May 202015

If you have been sanctioned for not engaging in work related activity or threatened with a sanction while on employment support allowance-we want to hear from you for a potential legal challenge. Please email us at:

We all know what sanctions do to people; we all know that sanctions have led to needless, avoidable and unforgivable deaths.  With sanctions for those on employment support allowance increasing (up 25%), with 50,000 of those sanctions imposed for not engaging in a work related activity with some affecting mental health users- Its beyond time to act against this outrage

For those facing sanctions we also provide some practical info from @refuted below.

All info is up to date although stats are now out of date

With many thanks to refuted for the info



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  4 Responses to “On Employment Support Allowance been sanctioned or threatened with a Sanction?”

  1. My son who has depression, anxiety and social phobia was sanctioned for missing an appointment through illness even though I phoned and explained. He was told the sanction was for 3mths. 16mths later and with the support of my Labour Borough/County Councillor he finally got a back payment of the sanctioned monies. During the last 16mths I have supported him as much as I could from my Disability Benefits. We ended up at the local foodbank.

    Seetec did not do their job and stopped having him go for appointments but called him for 5 minutes fortnightly – that did not last for long as they soon stopped calling but were obviously ticking the box the they had seen him as he still received his lowered ESA. After several months he as suddenly called in 2 mths before the end of the 2yrs he was with them as they were being audited. At the end of the 2yrs with Seetec they had done nothing to help him.

  2. Hi I reached my year limit in April 2014 and was told I qualify for nothing more, so as the lucky lady I am my partner took on the burden of both careing and looking after me completely financially. I have Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and have suffered since 1998 yes through alot of work i have got myself up to a functional level so I am not bed bound any longer and refuse to be bed bound even when at bottom levels, I do now have a job running a junior youth club 2 hours a week as well as my club which i have 2 sessions a week of 3 hours, Its a knit and natter group and is four years old, I started it to start me on the road out of my hermit status, this is my voluntary group where i can do as little or as much as I want, This club is now a recommended group used by the local Social services Inclusion Service, because of its relaxed yet social environment. Which makes me think maybe as for the method of any recovery if there is a recovery I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and unless you do it for yourself it won’t happen. In these past four years I have got my self to a level which is finely balanced over activity and rest and other than those 2 hours i do for the youth club I have the ability to control the activity rest balance, I have a whole week between those two hours to bring my body and mind back into alignment so I can cope with those hours, my partner still thinks I am doing too much as I do not have any reserves for the unexpected life stresses, including the nature of my illness with its low immune status and its chemical sensitivities to the natural and unnatural world we live in, all which come as a normal part of life.
    I’m unsure if I have explained myself well enough but I think I am not an idle person, yet i feel deserted by all these Austerity features especially as the condition I have is not a recognised one and therefore not classified as a disability and still treated as a mental health issue where its all in your mind, so you require even more energy to fight both. So I admit I have stopped fighting, and the only reason I can is because I have a self employed partner who works 18 hr days to provide for me and our family. This is not fair on him or myself so I thought I should maybe support something like this. Good luck with everything.

  3. I have not been paid since 5/3/15 due to being ill on the day I was to attend a medical accessment I suplied a letter from doctor saying I was ill and have since submitted another 2 Their reply was not recognise illnesses as I’ve been on the sick before with same illness COPD, Brittle Asthmatic diabetis Osteoarthritis Angina.kidneys Unless I can get proof illness worse not accepting them I’ve been admitted to hospital 2 times in a year one with kidneys not working right due to diabetis out of control and the other COPD and they have noow found a nodule on my left lung and. Scarring I’m at wits end Its a disgrace what they are doing to people

  4. I am disabled I have arthritis in my hips I have had two hip replacement on the left and a hip replacement on the right also I had a fall and fractured my right shoulder socket which needed an operation which they could not repair all the damage I use crutches to get round I cannot walk more than 10 meters and I have just lost everything I was untitled to I had my right hip replacement done on the 12th of this month so I have hospital appointments physio appointments which I can not get to because they have took my car and stopped any money’s I’m untitled to I also have to got to the doctors to be referred to the hospital because they think I might have arthritis in my spine

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