Jun 092019

National DPAC fully support the statement below from our Berkshire DPAC Group.

Berkshire DPAC wish to register our strongest condemnation of Mr. Lee Harpin’s articles in the Jewish Chronicle, in which he uses screenshots taken from a private group without the group’s consent from our Facebook page to throw utterly false accusations of anti-semitism at Nada Foster and Helen Caney. BDPAC’s members are fully committed to tackling all forms of oppression wherever it appears.

In DPAC, we do not target criticism at policies or MPs from only selected parties; since ALL disabled people have been horrendously impoverished and isolated by austerity measures, we will criticise anyone who has supported these measures or failed to oppose them. And we will continue to do so.


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  1. I also fully support Berkshire’s statement and strongly condemn any media that illegally accuses members of the dpac of anti Semetism. Oppression is evil and should be stamped out no matter where it is in the world. To accuse members of the dpac and to do that illegally and covertly is a crime. Sadly people who oppress and treat disabled people in a disgusting manner deserve to be vilified and condenmed for it.

    Every media is responcible for the truth and not to publish twisted lies. The media today or should I say specific media do twist the truth to fall in line with thieir own views. To clearly accuse people falsly is wrong and shows the contempt and the lengths people will go to vailidfy their wrongfull assumptions. I am neither a raceist nor an anti semetist. I am against the truth being twisted to ensure the continuation of oppression against disabled people of all nations.

  2. The whole anti-semitism debate is a smoke screen of propaganda from the outset, the real reason of its promotion is to divert attention away from right wing motivated systems that have been depriving the public of a correct proportion of their earned wealth via their product of labour. Many of these systems are Zionist which does not mean attachment to any ethnic or religious group. It does mean an attachment to power and wealth at any cost and the weakest, are the first to be exploited and demonised . These factions of theft are now engaged in long term covert policies of social murder to obtain many of their goals. The cultivation of ignorance among the masses and constant tactics of contention and division, are the age old ploy of divide and rule whilst all pockets are actually stolen from by the same ilk, Thus truth evasion and induced poverty are weapons of control and exploitive theft.

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