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At the end of last year the UK became the first country in the world to be investigated by the United Nations for grave and systematic violations of Disabled people’s rights.

This is as a direct result of the disproportionate impact of austerity on Disabled people and ideological attacks waged by the Tory government that have seen Disabled people and the poorest members of society hit by cut after cut after cut.

In 2012 DPAC in partnership with UK Uncut were able to use the media interest around the London Paralympics to draw attention to the disgraceful practices of Atos, one of the Paralympic sponsors and the company responsible for carrying out the notorious Work Capability Assessment that has caused so much harm and suffering. Two years later Atos pulled put of the contract to run the WCA which had become unworkable due to the success of the campaign against them.

This September DPAC will be using the interest surrounding the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio to draw attention to the cumulative impact of the cuts on Disabled people that are taking Disabled people’s rights back decades with attacks in every area of our lives from education to independent living to employment to income.

Whilst we will not be protesting against the Games themselves, we will be using this opportunity to raise awareness of the increasing numbers of Disabled people whose access not only to sport and recreation but also to basic human rights such support to eat, drink and use the toilet is being taken away as a result of the cuts.

Below are the events we have planned but please do organise your own and let us know so we can publicise.

Week of Action

Woman standing in front of an exhibition. She is holding a poster which says "Cut your crap not our lifelines"

Photo: Christopher John Ball

Sunday 4th September 2016
#Art4Rights Exhibition

To kick off our week of action Disabled People Against Cuts, PCS Culture Sector and allies will be launching an exhibition by Disabled artists to highlight the impact of austerity on Disabled people felt through the devastating range and scale of cuts experienced since 2010.

The exhibition will be popping up in a central London location and simultaneously launched on-line at from 2pm.


Man at protest holding NO ILF NO LIFE placard

Photo: DPAC

Monday 5th September 2016
Demanding the Right to Independent Living #Right2IL

Join Independent living campaigners in Parliament for the launch of ‘One Year On: a report into the impact of the closure of the Independent Living Fund’ by Inclusion London. For access info or to book a place please contact

2-4pm Committee Room 21, House of Commons. BSL provided.


Protest against cuts to legal aid outside Norwich City Hall

Photo by Roger Blackwell

Monday 5th September 2016
#Right2IL Pop-Up Street Theatre

Join the DPAC crew for a unique show paying homage to Independent Living with poetry, spoken word & performance art plus Masterclasses by the artists at one of the worlds most iconic venues.

Meet outside the Houses of Parliament Exit at 5pm.


The 'Atos Miracle Cure' -'Atos's own Reverend' blesses and lays his hand on the head of a man in a wheelchair at the Closing Atos Ceremony by DPAC & UK Uncut outside Atos's offices.

Photo: Peter Marshall

Tuesday 6th September 2016
National day of action for #RightsNotGames

DPAC is calling on campaigners across the UK to come out onto the streets in protest against the many different cuts and attacks with campaigners choosing local targets reflecting the issues that
are affecting Disabled people locally. Please get in touch if you are planning anything to:

For more information about where protests are taking place, and resources for local protests see


People with banners at a protest which say NO MORE DEATHS FROM BENEFIT CUTS

Photo: Peter Marshall

Wednesday 7th September 2016
No More Benefit Deaths #CutsKill

12pm. Meet outside Downing Street to remember the victims of welfare reform during the first Prime Minister’s Questions after Parliament comes back from recess. We will be calling on the new Prime Minister to make public the findings of the UN investigation into the UK for violations of Deaf and Disabled people’s rights, to scrap the Work Capability Assessment and commit to preventing future benefit-related deaths. Please bring white flowers. Mourning dress optional.


DPAC banner which says Disabled People Against Cuts: Rights not Charity

Photo: Disabled Go

Wednesday 7th September 2016
#RightsNotGames virtual protest

From 9.30pm. To coincide with the Paralympics opening ceremony we invite campaigners from across the world to join with us in a virtual protest against the disproportionate impact of global austerity on Deaf and Disabled people using a groundbreaking online tool developed for us by students at the Royal College of Arts. For more information see


People walking in front of the Resource for London building

Photo: Resource for London

Saturday 10th September 2016
Conference: DPAC Disabled Peoples’ Resistance: building beyond borders #GlobalResistance

Join us for a one day conference bringing together perspectives and allies in the fight against austerity and neo-liberalism from the UK, Europe and Canada to look at geographic resistance and independent living. Speakers include John Clarke (Canada), Antonois Rellas (Greece), Catriona Kenny (Ireland), Kapka Panayotova (Bulgaria), The ak MoB (Germany) and John McDonnell MP. For more info or to book a place contact


Lizz Carr with placard which says ASSISTED SUICIDE IS NOT THE SOLUTION

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2016
Assisted Suicide: The Musical

To celebrate the end of the week of action we will be kicking back and enjoying ‘Assisted Suicide: The Musical’ by writer/actor/activist Liz Carr which is being performed at the Southbank Centre on 10th and 11th September.

For more information go to:


Online actions

Throughout the week there will be a range of online actions that campaigners can take part in.
For more information see

Travel costs

If you would like to take part in one of the events above but need help with reasonable travel costs please contact:


For access needs please contact or 07505144371 (text only)


All donations however small to help make the week of action happen are extremely valuable. To donate you can go through the paypal button on the DPAC website or to make a direct transfer contact

Download the PDF flyer here:

#RightsNotGames Week of Action single page flyer - A5

#RightsNotGames Week of Action single page flyer – A5

Rights not Games Flyer

Support the DPAC #RightsNotGames Week of Action by signing up to the Thunderclap



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  8 Responses to “September 2016 DPAC Week of Action- September 4th-10th. #RightsNotGames”

  1. Salford TUC U W C the exhibition and the programme for the week of action are inspiring
    on Tuesday we will demonstrate at the Eccles DWP Dave Boyce will be leading the demo a man who was sanctioned 8 times
    and he is a diabetic but had no money to afford food so could not take the insulin for his diabetic ulcers they became infected and his left leg was amputated by a doctor.Dave won the appeal against benefit sanctions.
    looking forward to this demo

  2. Seems even more appropriate given the way the Paralympics are being treated. Third class citizens or what? Rarely have I felt angrier than the way we are all being treated, whether it is the total failure of social security or the trashing of elite sport, it’s all the same. We are officially trash.

  3. I have just started my wife’s claim for PIP and was tret like a third class citizen because I dared to ask the operator to repeat herself. I for one as a full time carer am fed up to the back teeth of being used as a whipping boy to pay for a deficit caused by the elite of society. I will fight the whole corrupt system if I have to in order to get some justice for people who cannot defend themselves- nothing but a cull on the weak and vulnerable.

    • Don’t waste your anger on the system at the beginning, it only gets worse. I felt bullied all the way through and still ended up loosing half my benefits in the change from DLA to PIP.

      The final stage you have to go to a Magistrates court!

  4. Brilliant! Looking forward to hearing about it . With all good wishes.

  5. Hello Linda, Where is everywhere. Here i am in Morecambe with my DPAC T. Filling in a Universal Credit form two days late as I have been in hospital for two days on the trot. No more ESA.

    Look forward to reading the DPAC website. With love and solidarity to you all.

  6. Brighton DPAC will try and organise something for Tuesday, 6th of September … At this moment I am somewhat at a loss as to what we can organise but it is early days :p

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