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Are you excited that the election fanfare is over? Are ye of little faith that much will change? Concerned that our human rights are under attack? That the Government’s austerity regime is unnecessary and brutal and will end in tragedy? Do you want to connect, learn from, make commonalities and organise with other people challenging injustice?
‘Beyond The Ballot Box!’ – Creative Activism Lab
Sunday June 14th 2015 10am-5pm – Saint George’s Town Hall, 236 Cable Street, London E1 0BL, United Kingdom (for all accessibility requirements for the day please get in contact ASAP). Nearest station – Whitechapel or Shadwell
Facebook page click here
Twitter – NeverAgainUK 
RSVP to reserve (limited spaces) your space or with any enquiries or if your press – neveragaineverever@gmail.com

Keynote speakers so far (more to come)
  • Leah Borromeo – a journalist, filmmaker and erstwhile Space Hijacker 
  • James leadbitter – Award winning mental health activist and artist at ‘The Vacuum Cleaner’
  • Saph Mac – Anti-racist activist, presenter and recent hostess of ‘Beyond UKIP Cabaret’ 
  • John Stewart – Top environmental activist and defeater of Heathrow airports development plans. 
  • Alison Playford – Occupy organiser and member of Disabled People Against Cuts
  • Jewdas Representative – a network of left-wing Jewish activists who campaign against fascism, racism and oppression in all its forms.
  • The Sex Workers’ Opera Representative – a show by local and global Sex Workers through community art and grassroots activism
  • The Rebel Clown Army Representative – an international movement bringing silliness and play into direct action to disempower authorities and shut down evil corporations using tickling tactics, hide and seek in public spaces and police parody fancy dress. 
  • Prison reform activism – our ex-prisoner guest will discuss how he’s made prison reform relevant and interesting for the unconverted. 
With further speakers from Save our Soho and a variety of queer, housing, sex worker, human rights and anti-austerity campaigns.

Throughout 2015 there has been an incredible amount of creative grassroots protest against the brutal connected environmental, social, racial, and economic injustice’s and the rise of the far rights politics across Britain. Those targeted by prejudice have come together [Disability, HIV, women’s, migrant right groups and many more] and have created imaginative performance protests (such as ‘The Beyond UKIP’ cabaret) to confront these injustice’s and to create a new world beyond this inequality.

These groups are coming together again for an ‘action-lab’ where we will create a series of actions for the rest of 2015 to let the electoral politicians know that our dreams live far beyond the ballot box.

The day will involve –

  • Learning from a panel of activists from key historical moments of injustice and resistance (speaker list to follow)
  • Strategising a series of actions for the coming year.
  • Facilitate critical thinking about the injustice of the whole system and not just individual causes/campaigns/groups
  • Facilitate unity, solidarity, ongoing networking and linking up of activities through grassroots performance protest and online media.
  • Create a large protest that strengthens movements at the grassroots and encourages resistance to the divide and rule of the mainstream political system.
RSVP to reserve your space or with any enquiries or if your press – neveragaineverever@gmail.com

The training is organised by a range of grassroots social justice movements as part of the ‘Never Nie Wieder – Never Again Ever!’ campaign – A unique memorial-activism programme to pass on the legacy of Holocaust survivors today. See all information at www.neveragainever.org


If you can’t make this one there will be another action-lab on July 19th 2015 in central London.




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