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My name is Helen and I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist from Lancaster University. I am conducting research as part of my doctoral thesis about the psychological impact of benefits sanctions following the Work Capability Assessment process and what impact this had, if any, on peoples’ mental health and outlook. I’m involved with Pyschs Against Austerity who DPAC and MHRN both work closely with.

If you have a diagnosed mental health condition? Have you experienced the Work Capability Assessment? Have your benefits been sanctioned because of this assessment? .

The purpose of this research is to understand the psychological impact of benefits sanctions following the Work Capability Assessment process and what impact this had, if any, on your mental health and outlook. If you would like to take part in the study, you would be invited to be interviewed to discuss these experiences for around one hour. . It would be useful for this to be in the North West but I am willing to travel if necessary. I can also help with any travel costs people have up to £20.

If you would like to take part or would like more information, please email the principal researcher, Helen McGauley, email h.mcgauley@lancaster.ac.uk Please share this with anyone else who you think might be interested in taking part. Thanking you in advance, Helen McGauley


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  1. good luck can i help with google hangout call or maybe skype (not sure how good it works on my linux comptuer – i am disabled computer geek was a computer programmer in the 1990s) i have unknown disability,.etc etc

    mark redditch mark.croft.1975@gmail.com

  2. dreadful mentally torture de humanzing of the worst kind

  3. I’m going through the WCA right now. I had a stroke three years ago, am having leg surgery in three weeks from now and have severe anxiety disorder. My medication has been doubled since this WCA began and the stress I am under is phenomenal. As far as I can see, the WCA is out simply to destroy people. The DWP either have total ignorance of mental health issues or simply couldn’t care less.

  4. Dear Helen,
    at 68 years of age I don’t think a work assessment was any part of my ATOS ‘interrogation’ but merely an exercise by this government to stop payments of DLA & Pension Credit.
    The concise layout of the PIP application form is clearly designed to be pre-emptive with every question, at the point of answering it bears no resemblance to an applicants situation when the savage cuts in income are imposed, to explain….. questions asked by the ‘Qualified Health Representative’.
    Do you have a driving licence shows a competence to use machinery & thought process, makes no acknowledgement of being unable to afford a car after the Mobility DLA component has been stopped.
    Can you handle Money makes an assumption that you have some to handle, no reference to bills, direct debits, & outgoings that cannot be met when there is insufficient funds going into the bank account to accommodate them.
    Do you feel suicidal at a time when you are in control of everything but before that control is taken from you.
    But a few examples which will hopefully be useful to you, the levels of anxiety, sleepless nights of worrying, & constant stress are so debilitating on a personal level when put through these kind of ‘assessments’ notwithstanding the degrading humiliation of being made to feel you have no right to benefits designed to help the needy & vulnerable in our society. The current media (government) campaign to make everyone on benefits an idiot or a scrounger is achieving the result from the public perception they deliberately created to give the Welfare Reforms a free passage without any opposition, OAP’s would never have been subjected to such harsh treatment in former times.
    Sincere Regards.

  5. Hi I’m my wife’s carer and have been for along time. Id be happy to discuss the effects that the sanctions and assessments have on someonea emotional and mental wellbeing. I can be contacted via email. We have just recently been turned down for PIP after being awarded it just a few months ago via tribunal and our assessment was appalling and full of blatant lies. Even worse I have proven there was lies but DWP take no interest. I’d be over the moon if someone could finally get through and show them.the damage there doing.

  6. You might want to take a look at the the increasing power that the DWP has over GP’s ability to delare patients unfit for work (despite any denial you might come across). Good luck with your thesis.

  7. hi , i have mental health issues and i was sanctioned back in July 2016. Had an assesment and my money was stopped . had Citezans advice help me resubmit another form. Had to go for another assesment and as i was in such a panic and my anxiety was through the roof, i didnt attend , also i had no one to support me or go with me .

  8. Anyone clued up on how I get this on twitter?

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