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As three of the disabled people and the parent of a fourth who in 2013 and 2014 brought legal challenges to the decisions by Conservative ministers to close the UK-wide Independent Living Fund, we are concerned by the developments in the Labour Party over the weekend and the threat to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.


Throughout our campaign to save the Independent Living Fund, Jeremy Corbyn was unstinting in his support for the continuation of the Fund, and issued a statement on the day of closure in June 2015 pledging to campaign for its reinstatement.


The democratic election of Jeremy Corbyn last September instilled hope among many disabled people and their families that the Labour Party had turned a corner, and would campaign hard to stop further austerity and cuts to public services and benefits.


A number of Judicial Reviews brought in recent years reflect the impact public service cuts are having on the lives of disabled people and their families. While legal challenges are sometimes successful, they cannot achieve the impact and change an effective political campaign can.


Rather than sow further division, we would urge Labour MPs to remember who austerity and public sector cuts are hitting the hardest, and the lives now being destroyed by them.


There is a desperate need for unity among working class people of all ages and backgrounds, and we need the Labour Party and its MPs to consider their responsibility and duty of care towards those who will continue to face the consequences if we fail to end austerity now.


This is only possible if the Labour Party unites behind Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and works in unity with the trade unions and disability campaigners to build a political movement to achieve this.


Anne Pridmore, Gabriel Pepper, Paul Taylforth and Stuart Bracking


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  11 Responses to “An Appeal to Labour MPs from Disability Campaigners”

  1. Great letter and thank you. Jeremy Corbyn is the best labour leader we’ve had in years. I really like Jeremy because he’s down to earth not only for leader of the labour party but just as man of the people.

  2. People with mental illness or dieing every day because of the torygoverment.Anyone can get I’ll.and the torys don’t give a stuff people. All they care about is money God help us all.

  3. Spot on!

  4. A brilliant letter, and I hope and pray the MP’s take a note of this and start acting like the paid representatives theye supposed to be! :/

  5. Well said.

  6. Brilliant, thank you.

  7. Absolutely agree. Corbyn has been that one, single day of light during the six plus years of very dark clouds.

    Should Corbyn be ousted I shall be looking to support another party that actually gives a monkey’s about us. It’s clear those that want Corbyn out don’t give a crap about democracy and the wishes of the public who they want to vote for them. They will be making a huge mistake as I believe many Corbynites will look to support the Greens or the Lib Dems instead.

  8. Unfortunately Labour is now irrelevant to many in the Northeast, Blair made sure of that… and Jeremy is a Lovely fella … But no good in a verbal scrap… The very idea that the Labour party will win the next election is a Joke….

    Whether we like it or not the country has spoken, just because some do not like

    the result does not mean that we have any right to overturn it… I blame middle class Labour voters, no one else, they have dismissed genuine concerns as “racism” The fact is Parliament to many (such as myself) is an irrelevant out of touch and full of public school ponces. I voted remain because of Joe Cox, but I was gonna vote leave, because all the political elite are at best, patronising….

    We need to stop moaning and start thinking…. We all know Farage is a glorified used car salesman, but he and his fear has won for now, And what is DPAC gonna do about it? Bitching solves NOTHING…

  9. I support the above whole heartedly.

  10. Excellent letter – absolutely agree!

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