Oct 252012
Glasgow Against Atos Rolling Picket
Friday 26 October
Assemble 12noon,
Outside the Atos testing centre,
Cadogan Street,
Corunna House

The rolling picket will start moving from the Atos test centre at 12.30pm. It will end back at the Atos centre at 2pm. A static picket of Atos maybe held after that by those still assembled. Bring family/friends, whistles and pots and pans, placards, banners and anything else which helps draw attention.
Glasgow Against Atos Action Planning Meeting
Wednesday 14 November,
Downstairs in Bar Bacchus,
80 Glassford Street,
Glasgow G1 1UR


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  4 Responses to “Glasgow Against Atos Rolling Picket Fri 26th October”

  1. Just Read Daily Record front page 2nd page 3rd page unbelievable what these people at atos &
    Iain Duncan Smith have done and are still getting away with. It has been proved they are liars (murderers in my mind) so why dont they and anybody associated with get charged and sent for trial.We need to stand up to these people because they are not listening they just keep going on IDS thinks hes god

  2. i must say i am impressed and proud at the stand dpac and members are making against this governments
    harsh treatment of the sick injured and disabled it shows to everyone you can take our money but you can’t break our spirit standing up for whats right will win in the end

  3. Wish I could I’m based in Caerphilly south Wales nearest atos is Cardiff

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