May 012017

Ever since Theresa May stood in front of 10 Downing Street to call for an election in order to avoid the Tory Election Fraud Scandal get a mandate for the Brexit negotiations she has been avoiding contact with the public and not answering difficult questions campaigning hard for Strong and Stable Leadership. Here are a selection of Theresa Mayhem‘s finest moments in the campaign so far ……

  1. Theresa goes door knocking in Aberdeenshire. Someone must have seen her getting out of the car, cos no-one is answering the door.

  2. It gets worse when Tweezer goes campaigning in Norwich and someone does actually open the door….. Naked ! This doesn’t stop Theresa trying to give him a leaflet anyway – perhaps this is what she means by Strong and Stable?
  3. OK So maybe door knocking isn’t working out – why not go to a factory and do a press conference. What could possibly go wrong with that ? as you as you can remember where you are…..

  4. …. and in the very same interview there was this particular gem ….

  5. So factories, they not go so well. But the Sunday morning TV Politics shows, they will be a certain winner!. First with Andrew Marr….

  6. And then with Peston, it gets worse. Much, much worse…..

And in other news……. British PM May sees lead over Labour fall by 10 points in a week: YouGov

Theresa May is showing herself to be a catastrophically bad election candidate. The Tory Poll lead is tumbling and this election can be won. The Tories can be got out of power !

But the election performances, the opinion polls, none of this matters unless people register to vote and go into the polling booths on June the 8th or send in a postal ballot to vote the Tories out and #TrashTheTories.

And that means every single individual – that means YOU ! if you haven’t registered to vote – this post contains information on what you need to do….


You can download all the graphic images for the #TrashTheTories Campaign here  to use yourself and share.


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