Apr 182019

Following reports that Barnet council is to force disabled people into residential care to cut costs, there is a public meeting on Tuesday 21 May starts 6.30 8.30 Greek Cypriot centre, North Finchley, N12.

The aim is to do the following:

1. Raise the profile of this disgusting attack locally in Barnet
2. Raise awareness that it may be happening in other Councils
3. Agree a plan of what action should be taken at the next Adults and Safeguarding committee on Wednesday 5 June


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  One Response to “Public meeting Tuesday 21 May 6.30 – 8.30 about Barnet council’s plans for disabled people”

  1. This has been happening throughout the uk for the past few years. I’ve read reports regarding this situation and commented on them. I just wondered if there might be some corolation between removing disabled people from their homes and putting them into care homes, therefore making that home free for able bodied people? Ease the housing problem at the expense of the disabled? Removing the disabled and putting them out of the public eyeis exactly what Hitler did. The story is there for everyone to see. I wonder how long a disabled person will survive in these places? I had an elderly aunt who was put in residential care. She fell a few times and broke a few bones. They decided for her own safety to put her in a care home. She was put in a care home with the majority of residents having dimensia. My aunt was very intelligent and out going. With no one to talk to her mood deepened and she became depressed. She then gave in and a few months later died. Two massive mistakes by the local authority that led directly toher death. This what disabled people who are put in care will be facing. There is no arguement about that. I am not in any way blaming those people with demensia whatsoever. It is the system to blame. Rid the towns and cities of the disabled, put them away from the public, keep them out of sight and let them diequickly.

    In recent weeks I have came across officials who are supposed to treat the disabled and the public with empathy, compassion and understanding. I’ve had some speak to me like I was a piece of dirt, honestly that is true. Society seems to have become so judgemental, opinionated and narrow minded, especially against the disabled. This honestly had to change and quickly. Our human rights have been eroded and are being further eroded every single day. Good luck with your protest.

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