May 162015

We are looking for a case study we could meet and film in the London area about the Universal Credit & Sanctions. TF1 is the leading broadcaster in France and its prime time news programme attracts on average 8 million viewers a day and broadcasts to some 500,000 Britons currently living in France. TF1 broadcasts globally to the French speaking world (Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland and North African countries).

Please get in touch with DPAC if you can help at:



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  2 Responses to “On Universal Credit and been sanctioned? TV film crew want to talk to you”

  1. I have been in constant pain for 7 years and waiting for treatment for 5. I was sanctioned by the office person, (illegally as he had no authority to do do), as he didn’t like my attitude? My attitude, was being in constant pain, not eating for 5 days as I hadn’t had any money whatsoever for months, and added to my constant pain, no treatment except constant pain killers, and he didn’t like my attitude!

    I collapsed outside, and ended up in hospital where they gave me food.

    They told me, that they weren’t allowed to report situations like mine as it embarrasses the ‘authorities’?

  2. I do not live in London any more , I live in North Wales. Having said that I am of service to my friends of DPAC any time.

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