Aug 212019

We’ve had the following request to ask for people to come forward for an important research project

I’m a visually impaired activist and I’m currently undertaking a research project into disabled women & disabled non-binary people’s experiences of non-consensual touching, harassment, hate crimes and sexual assaults.

We are inviting disabled women & non-binary people to share their experiences through our website, as there is currently insufficient research into this issue.

I’m collaborating with Dr Hannah Mason Bish, a criminologist. We want to collect as many stories as possible to help research and raise awareness of this issue. The contributions are anonymised and can be as long or short as contributors want.

We are aware this is also an issue experienced by men, but as disabled women are twice as likely to experience sexual assault and there is limited research into this issue, we want to start with women\’s experiences and then hopefully get additional funding for future projects.

If you have a contribution to make, please visit the website

And please  can share this post on your social media outlets in order that this important research call reaches a wider audience


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