Aug 302015
The IDS Files - The Truth is Out There
In his latest announcement about “helping” 1 million disabled people move into work, which is a repeat of what he said in 2010 but miserably failed to achieve by putting over 4 million disabled people through the treadmill of repeat assessments, one paragraph is worth highlighting:

‘Let’s take the Work Programme.

The Work Programme is, I believe, the most successful back to work programme we’ve ever seen.

By March this year:

over 1 million people – or 70% of all referrals – had spent some time off benefit;
and over 430,000 people had moved into lasting employment’.

It is not very different from what DWP’s annual report says:

‘’By March 2015 the Work Programme had helped over 430,000 people find sustained employment – that’s over a quarter of everyone who’d been on the Work Programme long enough to benefit from it.

Let’s look at that claim a little more closely. On page 20, under the heading “Reducing long-term unemployment”:

‘By March 2015 our providers had helped 432,610 participants find at least 6 months of sustained work (or 3 months for those who were the hardest to help). That’s over a quarter of everyone who’s been on the Work Programme long enough to find work. It also beats our minimum performance level, which was approximately 410,000’.

I don’t know what your definition of ‘sustained work’ or ‘lasting employment’ is, but mine is not a 3 or 6 month spell of work.

And look who repeats the lie: Priti Patel, Minister for Employment

If the Work Programme was so successful, Duncan Smith would not have to massage the figures, or the figures about disabled people on disability benefit supposedly fit for work or every single figure DWP has been producing. The rot starts at the top and he has to go.

by Anita Bellows


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  4 Responses to “The IDS Files: The latest lie by Iain Duncan Smith #IDSFiles #IDSMustGo”

  1. I would put it Down to Selfishness being Brainwashed and in their Tiny Little Worlds

    I would also Say Lack of Human Decency

    I Admire the Heroic Stand of the Greeks against the Austerity Slavery but Britons of Today
    are more Spineless Jellyfish than the Bulldog Breed and as For a Caring Society where is it
    I Wonder ?

  2. Wake Up Britain and Stop the Political Sleepwalk Trance

  3. People in Britain are Generally Spineless and I Am All Right Jack so is it any Wonder why Wrecking
    Politicians are Not Held to Account

    • Spot on, the French, the Greek, all the other countries too and the people won’t stand for it so why do the british just let the government carry on killing us sick and disabled ??????

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