Jun 092016

On the 15th June the Supreme Court will look at a case which could have wide implications for wheelchair and mobility scooter users who want to travel by bus in the UK.

On this day, TfA (Transport for All) members will gather together to show First Bus Group that disabled people everywhere are standing up for our right to ride.

Join us to show our support for Doug Paulley on this historic day.

WHEN: Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 9.00 am

WHERE: In front of the Supreme Court (nearest accessible Tube station is Wesminster. Buses: 148, 211).

Wheelchair and mobility scooter users are heavily dependent on buses to get around London because so few Tube stations have step-free access. But bus travel for disabled and older Londoners is not always easy.

In 2014, the well-publicised Appeal Court case involving Doug Paulley and the bus company First Bus Group really highlighted this issue.

Wheelchair-user Doug Paulley had successfully sued First Bus Group in 2013 after he had been denied access to one of their buses because a bus driver didn’t enforce priority in the wheelchair space and a buggy owner refused to make room for him. But this decision was overturned by the Appeal Court in November 2014. The Supreme Court will now reconsider the case.

Transport for All has supported Doug from the beginning. This case has wide implications for wheelchair users who want to travel by bus. If the original verdict in Mr Paulley’s favour is upheld by the Supreme Court, then the requirement in law to give a wheelchair/mobility scooter user access to the wheelchair space will be absolutely undeniable, and all bus companies will have to enforce it.

We hope that Doug’s appeal will be upheld. Disabled people fought for and won the wheelchair space, and the right to be able to travel on buses. We can’t let this right be eroded by a failure to enforce it as a wheelchair bay.

Please email Raphael if you would like to come: raphael@transportforall.org.uk


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  1. I will be with you in spirit (unfortunately a combination of distance and lack of money prevent me from being there in body!).

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