Jun 272011
Save the NHS march

Save the NHS march, May © 2011 Pete Riches

This march was initiated by health workers in Unite the Union, who felt that the savage attacks on the NHS needed a stronger response than the media event planned for the NHS 63rd birthday.

The ‘listening exercise’ on the Health and Social Care Bill was a PR job, and has resulted only in minor cosmetic changes. The clear intention is a corporate takeover of our NHS, and the end of a comprehensive and universal healthcare system. The combination of this legislation and £20 billion ‘efficiency savings’ is an utter disaster.

The legislation is now being rushed through, with little time remaining to organise in defence of the NHS. This demonstration is an incredibly important one for health workers, to build our confidence and help us organise and fight against the coming onslaught. It’s an important demonstration, too, for all of us – to build practical unity between NHS workers and the wider community, and to send a clear message to Cameron and his chums that we will fight them every inch of the way.

Our health workers in Unite would welcome anything you can do to publicise this march, and to encourage your supporters to attend.

The demonstration assembles at 5.30 pm on 5th July at Savoy Street, Strand, London, and marches to Old Palace Yard (opposite Parliament).


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  One Response to “Support the 5th July demonstration in defence of the NHS”

  1. This protest is is useful but the people who share this through face book etc should add following info to the above;-

    1……The Lords have been preparing for privatization of the NHS for years. Many have investments in private medical companies, medical product manufacturers and companies involved in buying up patents of medical developments. As well as investments in private equity companies and investment banks who will adding billions in debt to the health service. Not to mention, the insurance companies that provide health insurance who will be able to gain from an increased demand for health insurance as the world watches the NHS collapse. Many of the lords also are executives and directors of such companies.
    2…..The U.S. health service private and national combined…….Costs almost twice per capita compared to the amount we pay. (This includes the over all health insurance bill. The changes will force people to take out additional health insurance…To the convenient benefit of the lords and also banks).
    3……The sickest part of all this is that corrupt private medical companies will keep wealthy people in their beds whilst they are able to pay for their services, whilst people who are less wealthy and with no additional insurance will be left to suffer. The fact is some of these wealthy people may not be ill. But because they have money in the bank or health insurance they will be told they more ill then they actually are. This happens in countries with privatized health services, such as China and U.S.
    You can find more on my blog….X-ECONOMICS. You should add this info and share.

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