Dec 212012

Disabled people with the highest support needs have been left in fear and distress as they face the prospect of being denied the right to have Christmas in their own homes following a government decision announced this week to abolish a key source of independent living support.

The government decision to close the Independent Living Fund and instead devolve responsibility to local authorities follows a consultation that disabled people claim is unlawful and on which an urgent hearing has been scheduled by the High Court to go ahead on 13/14 March 2013.

Kevin Caulfield Chair Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition against Community Care Cuts said, “The announcement of the closure of the ILF is yet another nail in the coffin of the increasing numbers of disabled people being discarded into isolation, social exclusion, deteriorating health and premature death. This is more evidence that we are so far from being all in this together.”

Whereas support received through the ILF has transformed thousands of lives, local authorities are not able to provide the same level or range of support through their current systems. With central funding to local authorities being cut this can only get worse.

Current ILF recipient Jenny Hurst said she “can’t bear to think of a return to life” without the opportunities the ILF has given her. “Before I was referred for funding from the ILF I received a package of 4 hours a day, one hour for getting me up/showered and breakfasted, one hour for house work and lunch, one hour for supper and an hour to do the “put to bed”. In between times I couldn’t get a drink or use the toilet- let alone do anything meaningful with my life.” With support funded by the ILF she was able to go to university, get a full time job and become a Trustee of a charity.

ILF recipient Anne Novis who received an MBE for services to the community, said ”I employ five PA’s, their jobs will be at risk as I know and have been told I will receive less funds … from my local authority”. She added “I definitely will not be able to contribute to society, have my grandchildren over to stay, or even have a life worth living.”

The government’s decision to push ahead with their plans comes in spite of overwhelming opposition from disabled people and their families. Local Authorities have widely expressed concerns that without ring fencing there will be a loss of support for existing ILF users and for some individuals no option but to go into residential care. Given the current surge of abuse revelations concerning people placed in institutional settings such as those associated with the Winterbourne View case, it is distressing that the government is nevertheless abandoning the right for disabled people who require round the clock support to live in the community in a home of their own and with choice and control over their lives.

Notes to Editors

1)  Inclusion London is a pan-impairment organisation promoting equality for London’s Deaf and disabled people.
2)  Disabled People against Cuts is a national campaign led by disabled people to oppose the attacks on disabled people’s human rights and independent living being carried out under the guise of the austerity agenda.
3)  The Independent Living Fund (ILF) was set up in 1988 to provide the additional funding disabled people needed to live at home when the alternative was residential care.

4)   The Fund which was permanently closed to new applicants in December 2010 will be shut down completely from 31 March 2015.5)   The action by the Westminster government contravenes article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People on independent living and goes against the principle of the Convention as well as against the European Convention on Human Rights
For more information:
Ellen Clifford,
Campaigns and Communications Officer
Inclusion London                   Tel: 07505 144371
ILF recipients:
Kevin Caulfield: 07899 752877;
Jenny Hurst:
Solicitors representing the claimants involved in the legal challenge:
Scott-Moncrieff &Associates (Diane Astin/Kate Whittaker)
Office 7, 19 Greenwodd Place
London NW5 1LB   Tel: 020 7485 5588/07792 700825
Deighton Pierce Glynn (Louise Whitfield)
8 Union Street
London SE1 1SZ     Tel: 020 7407 0007


Nov 122012

As energy bills soar, energy companies are increasing their profits at the expense of the poorest households, the elderly and disabled people.

Rising energy bills disproportionately affect disabled people. We are twice as likely to live in poverty as non-disabled people, on top of which additional unavoidable expenditure faced by disabled people is on average 25% higher than that for non-disabled people. Disabled people also need to spend more on energy as they are more likely to spend time indoors with fewer opportunities to go out and access community facilities to keep warm. Some impairments are aggravated by cold requiring homes to be heated at higher constant temperatures to avoid illness and hospital admissions.

Meanwhile the ‘Big Six’ who control our energy are increasing their profits at a time when the poorest households are already suffering under austerity. Between 2004 and 2010 average electricity bills increased by 60 per cent and Average gas bills increased by 90 per cent. This year after SSE’s 9% price hike in September, British Gas followed suit in October with a 6% price rise means customers will be facing an extra £100 on their annual fuel bills. British Gas profits increased 23% in the last quarter.

Increasing benefit cuts with rising energy bills is a deadly combination for disabled people.

On 27th October Disabled People Against Cuts joined the Greater London Pensioners Association and Fuel Poverty Action in an occupation of the Westfield Centre in Stratford to protest against rising energy bills:

“Pensioners, disabled people and supporters defy security and police to protest against fuel poverty in Olympic shopping centre

 Today, fifty people gathered in Stratford Westfield shopping centre to keep warm and to protest against fuel poverty. The “Warm Up” protest, organised by the Greater London Pensioners’ Association, saw pensioners join forces with disabled activists from Disabled People Against Cuts and members of direct-action network Fuel Poverty Action.

 The protest came in the wake of EDF Energy becoming the fifth of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies to controversially announce price rises in recent weeks.

 Shopping centre security and police threatened to forcibly evict the protesters, but were defied by pensioners and supporters who refused to leave. Those present accused security and police of attempting to force vulnerable people into the cold.

 Furious at energy companies’ profiteering and government cuts, the GLPA said: ‘If we can’t afford to heat our homes we have a right to go into any warm building and make ourselves at home. We asserted this right today inside the toasty Westfield Stratford shopping centre.’

 Protesters remained inside the shopping centre for an hour, leafleting shoppers and holding banners that said ‘Justice for Pensioners’ and ‘Energy to meet our needs, not for corporate greed’.  A megaphone was confiscated by police after two speeches, before protesters marched outside together chanting ‘No more deaths from fuel poverty.’

Protesters received a warm reception from shoppers, some of whom joined the protest.


The event saw the GLPA launch their new petition demanding:

•       That the government reinstate the Winter Fuel Allowance in full [5]

•       That the energy companies reinvest in affordable, cleaner and

safer energy supplies and use their enormous profits to do so, instead

of putting the cost onto the consumer.

•       That the government acknowledge an entitlement of all

including the sick, disabled people, the elderly and families with

young children, to a well insulated, warm place to live in good


 Betty Cottingham from the GLPA said:

‘The Greater London Pensioners’ Association are extremely concerned at the thousands of preventable deaths in this country which are attributable to the cold and outraged at the continuing weak response of the government. Even at “lower” tariffs, bills are still unaffordable. Traditionally people have gravitated to places which are warm and sheltered – most often shopping centres, buses and libraries – in order to delay putting on the heating at home and this is why we’re here today. The shutting down of day centres and luncheon clubs has left the housebound with no alternative options to stay warm. We’re protesting today and will continue to until someone takes


 Elizabeth Ziga of Fuel Poverty Action, one of six protesters who took part in a day-long occupation of British Gas headquarters in January, said:

‘People are fed up with our energy being produced to line the pockets of the Big Six while we’re left to suffer mammoth fuel bills and escalating climate change. The Big Six and the government are blocking the alternative of renewable energy, which would be cheaper and cleaner. We’re getting ripped off and left to freeze. Today’s protest, led by pensioners, will be the first of many. Expect a winter of resistance.’”


 For photographs of the protest, see:

 Video of shopping centre security arguing with protesters here:


Next Fuel Poverty Action London meeting: Thursday November 15 Crossroads Women’s Centre, 25 Wolsey Mews, Kentish Town, NW5 2DX 7pm-9pm.

Friends of the Earth have produced this briefing on Gas Prices:

Oct 302012

We do not believe that any individual or group who claims to represent the disabled people’s protest movement should engage with DWP/Atos/Capita without insisting upon an end to the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) with immediate effect as a prerequisite to any discussion.

 We regard any such engagement with DWP/Atos /Capita without this insistence on the above as a prerequisite to be nothing less than collusion in policies and systems that have been irrefutably shown to be harmful and, in many cases, lethal to the sick and/or disabled person being ‘assessed’.

 The WCA has no empirical, scientific medical evidence-base and the process has never been risk assessed.

 There remains no feedback or reporting mechanism.

 The discharge of both a statutory and ethical duty of care – owed by professionals, citizens and public authorities – to others in a vulnerable situation depends upon the existence of a reporting mechanism whereby any potential or actual risk to the life and well-being of a patient or to those around them may be reported and adequately addressed.

 This is precisely why the entire British medical profession has demanded that WCA end ‘with immediate effect to be replaced by a rigorous and safe system whereby avoidable harm’ may be prevented.

 That the General Medical Council (GMC) continues to accredit Atos assessment centres with ‘approved medical environment’ status is an utter disgrace.

 The Work Capability Assessment has caused death, suicide, homelessness, and left people without income dependent on family and friends. The WCA also causes an increase in mental health issues and a worsening of impairments. The latest figures show 73 deaths and suicides per week amongst those subject to this brutal process.

 The WCA is based on the discredited UNUM manufactured bio-psychosocial model. The   Centre for Psychosocial & Disability Research at Cardiff University literature has provided the academic foundation for the increasingly notorious WCA administered by Atos Healthcare in the UK, and without it is unlikely that the WCA would exist in its present form. The volume of incriminating evidence against the WCA has grown phenomenally, as people with serious, incapacitating illnesses continue to be found ‘fit for work’.

 When Freud set out his vision of welfare reform for disabled people he used a number of references to back up the plans for reforms.  No less than 170 of these references came from a group of academics based at or connected to the Cardiff University Department:. This centre originally led by ex Chief medical Officer at the Department for Work and Pensions Sir Mansel Alyward was funded by Unum to the tune of 1.6 million pounds from 2004 to 2009 to add academic credibility to the bio-psychosocial model: a model used by Atos to identify that if someone can press a button they are ‘fit for work’ and ineligible for any disability support.

 The connection between the WCA and the Cardiff Centre are only too obvious. The latter seeks to locate the source of incapacity in the individual’s psyche/attitude, promoting a form of ‘positive thinking’ as being curative, while the WCA claims to focus on what sick/disabled people can do as an argument that they have even the merest work capacity. But there is a more important connection. The Centre’s funder, Unum Insurance, employed tactics of ‘disability denial’ in the U.S. to avoid paying out on legitimate health claims. And since founding the CPDR Unum have sought to promote their ‘Income Protection’ product, marketing it upon the fact that the British public can no longer rely upon the state to support them if they become sick or disabled. Are we really to believe this is a coincidence?

 For more see:

 DPAC and BT want to state categorically:

 1. We reject all ideas that ‘tinkering’ with WCA descriptors will serve any positive purpose. We call for the complete removal of the WCA with immediate effect and we have remained unwavering and constant on that position.

 2. We reject the bio-psychosocial model as having any purpose but to cut state support and replace it with private insurance and other company profits.

 3.We work from the social model philosophy and this means a pan impairment approach with no hierarchy of ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ groups or individuals; this is in complete contrast to this government, or any set of groups intent on taking us back to medical model terminologies or helpless victim approaches

 4. We will work with any group who we believe genuinely opposes the government’s attacks on disabled people. However we are seriously concerned with those organisations who believe that they can work with the government to lessen the effects of these attacks. We believe that there is no alternative to outright opposition to the government if we are to stop the impoverishment and destruction of the lives of millions of disabled people in the UK. We are particularly disturbed that some of the large disability charities seem willing to work with the government effectively giving cover to their attacks on disabled people. We call on all disability charities and other groups to immediately withdraw from any work that lends credibility to the government’s so called welfare reforms.

 5. We do not support in any shape or form what this government is doing to disabled people: we classify disabled people as those who have to endure the negative attitudes of others, and those disabled by the ways this so called society treats us as less deserving than non-disabled people. We support an assessment that truely establishes a person’s ability to assess their capability to work, not based on a tick box approach.  














Oct 122012

New Chair nominated for Equality and Human Rights Commission


Baroness Onora O’Neill has been chosen by the Minister for Women and Equalities, Maria Miller, to be the next Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Her appointment will need to be reviewed by a parliamentary committee before it is confirmed. The selection comes in the wake of Trevor Phillips leaving the Commission after a controversial two terms as Chair.


Baroness O’Neill is a philosopher and a crossbench member of the House of Lords, who has held several academic positions and sat on the boards of various organisations to do with public science and bioethics. She has written extensively about choice and autonomy, so it will be interesting to hear her thoughts about disability equality. The incoming Chair’s background is one of privilege – she was privately educated and studied at Oxford and Harvard – and she is used to dealing with abstract academic issues rather than the nuts and bolts of disability politics on the ground. Time will tell whether she can connect with the needs of disabled people at grass roots level. Encouragingly, giving evidence to the Commission on Assisted Dying last year, she recognised the potential pressures on people with impairments and serious illnesses, saying that the idea of effective legal safeguards for assisted dying involved “misleading and unrealisable fantasies about individual autonomy”. She said that assisted suicide is “not safely legislatable”. We will have to wait for her appearance before the Joint Committee on Human Rights to find out more about where she stands on the issues that matter to disabled people.


It has been rumoured that Baroness O’Neill will be presiding over a sinking ship. Although the Commission escaped the government’s ‘bonfire of the quangos’, its budget has been slashed, its helpline has been given to a private provider, and its grants programme has been cut. Is the Commission being hollowed out ready to be shut down altogether – or will it be allowed to find a way to struggle on with a new operating model? Under this government, it’s anybody’s guess.

Oct 072012

TUC rally 20th October speakers DPAC and Black Triangle

Dear Mr Barber

Both DPAC and Black Triangle have the largest supporter base of any grass root groups of disabled people and have worked tirelessely to raise the issues that this government have been responsible for – we have also made it clear that we support union actions and have supported these through tireless promotion and speakers at major and local union events .

 We were therefore dissapointed and surprised at not to being asked to speak at the TUC Rally on the critical issues that face disabled people.
This is something we know a lot about with a combined supporter base of thousands with Black Triangle’s blog rated 3rd on ebuzzing politics ( bigger than Labour’s List) and 4th of all UK blogs for October. DPAC is also in the top 20 for politics and has been at number 1 of UK health blogs for some time
However, we understand how difficult it is to organise such an event so assume this may be an oversight.
We look forward to hearing from you on this issue.  
DPAC and Black Triangle
We will be posting this email and the response on our web sites
Oct 062012

A successful conference held in London on the 27th September called for a new UK network to challenge the attacks on disability rights in the UK. The conference supported by DPAC, Inclusion London, ALLFIE, Norfolk Coalition of Disabled people and the Joseph Rowntree Trust brought together leading Disabled Peoples Organisations and leading disability activists.

Key speaker Jenny Morris said that the ‘disability movement’ was more vibrant than ever, and that this Government had launched a number of attacks on disabled people and their rights. However others suggested that there may not be a disability movement anymore, but pockets of activity. What was clear was that challenges by disabled people and disabled peoples’ organisations (DPOs) must increase. Speakers also raised issues of how ‘the movement’ could be more inclusive in the speakers ‘from the frontline’ slots.

DPAC was there to add commentary and information on what was happening to disabled people under the regime of Atos and the ESA processes as well as the everyday crisis disabled people were facing under this Government. The whole day was brilliantly co-chaired by Tracey Lazard ( CEO of Inclusion London ) and Tara Flood ( director of the Alliance of Inclusive Education) . Speakers included Jenny Morris, Andrew Lee, Eleanor Lisney, Chris Edwards, Debbie Jolly, Linda Burnip and Geraldine O’Halloran, yet, there was also plenty of time for discussion.

Catch up on conference and presentations with the livestream (with BSL)

Catch up on all presentations and discussions through live stream and see Stephen Lee Hodgkin’s brilliant time-line at

Read the excellent John Pring’s ( Disability News Service) account of the day at

Another option to keep up with what’s happening and have a chance to dicuss your views is to tune into Make Yourself Heard on Tuesdays 2-4p.m with Merry Cross 

Join up to the new UK network: be part of the increasing outcry on our injustices!

Send an email to with subject line ‘UK Network’ to be kept in the loop on this exciting and much needed new network of DPOs and activists.

We can also put you in touch with any local DPAC groups in your area or help you set up your own local DPAC group. We now have 26 DPACs across the UK and along with our sister organisation Black Triangle in Scotland we have made sure that disabled peoples’ issues are vibrant and will continue to be-never again must we allow our ‘movement’ to get sleepy- join the challenge!


Oct 062012

MP  and DPAC supporter John McDonnell’s Early Day Motion 295 against the system of the WCA and Atos has 111 signatures , not one of them Conservative, what a surprise. It says:

That this House deplores that thousands of sick and disabled constituents are experiencing immense hardship after being deprived of benefits following a work capability assessment carried out by Atos Healthcare under a 100 million a year contract; notes that 40 per cent of appeals are successful but people wait up to six months for them to be heard; deplores that last year 1,100 claimants died while under compulsory work-related activity for benefit and that a number of those found fit for work and left without income have committed or attempted suicide; condemns the International Paralympic Committee’s promotion of Atos as its top sponsor and the sponsorship of the Olympics by Dow Chemical and other corporations responsible for causing death and disability; welcomes the actions taken by disabled people, carers, bereaved relatives and organisations to end this brutality and uphold entitlement to benefits; and applauds the British Medical Association call for the work capability assessment to end immediately and to be replaced with a system that does not cause harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

see if your MP has signed up here:

If not go to to find your MP

If they are the ‘helpful’ type who say they do not sign EDMs write them an email or harress them on twitter re Atos and the misery its inflicting on disabled people

The outcry is growing- add to it

Oct 032012

This is the page to see all of the latest news on events that are happening in the space. Be aware dates and times may be subject to change.

Saturday October 6th:

Sunday October 7th:

2-4pm – Occupy Design UK invites you to bring radical design, artwork and ideas to the first of a serious of events we will be doing at the CutsCafe. This will be a space to plan creative responses to the cuts, make some work and decorate the new building with audacious radical art. See:

Monday October 8th:
7.30-9pm Disabled People Against the Cuts: Direct Action for everybody. Why we do it and how to plan it.

Tuesday October 9th:

1pm-5.30pm Green and Black Cross Legal Observer Training: A hands on training about dealing with the police and supporting protest on mass and smaller direct actions.

7pm-8.30pm Waging a Living Underground: Cleaners fighting back and winning, a talk by Nigerian born RMT organiser Clara Osagiede

7pm-9pm Fitwatch present: Direct Action is a powerful tactic against the snooping and prying of Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) and their new sidekicks, Police Liaison Officers. A little organised resistance can stop the FIT / PLOs from getting their ‘intel’ at crucial times -such as when they are recording the clothing and shoes of people in that quiet time when people are gathering for demos. Action like this can be very effective at keeping people out of police and prison cells. This is a meeting to discuss the role of FIT and PLOs, to share experiences of action against them, and to discuss ideas of how we might deal with them on the 20th October.

Wednesday October 10th:

6pm- Atomic Weapons Eradication present: Whats the connection between resisting cuts and resisting the replacement of Trident? We’re all seeing the impact of austerity on our communities. So it’s difficult to believe that Trident submarines are being replaced at a cost of £25 billion and that the arms trade is propped up by £700 million of public funds a year. Come to this workshop to learn more about Trident and military spending and to discuss possibilities for direct action.

8pm-9.30pm No Pay, No Way: Interns pressure group fighting for entry level positions in workplaces and an end to unpaid labour. The group comprises current, ex interns and those who cant afford internships at all. No Pay No Way organises predominantly but not exclusively the NGO and charity sector. This workshop is about fighting back!

Thursday October 11th:

5pm-6pm- Occupiers present: An Assembly on Assemblies! Groups including #15m and #occupy will talk about their experiences in public assemblies and possible structures, including consensus.

6pm-7pm- Robin Hood Tax: Dispelling the myths of the financial transaction tax and what it could mean for the UK.

7pm-8:30pm- UKUNCUT present: From Anger to Creative Action

Friday October 12th:

6pm-7pm: Austerity and Violence Against Women: how women under economic and physical attack are reclaiming their future – with Sarah Day, Caseworker with women surviving domestic abuse.

7/8pm TBC: Open mic, improv, & poetry against the cuts.

Saturday October 13th:

ALL DAY EVENT: 12pm-8pm Capitalism for Anti-Capitalists: Join Kaput and Corporate Watch for an introductory session into the economics of the global capitalist system.

ALL DAY EVENT: 1pm Onwards- A future that works art workshop: A collaborative art workshop

7pm-9pm- Who Polices The Police? The family of Sean Rigg, a 40-year old black musician killed in police custody join with Ken Fero.

Sunday October 14th:

1pm-3pm- Able to Fight: Welfare Reform, Disability and Resistance: Michael Calderbank

3pm-5pm Stop the G8: The G8 conference is in the UK in Summer 2013. Never mind their nonsense about alleviating poverty and hunger, the G8 leaders will use the conference to dismantle borders for capital, financial investment, privatisation and policing. At the same time they will enforce borders for ordinary workers when it suits them and plan to further the domination of
natural resources by global elites.

A coalition of activists has formed to plan a mass mobilisation against the conference on the basis of non-hierarchy and a respect for diversity of tactics. Come and find out how to get involved. More info at

5-7pm Strike Debt: Jonathan Stevenson of the Jubilee Debt Campaign and David Graeber

Monday October 15th:

CUTS CAFE MATINEE 2-4pm Film Showing: SANKARA with Jonathan Stevenson of the Jubilee Debt Campaign

7pm-8pm- Ewa Jasiewicz: Skillshare how to organise your work place? Tools, Tactics, Ideas

8pm-9.30pm Radical London present: ”Community Organising to defeat cuts but also as direct action to build a real alternative to the system that makes them” -

Tuesday October 16th:

6-8pm: No Future in ‘a Future that Works’: Two Critiques of the TUC

A lot of protest in recent years against austerity follows the following blueprint: the TUC (or the NUS etc.) call for a day of
action and people to the left of the TUC seize this opportunity to modify, radicalise, or to oppose the TUC’s politics. What unifies
these radical criticisms is a dissatisfaction with the TUC’s call, aims and tactics. However, what exactly “we” oppose is rarely
discussed – it seems that almost any critique of the TUC and its “conservative” anti-austerity is acceptable.

Consequently we do not engage with each other. Conflicting accounts are not discussed, mere assertion of opposition suffices. This
situation seems to us to be unsatisfactory.

Hence, we call this meeting to discuss our critique of the TUC. “We” is in this case, on the one hand, some students who were active in the 2010 student movement and, on the other hand, the Wine & Cheese Appreciation Society of Greater London. Each group will present its own critique of the TUC’s call “A future that works”. Afterwards, we
want to critique each other, receive critiques from the audience, and develop a clearer account of why the TUC’s “alternative” to the cuts should be resisted. The guiding question will be: “For what reason do we oppose ‘A future that works’?”.

The TUC’s campaign pamphlet can be accessed here:

Wednesday October 17th:

3pm-5pm- Ken Loach Presents: “which side are you on?”, Short film on 9/11 and Q and A

6pm-7:30pm- London Coalition Against Poverty:  Fighting for our rights to housing and welfare: Mutual support and direct action work!

7.30pm Film Screening: Riot From Wrong

Thursday October 18th:

6pm-7.30pm Marindela – The Spanish Communist Utopia: Dan Hancox, Guardian journalist and author.

6-8pm The future isn’t working: Life beyond the wage and work beyond the wage by Michael Calderbank, Red Pepper

7:30-9:00pm Fuel Poverty Action present: What is fuel poverty in relation to cuts/ capitalism/ climate change and how can we take action against those causing it over the coming winter.

For more see:


Sep 252012

The United Kingdom Disabled Peoples Council Response to the Fulfilling Potential Disability Strategy issued by the DWP.
The United Kingdom Disabled Peoples Council (UKDPC) initially had welcomed the long awaited publication of the Government Disability Strategy, Fulfilling Potential.

This important document would have guided the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and been a public declaration of intent to support disabled people to exercise full participation in every aspect of society.

UKDPC was surprised and disappointed to find that the action plan, Fulfilling Potential Next Steps, has set out the intention of creating a Disability Action Alliance, convened by Disability Rights UK, (DRUK). This alliance is apparently intended to be a partnership of ‘organisations from the voluntary, public and private sector who have expertise and influence’.

UKDPC is unable to support this action based on the following:

  • The contracting of DRUK to convene such a group was not obviously opened to expressions of interest or tendering by any other organisation. Alongside the appointment of the CEO to lead an employment review commissioned by Lord Freud without public tender, this places DRUK in a position of preferred supplier to the ODI.
  • The continued contracting of DRUK by the ODI and the convening of an unaccountable group could be construed as the creation of a Quango, which is against the principals of co-partnership and accountability.
  • This is a ‘top down’ structure that excludes disabled people from setting the agenda or defining the terms of reference. The creation of this alliance by the government is antagonistic to the principals of the CRPD which advocates the value of consulting and full involvement of disabled people.
  • Without clear terms of reference there is the possibility that the service providers or corporate employers represented would have a potential conflict of interest, eg if participating in government backed schemes such as Workfare or if being awarded contracts determined by changes in the benefits system.
  • The use of the name, Disability Action Alliance, gives rise to potential confusion with Disability Awareness in Action, a human rights based disabled peoples organisation that closed last year, with a well earned respect not just within the sector but also internationally.
  • As UKDPC considers the convening of the alliance as a flawed process then it follows that the function of such a group would similarly be flawed.
  • UKDPC wishes to state these concerns publically, and calls for:
  1. The process of contracting DRUK as the convenors be questioned and an open response be sought from government.
  2. The potential for forming a Quango be questioned and an open response from government.
  3.  Any proposed alliance be guided by disabled people with agreed terms of reference drawn up by the participants.
  4. Any further move to implement this alliance be suspended pending the questioning and satisfactory response to these concerns.

DPAC says….

We’d also like to add some further concerns as the inclusion of corporate partners and private for profit partners is not something DPAC endorses due to the activities of ATOS, UNUM and CAPITA being involved in actions through government partnerships and contracts that have clearly led to devastating outcomes for many disabled people. These outcomes have impacted on the core principles of independent living, dignity, respect and equality for disabled people throughout theUK.

We also feel that involving those who will profit from their exploitation of disabled people is against the intentions of the UNCRPD and the involvement of disabled people in self-determination of their lives and may lead to a conflict of interests with DRUK’s ability to carry out their functions.

Sep 222012

When George Osborne was booed at the Paralympics it was the clearest expression yet of the anger building up against the Tory / Liberal coalition’s welfare reforms, and their treatment of disabled people and those who are ill.

 The death of cancer patient Cecilia Burns on 27 August and her treatment by the benefits system managed by the Department for Work and Pensions and in part the private company ATOS Healthcare illustrates the nightmare situation anyone can find themselves in if they become disabled or fall ill.

 While undergoing treatment for breast cancer, Cecilia approached the state for help. She was subjected to the new Work Capability Assessment (WCA) system that was introduced in October 2008 alongside Employment and Support Allowance. This resulted from New Labour’s long-term policy of reducing the numbers on incapacity benefits by one million.

 The WCA, which is administered by ATOS, usually lasts about 15 minutes and uses a points system that looks at how a person is able to function physically, intellectually and socially. This assessment is so flawed that at their conference in May 2012, representatives of Britain’s 44,000 General Practitioners voted to campaign to end it.

 Like hundreds of thousands of others, Cecilia was badly let down and told despite her ongoing treatment she was ‘fit to work’. Her benefits were reduced by about £30 a week. At a time when Cecilia should have been allowed to concentrate on her health and be free of pressure, she had to appeal this decision. Her appeal was successful and she had her benefits restored a few weeks before her death.

 Cecilia said herself:

I was treated badly. I’ve been working since I was 17, I’ve paid all my stamps, all my National Insurance. The only time I was ever sick was when I was pregnant with my two sons. It has had a financial effect on me but it’s more (that) they’re getting away with it. They are just treating you like a second class citizen. That’s how I feel – that I don’t count, I don’t matter.”

What Cecilia Burns went through could easily be experienced by your mum, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, partner or you.

 Even those disabled and ill people who are assessed as being unfit for work are facing the prospect of fines of £71 a week if they fail to take part in work-related activities such as training or ‘condition management programmes’.

 At present about 70,000 claimants lose some or all of their benefits every month when they are sanctioned. The WCA is resulting in people being found fit to work who very few employers would ever consider giving a job to. People with moderate and mild learning disabilities, long-term and enduring mental health problems, and other complex conditions find it difficult to understand or complete the tasks demanded by the jobseekers benefit system. They face losing benefits for months for failing to do enough to find work they’ll never get.

 Disabled people have had enough and are fighting back. Disabled People Against Cuts organised 21 protests against ATOS on 28 August, and several other high profile protests in London during the Paralympics.

 ATOS has made hundreds of millions from running the Work Capability Assessment for the DWP, and is now about to heap more misery as they reassess millions of disabled people for the new Personal Independence Payments. We call for the WCA and recent Welfare Reform Acts to be scrapped, the DWP’s contracts with ATOS to end immediately, and the introduction of a more humane and compassionate welfare system.

 One person’s nightmare……

 I became disabled when I was hit by a car during my first year at University.  The collision put me in a critical condition with multiple injuries including a severe brain injury.  I survived the accident but was left with permanent disabilities as well as suffering from epilepsy.

I had wanted to study Law and become a Solicitor, but my disabilities have made that impossible.  In fact my disabilities, combined with the psychological trauma I suffered, have meant that I haven’t worked since my accident.
Until recently I was claiming two benefits, Disability Living Allowance as well as Incapacity Benefit.  My benefits didn’t amount to much but at least they allowed me to lead some kind of life.  Earlier this year that all changed when ATOS called me in for a Work Capability Test.
I was so angry when I first received the letter from ATOS.  After attending a Work Capability Test I was passed fit to work by ATOS and had all my benefits stopped.  ATOS made their decision based on a 15 minute interview.  They never contacted any of the medical professionals treating me; they never even researched my case history. 
Now I face a lengthy and stressful appeals process against ATOS.  I’m being treated for depression and at times have experienced suicidal thoughts.  ATOS never seemed to care what affect their ruling would have on my health or on the health of those around me.

A DPAC North East member

Sep 022012

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Articles from September 2012

  1. Socialist Worker ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ ‘ATOS forced me to crawl on floor in tears’ ~
  2. Socialist Worker ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ ‘Seven medals but now Tories want my benefits’ ~
  3. Irish Times ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ Death of cancer patient who went public over benefit cuts ~
  4. Socialist Worker ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ Hundreds protest outside ATOS headquarters then blockade DWP ~
  5. Independent ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympics stars urged to denounce ATOS ~
  6. Google News ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ Protest over ‘fit for work’ tests ~
  7. RT News ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ Sponsorship scandal mars Paralympics ~
  8. Morning Star ~ 09 ~ 2012 ~ What game is ATOS playing? ~

Articles from August 2012

Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ‘Is this country worth dying for?’ ~

  1. This is Hull and East Riding ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ‘Responsibility to treat disabled people fairly’ ~
  2. Sourcing Focus ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ “Disability activists prepare to protest against ATOS” ~ Washington Post ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Activist Patrick Lynch sobs during a protest next to ATOS’s London headquarters ~
  3. Washington Post ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ As Paralympics start, Britain’s disabled decry cuts ~
  4. Computer Weekly ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS and Capita win £540m in controversial DWP disabilities testing contract ~
  5. Times of News ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS benefit appeal woman dies ~
  6. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS doctors could be struck off ~
  7. Computer Weekly ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS employees to be investigated over Facebook remarks about disability benefit applicants ~
  8. The Daily Shame ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS parasites, sorry, employees have fun on Facebook ~
  9. BBC News London ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Atos protest: Disability rights groups target firm ~
  10. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS protests climax with ‘day of action’ against Paralympics sponsor ~
  11. Press TV ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS protests climax with ‘day of action’ against Paralympics sponsors‎ ~
  12. Mirror ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS protests: “Grand finale” to a week of action against ‘fit for work’ testing firm ~
  13. Blottr ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS: Public criticism gains momentum after inspirational Paralympics Opening Ceremony ~
  14. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Beggaring the nation ~
  15. BBC News Northern Ireland ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Benefits appeal woman Cecilia Burns from Strabane has died ~
  16. Rocket News ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Benefits cut appeal woman dies ~
  17. This is Hull and East Riding ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Benefits protest at Hull branch of ATOS over Paralympic Games ‘hypocrisy’ ~
  18. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ British Paralympic team deny ‘anti-ATOS protest’ ~
  19. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Callousness beyond belief ~…/122249
  20. Huffington Post ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Cecilia Burns Dead: Benefits Campaigner, Who Appealed Against ‘Fit To Work’ Report By ATOS, Dies ~
  21. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Celebrate Paralympians, but remember they needed state help to get there ~
  22. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Coalition told it must punish ATOS for mess ~
  23. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Cuts to disability services threaten our Paralympian future – Sue Marsh ~
  24. Computer Weekly ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disability activists hijack Paralympics for ATOS protest ~
  25. Sourcing Focus ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disability activists prepare to protest against ATOS ~
  26. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disability campaigners are set to descend on Paralympic sponsor ATOS yet again tomorrow ~
  27. BBC News London ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disability protests at benefits contractor ATOS HQ ~
  28. Channel 4 News ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disability rights protesters invade government building ~
  29. This is South Wales ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disabled groups in sponsor protest ~
  30. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disabled people protest against ATOS role in Paralympics ~
  31. Womens Views on News ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disabled people slam ‘hypocrisy’ of Paralympics sponsor ~
  32. Metro ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disabled rights campaigners protest at ATOS and DWP ~
  33. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Disabled storm DWP in daring anti-ATOS raid ~
  34. This is Derbyshire ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Fury at Paralympic ‘hypocrisy’ of private firm ATOS behind fit-to-work tests ~
  35. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Home carer calls for hypocrite Cameron to be prosecuted ~
  36. Independent ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Hundreds protest against Paralympics sponsor ATOS as anger about its role in slashing benefits bill intensifies ~
  37. New Statesman ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Is benefit-bashing the next Osborne gamble to go wrong? ~
  38. New Statesman ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Labour must lead the way in restoring politics after its abuse by elites ~
  39. Independent ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Leading article: These Games are about ability and inspiration ~
  40. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Letter: Paralympic paradox ~
  41. BBC News Kent ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Maidstone CAB ‘wins 95% of work test benefit appeals’ ~
  42. BBC News UK ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Minister for Disabled People: ‘We need to get changes right’ ~
  43. Sourcing Focus ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ National Audit Office criticises ATOS ‘under-performance’ ~
  44. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ New disability test will ’cause suicides’ ~
  45. Computer Weekly ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympic protests against ATOS reaches Whitehall ~
  46. Independent ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympic sponsor ATOS engulfed by disability tests row ~
  47. Brand Channel ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympic Sponsor ATOS Getting Grief From Athletes ~
  48. Londonist ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympic Sponsor ATOS Provokes Protests ~
  49. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympics 2012: crossing London can be an obstacle course for disabled fans ~
  50. Tech Week Europe ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympics Sponsor ATOS Hits Back At Disability Protesters ~ 
  51. Socialist Party Magazine ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympics, ATOS scandal, Remploy closures… Con-Dems win gold for hypocrisy! ~
  52. Huffington Post ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympics: Government Accused Of ‘Hypocrisy’ Towards Disabled People ~
  53. New Statesman ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Perhaps Iain Duncan Smith will accuse me of peeing on the data ~
  54. Guardian ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Phil Disley on ATOS‘s involvement with the Paralympics – cartoon ~
  55. This is Derbyshire ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Pressure mounts against firm over assessments for sickness support ~
  56. ITV News Wales ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Protest in Cardiff over tests for incapacity benefit ~
  57. Yahoo! News ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Protest over ‘fit for work’ tests ~
  58. Metro ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Protesters show anger at Paralympic sponsor over disability benefit work ~
  59. Blottr ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Protesters stage ‘die-in’ against ATOS sponsorship of Paralympics ~
  60. Huffington Post ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Scuffles At Atos Paralympics Protest As Police And Disability Campaigners Clash (VIDEO) (PICTURES) ~
  61. Sheffield Telegraph ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Sheffield’s disabled join Paralympic protest ~
  62. BBC News UK ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Sickness benefit contractor ATOS Healthcare to review letters ~
  63. Independent ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ The lasting legacy of the Paralympics should be to see disabled people as equal ~
  64. Mail ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ The Paralympics celebrate the strength of disabled people – and so do all the protests that accompany them ~–protests-accompany-them.html#ixzz259Ao8YTb
  65. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Tycoonery ~
  66. Telegraph ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Video: Disability rights protesters clash with police outside Department for Work and Pensions ~
  67. BBC News UK ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Watchdog finds ‘weaknesses’ in sickness benefit system ~
  68. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2012 ~ Where the real greed lies ~

July 2012

  1. Computer Weekly ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS profits grow 2% in first half of 2012 to €102m ~
  2. Guardian ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Benefits assessment firm causing ‘fear and loathing’ among claimants, says MP ~
  3. Telegraph ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Disability tests ‘sending sick and disabled back to work’ ~
  4. Morning Star ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Disabled means-test to be challenged at High Court ~
  5. Guardian ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Fitness-for-work tests hit by technical chaos ~
  6. This is Derbyshire ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Hundreds in Derbyshire win victory in sickness benefits battle ~
  7. Sourcing Focus ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Olympic sponsor ATOS faces summer strikes ~
  8. This is Derbyshire ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Review into flawed benefits system assessment praised ~
  9. New Statesman ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Welfare reform suicides must not be overlooked ~
  10. New Statesman ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Withdrawing benefits when there are no jobs to find is just cruel ~
  11. New Statesman ~ 07 ~ 2012 ~ Work capability assessments: the fightback ~

June 2012

  1. This is Derbyshire ~ 06 ~ 2012 ~ ‘The whole system needs sorting out’ says patient after benefit claim saga ~
  2. Camden New Journal ~ 06 ~ 2012 ~ FORUM: ‘Don’t play games with lives – disabled people won’t be silenced during the Olympics’ ~
  3. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2012 ~ How many more disabled people will die … ~
  4. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2012 ~ Human cost of welfare reform ~
  5. Morning Star ~ 06 ~ 2012 ~ MP reveals fight against depression ~
  6. Morning Star ~ 06 ~ 2012 ~ Tory brushes off suicide warning ~

May 2012

  1. New Statesman ~ 05 ~ 2012 ~ 500,000 could lose their disability benefits ~
  2. This is Derbyshire ~ 05 ~ 2012 ~ Council’s cuts will have devastating impact on homeless, warns group ~
  3. Computer Weekly ~ 05 ~ 2012 ~ Department for Work and Pensions spent £24m with ATOS in 2011 ~
  4. Morning Star ~ 05 ~ 2012 ~ Living at the sharp end ~
  5. Morning Star ~ 05 ~ 2012 ~ Media is fuelling hate against disabled benefit claimants ~
  6. Morning Star ~ 05 ~ 2012 ~ Paralympians join calls to stop cuts ~

April 2012

  1. Morning Star ~ 04 ~ 2012 ~ Disabled activists target Olympics
  2. ~
  3. This is Derbyshire ~ 04 ~ 2012 ~ Half of those on incapacity in Derbyshire are deemed ‘fit for work’ ~
  4. New Statesman ~ 04 ~ 2012 ~ Raising the pension age will just turn 69-year-olds … ~

March 2012

  1. New Statesman ~ 03 ~ 2012 ~ Cameron’s desperate offer to voters: nastiness in the national interest ~
  2. Belfast Telegraph ~ 03 ~ 2012 ~ Cancer sufferer furious at being told she’s fit to work ~
  3. This is Derbyshire ~ 03 ~ 2012 ~ Parkinson’s patient faces having his benefit halved ~
  4. This is Derbyshire ~ 03 ~ 2012 ~ Robin Mitchell who sufferes from Parkinson’s faces fit-to-work test ~
  5. BBC News Northern Ireland ~ 03 ~ 2012 ~ Strabane cancer woman’s fury at benefit cut ~
  6. Telegraph ~ 03 ~ 2012 ~ Twice as many judges needed to handle benefits appeals ~

February 2012

  1. Morning Star ~ 02 ~ 2012 ~ ATOS protesters brave bitter chill to picket firm’s HQ ~
  2. BBC News UK ~ 02 ~ 2012 ~ Ministers admit to sickness benefits backlog ~
  3. New Statesman ~ 02 ~ 2012 ~ The revolt against workfare spreads ~

January 2012

  1. Independent ~ 01 ~ 2012 ~ The big questions: Should ATOS be sponsoring the Paralympics? ~
  2. Morning Star ~ 01 ~ 2012 ~ Trespass charges dropped ~
  3. New Statesman ~ 01 ~ 2012 ~ Why British journalists are taught to be dishonest ~ 


  1. Morning Star ~ 12 ~ 2011 ~ ‘Victorian picnic’ picket hits ATOS ~
  2. BBC News Scotland ~ 11 ~ 2011 ~ Disabled ‘suicidal’ over Welfare Reform Bill ~
  3. Morning Star ~ 10 ~ 2011 ~ Hardest hit fight back against cuts
  4. ~
  5. New Statesman ~ 10 ~ 2011 ~ How Osborne could squeeze benefits again ~
  6. New Statesman ~ 10 ~ 2011 ~ Let’s help Dave get his facts straight ~
  7. This is Hull and East Riding ~ 09 ~ 2011 ~ Bridlington soldier Aron Shelton, who lost leg in Afghanistan bomb blast, wins benefits battle ~ ttp://
  8. Morning Star ~ 09 ~ 2011 ~ CarerWatch forum up after ATOS libel threat ~
  9. Morning Star ~ 09 ~ 2011 ~ Claimants on streets over ATOS national protests ~
  10. This is Hull and East Riding ~ 09 ~ 2011 ~ Heartache of Bridlington soldier Aron Shelton, who lost leg in Afghanistan bomb blast, only to face benefits battle ~
  11. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2011 ~ Activist sings the benefit blues
  12. ~
  13. Sourcing Focus ~ 08 ~ 2011 ~ ATOS Healthcare Employees Investigated ~
  14. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2011 ~ Care firm silences its critics ~
  15. Morning Star ~ 08 ~ 2011 ~ Firm to negotiate over closure of disabled forum ~
  16. This is Derbyshire ~ 08 ~ 2011 ~ Why is Government using private firm for checks? ~
  17. Guardian ~ 07 ~ 2011 ~ A contract to terrify 1.5m people on incapacity benefit ~
  18. Guardian ~ 07 ~ 2011 ~ Disability benefit reform: is the government hiding behind ATOS errors? ~
  19. Camden New Journal ~ 07 ~ 2011 ~ Disabled protest over ‘fit for work’ tests at ATOS in Holloway ~
  20. Camden New Journal ~ 07 ~ 2011 ~ Ex-soldier who served in Afghanistan and Iraq is refused benefits under assessment system ~
  21. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2011 ~ Archbishop of Canterbury: “no one voted” for the coalition’s policies ~
  22. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2011 ~ Dignity in life, dignity in death ~
  23. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2011 ~ How Labour got welfare wrong – and how it can put it right ~
  24. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2011 ~ The government needs to know how afraid people are ~
  25. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2011 ~ The poorest deserve a change from our broken benefits system ~
  26. Morning Star ~ 05 ~ 2011 ~ Disabled activists claim new testing system ignores advice of medical ~
  27. Channel 4 News ~ 05 ~ 2011 ~ Disabled people protest against cuts ~
  28. Camden New Journal ~ 05 ~ 2011 ~ MP Emily Thornberry intervenes to win benefits for ex-housing worker put through ‘humiliating’ assessment ~
  29. Camden New Journal ~ 04 ~ 2011 ~ ATOS Healthcare’s fit-to-work testing ‘demeans’ disabled ~
  30. Camden New Journal ~ 04 ~ 2011 ~ Claimants lose out ~
  31. New Statesman ~ 04 ~ 2011 ~ The shame is all theirs ~
  32. New Statesman ~ 04 ~ 2011 ~ The war on welfare scroungers, part 94 ~
  33. This is Derbyshire ~ 02 ~ 2011 ~ PROTESTERS who gathered outside a city job centre to demonstrate against cuts in benefits have vowed to help people when they are made redundant. ~
  34. New Statesman ~ 02 ~ 2011 ~ Tory welfare reforms are misguided ~
  35. BBC News UK ~ 01 ~ 2011 ~ Campaigners warn over incapacity benefit changes ~
  36. New Statesman ~ 01 ~ 2011 ~ Tales from the front line: public-sector workers speak out ~


  2. Sourcing Focus ~ 11 ~ 2010 ~ ATOS Origin’s healthcare division awarded £300 million contract extension ~
  3. New Statesman ~ 11 ~ 2010 ~ James Purnell: I could have been Iain Duncan Smith ~
  4. New Statesman ~ 10 ~ 2010 ~ 500,000 people could lose sick pay ~
  5. New Statesman ~ 10 ~ 2010 ~ ATOS is “black and white” on fitness and disability ~
  6. This is Hull and East Riding ~ 10 ~ 2010 ~ East Riding councillors have backed injured ex-soldier Aron Shelton’s fight to keep his disability benefit. ~
  7. New Statesman ~ 10 ~ 2010 ~ Judged fit to work? You could lose your benefits if you appeal ~
  8. Morning Star ~ 10 ~ 2010 ~ On the shoulders of the vulnerable ~
  9. New Statesman ~ 10 ~ 2010 ~ The war on welfare scroungers, part 77 ~
  10. New Statesman ~ 09 ~ 2010 ~ The cuts will destroy lives ~
  11. New Statesman ~ 08 ~ 2010 ~ Cameron’s war on benefit fraud: the unanswered questions ~
  12. New Statesman ~ 08 ~ 2010 ~ Reducing the number on sickness benefits must be fair ~
  13. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2010 ~ Pre-Budget briefings: huge cuts to welfare ~
  14. New Statesman ~ 06 ~ 2010 ~ The mass unemployment Budget ~
  15. This is Derbyshire ~ 05 ~ 2010 ~ Medical details sent in error ~
  16. This is Hull and East Riding ~ 05 ~ 2010 ~ Mum of Hull soldier killed on frontline praises resigning officer for taking a stand ~
  17. New Statesman ~ 05 ~ 2010 ~ The truth about those cuts . . . ~
  18. New Statesman ~ 01 ~ 2010 ~ The battle against benefit cuts and “poverty pimps” ~


  1. This is Derbyshire ~ 11 ~ 2008 ~ Centre approved ~
  2. This is Derbyshire ~ 10 ~ 2008 ~ Medics to move in at restaurant? ~
  3. New Statesman ~ 05 ~ 2008 ~ Is Labour abolishing illness? ~
  4. New Statesman ~ 11 ~ 2007 ~ Labour and the sick note ~

Most recent articles to be added:

  1. When are you going to stand up for our sick and disabled, Mr. Miliband? | Mail Online
  2. Paralympics buzz will not drown out chorus of disapproval of Atos – Personal Finance –
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  33. Flaws exposed in fit for work test | UK news | The Guardian
  34. Access to Work figures are ‘disgraceful’, says shadow minister
  35. EMERGENCY BUDGET: DLA reforms will ‘hit disabled people hard’ – DisabledGo News Blog
  36. Dispatches – Britain on the Sick – Channel 4
  37. BBC iPlayer – Panorama: Disabled or Faking It?
  38. 32 die a week after failing test for new incapacity benefit – Investigations
  39. – Atos, Capita scoop £500 million in UK DWP disability award.
  40. Atos sponsors the Paralympics? It’s enough to make you scream | Red Pepper

Further articles to be added:

  1. Judge considers judicial review of Work Capability Assessment | Society |
  2. BBC News – Benefit cheats 'colour attitudes to disabled people'
  3. New Statesman – Work capability assessments: the fightback
  4. UK is breaching human rights of disabled, UN told | Herald Scotland
  5. The Paralympics celebrate the strength of disabled people – and so do all the protests that accompany them – Mail Online – Sonia Poulton's blog
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  7. Oh, dear Dave. Now GPs have turned on you. Time for an exit strategy on the disabled, perhaps? … | Atos Victims Group News
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  21. Flawed disability tests 'send those who are genuinely sick and unable back to work' | Mail Online
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  23. Suicide training in Job Centres? Cancer patients scrubbing floors? Welcome to Cameron¿s Brave New World | Mail Online
  24. This is not wartime Nazi Germany and Cameron's attacks on the vulnerable and needy must be stopped | Mail Online
  25. Why does David Cameron insist on disability cuts that even sickened his own party? | Mail Online
  26. Welfare Reform Bill: Where is our national conscience? | Mail Online
  27. David Cameron's Welfare Reform Bill: Hiding the truth is not the way to achieve it | Mail Online
  28. Hundreds protest against Paralympics sponsor Atos as anger about its role in slashing benefits bill intensifies – Home News – UK – The Independent
  29. Leading article: A fantastic show – but it wasn't the whole story – Leading Articles – Opinion – The Independent
  30. Mark Steel: Odd choice for a Paralympics sponsor – hei-fi-views – hei-fi – The Independent
  31. Paralympic sponsor engulfed by disability tests row – Paralympics – Olympics – The Independent
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  33. Atos contract does not offer value for money, says National Audit Office – UK Politics – UK – The Independent
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  94. Natalie Bennett: Could We Have a Corporate-Free Olympics? Yes We Could!
  95. Protest over 'fit for work' tests – National – Sheffield Telegraph
  96. MP calls for Atos contract review – National – Sheffield Telegraph
  97. Sheffield’s disabled join Paralympic protest – Local – Sheffield Telegraph
  98. Disabled rights campaigners protest at Atos and DWP |
  99. Anorexic deemed unfit to work |
  100. Disabled protest over ‘fit for work’ tests at Atos in Holloway | Camden New Journal
  101. Judge considers judicial review of Work Capability Assessment | Society |
  102. MP calls for Atos contract review – National – Northamptonshire Telegraph



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Friday 31st August
Atos HQ,Triton Square, London
Don’t let Atos be a winner at the Paralympic Games – join us for The Closing Atos Ceremony, the grand finale to Disabled People Against Cuts’ week of Atos Games.
Atos are sponsoring the Paralympics, whilst wrecking disabled people’s lives. George Osborne has vowed to slash £18 billion from the welfare budget, regardless of peoples’ needs and ignoring the alternatives. To help them do their dirty work, the Government are paying Atos £100 million a year to ‘test’ sick and disabled people and decide whether they’re ‘fit for work’.
But Atos’ Work Capability Assessments are driving disabled people to suicide and over 1,000 people have died of their illnesses soon after being found ‘fit for work’.
The Government claim that the welfare system is being abused- this just isn’t true. Less than 0.4% of Incapacity benefit payments are fraudulent, but the government want to cut welfare spending by 20%. And instead of helping to get people into work; the government are closing workplaces for disabled people.
The Government and Atos don’t give a toss about disabled people. This is about making ordinary people pay for a crisis caused by the bankers. It’s about making disabled people pay, instead of super-rich tax dodgers who cost us over £25billion every year. This is an ideological attack on the welfare state; these cuts are a political choice. But we’re fighting back.

On Friday 31 August, UK Uncut and DPAC will be shutting down Atos’ London HQ for the Closing ATOS Ceremony. Meet in Triton Square at 12:45pm for direct action and creative protest, with plenty of surprises…
The nearest fully accessible underground station is Kings Cross. From there, catch Bus 30 towards Marble Arch or Bus 205 towards Paddington from stop R or A, and get off at Warren Street, bus stop V. BSL Interpretted event.

This action needs you! Join for the afternoon, or come on your lunch break. There will be lots of ways to take part – hand out leaflets hold banners, or get involved in creative and daring ways. If you’re not in London, check the DPAC website for details and other ways to get involved in The Atos Games.

Atos are making millions of pounds enforcing the government’s unnecessary cuts. It’s up to all of us to fight back, defend our welfare system, and demand the alternatives. Let’s show them that we do give a toss.

See you at Atos HQ!



Aug 282012


 Belfast 31st August

ROYSTON HOUSE 34 Upper Queen Street, Belfast, BT1 6FD FRIDAY, 31st AUGUST 2012: 12.30 PM – 1.30 PM

A number of community based welfare rights and women’s groups together with the ICTU have organised a protest outside the offices of ATOS Health Care, the private company which operates the Medical Referee Service, to support the “Atos Games” – Showcasing Disabled People’s Anger at Paralympic Sponsors, Atos. The function ATOS Health Care are performing was previously delivered by the public sector but was privatised in 2010. Since the service was privatised disabled clients have not been able to be examined at Royston House because the private company, ATOS, claim they cannot facilitate evacuation in the case of an emergency. In addition, new assessment criteria for disability benefits has made it much more difficult for disabled people to obtain and retain the relevant benefits.

Glasgow 31st August

Friday 31 August, 2-4pm, we are having our end of month picket of Atos at Atos Medical Assessment Centre, Corunna House, 29 Cadogon Street, Glasgow

All groups banners and leaflets etc are welcome. The picket is called by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!

Aug 282012

Reposted from Birmingham Against the Cuts with thanks


Report and Photos From Today’s DPAC Demonstration in Birmingham

Around 20 people demonstrated today outside the ATOS assessment centre in Birmingham as part of a week of actionprotesting the Working Capability Assessment (WCA) which is run by ATOS for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and is supposed to assess whether someone on disability benefits is fit for work, but has come under large amounts of criticism for failing to do that – and in the process punishing many disabled people by pushing them off disability benefits onto unemployment benefits and workfare.The week of action is taking place during the Paralympics because ATOS are one of the main sponsors. Their core business is as an IT outsourcing company, but like Capita and Serco they have moved into taking all government outsourcing contracts. The contract to run the WCA is £100m/year – and we pay an additional £50m each yearfor the appeals process to correct the huge number of people that ATOS declare fit for work who go through the appeal process and have the decision reversed – a process that can take over a year.Around 40% of appeal are successful – a figure that rises to 70% for people who have advocates or legal advice. Many people go to CAB for this advice, but Birmingham residents will soon find their access restricted, as funding cuts mean that CAB will probably be closing all but the city centre branch. At the same time, legal aid is being cut for welfare & benefit appeals, firmly closing the door on disabled people accessing legal advice.In a recent Dispatches program, a doctor went undercover to record the training process for ATOS, and was told by his trainer that ESA (the new disability benefit brought in by New Labour in 2008 to replace Incapacity Benefit) and the WCA are designed to remove people from disability benefits, and that they expect ATOS to find 89% of people fit for work.

The human cost of this target is huge, with 32 people a week dying after being declared fit for work. Many disabled people have died from their illness shortly after being told they are fit for work, including a local man who died of his heart condition just 3 weeks after ATOS told him he was fit to work.

Talk to disabled people about ATOS and the one thing you will hear time and time again is fear. The fear strikes when the letter arrives calling you for assessment. This letter comes even if you have an incurable, unchanging or degenerative condition. The tests can happen annually, and some people even find themselves called for reassessment just weeks after they have had a successful appeal. Or it comes when you receive the ESA50 form to apply for the benefit, a big lump of paper, designed to scare and confuse, intended so that people will not complete it properly. If you’re filling one of these in, do get advice, especially if you have a variable condition.

The fear continues as you wait for the assessment, knowing that doctors advice will be ignored in favour of a ticklist that doesn’t take into account variable conditions, doesn’t mention work and will award no points for manual dexterity if you can use one finger on one hand. (zero points means there is no problem).
Fear stays there until you receive the letter telling you if you are fit for work or not. You might get put in the “support group” where it’s accepted that you aren’t going to be able to work. Or the “Work Related Activity Group” (WRAG), where they say you are fit for work of some kind with the right support (and if there were jobs available, or employers willing to take on someone who will need more time off than other people for medical appointments, or runs the risk of falling very ill very quickly.. but they don’t mention these barriers to employment of course). Or you get told you are fit for work and pushed off to JSA unemployment benefit.
And the fear doesn’t stop then – the wait for the reassessment for those in the support and WRAG groups, the loss of income and support for those kicked off to JSA, the impending prospect of the Work Programme and workfare for those found fit for work (either in the WRAG group or like anyone else unemployed and on JSA), and the sanctions regime that has seen tens of thousands of disabled people lose benefits for up to 6 months.

The fear needs to end, the WCA needs to be suspended now, and altered in a major way so that it is a fair assessment, and ATOS need to be removed from the contract.

You can still take part in the ATOS games and help to make this happen:

Tommorrow (Wed 29th), DPAC will deliver a coffin full of messages from you.

On Thursday 30th: Phone jam! Let’s flood Atos with calls, and generate a Twitter-storm they can’t ignore!

Then on Friday 31st, join DPAC in London where they’re teaming up with UK Uncut for the Closing ATOS ceremony, at ATOS HQ in Triton Square, London from 12:45.

For more information on these events, go to the DPAC website

Thanks for the photos from @BrumProtestor on Twitter.

More photos from Stalingrad O’Neill with thanks!

Aug 282012

Report from Swansea

Disabled people, family members and anti-cuts campaigners took a
protest to the Atos assessment centre in Swansea today against the
flawed and hated “work capability assessment” and disability cuts.

On a main road with banners reading “Cuts are Disabling: Fight Every
Cut”, “ATOS: Not fit for purpose”, “Scrap these flawed tests”, “Stop
privatisation of the DWP” we got lots of support from passers by,
including a speaker from the Swansea Bay Racial Equality Council who
spoke in support at the rally.

  swansea Atos Protest



Aug 272012

In spite of implicit claims in the Brindle article1 that there is no ‘fight back’ disabled people have stopped traffic in Oxford Street 2, Trafalgar Square 3, protested against and closed the offices of Atos, protested online through blogs and social media, provided briefing notes and researched and gained significant victories in publicising exactly what is happening -both DPAC and Black Triangle hope they have been an impetus, along with the growing network of allies, user-led disabled peoples’ organisations and key anti-cuts groups across the UK and in Europe –all of us recognise the severe harm that the ‘cuts’ are doing to large groups of ordinary people.

 In the very first DPAC protest on 3rd October 2010 disabled people came together to lead the march against the cuts proposed by this Government, liaised with unions and other anti-cuts groups- it poured with rain, but DPAC were the first to have a synchronised online protest too. Disabled people saw a need for early action at a time when many formal disabled peoples’ organisations (DPOs) made few public statements on spending reviews or cuts and when the big disability charities remained silent. From the 100 or so original October 2010 protesters and campaigners –there are now thousands, overall numbers are growing at rapid rate- contra Brindle, disabled leaders are emerging in their hundreds trained by anger and despair at what is happening to their lives and the lives of others under this Government.

 The reality of the impact of the cuts on the lives of disabled people are much worse than any of us imagined on that rainy day in October: framed by an apparent media campaign in some sections to demonise disabled people as ‘scroungers (despite administrative error and fraud at 0.04 and 0.5% for disability support) 4, we have seen a rising level of disability hate crime, increasing suicides amongst disabled people 5, more and more disabled people relying on handouts from family and friends because they are being left without any income, disabled people losing their homes, disabled people with paid jobs seeing those jobs removed in a clear ‘cuts agenda’ 6, basic support from local authorities being cut to the bone, a move back to the threat of institutionalisation and away from independent living[7], and a move away from inclusive education for disabled children[8]

 The UK was once a European example of how disabled people’s inclusion, support and equality could be applied. It’s now an example of how fast these basic human rights can be reversed. In two years we have witnessed: the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) to new applicants[9], disability living allowance (DLA) to pay for the additional costs of disability being stripped from individuals, DLA to be replaced by an expensive and unnecessary round of reassessments for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) with a pre-assessment criteria that 500,000 people will lose all support[10], cut backs and a steep fall in Access to Work applicants[11] with a tightening of criteria and more costs being passed to employers. We see that some individuals pronounced as ‘fit for work’ by Atos are dying days after leaving their assessment centres[12], while those with terminal illness and less than 12 months to live
are being told to seek work, and having income stopped[13].

 This regime is not about supporting disabled people nor is it about supporting disabled people into work – it’s about cuts. It’s about erasing the years that individuals have worked and paid national insurance for welfare support. It’s not about saying the social model has failed- it hasn’t, if anything it’s been made stronger. It’s about recognising the imposition of a bio-psycho social model- a model
that the Government and its partner companies use to provide a bizarre focus on denying disability, impairment and ill-health each of which are being reconstructed as individual failings brought about by individuals adopting the wrong attitude-thinking yourself ‘well’[14] is cheap-it’s also impossible.

 The recent Dispatches[15] and Panorama[16] television programmes on the work capability assessment (WCA) and the regime used by Atos exposed what many of us have known for too long to a wider audience: a system designed to remove over a million disabled people from welfare support that has caused misery, anxiety and the premature deaths and suicides of an estimated 32 people a week[17]. The WCA – a revolving door of Atos assessment, appeal, tribunal, and reassessment has produced horror stories of inhuman proportions. In one of the programs an Atos ‘assessor’ asked someone who had taken several overdoses why they weren’t dead yet. There are stories of people being forced to walk until they collapse and being declared ‘fit for work’ and those that Atos has signed off as unfit for work on employee schemes being declared ‘fit to work’ on the state schemes of cuts under the WCA. Atos have recently been awarded the PIP contract[18] and are official sponsors of the Olympics[19]. These are additional reasons why the Atos games: a week of activities for people to raise the issues of the inhumanity of these ‘tests’ and the callous removal of vital supports is happening.

 The use of Tom Shakespeare’s quote in the Brindle piece that ‘… the politics of disability seem to have run out of steam.’ is grossly misleading: disabled people are fighting back in every way we can: Black Triangles’ tireless campaign to secure a total condemnation of the WCA by the British Medical Association resulting in the call for ‘the WCA to end with immediate effect’[20], the Mental Health Resistance Network’s successful case for a judicial review of the WCA[21], the exposure of the ‘tampering’ with the Ministry of Justice’s You Tube video to help people through appeals against
Atos decisions’ by Government, the continuing evidence and fight back for Atos assessments to be scrapped[22], the continuing legal challenges, the use of social media to spread information, undercover work with and by researchers, Freedom of Information requests and gains from empathetic media, lawyers, and MPs are all part of the ‘steam’-This is not being led by well paid Charity directors, nor as Macrae suggests by those who see themselves as victims but by disabled people without any funds fuelled by a raging sense of injustice and the will to fight back.

 John McDonnell’s words from the opposition day debate on disability benefits and
social care in which he stated his support for DPAC, Black Triangle and the Remploy
workers warned:

…the Government should not think that this issue or these people are going
to go away because they are not: these people are mobilising. We now have
a disability movement of which we have not seen the equal of before…these
people are not going to go away. They will be in our face-and rightly so’[23] 

 The Atos games are an opportunity for all to show their anger at the disproportionate cuts being imposed on disabled people. They are an opportunity to mobilise against the carnage the cuts administered by this Government are causing.

 Details and resources including local actions pack and a minute menu of protest
activities on DPAC

 We want to thank the Guardian for publishing ‘The Atos Games will showcase disabled peoples anger at the Paralympic sponsers’ and all those that helped get the CiF piece online here

See you on the streets and online



Aug 262012

Disabled people, benefit claimants and supporters will be holding a vigil and rememberence event for those who have died due to the actions of Paralympic sponsor Atos.  The event will take place outside the company’s UK Head Office in Triton Square, Euston on Wednesday August 29th, the same day as the opening of the Paralympic Games. Meet 3.45pm for 4pm start.

Atos are responsible for carrying out the Government’s notorious Work Capability Assessment, a relentless health and disability assessment regime which has been used to slash vital benefits from hundred of thousands of sick and disabled people.  Tragically several people have committed suicide due to the endless, stressful assessments and the threat of poverty and destitution they bring.  An  investigation by the Daily Mirror found that 32 people a week die after being declared ‘fit for work’ by the company, whilst Channel 4’s Dispatches recently exposed the system as ‘toxic’ in the words of Atos’ own staff.
Campaigners will gather in the square at 3.30pm and will deliver a coffin full of messages from victims of Atos to the front door of the company’s headquarters.  A memorial service will then take place, involving a reading of the names of those who have died due to the company’s actions.  Some of the messages will be attached to black balloons and released and members of the congregation will speak of their own experiences at the hands of Atos.  All are welcome to attend and are asked to wear black if possible.
This event takes place during the National Week of Action Against Atos called by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), to coincide with the London Paralympic Games.  Events are scheduled to take place in towns and cities around around the UK and in London disabled people and supporters will be back at Triton Square on Friday 31st August for the Closing Atos Ceremony.

Aug 262012

Share your fightback. Send pictures, stories and links to



On Saturday NORTHAMPTON DPAC held a stall in Abington Street, Northampton
Included in the many that put their name to our petition was deaf and blind medal-winning paralympic swimmer Janice Tillett, from Crofters Close, East Hunsbury,Northampton, who represented Great Britain in the pool at the Barcelona Paralympics in 1992, winning two relay silver medals. She also won four European Championships golds for her country.
Janice as been recorded in the local press:
We hope that Janice will join us at Atos on the 28 Aug.
Anti-Atos images sent in by Fred Peachum:
























Aug 232012

Pay a Visit to Your Local Atos Office as part of the Atos Games, a week of action against poverty pimps Atos, the company who profit from pushing disabled people to death and despair – we are calling on members and supporters to take the protest nationally by paying a visit to your local Atos office.

How you do this is entirely up to you but there is a set of resources to download below that might be useful to ensure you get as much local publicity as possible and could give you more time to concentrate on building bigger protests.

Thanks to the local groups who have shared these with us and if you have any resources that other actions and campaigns might find useful please do send them in.

We can help promote your actions on the DPAC website to build as much support as possible so send us information that we can publish about when and where local actions are taking place.

We will also have anti-cuts and Atos kills sticker and stencil packs we can post out to you on request by emailing:

Coming soon…. Barbie shows us how to organise a demo….

Resources to download:

–  Guide to organising a local acton: How to Guide

–  Easy read ‘Planning a Campaign’ information: campaigns (DPAC)

– Template action against Atos flyer: action flyer

– Template press release:  Press Release

– Atos information 1: Atos Origin leafletfinal

– Atos information 2: DPAC ATOS

– DPAC flyer: DPAC flyer

– Flyer promoting final action on 31st August: ATOS-UkUncut-DPAC-A5-landscape2

– List of local Atos offices

– A “red peter” cut-out Atos medal: Atos gets gold DPAC aug12

Aug 112012

Please find below an open letter from staff working at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (the Commission) to Baroness Margaret Prosser who chairs the Commission’s Resources committee. This committee approved proposals in June this year that would see the Commission reduce its staff headcount to 150. These proposals are now the subject of a 90 day statutory consultation with the trade unions representing staff at the Commission.


The Resources committee arrived at this new headcount by assuming that the Government will reduce the Commission’s budget to £18 million by the financial year 2014/15. However, the committee has recommended that these staff cuts should be implemented by the end of 2012. This assumed budget of £18 million represents an additional 30% cut to the budget already announced in the 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review when the Government said that the budget would be reduced from its original budget of £70 million to £26 million by 2014/15. The Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone MP, confirmed the £26 million budget as recently as March this year in answer to a parliamentary question

Over 200 skilled and experienced staff have already left the Commission in the past year and if these proposals are implemented a further 100 staff will leave. More staff will be lost when the Commission’s helpline is outsourced to Sitel in the autumn because Sitel has only one site based in Stratford-upon-Avon. Staff do not believe that the Commission will be subjected to yet more draconian budget cuts given that it has already had its budget reduced by 62%, a hugely disproportionate cut compared to those imposed on other public bodies. Indeed, we would expect stakeholders, parliamentarians and the UN International Coordinating Committee of NHRIs to vigorously oppose any Government plans to make further cuts to the Commission’s budget.


Staff believe that the Resources committee should withdraw these proposals and commence a meaningful consultation based on the actual budget of £26 million. Following the statutory consultation period the proposals must be approved by the full Board of the Commission in early October before they can be implemented. So the time to take action is now.


What you can do:

Write to Baroness Prosser, EHRC, 3 More London, Riverside Tooley Street, London SE1 2RG

Write to members of the Commission’s Board at 3 More London: Stephen Alambritis, Kaliani Lyle, Sarah Anderson, Meral Hussein Ece, Simon Woolley, Kay Carberry, Ann Beynon, Trevor Phillips, Professor Geraldine Van Beuren, Baroness Sally Greengross, Dr Jean Irvine, Angela Mason and Michael Smith

Ask your MP to lobby the Chairs of the following Parliamentary Select Committees requesting an inquiry into the Commission’s restructuring plans: Home Affairs, Joint Committee on Human Rights and the Public Accounts Committee

Join our Facebook Group – Save the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Follow us on twitter #savetheehrc

Prosser Final 23 07 12



Aug 022012

Last Thursday striking Remploy members closed production down for a second day of industrial action at factories threatened with closure across the country.

In Barking the sun shone, music played and passing cars, lorries and buses hooted. The workers were joined in solidarity by their families, union members, and disability activists. Paul was in fine voice as he led the chants of Maria Miller Factor Killer and “What do we want? Jobs! When do we want them? Now!”  A waste collector asked “Are you striking every Thursday now?” before adding “No worries, I’ll come back tomorrow”.

For all the positive, supportive mood on the Barking picket line, workers and their families are deeply upset by the proposed date of closure of 18th August. They feel especially aggrieved at the way their voices have been ignored, by disability organisations supporting the closures, by government ministers and MPS who have failed to respond to the numerous letters written by the workers and their families and by the shambolic nature of the flawed and inaccessible 90 day consultation.

Paul, was keen to share his experiences of working for Remploy, first at the Woolwich factory which closed in 2008 and then at Barking. Instead of going on terms and conditions as other Woolwich workers chose, Paul wanted to keep working and was transferred to the Barking factory, enduring a two and a half hour journey through rush hour each way each day until he was eventually able to relocate housing nearer his workplace. Paul still carries a photo of the Woolwich factory on his mobile phone. He feels that having lost Woolwich, losing Barking as well with no other job to go to will be unbearable.

Cathy Collins, mother of one of the workers, spoke about rising levels of disability hate crime in the area. Her other son works for a local leisure centre and is frequently the victim of abuse and harassment from members of the public accessing his workplace. During a recent incident a man known to Cathy’s family who happened to be in the leisure centre intervened as two young men verbally taunted the son with the outcome that the man trying to protect her son ended up being arrested. Cathy’s letters to Iain Duncan Smith about the value of the Remploy factories have been ignored.

Unfortunately for all the concerns voiced by the Remploy workers and their families and for all the public support these have elicited, the Government are still determined to pursue their decision to close 27 of the 54 factories before December making thousands of disabled workers jobless.

There are talks of a third day of strikes to take place on 6th August. Watch this space for more information…


Every girl and every boy,

Turned up to save Remploy,

‘Cause no-where else,

They could be employed.


Some say ‘Remploy is a soft choice’,

But they won’t listen to our voice,

It ain’t our first choice,

It’s just a place,

Where people understand us,

Let us go at our own pace.


Some say Remploy costs too much money,

That’s a thing that I find funny,

‘Cause ain’t they going to be paying anyway,

For unemployment benefit pay?


When we all go to the JCP,

We’ll all feel so destroyed,

As we all look back to the job we now lack,

We’ll remember Remploy.


All of us we’ll remember Remploy,

As it filled all our hearts with such joy,

How it kept so many disabled employed,

We’ll remember Remploy.

Lyrics by Peter Hawes, Remploy worker, and Konstantja, DPAC



Jul 222012

Defiant Remploy Strikes Boost Jobs Fight –

From Barking to to Bridgend and from Derbyshire to Dundee, up and down the country Remploy workers walked-out on strike together in defiance of Tory plans throw them on the scrapheap.

Last week, the Minister for Disabled People, Maria “Factory Killer” Miller announced the closure of 27 of the 54 Remploy factories meaning the sacking of more than 1,200 mainly disabled workers.

The outrage at this callous Tory decision was not only reflected in the solid strikes, the first of two 24-hour stoppages (the next being next Thursday 26th July), but also in the solidarity from other workers on display at each picket line.

Teachers, council staff , IT workers, construction workers, students and more brought banners and collections to the picket-lines. Postal workers and lorry-drivers refused to cross picket lines.

The stand taken by Unite and GMB members at Remploy is an example to the whole trade union movement about how to fight job losses.

Work and Pensions minister Iain Duncan Smith says that he says that he wants to get disabled workers into mainstream employment or “proper jobs”.

Daniel Garvin’s film on the Guardian website contradicts IDS’s despicable insult that Remploy workers were “not doing any work… just making cups of coffee”

But millions can see through the Tories – they know that with more than 2.5 million unemployed and disability benefits being slashed, the standard of living for many Remploy workers will be immeasurably damaged, should their factories close.

Since the last wave of Remploy factory closures in 2008, 85% of those made redundant have not worked since, and 95% of those that found employment were on less pay.

Today’s marvellous show of solidarity was a step towards winning the battle for jobs. Next week the picket-lines need to be bigger and a strategy implemented for forcing another Tory U-turn and saving the factories.

(Above reposted courtesy of Right to Work. For full article see

At the Barking factory in East London more than seventy workers, their families and supporters came to support the picket throughout the day. Just one day earlier the factory workers had learned that the date they have been given for closure is 30th September. Although shocked and upset the strike day was a chance to rally round and rebuild confidence and spirits.
Every hoot from passing buses, lorries and cars was met with a cheer while deliveries and post were turned away. Paul, who has worked at the factory for the past 21 years and who prior to that had turned to street drinking as a consequence of a period of unemployment, led the chants of “Maria Miller Factory Killer”.
George Barratt, independent councillor for Barking and Dagenham, spoke to workers and expressed his support in the fight to keep the factories open. Solidarity also came from further away with a group of Unite workers hailing from as far afield as Rochester on a nearby course joining the picket in their lunch hour. One of the union reps commented that when he worked for the Ministry of Defence all the best quality manufacturing came from Remploy factories.
Messages of solidarity and support were read out from disabled people and union members across the country. Mark Holloway, GMB rep for the Barking factory expressed thanks to everyone who took part, He said he had only expected “three men and a dog” to turn up and was completely blown away by the level of support.
A DOZEN striking workers gathered outside Remploy Acton on Thursday. They were joined by local trade unionists from Ealing council, as well as by John McDonnell MP.
The workers argued that their factory is profit-making, and produces vital equipment, such as fire-safe clothing for the fire brigades. They made the point that they are skilled workers, and that the closure of their factory would mean the loss of their skills, as well as the destruction of the community they have built in their workplace.
The pickets turned away four delivery lorries, and used the picket line as a base to coordinate an even bigger presence for the next strike on Thursday 26th July. Local trade unionists pledged their solidarity and support for the next walk out. One striker remarked, “this is just the beginning. This campaign will get bigger and bigger.”
To find out where your nearest factory is and to find out how you can get involved in supporting the workers please contact
Thanks to Richard Donnelly for his report from the Acton strike
Jul 222012

Organised by Fuel Poverty Action ( Thursday October 4th 7-9pm Crossroads Women’s Centre, 25 Wolsey Mews, Kentish Town, London NW5 2DX
Last Winter, one in four UK households were unable to heat their homes to a safe level. Millions of us faced a choice between heating and eating, being unable to afford both. As the Big Six energy companies keep pushing up our energy bills, the government cuts its Warm Front scheme and private landlords become less and less regulated, the cold is set to bite harder than ever in the winter to come.
The struggle against fuel poverty connects to struggles around austerity, economic justice, environmental destruction, poor housing, disabled peoples’ rights and pensioners’ rights. If we want to win warm homes and affordable, sustainably produced energy for all, we need to work together to take on profiteering energy companies and the ConDem government in their pockets.
This public meeting will be a chance for different groups working on issues connecting to fuel poverty to get together, hear about each others’ work, network and plan how we can take action together to tackle fuel poverty in the winter to come.
All welcome!
More details tbc nearer the time. —- Website: Email: Twitter: @FuelPovAction Facebook: Fuel Poverty Action