and please dont let the Tories win, none of us here want another statistical victim

  119. my dad had to finish work becausenhis health had deteriated because he has got copd angina diabetes goute hypertension and deopression they suspended his benefit because somebody wanted to be malicious after he had been on it since 1990he could lose his only means of independence and would not be able to go any where he is disgusted in how he is being treated by dla and he has got to move out of ahome he has lived in and raised his childrein in becase his health has deteriated and they tellhim there is a doubt inhis claim i am the one who has had togive my life up to take care of him and they dont care about genuine cases but people wholie about disabiltys get it i think the whole scheme is rond and the goverment dont care about people who has worked alltheir lifes and now need help for mobility and care for peopledla arepenilising people who are genuine for people who are not as afamily carer i think it is disgraceful how genuine people are treated

  120. I’ve had my papers all of it is a load of lies, it keeps saying that I said I can get a taxi alone – which I can’t as I can’t get up and down kerbs. That wasn’t the only thing she lied about!

    • The full ATOS form arrived today – I have emailed a complaint and I have also been sent a complaints form; which I will get a representative to fill in to support my case. I have a docs app tues to send back with my appeal, and I’m ringing CAB on mon for an app.

      It keeps repeating that I can get in a taxi on my own – which I can’t and I did not say this. She did ask if I can catch a taxi, I said I could with help and only in dire circumstances as they are too costly and don’t go anywhere for one, only to the hospital which then my grandfather tries to take me.

      I have been given the name of my assessor, and the fact she’s a registered ‘MIDWIFE’ well now I know why my leg is swollen and sore.

      Since finding out about this decision I have suffered with a bad stomach and I feel even more drained.

      I hope each and everyone above gets sorted and it don’t drag on longer than needed. I am fed up and feel like the world is against me!

  121. After a life-transforming mountaineering fall on Ben Nevis in 2001, I fought my way back to relative health, and work, and achieved getting back into full-time work in IT in 2005, after a significant effort to re-train myself for a new career. Lost most of my fingers to 3rd-degree frost-bite, a below-knee amputation of the right leg, and a shattered-and-dislocated left-ankle, which thankfully has healed sufficiently for me to walk.

    I had my DLA removed as a result of a re-assessment in 2008; I relied heavily in receiving the DLA as I had a car through it. I first received the high-end component of the DLA from April 2002 onwards, and this truly gave me wings! I was able to see friends , be with family…and generally re-engage in society. Since not receiving the benefit I’ve found funding my own car a great challenge, to the point where I am now not able to meet my monthly financial commitments. I’ve paid my taxes over the years, and feel fed-up that those who, despite their disabilities, strive to get back into work to contribute to society again…and are then penalised for their efforts!

  122. I have been unfit for work since 2006, I had an operation on my knee in 2007 and the operation did not fix it, instead it caused more damage. I have had a bad knee most of my life and it gave way when it liked, it resulted in me breaking my leg twice in 1996 and in 2010. I’m unable to bend, walk without a chaperone or cane, up and down stairs and kerbs. I have found out this year the break in 2010 made my knee cap retwist which I had my operation on and I have nerve damage. I’m on trial tablets but they’re not helping. I was on IB, I had my assessment on the 25th July and was told today that my benefit is being cut. I can’t get about places and I suffer with depression too and PCOS. This as far as I am with this and unsure what’s going to happen but I feel like hiding in a hole a never coming back out. I have my own place and need assistance and rely on grandparents. I feel rather sick…

    They would not give me disabilty as I was born with limbs when I applied in 2008 – I just sent this above but missed a letter on my email, so replied again.

  123. …I’ve just had surgery on my shoulder, i told the jobcentre that i could still actively look for work. They removed me from Jobseekers and was told to submit a claim for ESA. I have now been told, after 3 weeks of waiting, that i’m not entitled to anything…..

  124. I had a stroke 2yrs ago since that day I have lost my job I have really bad nerve pain in my right leg I’m weak on my right side I suffer with memory loss and I’ve lost my DLA I’m appealing against it and now I have to have home visit from a doctor

  125. hi all I have been on DLA high rate since 1992 which was awarded for life so the letter said
    I have had two back opps i have nerve damage which as left me with drop foot I suffer with sciataic all the time I get blood clots i had my medical in may and lost my DLA and CAR my doctor wrote a letter about my illnesss but that didnt help I ask for my DLA to be looked at again but still no joy i am 60yrs I did think of appealing but the stress of the last few months as put me off

  126. hi everyone i wrote several weeks back about me challenging the atos medical report that contained nothing but lies…i have rec a reply …saying that they do not find the nurse would gain anything by not being accurate with her findings ..ie she never lied ..well i say she did.it also states that they found that on my esa50 that i filled in it was noted that i had tia(mini strokes)..and the nurse had never noted this down on her esa85 ?? and that i should of been seen by a doctor and not a nurse ???? and he as found issues that he as brought to the attention of the dm at the dwp for considerations. im now awaiting a call from the dm at the dwp.i also got knocked back on my dla renewal as they used the atos medical report ..were do i go now anyone …help needed please …

  127. i too have just been taken off disability, although i have cronic back problems,depression,and a number of health issues.i was seen by a nurse,not a docter in swandsea,who gave me no points,and lied on the form,i am currently appealing this,but the worry is making me ill,and have just recently come out of hos with pneumonia.its said they take no notice of your medical history,

  128. Its a well-known fact that the DWP are anti-disability! I worked for them for a year – in the benefit fraud investigation dept no less – and I made it known to them from the very first interview that I suffered with a disability. Within the year my condition had worsened and I had an added complication where I was losing my eyesight – rapidly. My attendance at work became an issue… because they have a policy where 3 periods of absence requires a “back to work interview”. The problem is that they class a “period of absence the same regardless if it was a whole/half day off (which is what I would take when needed), or an indefinite period of sick-leave of months, or years!
    My line manager came to my home when I was off sick to tell me that either I improve my attendance, or I would lose my job! I was sat there looking like death warmed up and in tears from the agony I was in.
    There was little I could do – I had already reduced my hours to part-time and occupational health had been to visit me at work to see if there was any extra equipment that could help, etc.
    I told him that I had made my health problems known from the beginning and was doing all I could to improve my attendance, but that my disability has a very unpredictable nature – which they were made aware of.
    He told me “We do make exceptions for people with disabilities, but we never employed you as a disabled person!” …I guess in their mind this justified their actions!
    I wrote my resignation that evening and sent it to my boss.
    The following week I got a call from my boss telling me that he should never have come to my home to discuss that matter with me, and should have waited until I was fit to return to work.
    If I had not been feeling so bad and so concerned about my health at that time I would have taken them on for harassment!
    They also constantly made fun of another lady who worked in my department who suffered from very bad hearing.. I dont know that she ever noticed because they always spoke too quietly for her to hear them.

    The DWP are targeting the wrong people in their efforts to save money. Target the scumbags who cheat the system – there’s plenty of them and most of them get away with it! Target the ones who go to the job centres just to sign-on, get their giros and then go straight to the pub, or the bookies, or to the local drug dealer!
    My partner has been claiming Job-seekers (he just signs for his stamp now and we get joint Income Support) for a year and sends hundreds of CV’s/Applications each week. He made it known to the job centre on day one that he wished to retrain and eventually become self-employed. He was told that if he claimed JSA for 6 months he would be entitled to a grant to fund his training. Six months later they said “We got that wrong!”. He finally got his course funded through “Workways” who the jobcentre COULD have referred him to in the beginning and by now he would be qualified and building up his business, but the two organisations do not get along and so they dont tell the jobseeker of the opportunities for training etc. Maybe its just me, but dont you think this may get people off benefits and back into work?

    Instead they take the money off the people who need and appreciate it the most, those of us who really need the extra help!

  129. Hi I had a esa medical 2 wks ago and I have failed went to the bank on Saturday and found out I haven’t got payed rang dwp yesterday and was told my benefits have stopped don’t no what to do I.v got three children and a partner dwp say they can’t help waiting to here back from citizens advice but that that could take 3 days for them to contact me. I have got back hips and legs problems had this for 6 years I.m on high rate mobility and low rate care I had to go to a tribunal to win back my dla which they gave it back is there anything I can do apart from what I.m doing now thanks

    • They cannot leave you without money.. ESA have to pay you the reduced rate while you appeal… but you must state you are appealing, take the name of the person you speak toat ESA. Photocopy EVERYTHING you send and post by recorded delivery..until your reduced payments come through you have the right to apply for a crisis loan

  130. I was notified 2 weeks ago that my DLA (mobility) had been stopped due to results based on the independent medical assessment I was asked to attend by the DWP back in March 2012.
    I suffer from a very rare (only 200 reported cases in the world) bone disorder which I have suffered with since birth. It has affected me on a daily basis all my life and I have relied on pain medication since I was 3 years old in order to have any quality of life.
    The primary symptom is chronic pain in the long bones and even with medication, there is always a given level of pain that I have no choice but to deal with.
    My condition is a Progressive condition which has and will affect me for life. It is also worsening as I get older and is likely to compromise my hearing and eyesight in later life as well as my mobility.

    I applied for DLA in 1999 on the advice of my College Careers Advisor, but my claim was refused on paper.
    I applied for it again in 2000 on the advice of the Disability Employment Advisor at the job centre as she understood that my chronic pain made it extremely difficult to get about and this in turn my my chances of gaining employment nigh on impossible. Again I was refused DLA, but this time I appealed and a year later I was finally granted DLA – Higher Rate Mobility. This allowed me the finances to get a car and within 6 months I had landed a job at the DWP Fraud Investigation Dept.

    I was forced to resign from this post a year later as my bone disorder had worsened significantly and other complications had arisen due to the nature of the disorder I suffer, which causes the bone to thicken. At this time I almost lost my eyesight and spent 3 weeks in a Neurology ward undergoing tests and observations.
    I have not worked since as I have been unable to find any employer willing to offer enough flexibility to the working day/week to accomodate the times when I am seriously struggling with the pain.. during these times I am rendered in crippling pain at all times, so much so that I cannot even function well in my home environment, let alone in a place of work.

    I can walk, but I cannot take a single step without being in terrible pain. I walk only through necessity.
    I am told that my DLA has been revoked because I can walk 50 metres without having to stop because of the pain, but in my case I am in pain whether I am standing, sitting, walking, laying down, etc and I have had no choice but to have to learn to cope with the pain. If my pain becomes that unbearable when I am out and having to walk anywhere it serves no purpose whatsoever for me to stop as it provides no relief, so I simply have learnt to grit my teeth and struggle on until I can get to somewhere – usually home – where I can then have access to all the things that might help to ease some of my discomfort… Medication, heat pads, a hot bath, someone to provide a soothing massage, or somewhere where I can just curl up and cry my heart out with the agony I feel.

    With the new rules brought in regarding the DLA entitlements, it would seem that everyone with a mobility issue would lose their benefit and that small amount of help that allows us to have a little independence and dignity! 50 Metres from the closest disabled parking spot at our local Tesco does not even get me inside the entrance to the shop!
    When I spoke to a DWP advisor they said to me “can’t your partner do shopping/running errands for you?” to which I said that he already does 9 times out of 10. The same as he cooks all my meals, cleans our home and fetches and carries anything that I physically cannot manage by myself. He is in effect my carer, as was my mother before I left the family home. But I am not entitled to care allowance as I can wash and dress myself. And what if I didnt have a partner to rely on, but lived alone?
    Also there are some people in wheelchairs who may not suffer pain and aside from being able to walk are fully able to function in society – they can work, drive, go out socialising, even play sports in some cases. they would still be entitled to DLA!

    Basically the only way for me to fall into the category of being eligible for DLA is to surrender to my condition and start using a wheelchair, which I refuse to do on the grounds that I will lose ALL my dignity and independence.

    Financially I cannot afford to run my vehicle for much longer now that I have lost my DLA.

    I am seriously worried about how I will manage once my finances run out, I am having trouble sleeping and the stress of this whole situation is only exacerbating my pain levels!
    The DWP handed me the gift of independence when they awarded me DLA in 2001. Now they have basically showed me that I don’t matter one iota and they don’t give a toss as to what happens to me in life! I will just become a housebound nobody once again!

    I would LOVE to work, I have looked into doing more study so that I could maybe work from home, BUT I simply cannot manage the hours for even part-time work/study without exhausting myself and causing myself even more pain.
    Its frustrating as hell to live in a body that prevents you from being a normal active member of society. People look down on people on benefits saying we are lazy scroungers… give me a day in a healthy body and I would run rings around most “normal” healthy people. Give them an hour in my body and they’d be begging to be put out of their misery!

  131. i think its disgusting the way the gov treat us sick and disabled its a pity that some one hasnt tried a test case in the ehrc to see if what they the gov and atos are doing is legal as surely if not then gov have to sort it out

  132. hi i was on mobilty living allowance and income support when they stopped mine i have crumbling of the spine a degenerating disk in my back , neurothopy in my feet i find it very hard to walk most days im in constant pain i also have liver problems they stoppped my money my car had to be returned thius started last year with all the worry iv lost 3 stone at least i no longer go any where i have to count on people with cars even the bus stop is too far for me to walk i dont have money for taxis so im almost house bound i went to appeal i was treated terrible as though i was lying they had all my medical records letters from doctors and hospital confirming all my illness,s saying that i wouldnt improve in time i would infact get worse because there is no cure for what i have. at the tribunaral the panel agreed with there doctor that didnt examine me and said all my conditions would be gone in 2 years, and wasnt at my home very long i lost the case i re applied for D,L,A,i was turned down again due to there doctors own report they had from my last claim now im placed on esa ,work related group im dreading having to take a job in case i cannot do it due to my health left with no money to feed my child

  133. I’ve worked all my life in the NHS/Social services. I am severely disabled now. The doctor on my DLA assessment lied on my form. Despite supporting evidence from my GP, consultants and me answering about a specific set of symptoms, he put ‘ NOT… blah blah blah’ (the specific symptoms) He actually lied. He then told me, get this, ‘You will be refused DLA the first time, but when you appeal you will get it’ Something very fishy is afoot and I didn’t get it! I got the feeling he was instructed to lie. The symptoms he said I didnt have are part and parcel of my illness. I have researched other similar accounts from other people who have said exactly the same thing, that they told their assessing doctor the symptoms and they put exactly the opposite. What is going on?

  134. Firstly, I am a severe asthmatic, and when I say severe I mean I have daily varied peak flows of between 190 and 510 (just after full meds), and spirograph reading of 68% (COPD level) whatever that means. I can not walk due to the shortness of breath and have been getting incapacity benefit for 11 years, prior to which I worked full time. In 2009 I decided to claim DLA as I felt I had become that bad and the Doc said that I could no longer be left on my own due to how quick I have attacks. Anyway after going all the way to tribunal got high rate DLA mobility but only low rate care, obviously my Doc does know what she is talking about, I don’t need the supervision I would just like to have it (right like we want to spend 24/7 with the man we married, NOT LOL). So shortly after I finally got the award, incapacity decided I needed to reapply, which I did and I had to attend a medical. The ATOS lady filled in her form and a one point wrote got short of breath and need to rest and take medication after 20 ___. Therefore can manage 200 metres. The thing is 20 what, steps miles ect. Appealed and included the DLA award I had just been given. Went to tribunal and on the day I was supposed to turn up they phoned and said that they were going to award without me turning up. So I do qualify. Had to reapply for DLA recently and got it without any problems and thankfully have not had to reapply for incapacity since.

    Secondly. I our youngest daughter (11yrs) had a brachial plexus injury at birth which has left her right arm weak and with limited feeling, she also suffers with Hyermobility syndrome and is in constant pain. To add to this she has severe coeliac disease and day and night wetting. For the last 3 years she has been getting low rate care based on the coeliac and wetting, didn’t say about the Hypermobility as although in constant pain she was just getting on with it. Anyway have just renewed and due to the Hypermobility pain increasing to unbearable levels ( she is in tears with the pain most days) I actually included it, I also included that fact that you have to still cut up her food, before didn’t bother as felt it was not above the needs of a normal 7-8 year old, but at 11 you should be able to do this. Anyway, decision was no award at all. Apparently, although we have to check her food for allergens, this can be done with out her present(so not a care need) and she should be able to do it herself (er, after 3 years we still dont know without refering to a book for all the names we have to check for so how is she supposed to), she is also supposed to deal with the pain herself and being in constant pain with increased pain 3-4 times a week for 2 days is not for the consideral part of the week(can they do basic math), (my husband massages her legs and applies creams to help with the pain), but they think she should be able to do this herself. Did they not read that her arm is weak so she would struggle with this, regardless of the fact that you rarely want to touch the area of pain yourself. Finally she should be able to get herself up in the night and deal with the wetting herself in the day (adviced due to the amount of infections she has got to avoid pads or nappies as only making things worse). In her own words (as I told them) She can not feel she needs to go until it starts coming out. So how is she supposed to deal with it, magic.

    We are still waiting to hear about her appeal, as the time they take has now increased to 11 weeks actually sent off her renewal in February (2012). I remember when it used to take 4-6 weeks for a claim not 11.

    Anyway hope this helps.

  135. got dla high rate for my son whos incontinent, and then had my renewl form through and been refused geting nothing iv appealed and they said nope his needs arnt any different to other children his age and he can cope on his own now hes 12.well he may be able to cope but how about buying nappys and paying train fares to hospital all the time i have to travel 200 miles to hospital in london.with him,were do i get help with that,well we have lost dla carers help on tax credits all gone,we did in past get help with nappys but they were rubish dint supply pull ups only cheap rubish that snaped and dint hold wee for long, plus he wanted to wear pull ups as they looked more like pants and not baby nappys,so i have to buy them,hes 12 he has this distress of having to wear nappys at school and be wet all the time and i have extra costs for washing and water rates and electric what not so what now for me.its so unfare,there should be somthing different done for kids this dla reform is just so not fare at all.

  136. Sent my letter of appeal and GL24 form filled in by my CAB Rep who told me to phone and ask for ESA payments to continue whilst pending appeal, which I did and I also stated that point twice to DWP in my letter which they recieved on 16th June 2012. Today is when I would normally have my Incapcity paid and today 28th June is when the DWP said I would recieve ESA once they receive my letter and sick note. Oh and what a suprise no money has been paid, the longer it takes for them to pay means my house will now be repossesed as I am overdrawn with my bank and have not enough money to feed my kids let alone a mortgage payment for next month. I am not even being given a chance to sell my home to escape this madness, when will it end!!!!!

  137. I`m in same boat. Have the CAB supporting me but I doubt I will get my DLA back. I have fractured spine which has led to curvature of the spine. My consultant has said nothing can be done except pain relief. I take more pills than the rolling stones on tour but my tribunal is in 2 weeks and I have still not received DWP “bundle”. ATOS(SA) are an evil organisation. Best of luck to you and the thousands going through this process. Best wishes for the future Yvonne.

  138. i have just started an appeal for loss of dla,im told i will have to provide a doctors note each week for any benefit to continue untill appeal is heard. the letter i received said although i cant walk far without a walking aid, my arms muscle was strong enough to manually move a wheelchair! and that i could stay at a workstation for an hr at a time by alternatively standing and sitting! if some employer would pay me a decent wage for an hr at a time id be greatful.my daughter does all the housework as i cant lift or bend.hands are unsteady to hold hot objects,my condition has deteriorated and i now have diabetes and thyroid porobs on top of the ones i was awarded dla for in the first place! as im finding it harder to get around i considered getting a small disability vehicle.powered wheels type.but thats impossible now.hoping my appeal is won,its in the hands of c a b at the moment.good luck to all who are in the process.i worked as long as i could to support my kids as a single parent after divorce.

    • well done yvonne dont forget theres forums of help on here who help and yo uwent to cab so you in good hands with them .if you need to talk or some help for nowt join us on http://dwpexamination.org you be amongst friends who in the same boat with the liers atos and dont worry we mostly all worked all our lifes only to find that when you need help the torys have gone and taken it away from us jeff3

  139. I think those of us who can should ask for support from local Trades Union Councils, and Organise a mass march down to london confront these evil politicians!!!!!

    Like The Jarrow Marchers, we could speak at public meetings on the way down??? We cannot be reduced to a bunch of keyboard warriors, who just wait passive and mute for our lives to be ruined, by a bunch of toffie nosed eton educated Fascistic mummies boys!

    Lets get out there and do something, and start resisting not just existing……AND I would ask that trade unionists stop waxing lyrical ………And appose the decimation of disabled peoples lives in any non violent way possible …..

    OTHERWISE YOUR MOTHER COULD BE NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To all U.C.A.T. members and REMPLOY Workers ” YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • On my list of people to contact I have included the BMA. Doctors know full well that some of their patients are to sick to work yet stand aside whilst the DWP /ATOS judge that people are fit to work and stop benefits. Doctors know this happens and how it makes their patients worse but do nothing,
      Doctors soon found their voices when it came to their pension changes and are making a stand against the Government, why can,t they do the same for the sick people they treat.

  140. am still wwaiting for the esa50 form for esa. all ive read everywhere has doomed me, i have nno family, suffer physcially disabled and many mental hhealth problems, each day iis difficult enough. am struggling since mum died aand wanted more help ttrying to come to terms wwithout her. ii was expeccting dla stuff to happen nextt year,, but didnt know iiincome support was beiing changed aand i would has all the esa things . the mmore i read the more scared aand terrified iam. they are driving mme to cliffs edge,, the more i see and hear of all tthose that have lost esa,, its just made me feel doomed, resullting in more self harmiing and mmuch more thhoughts of suicide with a partner. tthe fear of not beiing believed and having already through 40 yrs witnessed aand seen the mental health people twist , lie and turn life more upside down and, physically, i will be judgedd and sentenced ffor beiing ill and none of this iis what ii asked for, i just wannted a chance at life. i ssee my gp next weekk,, but from wwhat iread the dwp dont eeven listen to what your gp says,,so am feeling pplain hopeless about esa aand what will happen,,am tired enough as it is,,i cant fight as am losing mmy will.
    hope the dwp will be happy to hhave me not to worry about and i wwont be a budern annymore.i feel for those who hhave already lost their llives because of the terror aand cruelness off the dwp.

  141. In last nights local paper there was this story about a local lady. (I have left out persons name/location)
    ” A woman with an inoperable brain tumour has seen her disability benefits stopped after a new Government test found her fit to work. The lady,55,who suffers from headaches,memory loss and severe tiredness has had her £71 weekly allowance withdrawn. The DWP has declared her fit for work despite suffering from gegenerative spondylosis in her back and her GP saying otherwise. She said ” You wouldn,t treat an animal the way I,m being treated.I would love to work and if anyone out there wants to give me a job I would happily accept it but I get incredibly tired just doing very simple tasks. I can,t remember things people tell me, I suffer from terrible headaches and I have chronic back pain. An appeals Tribunal said she would be placed into a work support group to find employment. A DWP spokesman said ” We shouldn,t automatically write off a persons ability to work solely on the basis of a health condition or disability, that,s why the assessment doesn,t focus on a particular diagnosis but on the actual abilities of an individual”.
    My thoughts and best wishes go out to this poor lady and I sincerly hope that the DWP spokesman gets the chance, sooner not later, to be struck down like this lady and gets the chance to show us all how he copes doing his job.

  142. Like me, a lot of us who visit this site are, or relatives are, very ill, and never likely to improve, despite our efforts, and those of others; so, sometimes, you don’t hear from me for weeks. When I do log on and read the latest horrific experiences that this site enables people to share, my anger becomes almost uncontrollable. Below are some of the things I have now started doing:

    1. I now email all my friends/contacts who I believe voted for this dispicable coalition, with info I find in papers/on sites that permit me to share the tales of absolute woe and angst; and I finish by asking if them that if they support what this coalition is doing, please tell me why……….

    2. Anybody I meet, wherever I meet them, whoever they are, I am letting them know about the vicious, destructive effects this Coalition’s policies are having on many people with disabilities/illnesses.

    3. Care and Benefits are carrying out a survey re people’s experiences in applying for ESA in the last 12 months. Surveys have to be completed by 22nd June – check out their website – and encourage everybody you know to complete the survey, and to add their name to the petition on the website. In my answers, I really let them know how I felt, not holding back.

    4. One of my illnesses is terminal, therefore I may not have much time left in this world, but I pledge to do every bit of haunting that I can to all of those who are responsible for making mine, and your lives, unecessarily more hellish!!!

    5. Never Give in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe K, Bury, Lancashire.

  143. Thank you been crying by the kindness shown here, I have calmed down, but still in shock my house will start going into repossesion if I can’t find the money for mortgage, I have no money at all and two children, life was hard now it is becoming impossible. I am going to appeal and I have a sick note from my doctor as I broke down in the surgery nd had a panick attack yesterday whilst with my doctor who said there is no way I am fit for work. I just found this advertisement for ASOS doctors to apply, it says in the add that there aim is to change lifes for the better, what a joke, that must mean their lives and not ours. Thank you, and sorry bu was not thinking straight and in such a panick, still not too good but your kind words of support have helped me immensly, I will be ok, I must portect my children they need me, thats what I am here to do, love and protect my children, ATOS are letting them down not me. Kind regards and good luck to all.

    • Joe, remember silence is a killer, I do not have dependents…. Or a mortagage…I am lucky, ten years ago I was drinking like a fish, self harming and homeless, I had to battle addiction and extreme low self worth……The point is DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!!

      . What ever you do DO NOT BE SILENT! Remember that whatever you do you MUST protect your family….. BUt also remember that YOU can change things for the better, it might not seem like it at the minute, but believe me brighter days are around the corner…

      .Take this situation and look at it as a chance for you to show your children that sometimes you have to stand and fight for what you believe in (Even when you may not feel like it) and that their “Dad” will not be bullied….. Whatever you do remember that there are thousands of frightened people out there who feel like you, you are NOT ALONE, write to your local paper, your M.P. write songs, get involved in whatever you need to to show your children that despite hardship and adversity life can still be wonderful, and show them that regardless of what life throws at you and them, you will be there for them……

      I write this in the vain hope that you understand that you are not a failiure….. The system has failed you!
      You see the truth is we are all easy scapegoats for a failing economic system designed to disenfranchise those of us who do not buy into The Condem CON!

      If you are doubting your capabilities right now, do not believe me by posting what you have here, you make me realise that “WE” have a duty of care to each and every disabled person in britain today, as members of D.P.A.C. we must “PROTEST AND SURVIVE”.

  144. I have been recieving incapacity benefit for some years due to chronic back pain and I also suffer with depression and anxiety attacks. I got the letter just two days ago stating that my benefit has been stopped and I am fit for work. The person who assessed me has lied about me and not mentioned any of the important relevant things I mentioned. Basically because I could talk and I got to the assessment I can work. She has belittled my condition and situation, also saying that I am a lone parent therefore I can work. I have been through hell over the past 6 years, my husband tried to got violent and tried to strangle me, just two years ago I moved back to kent to get away from London as I had a breakdown when the divorce was going through and hit rock bottom. I met a new partner and we bought a house together, all of my divorce money and sale of my home in London went on my new house. It was a fresh start and I was near friends and family and now had support and my parents were nearby as I was isolated in London and would have taken my own life. The new partner turned out to be a conman and I nearly lost my home all last year I struggled with my depression and my anxiety worsened and my back pain is much worse than before. Beginnig of this year I was starting to feel more positive and happy even though in pain, my teenage children are happy and settled and have so many friends, we are at last a happy family the 3 of us and I can just about manage to support them and the mortgage on the incapacity and childsupport. I have neighbours here who help me and my teenage girls and mum will help with housework. But just two days ago I opened this letter stating they are stopping my money so I have lost xpounds per month, I will now lose my home, I have not eaten properly since the assessment in April and my eight is down to 9 stone so I have lost nearly 2 stone and am now under weight. The same day I received this letter which was just two days ago, I received news that my sister has slit her wrists. I have no choice now than to end my life as basically that is what they have done, that was not an assessment but an interigation and now they have given me a death sentence. Why not throw me in a gas chamber as I am obvously a worthless humanbeing, no wonder my husband beat me up, my kids will be so much better of without me any way. I HAVE NO CHOICE THEY HAVE KILLED ME!!!

    • please jo you will find you will have friends who like you are going through the same trouble with atos dwp so please who not do anything as it will cause much heartache to friends and family come accross and talk with us and yo uwill find support and help that will help with living please dont go there dark places jeff3 http://dwpexamination.org

    • Dear Jo

      As you have in the past you must keep going, you are more worthy of a place in this world than those who line their own pockets at the expense of the sick. As a chronic back pain sufferer and someone who has had my ESA stopped thanks to ATOS I know it is difficult to find reason or strength to continue and most mornings I dread waking up having to face another day. What keeps me going is a combination of things: My wife, my cat, sunshine, my garden, knowing that I am right and Atos/DWP are wrong, re-applying for ESA again with A4U help, hope that one day I meet a Doctor who can actually help me, reading on this site sad stories of other people who are clearly worse off than me, the poor people of all ages who have lost their lives for various reasons who would gladly swap no life for a painful life, a belief that what goes around comes around – a payback for the Camerons, Gleggs, Duncan Smiths of the world. Only a mass suicide by all the sick people who,s lives have been ruined by benefit cuts would shock this country into seeing what this evil Coalition is doing so hang in there JO, think about it and you will find reasons to keep battling on.

    • i know youve been through so called hell but you are not alone.my life has been hell since 14 years old.ive saw all walks of life and saw sum horrific things.I to have a sister im a twin,but recently she tragically died.she was my life ,my best friend in this world and now ive got only memories.THANKGOD for the life you have,and giv thanks for the present cause thAts what it is a gift.you really dont no what u have till its gone and memories are priceless

  145. Hi I lost my dla in Feb this yr I went to my appeal in may and won but haven’t heard from dwp so don’t no what to do just wait or ring

  146. Just got a letter through Saturday (what i start i can’t contact them on weekends !!!) that my DLA has stopped. I will no longer get mobility or care. I have suffered with my hearing loss since childhood and yes i can move around unaided and tend to myself like make myself a meal (if i need to). The problem is when i’m out and about in a unfamiliar place or area if its too noisey i can’t pinpoint who is talking or hear what is coming up and a few times i have had to have my partner pull me out of the way from danger. Same in my working enviroments and i have worked in rather noisey ones and quiet ones. I struggle sometimes to hear people either face to face or telephone. My hearing get even worse if i have a cold or flu and i get severe tinitus..not sure how you spell it or bad ringing and this lately i had trouble shaking it off and have to been to my gp several times about it but no luck just got prescribed painkillers which didnt help as i still got the problem and its been now 3 months. I used to see a hearing specialist as a nhs hospital but gp never referrred me to them. The report they went by is my claim which was ok but as soon as they got the gp report that killed it for my DLA stopping as what he report was all complete rubbish !!! Totally pissed off i have just moved to my property im in its quite high rent been here almost a year and just getting settled and what with other things in my life i got to take care off this really has messed things up Hoping tribunial will turn things round i got a representative from Deafplus supporting me who knows my condition very well. She won an appeal before for me and fingers crossed she can pull it off again.

  147. This vile company is just there to torment people with problems. The General Medical Council needs to do much more to help patients. Surely a persons own GP, and/or consultant is in a position to examine a patient and give a diagnosis/prognosis? No one should ‘fear’ having a medical, Atos does just that, puts the fear of hell into already ill people. Mental illness (depression) is usually a by product of life events and monetary problems, e.g. lack of food, unable to pay bills, etc. Surely being deprived of the only means of income (benefits) exacerbates any illness/problems one is already having.

  148. I injured my back working with the Ambulance Service in 2008, then in 2010 slipped on ice again at work and broke my coccyx, i also have a vitamin D deficiency, in addition sever arthritis in my lower spine (lumbar) and spondelosis/spondelitis in my upper spine. I am covered by a Doctors note until august 2012 as i am still recovering. I have been retired from the ambulance service/nhs on ill health grounds. I was granted ESA then sent for an ATOS test and told i had failed, ESA was then cancelled. Now i have no income at all, an 84 year old mother and a disabled sister who also had to appeal against ATOS. I was a nurse 1987 to 1997 too.
    Even though i have paid my Nat Ins and taxes ever since i started work i am told i have no right to ESA, and even though injured my Consultant, Registrar and 6 GP’s in a group practice opinions have been overruled by ATOS DWP and i am left with no income. I am now 60, injured, recovering, no income, left with back conditions which are degenerative, so i cannot drive for a living any more or do computer work as it aggravates the conditions and my spinal conditions make life very difficult and painful. My care is given by NHS Doctors not ATOS it beggars belief that all that NHS medical expertise is overridden by an ATOS so called Health Professional. I have appealed naturally.

  149. I was migrated from incapacity benefit, I have agoraphobia (I was in a very violent marriage which culminated in him attacking me with an axe) I also have arthritis in my spine. I failed the assessment with 0 points and my benefit dropped from £99.85 to £67.50 a week. I felt as though they thought I was telling lies and had been defrauding the system so I asked for a copy of the report

    . It was absolutely riddled with errors (lies) these were not “grey” areas which could have been interpreted either way but actual nonsensical statements and omissions. I appealed to the DWP and also complained to Atos about the nurse who did my assessment. After several weeks I received a letter from Atos saying that the report had not been completed according to their usual standards and that there was not enough evidence to support their choice of descriptor. They sent a copy of the letter to the DWP who subsequently overturned their decision without the need for an appeal. The errors in the original report were so glaringly obvious that the decision maker should have easily spotted them and, at the very least, queried how Atos had arrived at their conclusion. As they obviously just “rubber stamped” the Atos report I have complained to the DWP about the decision maker, that was over 3 months ago and, despite numerous emails, I am still awaiting an apology and an explanation. I have also reported the nurse to the Nursing and Midwifery Council who have decided to investigate the matter.

    I am very stressed because of all this and dreading my next assessment, I was making some progress in conquering the agoraphobia but I now feel as if I am unable to fight it as much as I was doing. I will be 57 this year and all I can see ahead for the next 9 years is repeating this fiasco over and over again, and quite frankly I’m getting too old for that!

  150. I was also refused ESA after my ATOS assessment even though having proof of my medical history with heart probs and other stuff. If it wasn’t for http://www.southwalesbenefitservice.com I don’t know what I would have done. The guy took on my case, helped me through it and represented me in the court tribunal (which I won!) so anyone needing help, he is brilliant…period!

    Secondly I think a mass movement against this unfair treatment by this gov spending £100 MILLION A YEAR (ten year contract) employing ATOS to kick us all off benefits regardless of our ‘real’ circumstances would be a good thing. Would be nice to see ‘The Right Honourables’ Clegg and Cameron on the streets experiencing what real people have to go through. Unless you have come from the proverbial ‘gutter’ and experienced real life itself with all its difficulties and anxieties, it is difficult to rule and judge fairly the people who depend upon you for fairness and wisdom. These guys have grown up in sheltered lives, private schools etc and haven’t a clue about what it means to be on the bread-line…understandably they are trying their best to save money whilst at the same time spending a fortune on paying some French company to kick us all of our lifeline benefits. Shocking, degrading, disgusting and unforgivable.

    I guess this could be compared in many ways to Hitler’s movement and ideas of getting rid of many in one go, his way was with a gas chamber, these guys use ATOS.

    By the way, have you heard the latest? the right of appeal will soon be changing in the most devastating way…read this…http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/news/latest-news/1530-no-esa-for-claimants-who-want-to-appeal……well done CamaClegg, that should put the lid on us poor people trying to fight for our lives!

    Now I know why people want to fight the system, when you reach rock bottom and are rejected by your own country, there seems to be little left to live for and this can be dangerous thinking, but a desperate person will do desperate things….they are creating a generation of desperate people and if this doesn’t stop, will have only themselves to blame.

  151. Hi. It is your right to have your assessment recorded at the cost of Atos. Just make sure you inform them you wish for it to be audio recorded. Also you must complain to Atos, do this by e mail or letter (photocopied) inform and complain to your MP of the way you have been treated. To the person who was told “we can’t help as the nurse has left the company” that’s their problem, if one of their employees has made errors that saw your benefits removed then they are at fault, and they have to correct it either by admitting the report was not fit for purpose or by offering another WCA.

    • Thanks Thumbelina, I do not recall seeing any info in the DWP/ATOS letters regarding recording of medical assessments but I would urge all people awaiting assessments to have it recorded. Not having had much dealings with the DWP and benefits prior to my health problems i beleived that the system i had paid into would help me in my time of need. Even now I still find it hard to take in, that in modern day GB our elected Government appears to have created a society where there is mutual hatred and distrust between sickness claiments and the ConDems,DWP and ATOS. How can a man who has tragically lost his own lovely disabled Son lead a Party that shows no compassion to the sick or disabled?
      With regard to your other points I wrote to ATOS many times, their final communication said that even if the Nurse had recorded on her report that I had broke down in tears during the assessment it would have made no difference to the outcome. I would still have been passed as fit for work. As for the MP I contacted him twice and got no reply.

  152. After 35 years in the Electrical Contracting Industry I had to pack my job in due to 24hr back pain.(osteoporosis). I recieved ESA and was then asked to attend a ATOS medical. At the medical the nurse never read all the Hospital letters I took. Whilst trying to explain that I was in pain all the time I broke down in tears, due to the pain I was in at that moment and the sadness of what my life had become. The medical was stopped for several minutes until I composed mysely enough to continue. Her report said I was OK for all types of work, there was no mention of my tears breakdown and she put that I was with her for 38mins when in fact it was 25minutes. I appealed, I was asked to provide any new medical evidence for the appeal, which I did. At the appeal the doctor on the panel admitted that I had a lot of problems with my back however the Judge said that that they could not consider the new evidence as they were only there to judge on the original decision. My appeal was turned down and my ESA was stopped. The DWP then told me I was entitled to 6months of Jobseekers allowance. The Jobcentre told me to keep quite about my health problems and that if I got a job and the pain became a problem then it would be up to my new employer to put measures in place to help me. Somehow I managed to get a part time job but had to give it up. I collapsed at home, the medics think I had a seizure possibly due the stress of trying to work plus all the tramadol I need just to keep going on a normal day. I have also lost my driving licence for 12months. I now recieve no benefits. What is the point of Hospitals and Doctors when ATOS can over-ride everything they say, it seems the DWP and ATOS are untouchable. I did complain to ATOS but they said that they could not help me as the nurse who carried out my assessment had left the company.

    • Hi there i was interested in your story how are you now i am not looking forward to my appeal i have been taken off as well

  153. been receiving employment & support benefit for 5 months due to extreme back problems.. went for an assesment.. on receiving a reply, was in complete shock when reading the 100% lies and fabrication that was in front of me!! a few examples were that i sat in a chair quite comfortablly for 20 minuites duration of questioning.. when i requested to stand the whole time as its easier on my lower back to stand.. rather than sit… also that i managed to rise from the seat ( that i never sat in ) unasisted with out the help of arm rests ect… also i was carrying a heavy coat without problems,, not true.. that i sit all day watching soaps on tv… when i clearly stated that when i have trouble sleeping due to back pain, i end up watching night time tv sometimes…
    they added nothing about the fact i cant bend forward without supporting the weight on my lower back… , lift my legs from a lying position, had no reflexes in my left leg when tested! i could go on…. now my benefits have been stopped…. i have no chance of going back to work as a builder with my back in the condition its in… so i cant apply for jobseekers allowance..as im not avaliable for work… i rang the ATOS center and requested to see the person that gave the ” assesment ” to ask her to justify the lies she had put forward.. i was promptlly told under no circumstances would i be able to see her again!! how can they get away with this bullshit?? it seems its quite common of these ATOS people to be doing this.. also with people in a far worse position than myself!! basiclly ive lost my benefit because of blatant lies…so i have to appeal which will prob go on for 6 months or longer.. it seems to me they make they,re own story up about your condition before you enter they,re building… whats the point of actually going for the ” assesment ” … im absolutely fuming…..

    • i agree paul, ive just had exactly the same thing happen to me. the so called doctor who came to see me was younger than my youngest, he told blatant lies, and i ve lost my car etc. i’ve also been told that my apeall can take up to 12 months. its a total joke.

      • hi ive been in receipt of disability living allowance for 35years now,i cant see how they can just stop it if you have received it for as long as myself its wrong

    • I am fumimg went for a medical with atos bout my rheumatoid arthritis and how it affects me with my everyday life and now I have been told that I am now not entitled to employment and support allowance and now I am worried how am I suppsed to live and pay my bills with no money whatsoever its so unfair . I just dont know what to do

    • Exactly the same here, got to be the most incompetant / hated gov of all time!!

    • after accompanying my mother for her recent medical with atos for lower back pain during the medical she was asked to lie on the bed and raise both legs one after the other because my mother could not do this the examiner lifted my mothers legs up to the point my mother was crying and in pain then when we received the medical note its was full of lies stating my mother attended her medical alone (when she cant even leave her own home unattended due to her falling over) they also stated that she could move her legs without any trouble i am fuming about all the lies an when she phoned atos was greeted with some obnoxious git who told her he didnt care about her illness an she should get off her arse an get a job who the hell do they think they are. we are appealling this but just so everyone knows if atos turn you down you are within your rights to start a new claim for your benefits instead off appealing this way you will not have to deal with atos again

      • Hi,I was reading through all the mails & yours sounded almost the same as me.

        I have just this morning received a letter telling me my incapacity benefit will stop on the 18th of this month,

        I am so distraught & felt sick when I read this.

        I have to rest continually during the day am in constant severe pain.

        I really dont know what to do now!

        I will loose my house if I cant pay the rent.

        Can you please tell me what you did?

        I dont know who to turn too next.

        • I suffer from chronic backpain and I have received a letter this morning saying I got no 0 points after my atos assesment the letter also contains lies about what i was suposed to have said. My benefit will end on 5th January I don’t know what I’m going to do or where to turn for help. Any advice would be gratefully received.

      • Thankyou same happened to me i feel so embarrased where do i go what do i do etc then i read your comment and it helped me i am frightened i dont want to ask anyone i feel so scared i am also in a bad relationship and a carer unpaid i feel egaughsted all of the time i dont like people to know i am ill could you tell me how i go about just making a fresh claim
        Thankyou i hate to deal with any of them i dont trust them
        Thanks again M

  154. i was in receipt of dla for some years and following a renewal i was simply notified that i no longer qualified for either mobility or care needs.

    i have suffered with long term incontinence for many years which was diagnosed as incurable to which i ended up using a catheter. i also have some other medical conditions one of which requires the use of morphine.

    although i declared incontinence needs including catheter use i noticed straight away in the decision letter sent that these needs had been omitted from the decisions. i feel that the person looking at my claim knew i qualified for an award in this area which is why this decision was omitted.

    even though i had no medical and that no one had bothered to contact my g.p the person looking at my claim went on to state that i had no treatment needs, this statement was issued when they knew full well i was under a care team whose responsibly was to deal with treatment needs.

    the decisions were so bad that who ever was looking at my claim even went on to declare no problems with carrying and lifting knowing full well that a decision like this can only be made with an medical examination.

    when i telephoned the dwp with regards to the omitting of incontinence which is also part of dla renewals they simply stated ‘we don’t cover every area!’ i have tried numerous times to find out why this was omitted to which they have failed to give me an answer.

    to be honest my overall impression is that who ever was looking at my claim had not one intention to make any award and this was shown by the way they had disagreed with every written statement i had made and this even included a witness statement.

    if i worked for a firm and deliberately lied then i would be facing the sack, if i was in a court of law of disagreed with someone’s statements with no way of backing up these and omitting evidence then i would be facing prosecution and yet these people working for the dwp are just been allowed to get away with such terrible acts.

    i know we can ask for reconsiderations and appeal but it is heartbreaking and stressful when we know these people are getting away with such appalling acts causing financial hardships.

  155. My wife got stripped of her D L A , she was getting for her severe fibromyalgia,it went to a tribunal which she had to attend on her own as her disability worker she was meant to go with let her down at the last minuite,she was basicly a sitting duck for them to tear into for best part of an hour,to cut a long story short it ended xmas 2011 with her trying to take her life(overdose)which she only just survived thanks to the quick reaction of the paramedics they have literally ripped our life into shreds

    • My heart goes out to you, my husband has tried 3 times. the last time it was only my daughter of 12 years that made him go to hospital with paramedics after taking strong tablets. The dwp took his dla away, thye make your life hell and get paid for getting people off dla whatever it takes even your life.
      Try to be strong for her, don’t let the evil gits win

  156. wish they could – i went bankrupt because of them barstuards! couldnt pay the bills or eat -needed food parcel from local charity!! humiliated – no money for a whole year until my appeal sorted it out for me and i still didnt get what i should have got – my mental health issues were totally ignored so still getting wrong amount!!

  157. Can ATOS be sued if it is proven that they have inaccurately misrepresented a case and, where as a result an individual has experienced additional stress and hardship?

    • Claimant’s face ‘fraud by false representation’ for mis-stating facts, yet Atos, also tax payer’s funds, don’t. Mind you one saves the country money – until consider cost of repeat medicals, appeals, etc……..

  158. I was on DLA for over 6 six years, until i had an ATOS assessment last December, now after a medical report full of lies and contradictions, my DLA has been stopped. I suffer from a number of illness’s of which none will get better, only deteriorate with time. I have Spasmodic Torticollis (my left arm, shoulder and neck goes into uncontrollable spasms) Endogenous Depression (unipolar, which is genetic ) Hypertension, IBS, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and swelling and pain in my lower back and knees. My medication keeps me sedated throughout the day and night, yet ATOS deem me fit for work. This has left me in a deep depression, on the verge of suicide, and my GP will only prescribe me a small amount of medication at any one time. Atos will be forcing me and my family to live in poverty, with not enough to feed me or my children decently. I think the way we are treat ny ATOS is absolutely disgusting, but that will not dent their cold hearted attitude as they get paid for every sincere disabled person they sign off benefits. I, like so many others am appealing against their decision, but because of their, what can only be described as Nazi ways, we the disabled are suffering, the appeals process will take months, and in the meantime, what do we live on? Fresh air? Why dont they just open up Workhouses for us? And put paid to their Dickensian attitude.

    • im in receipt of incapacity benefit and disability living allowance due to severe depression,chronic anxiety attacks and constant blackouts which just happen randomly at can occur at any time. Ive just received a letter to say I am being assessed as some benefits are being faded out and I need to be assessed to see if im entitled to ESA instead of incapacity benifit. If I dont pass this ESA assesment will it also affect my DLA or will I continue to receive it. All this worry is leaving me even more depressed and has even led to me self prescribing more medication to deal with it,im at my wits end

  159. I am disbaled, both mentally and ohysically and have been on IB for 3 years since i had a motorcycle accident. I had my ATOS assessment last December 2011 and got my letter in January that I am fit enough to return to work even though my brain damage is such that it is virtually impossible to go out on my own. I also have a condittion called Irrational Heightened Anxiety which means that my brain panics all the time. I dont have “Panic attacks” per say but I live indside one permenantly. I have to take very strong medication for this as well as large doses of Anti-depressants which leave me feeling very tired and drowsy. I also have Reynauds, Broca’s aphasia, Acquired Dyspraxia, poor balance and motor control. Because I could sit in an assessment centre and talk to the assessor, tell him all about it and be rational, I was deemed fit for work which i found astounding. He said I should be removed from IB, which I was, and not even offered WRAG. My world went into free fall after this happened and my Depression has got much worse. I have since discovered that the Atos Assessor lied throughout my ESA85, left out crucial pieces of information that I had given him and talked complete rubbish. He had no working knowledge of my conditions or my medications but still went ahead and said that my medications should be cut back as I did not need them. He is not my GP, knows nothing of my medical history, and even went as far as calling me a liar to my face. I was shocked and horrified! I am now left waiting for a reconsideration of my claim, after supply an entire file full of medical letters, physio reports and neurologists reports all saying the same thing. I was supposed to receive assessment rate ESA and my first payment was due last Thursday, which has not turned up. I am dreading spending the next year waiting for an appeal. My condition has bottomed out completely and if I have another breakdown, I may end up in hospital, I have also developed a nasty itchy skin condition caused my the overwhelming levels of stress hormones in my blood. I have considered Suicide on a few occaisions as a way out but I have to keep thinking there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    • please please do not get that depressed,i very nearly succeeded and all it will do is another staitic they wont worry about,help is always available lets fight these bastards

    • Hang in there Laura, you are not alone. There are many of us who have suffered at the hands of the Coalition, DWP and ATOS. It is not easy when you can see no future, I know, but I am a great believer in what goes around comes around and these evil people will get a tenfold taste of what they dish out wether in this world or the next.

  160. Yep, had my DLA mobility stopped last spring. Appealed, went to tribunal and lost thanks to my former GP claiming that my mobility had improved. Not a bad evalution from somebody that only see’s me for thirty minutes a year!

  161. We also have 100% success rate regarding ESA and DLA tribunal representation and since 2006 have secured in excess of 2.3 million pound in lost or suspended benefits for the vunerable and evidence to support these statistics. http://www.bufferzone.org

    • i have just undergone an atos medical, I have copd, depression ,hydradenitis supperativa, menieres disease, insomnia,so called health worker put i dont , like to sleep please who doesnt like to sleep, my HS is a chronic skin disease she put skin blisters , said i wasnt breathless at medical, i was ,took my pulse which i cant remember unless i passed out in medical, which i never,i have Lymphodeama she put no sign of fluid to upper limbs ,I never removed my coat, I offered for her to examine my abcesses under my arms and breasts at time of medical as they were evident she refused , said theynwere dry at time of medical she blatently lied what can i do about her, im going all out to get her sacked she even lied about my peak flow result and said my technique of using a peak flow monitor was wrong considering 4 days previous i attended a pre op assesment for a broken cocyx and was deemed unfit by an nhs proffesional for an op, i must add i have been asthmatic for 35 yrs im sure i know how to use a pf monitor well i did four days before atos medical im sure i wouldnt forget i am in process of appeal ill update as soon as

      • Hi Julie:) I have just read your comments that you made in May. I also have HS & am attending a ATOS medical assessment in a few weeks. I am looking on different blogs etc so I know what to expect at my assessment & your the 1st person I’ve come across who has HS. What was the outcome of your assessment? I looked for the update you wrote you would give but can’t find it. Is there any advice you can give me please as I’m sure the assessment will not cover a lot of the daily problems that severe HS people have:-/

    • i feel frustrated letter today 14 01 13 my dla has been stopped ib next any advice

  162. Got loads of evidence including recent case where someone ended up in hospital undersection due to Atos.www.bufferzone.org. We are in Pribvate eye regarding this issuefeel free contact us.

  163. i must add, ive worked 25 years of my life, im not work shy, im genuinely ill!!

    • If you can breathe, move your arms and legs about a bit and communicate in some manner at the assessment then as far as ATOS are concerned you are fit to work. The problem is ATOS are backed/instructed by the Coalition and allowed to do what they want because the Coalition are not bothered if they lose our election votes.

    • i have been a support worker for 21 years and i suffer bad with my back already had 2 operations and about to have more i suffer from sciataic all of my money has been stoped and told to go back to work . do they think i enjoy life like this ? i,m 53 and my life consist of pain night and day . they need to sort things out and find them that are fit for work i,m on a loss of £800 with beening home sick do you think i want to lose that sort of money with beening home sick i dont think so

      • I just got refused today

        I’ve had bad back pain for over 25 years, managed to work through it with epidural, Chiropractor visits, painkillers etc up until 1999 and then it went kaput, I tried to change my job from car mechanic to taxi driver and had problems with that too so I had to have a back operation in 2003 which made it much worse and added constant leg pains as well due to nerve problems. I can’t sit upright for more than about 15 mins in a normal chair, 35 mins in a car and standing still for more than 5 mins is painfull.

        I had an Atos doctors assesment for the dole back in 2005, he signed me off 7 years until 2010.

        I just had another Atos assement a few weeks back and got the phone call today….

        “You are fit for work!”

        Anyone know any jobs I can do lying on my back for 8 hours a day apart from prostitution?

        Atos is a complete Joke

        Anything to get the unemployment numbers down and make it look like the economy is doing better…….as if ! ….as they continue to print billions of pounds out of thin air.

        I’m not sure what to do now except go and live in a tent in the woods and eat grass and die.

        • Update to above

          I got ZERO (O) POINTS

          LMAO, these people are TOTALLY INSANE !

          • I had a medical in August . I was diagnosed with rheumatoid athritis when I was 25 . I always tried to be as active as possible . The condition was not going to get me . Unfortunately it did . I am 54 now and I have to depend on my carer and family . After Atos cancelling 2 appointments my husband helped me to the one I went to . He helped me during it , when we got home I was totally shattered . Anyway 5 days before I recieved the letter I recieved a phone call to tell me I had failed , I asked what I was to do now he said sign on at job seekers . I was a total wreck . Then the letter a total load of lies . Everything on it was the total opposite to the medical . I am not racist or anything but the woman I saw did not understand me and I did not understand her . The woman was polish and all she did was ask questions and use her computer . And just to let you know she said I was able to use a keyboard and mouse on my I -Pad , how up to date are they ???? And just to make matters worse my sciatica is worse doctor has also told me my depression is starting to show again the next time I see her I may need medication AGAIN . OMG

        • Despite taking my sciatica lower back
          Mmr diagoniztic letter .hiv and back tablets .walking sticking sticki am taking to ta¡¡

          The assessment i was awarded no points .idont know what kind of job am i goin g to do

        • if you can find a job where you can do all of the things that you have put in your letter then please please let me know as that would suit me down to the ground . i,m due for more surgery on my back and to have all of my meds changed i,m mst and ormorph but it,s not doing much for my pain . i think that it,s silly how can you say that a person is fit for work by just placing a hand on some 1,s leg ?

        • I have been waiting 15 months for my appeal to come through.

          I’m waiting for a back and neck operation to replace discs and I have constant pain and numbness in one of my legs and both arms. Yet these do gooders insist on me being available and capable of work … What as please?

          ATOS has a lot to answer for, if they could tell the truth that is!!

          The lies on my report were that bad I actually thought they were someone else’s results. Everything that I had said in my ‘assessment’ had been wrote in a different context as to how it was said.

          I have noted and underlined every lie on the report. I have sent doctor’s reports and other evidence that undermines what the ATOS has reported but I don’t know if it will make a difference at the tribunal.

          For anyone sending evidence I would advise photo copying everything you send/receive as I have done.

          Surely the government can see that this system of assessment is not working, just from the sheer volume of people who are appealing against the decision. Can someone not see from the statistics of complains and appeals against ATOS that they are just filling in their ‘piece work’ forms and are lying to reach their goals?

          ATOS should be liable for the distress and worries they cause to people.

          • Hello to everybody out there that has been humiliated by this bunch of
            heartless, selfish, lying bastards. I suffer with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid
            arthritis. I wake up in pain, spend all day in pain and everything that I do
            causes more pain. And yet ,I’m fit to work. Would an animal be treated
            this way ? I don’t think so . My love to you all Gary xx

        • Hi gary,
          i have just been given the same news today, was told to apply for job seekers, i cant work have same problems as you, the only time i am pain free is when laying down, sitting hurts and so is standing after a short while, worked all my life and only been off work for 5 yrs, soooo very angry too , patsy

  164. absolutely appalled after what they have caused me, ive lost my home due to theirr imcompetence and left without any monies for 5 months, living off crisis loans. will be appealing and taking this to tribunal, i have a heart condition, have undergone 3 major heart surgeries, RVOTO trivial depression and chronic fatigue and they are telling me im fit to work!!!

    • Atos has just been given the contract to get people off DLA. This government is a wolf in sheeps clothing do not be fooled they are a bunch of smiling assassins. The real figure of false claimants is about 0.5 percent. So why is this witch hunt nessercery. It has got to be a job for the boys when hundreds of millions of taxpayers money is being spent to save a few thousand. Surely the very low number of false claimants can be found with a less costly program! Also let’s not forget it was the last Tory dictatorship ( Tatcher) who put so many people on disability benefit to make the dole figures look less!

    • just found out my son who is twelve that he will be losing his dla. This so called goverment labeled my child as SEVERE disabled, then takes his dla away??? Then I found out there is NO help in our area for the tribunal, this goverment really has done a number on people. My son does not act like a run of the mill 12 yr old child, hes double incontinent for a start, has to be told when to take life saving meds and cannot eat alot of things due to allergies.

      • Sorry to hear of your problems..
        Contact your MP with details of the problems and ask him to take on your case


        Brian Pepper
        National Customer Relations Manager
        Tel: 0113 2309097

        and INSIST that he takes on your case, and threaten him with media coverage if the matter is not resolved

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