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Earlier today I had an email from Debbie’s family about funeral arrangements which is copied below.
We would like to thank everybody for their condolences and tributes to Debbie. We are immensely proud of her and we’re utterly devastated to have lost her, and for disability rights to have lost such an important campaigner. Debbie truly was an incredible human being. 
We understand the wide reaching impact which Debbie’s tragic passing has had on so many people. It has been tremendously comforting to read the posts on social media. Naturally there is a loving desire to send cards of condolence or flowers to the family, but we think a far more fitting gesture would be to leave those items in the shops and donate to DPAC to enable them to continue their part in the fight against injustice. That’s what Debbie would have wanted. 
The concept of a funeral made little sense to Debbie. She felt that a person could be mourned without the need of such ceremonies. We feel that Debbie would rather have money go towards the cause she dedicated herself so passionately towards and therefore have decided not to have a conventional funeral, but instead we will donate the money saved to DPAC. We hope that people understand that Debbie would have wanted this.
Kind regards,
We’re grateful to Debbie’s family for thinking about DPAC at this sad time for us all, but especially for them.
If anyone does want to honour Debbie’s memory then please attend the planned protest this Wednesday, November 16th 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm meet Old Palace Yard, opposite House of Commons if at all possible.
To make a donation
Disabled People Against Cuts
by cheque made payable to Disabled People Against Cuts 17, St. Michaels Road, Claverdon, Warwickshire, CV35 8NT
Alternatively you can donate via paypal on the website
Linda Burnip


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  9 Responses to “Funeral Arrangements for Debbie”

  1. I met Debbie last September in Sofia during ENIL assembly and had great time with her during those three days. However we’d known each other for a longer time via ENIL Board’s emails.
    I’m so sorrowful for her loss and I’m very glad for the kind of “funeral” that has be chosen. I’m sure she’s happy to know about this protest in her memory!!

    Marina V

  2. This is profoundly moving from Debbie’s family. In their time of sorrow, what a wonderful, selfless gesture. I didn’t know Debbie personally, only of her inspirational work with DPAC. That has helped and touched so many more people she and DPAC members personally know and likely saved many more disabled lives, giving focus and self-esteem to many who have found themselves scapegoats of inhumane government policy and propaganda.

    It also reinforces my conviction that there is something terribly wrong with a society that only deems economic contributions as somehow `worthier’ than caring community activism, voluntary work, or simply being a shining example of humanity for others to aspire to.

    So although I can’t attend the funeral, I hope Debbie’s family and friends will read this and take some comfort from all the lovely messages here. My best regards and commiserations to all.

  3. Please pass on my deepest sympathy to her family. Their generosity will give hope to others whilst they grieve. It is such a powerful thing to do – it also the kind of thing Debbie would do. Let’s keep up that hope.

    • Thank you Eleanor and everyone for all the moving tributes that have been placed here. They will be collected with emails that have been sent in and be sent on to Debbie’s family

  4. A huge thank you to Debbie’s parents – they must take some credit, surely, for their wonderful daughter.

  5. I wish I could be there on Weds, but I cannot. But I am donating in Debbie’s memory. She was such a staunch warrior for disability rights. My heartfelt condolences to her loved ones

  6. Rest in peace Debbie..I’m sure your good works will continue as the fight for right must go on..bless you xxx

  7. Bless her. I share Debbie’s feelings about funerals. DPAC is an enormous legacy to leave. X

  8. Perfect, just perfect 🙂 This is exactly why we loved Debbie and she was soooo proud of her family. See you there xxx

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