Nov 092013
We need as many people as possible to write/ email to Mike Penning ideally over the next week to say why ILF is so important to help maintain disabled people’s independent living opportunities and to say that at the very least any devolved funding (which is only in place for 12 months anyhow) should be ring-fenced to the person.

new Minister for disabled people Mike Penning said on being appointed
“It’s great to be back working with Iain Duncan Smith at this crucial time delivering important welfare reforms. Disabled people aspire to the same opportunities as everyone else, and I want to continue Esther’s work to support disabled people to live fulfilling lives.

Making this a senior ministerial post shows the government’s commitment to disabled people and ensuring everyone can get on in life.”

His email addresses, to let him know how the ILF means disabled people are more likely to access the ‘same opportunities as everyone else’ are Might be good to send comments to both.

Please forward to other people who use ILF and relevant contacts so we can fill his mailboxes.


DPAC team