May 012017

Ever since Theresa May stood in front of 10 Downing Street to call for an election in order to avoid the Tory Election Fraud Scandal get a mandate for the Brexit negotiations she has been avoiding contact with the public and not answering difficult questions campaigning hard for Strong and Stable Leadership. Here are a… Continue Reading May’s catastrophically bad election campaign, the story so far #TrashTheTories #GE17 #GE2017

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May 012017

It’s doubtful that anyone reading the DPAC blog will be in any doubt that Deaf and Disabled people in the UK cannot afford the Tories to get re-elected in June. Since 2010 the Tories have relentlessly attacked Disabled people, hitting the same group of people again and again with cut after cut. While inequality and… Continue Reading #TrashTheTories – how you can help make sure June is the end of May

Apr 272017

Good afternoon! My name is Miriam Binder and this is the Grim Creeper also known as my wheelchair, or power-chair to those more technically inclined. We just get on with things and when my legs won’t bear the weight, Grim Creeper steps in and provides me with the trundle power to get where I am… Continue Reading Miriam Binder of Brighton DPAC speaks at the RMT Rally at Parliament

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Apr 262017

In 2016, despite opposition from campaigners, peers, charities and even Conservative MPs, the government voted to slash Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by £30 a week for people in the Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG). The DWP claimed (as ever) that this would give people an ‘incentive’ to return to work, (but failed to supply any… Continue Reading ESA Cuts memes #TrashTheTories

Apr 242017

These are a list of GE 2015 election fraud MPs who cheated to win their seats. Their twitter names are included in this post and we suggest people remind them of what they’ve done. You might also like to add in @theresa_may to any tweets you make. The twitter details are collated at the end… Continue Reading Apparently they’re Liars & Cheats but they’re Tories so what would you expect – Mass tweetout

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Apr 222017

13 million Disabled Voters say time for politicians to take us seriously May 2nd meet 12.15 pm Old Palace Yard As more and more disabled people are affected daily by the vicious cuts inflicted on us by the Tories. Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) are calling on all disabled people to register and vote in… Continue Reading #TrashTheTories May 2nd meet 12pm Old Palace Yard

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Apr 202017

You can download all the graphic images for the #TrashTheTories Campaign here  to use yourself and share. Take part in our online #TrashTheTories campaign This week Theresa May announced yet another Tory U-turn scrapping their fixed term parliaments to call a surprise General Election. This couldn’t possibly be because the CPS is likely to charge… Continue Reading Time to Trash the Tories #TrashTheTories #GE2017

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Apr 192017

Fight Rail Access cuts On the 28th of April Transport for All will be protesting at eight stations across London, calling on the Government to reverse the shameful decision to cancel their key Access for All projects. Over twenty years have passed since the rights of disabled people to access goods and services were passed… Continue Reading London 28th April: Fight Rail Access Cuts with Transport For All

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Apr 182017

The ESA cut is part of a drive to close the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people, although the target to achieve this in 2020 has been scrapped. Almost everybody assumes that  most people placed in the Work related activity group will eventually get better and move into work. Nobody could have been more… Continue Reading Is everyone in the WRAG likely to work again? Not according to one Upper Tribunal

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Apr 172017

As some of you may know there is an opportunity for people along the route between Wolverhampton and Wigan to tell their story to the Mirror’s Road to Wigan Pier series. Three of our supporters have already done this to help highlight the cuts disabled people face and links to their articles are here. Ann… Continue Reading Take part in the Mirror’s Road to Wigan Pier Series

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Apr 132017

For He Who Is Winning, Another Must Lose A song about social justice (or the lack thereof). Written and performed by Ryan Fox. (Lyrics below) Rich is a wolf, he cheats and he steals He’s jolly well banking on insider deals He lies in his den with a grin full of sin As Sarah the… Continue Reading Another must lose

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Apr 042017

‘The Work Capability Assessment’ is a 30 minute presentation about the WCA, released by DPAC. The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is the primary assessment for Employment and Support Allowance, the main social security payment for disabled people and those with a long term health condition. In this documentary advocates, lawyers and claimants outline the fundamental… Continue Reading Documentary on WCA

Apr 032017

Doug Paulley (who last year won a case in the Supreme Court over wheelchair access on Buses ) has written to DPAC with some important information about how disabled people can exercise their rights to travel on buses. Doug Writes: Through the Police Crime Commissioner, I’ve got West Yorkshire Police to recognise that a bus… Continue Reading Important information on how disabled people can enforce their right to travel on buses

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Apr 032017

Potent Whisper (@PotentOfficial) has dedicated his song Deep Cuts to DPAC (Lyrics included below) . Georgie (Potent Whisper) said My name is Georgie, also known as rapper ‘Potent Whisper’. I have just released a music video called ‘Deep Cuts’ which I have dedicated to DPAC. The video has been released on the second largest youth… Continue Reading Deep Cuts by Potent Whisper, a Rap dedicated to DPAC

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Apr 012017

 A group in East London are putting on a MH event on Sat 29 April. Here’s the eventbrite link.  Please book if you want to come, and circulate to anyone you think might interested. This is a meeting for organisations and individuals involved in campaigning around mental health in East London. We want to… Continue Reading April 29th East London, MH campaigning event

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Apr 012017

From Monday (3rd April), new recipients of employment and support allowance deemed healthy enough to carry out ‘work related activities’ will get up to £1,500 less each year than existing recipients. Anyone who feels able to work and does so for over 12 weeks but then needs to reclaim ESA will be treated as a… Continue Reading Potential Legal Challenge to £30 p.w. ESA Cut – defendants needed

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Mar 302017

Have you used food banks or community kitchens, or found it difficult to feed yourself or your family? Would you like to share your story? I am a trainee psychologist carrying out research into the impact on people’s lives of not having secure access to food. I’m looking for participants who are willing to tell… Continue Reading Food insecurity study – have you got a story to share?

Mar 302017

People and Planet based in Oxford have paid internship vacancies available in a fully accessible workplace. Their latest campaign is around challenging racist narratives in the media and promoting ethical journalism on migrant’s rights. This sits alongside our fossil fuel divestment campaign and our workers rights campaign in the electronics industry in the globalSouth. For… Continue Reading Paid Internship Vacancies, Oxford

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Mar 292017

  Take action for Rail Access on the 5th April 2017 Transport for All hear daily of the unacceptable treatment faced by so many Disabled and older travellers on our Railways. Whether it’s assistance failing to turn up, inaccessible platforms or a lack of accessible facilities on trains – what is clear that our railways… Continue Reading Take action for Rail Access on the 5th April 2017

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Mar 282017

The Department for Work and Pensions released some figures about the percentage of PIP claimants with mental health conditions entitled to the enhanced mobility rate. During the PIP debate yesterday  in the House of Lords,  Baroness Thomas of Winchester stated: The department said that of those with mental health conditions receiving the mobility component of… Continue Reading More creative statistical accounting from DWP

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Mar 272017

If you can’t get to one of the street protests organised by Unite against sanctions on March the 30th, you can join in on social media using the Hashtag #No2Sanctions Here is some material that you can copy and paste into tweets or facebook posts: See also this online action organised by Boycott Workfare (@BoycottWorkfare)… Continue Reading March 30th National Day vs Sanctions. Join in online

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