Mar 122018

It used to be called the Budget now it’s called the Spring Statement. Same bullshit, different name as far as we’re concerned.

(There is information on what the Spring Statement is all about here if you want to know)

But people will be paying attention and looking in on the twitter hashtag #SpringStatement, so we need to be there too.

So we are asking all our supporters who can be on twitter tomorrow afternoon from 12.30, right the way through the afternoon to tweet statements in support of DPAC and about disabled people’s rights and the harm done to us by this vile Tory government and it’s predecessors.

Use the hashtag Spring Statement in your tweets, and below there is some material you can use, firstly some facts and then some images to download and add to your tweets for impact.

  • A quarter of working-age disabled people are in poverty

  • 2.8 million disabled people are in poverty

  • In 2015 approximately 81,000 sanctions were applied to disabled people 80% to those on JSA and 16,000 to those in the ESA Work related group

  • 90% of disabled people will be worse off under Universal Credit

  • 28% of disabled people ‘can’t live on their benefits’

  • Austerity has been targeted at disabled people 9 times more than the general population and severely disabled people have been targeted 19 more than the general population

  • DWP fit-to-work assessments (WCA) cost more money than they save

  • There were 686,000 benefit sanctions in Great Britain in 2014

  • Over a quarter of JSA sanctions were received by disabled people or lone parents

Images that you can download and use in your tweets, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #SpringStatement

Trash The Tories

Dead People Don't Claim

UN Inquiry finds Grave and Systematic violations of disabled people's human rights by the UK Government

Theresa May, our blood on her hands





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  1. I am on Employment and support allowance and Housing benefit. Will I have to eventually go on Universal Credit.

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