Mar 072014

This brilliant song by Alba Roma ‘The Tory Blues Wakey Wakey’ needs to be shared, RTed, and bought , or at least one of those

It needs to be played on every radio station and played at all Demos until every household and every person in the UK has heard it, and until this set of Condems cant get away from it.

Help make it happen…….


Wakey wakey wakey wakey, up for work at six,
there’s a deficit you didn’t cause but that you’ve got to fix.

Wakey wakey wakey wakey, get up and pay your share,
cos’ tax breaks and bonuses are just for billionaires.

Wakey wakey wakey wakey, go and read the news,
Learn to blame the blameless poor for what the wealthy do.


Wakey wakey wakey wakey, get up with the rest,
A zero-hour contract and they ask you why you rent.

Wakey wakey wakey wakey, graft another day,
“We’re all in this together boys!” or so the wealthy say.

Wakey wakey wakey wakey, don’t think that we’re through,
We’ll educate and demonstrate and lift the Tory Blues.


Wakey wakey wakey wakey, screw your work at six,
Let apathy be over let us kick against the pricks.

Wakey wakey wakey wakey, don’t think that we’re beat,
You’ll fear us when you hear us a-marching down your street.

Get up get out and stand with us we’ll take them once again,
There’s ninety-nine of me and you for every one of them!