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    Given this FREEPOST address by ESA – to post Original Letters to them.
    Post Office unable to issue Certificate of Posting, send it by ‘Signed For’, or ‘Tracked’ =
    “Because there is NO Postcode” !

  2. Hi,

    Boycott Workfare here! A friend has pointed out that we’re listed Boycott Workforce in your links at

    Would it be possible to change that? We also found that the link doesn’t go to our website but possibly our old address.

    Here’s our current URL:


    Best wishes & solidarity,
    Boycott Workfare

  3. Nursing and Midwifery Council announce Maximus health care have provided false medical conditions within DWP reports

    The readers may wish to know the following news.On 17th November the Nursing and Midwifery Council announced in writing that Maximus health care UK have provided inaccurate reports,this statement was issued by the NMC after they examined HM Courts and tribunal evidence of inaccurate data in the form of false medical condition supplied to the Department of Works and Pensions.Essentialy what occured earlier last year,2017,was two different computer systems stated different medical conditions existed for the same patient at the same time,obviously only one of the two computer systems could be correct and the NMC decided the NHS computer system was correct in stating the patient was contagious,and Maximus wrong in their data claiming the patient was not contagious,Louise Haigh MP Labour party is aware of this case info:Moscow CT Publishing,

  4. Why it’s important to respond to this proposed Disability Discrimination Law.
    It may seem that Jersey is a far off little island of no concern.
    That there is an opportunity to undo injustices that would otherwise be done and make a better life for disabled people, could that peak your interest?

    So Jersey (Channel Island) is asking for responses to it’s consultation on bringing in a law on Disability Discrimination.
    we would want it to be the best it can be right?
    I ask as disabled people go to Jersey on holiday, to work there and move to live there and come from there to live and work in the UK.

    Your action here can make a difference. Once a good law is made and seen to be working then we can lobby for the advances made in that law to be enacted elsewhere.
    Conversely a bad law can be seized upon by those who might imagine that we can do without rights, protections and access to our society. To be reproduced to lower standards elsewhere.

    There are some aspects of this law that you might like to concentrate on:
    the problems are – that the proposed law is rooted in medical model thinking and exemptions such as public transport.

    The Exemptions.
    You might want to look at this to comment on part of the exemptions: Motor Traffic (Jersey) Law 1935

    Please be as thorough as you can. As in a little jurisdiction like this there isn’t the breadth of awareness and knowledge that we have as a UK wide network.

    Although the website says that the consultation ends on the Friday gone. We have been given assurance that the consultation is open until Monday (tomorrow) at 10am. Sorry to post at such short notice. Responses to be sent to:

    Posted by a canary in the mine

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