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From Arts Against Cuts:

To draw your attention to the occupation of Tottenham Chances and its’ community lead campaign.
The Occupation is currently resisting eviction, and needs urgent support both on social media and at the public assembly and eviction resistance this coming Sat . They ask for a public acts of solidarity and that people raise awareness of the campaign and occupation urgently on social media.

The building is currently occupied due to major grievances with the current board of trustees  who have been making deals with property developers,  blocking user groups from the building, have allowed a white nationalist to broadcast from the centre and in support of a long term resident caretaker who has lived at the centre for 12 years and who is facing eviction.

More, detailed information is on this flyer and info pamphlet:

This is also linked to the development dealings:

is a page purporting to be written by the charitable trust that owns the T. Chances building, the Tottenham War Services Institute. It is being ghost-written by a single trustee, this fascist youtuber named Mark Windows, in league the TWSI chair Penny Potter.

The occupation is asking for support from political groups as the court hearing is tomorrow am and the eviction/bayliffs on Saturday.

There is also a crowd fundraiser where people can donate
: https://www.gofundme.com/t-chances-eviction-resistance

Finally as the occupation has been served eviction notice yesterday: it would be great if people can show support by joining the assembly and eviction.

For further info and co-ordination please see https://m.facebook.com/save399.org

Since posting this as requested by Arts Uncut with whom we’ve worked in the past we’ve been contacted to be told this is libellous and have had the following message sent. We don’t know which version is the truth but anyone interested can follow up themselves.

 I have just been sent a post from your website.
The content is entirely untrue and libelous, it is also inflammatory and incites hatred.
Justin Katko and Lucy Beynon have been working with a small group of subversives to destroy the TWSI Trust.
This includes criminal damage and fraud by impersonation plus libel.
The Trustees have been under attack and the venue is not for sale. The group are funded and have destroyed the community activities within the building even gatecrashing events.
It is clear that they are working for outside interests which are under investigation.
Justin Katko was offered space in the building but has an agenda to takeover the Trust.
Please remove the libelous post and issue an apology.
The matter is being dealt with by the police.
Mark Creathorne


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  One Response to “Urgent: Support the occupation of Tottenham Changes Community Centre, save it from closure and rebuttal by trustees”

  1. This post is a pack of lies. The building is not for sale and the subversives who have taken over the building are working for outside interests. The Trustees have been libeled and abused by Justin Katko and Lucy Beynon. They have prevented events for the local communiy and incited hatred against Trustees. Theoir crimes include criminaldamage and fraud by impersonation. The group are backed by those wishing to destroy the activities in the venue. The Trustes have recieved threats from the group and their allegations are groundless and libelous. There are police crime numbers available for the criminal activities of Justin Katko.

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