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3rd October 2016

No More ‘’Cinderella’’ Role – We Will Go To The Ball!

Assemble: 13:00pm

St Philip’s Cathedral, Colmore Row* Birmingham


DPAC WM has organised a Day of Action to coincide with the Conservative Party Conference. Through a series of activities, culminating with a Rally at the Birmingham Council House, DPAC WM will bring to life the grim reality of living in Tory led Britain.

Will you join our cast on the 3rd October, 2016 in Birmingham to help tell our version of events as Cinderella takes on her evil stepsisters and the Big Bad Wolf?

Article 19 – Living independently and being included in the community

States Parties to this Convention recognize the equal right of all disabled people to live in the community, with choices equal to others, and shall take effective and appropriate measures to facilitate full enjoyment by disabled people of this right and their full inclusion and participation in the community.

*Colmore Row is a street in the centre of Birmingham running from Victoria Square to just beyond Snow Hill station.

National Demonstration

2nd October 2016

Tories OUT – Austerity Has Failed

Assemble: 11:30am, Victoria Square, Birmingham

Access Information for Deaf and Disabled People


The Co-ordinators of DPAC WM have been working with National P.A., West Midlands TUC and the regional Unwelcome the Tories Committee to make this demonstration as inclusive as possible. Discussions are ongoing therefore this information may alter. Our primary objective is to ensure everyone’s well-being and safety therefore we can only outline the conditions we could encounter as we currently see them.


Victoria Square Start Station – Whole March


The geographical terrain of Birmingham City Centre does not lend itself well to large numbers of people and between 10,000 and 30,000 may gravitate towards Victoria Square and surrounding streets from 11am onwards. The route of the demonstration between Victoria Square and Dale End could present mobility issues as the road is relatively narrow and slightly uneven. [See short march details]


We would like to suggest Deaf and Disabled People who want to go on the whole demonstration congregate in Eden Place [between top of Colmore Row and Edmund Street] – it is near the Council House with a Starbucks on the corner – feeding into the demonstration at this point.


Lower Bull Street Start Station – Short March


We would like to recommend that Deaf and Disabled People who want to go on a shorter route congregate at the lower end of Bull Street by [Wok & Go: 100A Bull St, Birmingham B4 7AA] – feeding into the demonstration at this point as the road widens soon after this stretch.


Rallying point [end of demonstration]


Precise details in relation to the layout of the site with the stage and accessible portaloos are not currently available. At the end of the demonstration Stewards will indicate where Deaf and Disabled People can follow the most direct and accessible route to the staging area. A cordoned off section will be provided to ensure access to the proceedings for wheelchair users, those with restricted mobility and those who are Deaf and hearing impaired – BSL Interpretation available. It is essential that people in this section assist us in a disciplined way to ensure both access and egress at ALL times.


Travel Plans




If possible using Snow Hill Rail Station would offer the most direct route [turn right out of station up Colmore Row] to both Victoria Square and the lower end of Bull St [cross road, then turn left until the corner and travel South] to the short march station point.


New Street Rail Station has good and bad points. Grand Central [upper floor accessed via lifts and escalators] has a variety of food outlets. It is however a steep trek to Victoria Square from the station taking a variety of routes. [Bull St can be accessed via turning right at New St and then going down High St or straight up Corporation St and then right onto Bull St.]


Car parking


It is unlikely there will be parking in close proximity to either start stations.




It is likely bus routes will be either suspended or re-routed into the City Centre = [check on:]


Food and Drink


There are sparse outlets near end of demonstration. City Centre ones vary greatly in terms of access and could be extremely busy or difficult to navigate. We would advise where possible to bring packed food and drink.



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  2 Responses to “Protest at Tory party Conference Birmingham 2nd & 3rd October”

  1. Tories OUT- Austerity Has Failed Protest March – I attended this fabulous demonstration today organised by the TUC and People Against Austerity. I was fortunate to get to this protest by courtesy of Unite the Union & the members of the Rhyl Branch of People Against Austerity . Members of Rhyl Against Austerity ensured that I was safe at all times though this wasn’t necessary as the parade through the streets of Birmingham was friendly ,peaceful & warm hearted as were the Birmingham Police Force .The meeting congregated with the guidance police out riders to near Victoria Square which I was could told up to 30,000 people. The square was packed & buzzing with humour & excitement with so many young people & children. The speakers were numeros trade union organisations & bodies. Though they audio system was poor & didn’t reach me as I first entered the square and I struggled to get closer to the speakers platform on top of a fire brigade motor vehicle.Then drums began to pound hypnotically for the vast crowd to commence their protest march onto the streets through Birmingham with thousands of protesters all holding high thousands of flags & banners & multi coloured placards..I must confess that I was totally exhausted by the time the march ended & laid down to rest thinking about those who were not their would hold their manhood cheap in Birmingham on October the 2nd !

  2. It’s time for us to stand up and be counted people. We have a opportunity to show our disgust with this murderous, none caring, Tory Government. They don’t care about ill, disabled people.We have a chance here to show our disgust against them by turning up in our thousands. So please, for all our sakes, get yourselves to this demonstration if at all possible.BE THERE

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