Jul 192017

Today, DPAC went to Parliament to lobby MPs about the funding of social care and independent living as part of their Week of Action

The funding crisis in social care is having a very real and detrimental impact on Disabled people’s ability to live and take part in the community and the gap between the life chances of Disabled and non-Disabled people is widening. Read more about it here

The police was not initially allowing DPAC members into Parliament and they were held for a while in a gated area before making their way to the lobby area

While there, they decided to occupy the area, as they did a few years ago, and they received the support of MPs like Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Caroline Lucas and Bartley among others.

The event was well covered by the media, and you can see below some photos of the event










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  2 Responses to “Week of Action: DPAC occupies Parliament lobby area to protest against social care funding cuts”

  1. Oh… and I see that some Met Police Officers are in a few of your photos…

    I can see their “Police” badges… but where are their “ATOS” and “CAPITA” badges???


  2. Re: the Canary story about this – “But you won’t see it on the BBC”.

    11th May 2017 – BBC signed another big contract WITH ATOS (£560Million)

    The BBC’s last contract with Atos was worth £2Bn (yes Billion)…

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