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Message from the Invisible: scrap the Welfare Reform Bill!

Posted on Fri 20th Jan 2012, 6:41pm

 Facebook event »On Saturday 28th January in central London, a brave group of disabled, sick and elderly people are going to engage in a daring and disruptive act of civil disobedience, and they’ve asked for our support. Meet at 11.30am at Holborn tube station with a charged Oyster card, ready to travel to a secret location.Britain isn’t perfect. But our welfare state offers something that everyone can be proud of. It’s a comforting thought that if tomorrow you lost your job, your home or even a limb, society would be there to help you through it.At least until now. The government’s Welfare Reform Bill is just weeks away from becoming law and is the biggest threat the welfare state has faced in its history.

The Bill will take vital lifelines from the most vulnerable people in society. Right now, 500,000 families stand to lose their homes. Others will become imprisoned in them. Half a million will lose their disability allowance, including disabled children. People with terminal illnesses will be forced into work, and 3.2 million will be put through cruel tests that are pushing some to take their own lives. Millions of people – pensioners, low waged workers, the disabled, sick and unemployed – will fall deeper into poverty.

The government’s excuse for all this? The deficit, of course. Yet it continues to turn a blind eye to the £25 billion in tax dodged by corporations and rich individuals every year, a sum greater than the projected savings of the entire Welfare Reform Bill. Vodafone’s brand new £2bn tax dodge alone could pay for all of the cuts to Disability Living Allowance, which affects 500,000 people.

Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Co. are choosing to inflict suffering on sick and disabled people rather than tackle rich tax dodgers, because they think the poor and vulnerable are invisible – that they won’t or can’t make a fuss – and the rest of us don’t care.

On Saturday 28th January, let’s show them that they’re wrong. A brave group of disabled, sick and elderly people are going to engage in a hugely daring and disruptive act of civil disobedience, and they’ve asked for our support.

Meet at 11.30am at Holborn tube station with a charged Oyster card, ready to travel to a secret location. The government are going to discover that the vulnerable can be very visible indeed, and that the rest of us do care.

The Lords have already shot down some of the government’s most damaging proposals. Our aim now is to shame the government into withdrawing the bill completely and instead create a welfare system that protects us all. Let’s make sure everyone knows that Cameron would rather make millions of sick and disabled people’s lives a misery than collect the tax from his millionaire mates.

See you at Holborn. For further access information contact  mail@dpac.uk.net

***Accessibility information for Saturday’s action on the Welfare Reform Bill***

The protest will involve being outside for at least an hour and being able to travel either by bus, taxi (this can be funded), or on foot/wheeling a reasonable distance from Holborn Tube station.

If you want to come to this protest and would like more information, email mail@dpac.uk.net with basic access support needed: e.g. do you need anyone to help push your chair, do you need to be guided from the tube, do you need a ‘buddy’ to help. 

There will be activists with British Sign Language, although they may not be available all of the time, so please let us know if you need any BSL support and we will try to provide this.

Please send your mobile number to mail@dpac.uk.net in case we need to text you.

For anyone with access needs please email for further details to mail@dpac.uk.net



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  8 Responses to “UKUNCUT joint protest against WRB”

  1. Can you tell everyone why you’ve chosen to invite disabled activists to a tube station that has no lifts and will have no escalators on Sat 28th? Thanks.

    • that has been dealt with, anyone who has access needs should contact mail@dpac.uk.net. I’m sure people we know us will understand we wouldn’t expect anyone to use an inaccessible tube station but that some information cannot be made public for safety reasons.

      • Sorry but that’s way too vague. Holborn tube station has no lifts for wheelchair users and the escalators are undergoing routine maintenance on the 28th. So to get from station to street ppl have to climb 3/4 sets of concrete steps. How has that been ‘dealt with’?

        • Please see update also if any other probs let us know -look forward to seeing you there

        • RevPaulCA The meeting point is outside the tube station which does not necessarily mean going by tube from that station. Is that unvague enough for you? If in doubt email for more info as requested


          • No it’s not smart arse. Are you disabled? Do you use a wheelchair? I’ll guess no. The main advert for this protest is telling disabled ppl to meet at Holborn tube station. How do you think most ppl would get to a tube station?

          • Hi

            I am a wheelchair user and I might be coming to this. There are more than one wheelchair user who will be at this. This is not our first protest. I can understand your frustration but I can assure you that access has not been left out of consideration. Far from it.

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