Jun 232011

Crippen’s Puppet Man cartoon

Read more at Crippen’s blog : Is MP Davies the real voice of the ConDems?


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  3 Responses to “Crippen's cartoon: Is MP Davies the real voice of the ConDems?”

  1. why did you loose your dla? Why was it stopped by DWP? I thought once given, you had DLA even if you started working?

  2. What about the disabled who want to work and can no longer do so because of the cut-backs?
    I have just found out that Motability are coming to take my car back on 8th August because DWP have told them I’m no longer in receipt of DLA.
    DWP neglected to inform me of that though. When I rang them they said they hadn’t received my claim pack. Motability have a letter from DWP proving that they did receive my claim pack.
    I will be unable to get to work when they take my hand-controlled car away and have no hope of being able to afford to buy a car and have the hand-controls fitted.
    I will have to close my business – a franchise of a national training company – and liquidate the company. I will be in debt for years and years thanks to them.
    All I have ever wanted to do was feel a valued part of society. Now I’m relegated back to the dark days of being stuck at home unable to get out. Public transport is impossible for me because of my complex health conditions.
    So I will no longer be doing my job of helping other people back to work through training. Ironic, isn’t it?!

    • Michelle please get to a Welfare rights advice centre, Centre for Independent Living, Citizens Advice or somewhere quickly for advice on this- they will need to get in touch with the DWP to sort this out-the DWP sound very much in the wrong here-and I dont think they have acted appropriately

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