Sep 252017

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Nathan Davies is fighting a lonely battle against the closure of the Welsh Independent Living Fund and devolution of funding to Local Authorities in Wales. Sadly the influential DPO Disability Wales saying they are unable to support his fight as it is too political.

Nathan has already been told his care and support funding would be slashed by more than half once the Welsh ILF is closed from April 2018.  This would mean Nathan could no longer take part in those community activities that are essential to his wellbeing and inclusion in society.

If you can please email any Assembly Members and ask them to retain a separate Independent Living fund in Wales. Disabled Lives Matter and the UN has said in their recent response to the periodic review of the UK that central governments are ultimately responsible for ensuring adequate funding for independent living.

If you live in Wales you can find contact details of your AM here

And if not in Wales email AM leader, Carwyn Jones



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