Sep 142016

DPAC’s conference on Saturday 10th September #globalresistance brought together speakers from Greece, Ireland, Germany,  Bulgaria and the UK in solidarity for disabled people

From Greece Antonios Rellis and Athanasios Papantonopoulous of the brilliant activist group Κίνηση Χειραφέτησης ΑμεΑ: “Μηδενική Ανοχή” Emancipation Movement of People with Disabilities: “Zero Tolerance”gave us a film of their occupation of to the “Kepep” or “child care centre” in the town of Lechaina.

We have been asked to put this on the DPAC web, but we warn that the film of the institution is harrowing and upsetting to watch, nethertheless we believe that it should be seen by as many people as possible to expose the inhuman conditions that still exist in Greece and , sadly in other countries too.

We also reproduce the power point given on the day which highlights problems with some ‘traditional’ disability organisations in their collusion with national governments to undermine the problems that disabled people face . A  sad fact that extends country bounderies

Power Point


For more details see Canary piece

PwD Emancipation Movement: ZERO TOLERANCE
Zero tolerance to whatever violates the right to dignity, the right to life itself.

We will be adding more films and power points from the conference shortly



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  4 Responses to “Greece’s shocking secret:the work of Zero Tolerance”

  1. how sad, why do they have to be tied up ? only because they havent got the proper resources. There are adults and children ,lots of different disabilities. the little girl in the glass room. it looks like some of the staff are at the end of thier tether, looking unwell themselves, especially the one lady.

  2. I’m so proud of that group, as they show the world how children, because they had the misfortune to be born disabled, are treated.

    I can’t even say they are being treated like animals, as animals get a much better treatment than this!

    I so hope that people will wake up to the way that the disabled, no matter what their age, are being treated all around the world – in the 21st century, to have this happen, without a huge outcry against it, is a total disgrace.

  3. As Leandro Despouy, the UN Special Rapporteur on Disability says in the introduction of his report to the United Nations in 1993:
    “The treatment given to disabled persons defines the innermost characteristics of a society and highlights the cultural values that sustain it. It might appear elementary to point out that persons with disabilities are human beings – as human as, and usually even more human than, the rest.”

    We are not a separate species to be annihilated! I cannot describe the horror I felt whilst seeing these young lives beings being treated in this way!

    I cannot describe how proud I was of those Greeks for showing the world what happens when people are invisible particularly during this war against us in austerity!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. It’s horrible and harrowing to watch, but we need to be reminded that to some people it’s OK to keep children doped up, tied up and caged. They think that’s alright. And that justifies there actions and the cuts that governments make. That’s why we in this country need to see it to make sure it never happens here.

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