Apr 152018

Join us outside the high court on Tuesday 1st May to support the first judicial review against the Government’s decision to bring in Universal Credit. The case will focus in particular on the removal of the Severe and Enhanced Disability Premiums which will have a devastating impact on Disabled people. When the Government introduced Universal credit they said no one will be worse off, but this simply isn’t true. Research in 2013 estimated that 450,000 households containing a Disabled person would lose essential income.

The case is being taken by Leigh Day solicitors on behalf of a man who is terminally ill and through the removal of SDP and EDP has lost £178 per month.

Vigil called by Disabled People Against Cuts and Winvisible.


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  4 Responses to “Vigil outside the high court for Universal Credit court case – 9.30am 1 May 2018”

  1. Ok thanks bob

  2. Does anyone know when the ruling will be made on the court case?

    • You usually only get a day or so’s notice when judgments will be and they usually take a month at very least.

  3. This is disgusting, to deprive individuals of their rightful, lawful funding is common theft. That said, this god-awful government has the premature deaths of thousands of our disabled, mentally-ill, low-paid and un-employed citizens on its hands. Empathy; sympathy, kindness, decency, these words don’t exist in the Tory vocabulary! A letter sent to Whitehall by a coroner named Osborne, in 2010, he was acting on behalf of Stephen Carre’, who committed suicide after receiving a DWP refusal of benefits, warned Ian Duncan-Smith and Chris Grayling of the dire consequences fd the DWP Sanctions program in the future. this letter was never passed-on to the head of DWP, and was ignored. Since those early days uf governmental pilfering, deprivation of money, lawfully due for each citizen, many thousands of people are now in ABJECT poverty, and many more are no longer with us, having either killed themselves, or simply died of government-induced heart disease. What kind of people are they who still, to this day, carry-on with this hell, with apparent gusto and delight. They are criminals, and should be brought to trial before the justice of The High Court, and also the European Justice system.
    Yet, they carry-on implementing the same nasty, spiteful deeds, uncaringly oblivious of the harm and devastation they are they are causing to the long-suffering men, women and children of this once, democratic and caring society.

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