Nov 202016

Poster of a Zombie with the description "Person with a living disability"

This poster was spotted in the window of electronics chain Cex in Dudley. The disabled person who spotted it, who was with a child at the time, was utterly appalled to see this in a high street shop window. She took a photo of it and sent it in to us at DPAC.

The poster shows a decomposing zombie with an  description of “Person with a living disability”.

We believe that such an image is utterly offensive to disabled people, and anyone whether a disabled person or not who has the slightest sense of decency.

If you agree please contact Cex on twitter @Cex,  on facebook, or email them by the contact page on their website.

And let us know if you see this poster or any other ableist or offensive material in display in your local Cex store. If you can,. please take a photo and email it to us at




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  9 Responses to “Tell Cex Stores that their advertising is offensive #ableism”

  1. To be perfectly honest, I’ve seen that almost every time I’ve been into my local CEX – being a gamer on a very low income, I’m a regular customer – and though it runs very close to the line, I can never say it’s really annoyed or upset me. Whoever designed it knew what they were saying and did it as a tongue-in-mouth joke that – as I said – runs very near the line, whereas most of the advertising I really find makes me angry is done through sheer ignorance by people who just don’t care enough to ask or to do their research. I can see how this might upset some people, but it doesn’t upset me (as someone with multiple disabilities), and a friend of mine who’s partially-sighted, registered blind and in her 70s, actually thinks the ad’s funny -because it’s so weird, she said.

    Really, though, regardless of your view or mine, you don’t speak for all disabled people in the world or even the country, shouldn’t claim to do so on a matter so comparatively trivial given the major troubles disabled people as a group are having to endure and fight against in the UK at present, and it would be appreciated if you’d word your petition in such a way that it won’t read as though you speak on behalf of the entire disabled community, instead of misleading people into thinking that you do. Even if you thought (when you wrote it) that you did.

    Also, this ad has been running for years, and I’m not even making an overstatement in saying that. How come you or your friend/acquaintance only noticed and took umbrage now? I can’t help but wonder.

  2. I’ve made a formal complaint to CeX yesterday aFrere seeing this discriminatory posteoporosis for a poster. I’m both a shamed as a gamer and more ashamed being disabled. This surely cannot be right. Luckily for me I don’t shop at CEX and won’t be doing so in the near future. Thiso 8s not only tasteless, but heartless to say the least.

  3. Have you contacted CEX via their Facebook, &/or website &/or twitter, etc

  4. I have now contacted Dudley Council and awaiting a reply. I’ll keep you all up to date.

  5. I checked out the complaint procedure on CAP. Sadly they have no juristiction over shop window advertising. The local authority in Dudley are responcible for that aspect of advertising. I am going to post a formal complaint to Dudley Council. That is the best way forward. If you see an advertisement in your local Cex shop. Make a complaint to the local authority in your area. They will act.

  6. That poster is a disgrace – I will be looking closely at my local branch to see if they have done anything similar.

  7. This is utterly disgusting. What could CEX have been thinking about. ASA website suggests that multiple complaints don’t have any more weight than one – can that be true? Is DPAC making a complaint? I have drawn the attention of the Equality & Human Rights Commission to this advert. Ann

  8. I find you image of a zombie in the store window in Dudley referring to people with disabilities as this very offensive. I teach young people with disabilities and they are the most amazing young people I have every taught and they have taught me so much. I also have a sister with autism and I myself have dyslexia. This is appalling and many parents would find this very offensive as I do. I will not be shopping here again unless it is removed and a formal appoygy is made!

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