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3 weeks after the UN described the treatment of disabled people as a ‘human catastrophe’, the UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has still not made a statement or acknowledged the human cost that disabled people paid since 2010 under the pretext of ‘austerity’.

It is astonishing as Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell always supported in the past the struggles of disabled people and were at countless protests to save the Independent Living Fund.  Debbie Abrahams wrote an article about the UN findings, but what about Labour shadow Minister for disabled people? Her twitter handle does not mention her ministerial role @MarieRimmer, neither is her Facebook page or her Parliamentary website:

She certainly did not have one word to say about the findings of the United Nations Committee for the rights of people with disability, or hardly anything to say at all about disabled people as show her spoken contributions

So we are asking you to tweet Jeremy Corbyn and ask him to hold Theresa May to account during Prime Minister Question Time

#HumanCatastrophe for disabled people says the UN @JeremyCorbyn must hold #May to account at #PMQs

#HumanCatastrophe for disabled people says UN @JeremyCorbyn Why no statements from Leader of the opposition #PMQs


#HumanCatastrophe for disabled people says the UN @JeremyCorbyn Where is the Shadow Minister for DP@MarieRimmer?

You can read more on the Black Triangle website:



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  1. I get that DPAC is a generally Labour party supporting group.
    So it’s ok if you don’t want to publish my comment, but here are a few things that Labour party supporters/members might not know.

    The Labour party run Welsh Government EMPLOYS ATOS –

    A lot of the DWP/ATOS/MAXIMUS’s “Grave and Systematic Human Rights Abusers” are members of the ‘Corbynista’ PCS Union.

    A lot of ATOS//MAXIMUS/CAPITA WCA quacks are members of UNISON, as is Jeremy Corbyn.
    Jeremy Corbyn used to state that on his website (Febuary 2017) –
    but he has now removed it –
    (someone has been reading my blog… LOL)

    ATOS//MAXIMUS/CAPITA WCA quacks union UNISON donates £millions to the Labour party –

    The Labour party runs 17 police forces, via their Police and Crime Commissioners and London and Manchester (etc) Mayors.
    Here is how Labour’s Greater Manchester Mayor and CAPITA-Police –
    treat disabled people –

    Here is a little bit of how Labour’s South Wales ATOS-CAPITA-Police –
    have treated me –

    And Sadiq khan’s ATOS-CAPITA-Met Police?

    now you know how murderers and “Grave and Systematic Human Rights” abusing fraudsters stay out of prison.

    Oh… and have you ever heard of a Labour run local council Social Services actually doing their JOBS?
    Care Act 2014 –
    Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect –

    David Gauke isn’t the only ‘willfully neglectful” blind-eye turning scumbag –
    so is Debbie Abrahams –


  2. Yes Jeremy,
    I imagine if the ‘boot was on the other foot’ they would have made the strongest political capital out of this and gave you and the party a damn good ‘kicking’ at the very least!
    Given that we are part of the MANY who have disproportionately been affected by Tory austerity policies, (or staged genocide, as I prefer to call them) and disregarding the political ‘gift’ your party has been handed by the UN findings, the very least you could have done, from a purely compassionate standpoint, is made a public statement condemning these Nazi style policies.
    Please do not become, ‘just another politician’ Jeremy, please speak out for us, as many of us spoke out for you, prior, during and after the election.

  3. Labour have committed to end the assessments and reverse a lot of the cuts, that is fact. There was some TV and radio coverage on the UN report (radio 4 and Newsnight) where Labour did speak out against the Tory’s policies of the last 7 years, I don’t recall who spoke though. Labour top brass were campaigning in marginal vote areas in the summer which if we’re going to get rid of the Tories is vital. Those rallies weren’t televised but I bet the UN report was mentioned- its proof that current policy does not work! I have not been on Facebook or much social media recently so maybe Corbyn has mentioned this through those channels so although I’m disappointed that it has not been a major part of recent party comment I am giving the benefit of the doubt until I can look back over their social media channels. Unfortunately Trump v North Korea, hurricanes and especially Brexit has wiped any other political news off the front pages and from our screens. Most importantly there was the vote on the transfer of EU laws that Labour were fighting against (the Henry VIII law). As much as it pains me to say it, that cause is as, if not more important at the moment as a Tory cabinet able to rewrite laws without input from others is a highly dangerous thing for us. I’m sure the UN report is not forgotten AND I would not be surprised if our highly selective mainstream media has had something to do with it but it doesn’t hurt to ask Labour to keep it in the public domain. I did tweet because this matters to me even though I grudgingly admit there are bigger things at play at the moment. Also, to compare the current Labour party to that under the leadership of Brown or Milliband is plain wrong, yes they changed the assessment process in 2009- 8 years ago! But it was Cameron’s lot that persisted with it when it was found to be unsuitable, so to blame the current Labour party for that is ridiculous, so many current Labour MPs weren’t around then and those that were were not front and centre of creating policy like they are now. The “they’re all the same” arguement just isn’t correct, Labour is more left leaning than it has been for decades. Under Mr Corbyn they’ve consistently opposed welfare cuts for disabled people… parliament is made up of other parties too who also get a vote on these things and for a long time the Conservative party have had more numbers and therefore more votes their way so to blame the 2017 version of The Labour Party for the last 8 years is not right or fair, they have tried and it’s closer now than its been for 7 years so perhaps keeping the faith and being supportive is a better way forward. Sadly unless you watch BBC parliament all day everyday you won’t see how often Corbyn has shot down May in flames on the subject… Her answers to questions on welfare cuts are simply personal insults and she’s made to look a fool at times- mainstream media will not be showing that! Labour are our only hope and turning on them because the very selective media has chosen not to broadcast something prime time that matters to us will not help in the long run. I am a party member, Disability Labour too and only because Corbyn and McDonnell have unwaveringly supported our causes and offer us our only chance of righting the wrongs. I shall be chasing up via these channels so people know that I/disabled people want this issue kept current, please remember, parties respond to demographics. Look at the upsurge in the youth vote last time round in response to Brexit and a Labour manifesto that addressed their concerns (and ours)! The more Labour know disabled people will vote for them if Labour fight on our behalf, the better it will be. ? Million disabled voters could put the party in power and end the suffering so we need to work together. Make sure disabled friends register to for a postal vote, make friends, family and carers aware of the situation and make sure they register too, make sure your Labour MP or candidate is aware that disabled people are ready to support the party if they they support us. Point those you know away from the right wing owned print media. Tweeting, Facebook etc, it all helps. Blame and apathy however will never move us forward.

  4. Dear Jeremy, your silence on this issue absolutely depresses me. Disabled people are becoming increasingly more vulnerable due to Tory cuts and measures. Their entitlement to paltry benefits has continued to make them scapegoats of negativity via a flippant and toxic right-wing press. People with genuine mental and physical health problems are being pushed to suicide. And the Labour party says nothing. Does nothing. The same flawed mechanism is freely taking away a disabled individual’s transport and, simultaneously, punishing them for not finding work. I feel that a true humanitarian would at least make some defence of those with least voice. When a rich man wants to speak, he only needs to open his wallet. When the poor want to speak, they have to sign a petition with a million others. The observations of the United Nations are quite frankly embarrassing. Especially since we’re one of the richest nations on the planet. This is an OPEN goal. Please make a stand. Make it now. No more rhetoric, no more silence.

  5. There has been a complete lack of political will in the Labour party to provide any real opposition to the welfare reforms. This has been the case right across the board, from disability benefits to the general social security system. Under Ed Milliband they sat back and watched the rise of workfare, universal credit, the changes to disabled living allowance and PIP, and did exactly nothing. When the 2012 Welfare Reform Act was passed, Labour MPs were ordered to vote for it . Indeed Labour, to quote Rachel Reeves, were going to be ‘tougher than the Tories.’ It has been the utter uselessness of Labour, and its self-serving attitudes that have left so many disabled people at the mercy of the current brutal system.

    • exactly…..and lets not forget which party it was that started the whole capita/atos assessments on the disabled in their last year of power 🙁 ……from what ive seen over the past few days in parliament i have seen with my own eyes how the whole government really are all tories(just under different party names)…hence the reason no matter whos in power the people never see change!…..look up agenda 21… holds all the truth about whats really going on here in the uk/usa/china etc!

  6. Branch secretary for Battle Labour as well as a member of Disability Labour.

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