Nov 102016

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you one of our co-founders, Debbie Jolly has died following a short hospital stay. As disabled people everywhere we’ve lost a friend and advocate and a fighter for our movement.

Debbie has played a hugely influential part in the development of DPAC since 2010 and she and I have worked together virtually every day since dealing with the day-to-day things that needed to be done to make DPAC the successful campaign group we have become.

Debbie was one of the main people involved in initiating the UN inquiry into the UK’s grave and systematic violation of disabled people’s human rights which will be a lasting testimony to her life and work.

Debbie was a warrior and tireless campaigner for disabled people’s human rights and most of all she never wanted to be hailed as a heroine or praised by others for the work that she did.

All of the steering group and our allies from Black Triangle campaign are in deep shock and I have felt very lost in the past few weeks without Debbie to support me and be by my side. Many thanks to those who have responded to my requests for help during this time.

However we know Debbie would want us to gather ourselves together and fight on so we are asking that people join us in her memory to protest next Wednesday, November 16th at parliament. Meet Old Palace Yard at 5.30 pm highlight the damning findings of the UN report.

We will also now use all means at our disposal to toxify the Tory “brand” so thoroughly that they will be remembered for generations as the party that perpetrated grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s human and civil rights and we will not rest until this government is no more than a terrible part of our history.

Linda and all of the DPAC steering group



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  38 Responses to “Very Sad News – our obituary to Debbie Jolly, co-founder of DPAC”

  1. Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP) are deeply sorry to hear of the death of our friend and ally Debbie Jolly. As one of the founder members of DPAC, Debbie has been directly instrumental in challenging the callous actions of this government. Debbie was meticulous in describing and analysing the way forward for Disabled People in the U.K. And also her international campainigning With ENIL.

    Debbie will be very badly missed by those engaged in the struggle for human rights for all disabled people. The legacy she leaves the disabled people’s movement is a call to increase our efforts in that struggle.

    GMCDP send our condolences to her family and all at DPAC who will be experiencing her loss so acutely at this time.

  2. My heart goes out to her loved ones, Linda and all her comrades and the great gap in DPAC.

  3. RIP Debbie. I am so sorry to hear of this tragic loss of such a powerful and well-loved leader. I wish I could have met Debbie. My heart goes out to her family and comrades in their grief,

  4. A very sad time,I Corresponded with Debbie through email and this was clear that she was a dedicated, conscious, thoughtful and caring person.

    My thoughts and condolences go out to her family and all that knew her, she will be sorely missed,

  5. This is shocking news. Debbie is a big loss and will be sorely missed. My respects and condolences to her loved ones.

  6. We are saddened by the loss of Debbie Jolly and will be joining with disabled people across the miles in solidarity to mark Debbie’s memory by continuing to raise DPAC’s profile and fight even harder against the oppression that is blighting our country and the lives of vulnerable people.

  7. Terrible tragic news to lose such an amazing inspirational woman. My heartfelt condolences and love go out to her family and friends and all in this movement who knew and loved her. RIP Debbie.

  8. A true hero to us the disabled never liked praise but she earned the tittle of a true HERO for this is what they do simply because its the right thing to do RIP a true lady x

  9. Thinking about your loss here in Wales Linda and the crew. Our thoughts are with Debbies family and friends. Although disheartened the fight must go on, let her legacy be your strength. @WelshTenants

  10. My sincere condolences to your family..RIP Debbie

  11. So sorry to hear of Debbie’s Passing she was an inspiration to us all will be missed

  12. Very sad news, may she rest in peace. The report is a vindication of her efforts.

  13. What a dreadful shock this news is, I never met Debbie but the work she did will never be forgotten by me or by anyone associated in any way with DPAC. RIP Debbie and condolences to Debbie’s family & friends

  14. RIP Debbie, your legacy will go on and on. I was so saddened to hear that you had left us and although we never met, we communicated often and I always held you in high regard.

  15. Oh how sad. Debbie helped me a lot when I challenged the Daily Mail over an article about Motability Cars and between us we managed to get the Daily Mail to change the headline and also a clarification. RIP Debbie, you did a marvellous job for us all

  16. Such sad news, thoughts of love to her family and friends. Debbie was an amazing and inspirational woman.

  17. God rest a good soul who fought against what can only be described as pure corporate state evil, may the good like her rally and fight the wicked opression harder than ever. Ray

  18. I was shocked to hear of Debbie’s sad loss. She has done so much and helped everyone she could. I shall miss her very much. My condolences to her family and friends. Her meory will live on in dpac forever.

  19. Sincere condolences to all. I only met her the once but was seriously impressed with her focus and dedication and the fact that she still thanked people personally for their renewals or donations despite being one of the busiest people I have ever met. May she rest in peace. A huge loss so hugs to all that are feeling it.

    One Love

  20. So very sorry to hear the sad news. Debbie helped so many people and will be a very sad loss to all. Condolences to family and friends especially you Linda. Such a brave and inspiring lady. R.I.P Debbie.

  21. Thank you all for your kind words i would like to say Debbie was fearless to the end and even in her hospital bed was still wanting to fight for the cause. She never worried about herself her concerns were just for others and DPAC yours sincerely Barry husband thank you all

  22. I am so sorry. Debbie has shown so much care, compassion for others, been totally dedicated to helping disabled, poor and vulnerable. She is an inspiration and has helped many who have felt desperate, given encouragement, saved lives, in her work, made a positive difference in people’s lives. Condolences, God Bless

  23. very shocked at this tragic sudden news. what a dreadful loss. condolences to debbie’s family friends colleagues and DPAC supporters/members.

  24. My sincere and heartfelt condolences in the tragic loss of Debbie.
    Her work has been so vitally received, and given such hope to those of us who desperately needed some light in our lives.
    RIP a brave, loyal, decent, wonderful person.
    Thank you debbie so much for everything you have done.

  25. Sometimes words are not enough to convey the debt of gratitude owed to someone – this is one of those occasions.

    Sincere condolences to all family and friends.

  26. A sad loss for our movement. Condolences to all Debbie’s family, friends and fellow fighters in the struggle.

  27. really sorry to hear about the loss of Debbie. Thanks for all you have done and the legacy you will leave Debbie RIP from peter and all at Shaping Our Lives

  28. So sorry to hear about this terrible loss. I’ve followed your work through the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty posts and we all stand in solidarity with DPAC. No doubt you will shed tears about losing Debbie Jolly, then pull yourselves together and work even harder for the justice she was so commited to. Condolences.

  29. Very sad brings things into sharp relief. Rest in Peace Debbie.

  30. RIP Debbie – thank you so much for your hard work. You will not be forgotten <3

  31. rip its sadness that you had to fight this abuse by gov but you shown the way to many that to fight back was the way now you paid the price that shows that one wasnt ftw yet your passing will affect many Debbie Jolly but you memory will live on jeff

  32. Sorry to hear of our lose pass on my condolences to the family

  33. Very sorry to hear this Linda – my thoughts are with you all. Last met up with Debbie last November in Leeds and we had a lovely chat outside during the break. Debbie will be missed..

  34. i just cant believe it – what a terrible shock

  35. I’m very sorry to hear the sad news. Debbie was a great fighter for justice and always struck me as a very kind and intelligent person.

  36. I am gutted to hear such devastating news of this remarkable woman, my condolences go to Debbie’s family and freinds, Lastly to lose anyone who was such a brilliant campaigner is like losing a family member for many campaigners, I for one will miss her and will fight on in her memory. Respect! RIP Debbie x

  37. very sad news to hear of Deebie’s sudden and untimely death. She was a inspieation to us all, she leaves big hole in our movement that will never be filled

  38. Really sorry to hear this news and wish all power to those who continue with the incredible work that Debbie has tirelessly engaged in

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