Jan 162014

A blog article published yesterday https://blog.cix.co.uk/gmorgan/2014/01/14/sneaky-sneaky-sneaky/shows that DWP has been quietly sneaking amendments to the benefit cap with the introduction of Universal Credit, cutting it effectively from £26,000 to £18,000 for couples without children, without almost anybody noticing.

When the benefit cap was introduced for Housing Benefit, it was as followed:

  • £500 a week if you’re a couple – with or without dependent children
  • £500 a week if you’re a lone parent with dependent children
  • £350 a week if you’re a single person without children.


But the new benefit cap under Universal credit which has been announced by DWP in December 2013 moves quietly and softly the couples without children from the £500 cap to the £350 cap, effectively cutting their benefit award from £26,000 to £18,000, as shown here by Steve Webb statement in the Commons

Webb: https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201314/ldhansrd/text/131209-wms0001.htm and DWP website: https://www.gov.uk/benefit-cap

Although the exact number of couples affected by this change is currently unknown, many of them will include disabled people and disabled people with partners as carers, who will be hit by the cap on top of other benefit cuts.


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  One Response to “DWP cuts by stealth benefit cap for couples without children from £26,000 to £18,000”

  1. So this Government who so called belive in marriage of two people now are encourageing people to seperate and live as two seperate people as this is what will happen.
    The couples who haven’t had children yet are now being encouraged to have them.
    It’s bad enough that Jobseekers Allowance for a couple is just over £112 per week for 2 people.
    Lets get this in the open lets show the public that these people in Government don’t give a damn for anyone than then themselves!

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