Oct 122018
We are the UK correspondents for the french-german TV ARTE. We are getting in touch for a report we wanted to make about Universal credit and its impact on disabled people.
Could you help us to get in touch with a disabled person who has been affected by universal credit and who could explain to us its difficulties. Do you think you could help? We can go anywhere, the sooner the better, even in the week end. We don’t need much time.
We would like to show how it has make things very difficult for people and how it has to be changed.
Many thanks.
Mathilde Bonnassieux
Frederique Zingaro
Email: autobusfilms@gmail.com
Phone +44 079398 60535 / +44 79398 60543


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  One Response to “European Journalists making a programme on Universal Credit looking for people to interview”

  1. I am happy to participate and at short notice if you can come to me. I have been hit by the cuts in Universal Credit to roughly a £200 a month shortfall. I am now scared and struggling as to how I’ll manage. I have copies of letters, emails and Journal entries via the DWP and my MP. This is making my life so hard as it is many others and so many more yet to come. Thank you for bringing this to light

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