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Video by Jason Batchelor

First it was Labour…..

In 2006 John Hutton (the Work and Pensions Secretary) introduced a target to remove 1 million people from incapacity benefit – despite a fraud rate of 0.3% (the equivalent of 7500 claimants).

James Purnell (Work and Pensions Secretary 2008-2009) introduced Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) which (amongst other things) assesses people’s ability to pick up an empty cardboard box (once).

Yvette Cooper (Work and Pensions Secretary 2009-2010), claimed she did not receive a letter from a coroner, warning her that ESA could cause suicides. During her tenure terminally ill people were found for fit for work, and she approved a test that assessed amputees abilities to lift empty cardboard boxes with their stumps, and assessed all mobility problems with an imaginary wheelchair.

And then the Tories came to power

Iain Duncan Smith (Work and Pensions secretary 2010-2016) accelerated the roll out of ESA and harshened the criteria. A report by Liverpool and Oxford University estimated that this caused 590 suicides and an additional prescribing of 725 000 antidepressant items. http://jech.bmj.com/content/early/2015/10/26/jech-2015-206209.full

ESA is divided into two groups the unconditional support group and the work related activity group (WRAG). The threshold for the support group is very high – consequently a lot of severely disabled (and in some cases terminally ill people) are required to have meetings with the job centre to discuss their return to work. Failure to comply can result in being sanctioned indefinitely.

Following the election of the first Conservative only government for 23 years, Iain Duncan Smith announced that the WRAG component would be cut by £30 a week. This faced considerable opposition from charities and disabled groups and even three Conservative MPs. One of the Tory opponents of the bill Heidi Allen argued: “I do not believe mentoring and support alone will heat the home of someone recovering from chemotherapy”. (She abstained)

After the bill was passed, disabled charities sacked their Tory patrons.


Find out here how your MP voted: https://dpac.uk.net/2016/02/esa-cut-its-not-over-noesacut/

Autumn 2016

Debbie Abrahams, Labour’s Shadow Minster for Work and Pensions Pledges the Labour Party to scrap the WCA and “Punitive”Sanctions

Thus Labour comes full circle to oppose WCA, joining the Green Party (who called for the WCA to be halted in 2015 ) and the LibDems who have also pledged to (scrap WCA having previously supported it for 5 years in a coalition which enabled the Tory atrocities to happen ) leaving the Conservatives isolated as the only major national party still supporting hated and damaging Work Capability Assessments

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  7 Responses to “Please watch and share this video on the £30/week ESA Cut for people in the WRAG #NoESACut”

  1. yvette cooper and the rest of the blairites wont change anything they agree with the tories policy’s unless they deselected by their own people more the same to come of these devils whose only goal is to get that tax payers pot flowing into their wallets by hook or bye crook

  2. Yes that evil yvette cooper who was at the bbc watching her stupid ed got no balls dance and no sorry from her about what she did and others in new labour who started all the reforms.
    I even contacted her and others in new labour warning what was going to happen and how unjust esa was going to be.
    Guess what no replies from them?

  3. Hello, is there a transcript available so that people using screen readers (e.g. blind or dyslexic people) can access the video? Thanks.

    • We hope to get a transcript added today or possibly tomorrow

    • Hi Catharine, I had requested this a few months ago with regards to a previous video clip on dpac. Sadly I didn’t get any responce. I hope this time there will be some kind of audio description. The music itself is certainly moving and the brief outline of the cut’s and subsequent hardship to disabled people is abundantly clear. As a totally blind person, some kind of description is important. A transcript would help immensly. The Tories are clearly stealing from the poor and disabled to give to the rich. It is my opinion that the proposed changes in criteria to pip was a diversion from this £30 a week cut. MP’s were clearly unhappy with the proposal yet somehow it became part of government policy. It is a cut for one reason and one reason only. To save money. It won’t help disabled people into employment. The only thing that will accomplish that is a new disability discrimination act in which employers are forced to employ disabled people. It has recently come to my attention that if a prospective employee is on pip or dla they are immediatly rejected for employment by the prospective employer.

  4. scapegoated by right wing corrupt creeps

  5. Impressive video and good accompanying notes. I have shared this on facebook, twitter and my own blog, aspiblog.wordpress.com.

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