Mar 232011

DPAC supporters  will be meeting with activists from London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP) and other allies at Savoy Street near Charing Cross at 11am to join the TUC march.

Some others  will be meeting slightly earlier at 2 neighbouring accessible cafes: Caffe Amici , 7B Kingsway, London WC2B 6YA and the Costa next door. The Costa opens at 9am. Many thanks to Jan Pollock for finding and suggesting them.


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  3 Responses to “Meet up to await the March on Saturday 26th”

  1. Lets’s hope for a safe event. I have called Met Police to voice concerns about kettling policy and disabled people. I have been assured if there is any kettling people will get plenty of warning and will have an exit point. I suggested that any officer in charge should make a specific call to disabled people and Deaf people, using officers who sign (altho of course v difficult and need to be high up and for Deaf people to know they are there) to ask any disabled people who feel trapped or have a need to leave for any reason and are finding it difficult to get out to get other people around them to CHANT “Disabled Person Coming Through PLEASE make a pathway”. Of course it’s not much time to get such an idea into action but juhst an idea unless anyone else has any better ones.I won’t have access to this site now again until after the demo. Best wishes to all, P Bould

  2. I will be there! Viva La revolution!

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