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Independent Living Fund

Frequently Asked Questions for Independent Living Fund ( ILF ) users and other people with High Support Needs

This has been written for people who do not have a legal background. However, any individual who is considering legal action in relation to problems with their support should not rely only on this guide but should seek specialist advice, including legal advice.

These FAQs have been prepared by Kate Whittaker[1] together with DPAC supporters who are ILF users, Inclusion London and Disability Sheffield Centre for Independent Living. Individuals and local groups are welcome to re-use extracts and are free to copy it and send it round by email. If extracts of the paper are used in other publications please state that the content was taken from this guide.

The full document can be downloaded from

[1] Kate is a consultant solicitor at Scott-Moncrieff & Associates, a national firm of solicitors specialising in community care, public law, mental capacity and other civil liberties work. Scott-Moncrieff & Associates have a franchise with the Legal Aid Agency to provide legal aid work in these areas.  Kate also provides independent legal consultancy and training. She specialises in cases involving disabled adults and children and others who need care and support from public bodies. As well as working as a solicitor Kate works closely with a number of disabled people’s organisations providing advocacy and other services, including Disability Sheffield where she is a trustee.


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  2 Responses to “Independent Living Fund Frequently Asked Questions for Independent Living Fund ( ILF ) users and other people with High Support Needs”

  1. social services has decided the lady I have cared for and been appointee in all matters for can no longer be an employer I have to now take that responsibility.. things have been working for my client and myself for nearly 16 years happily living a very good life.due to ilf stopping its all going to change . my clients needs havnt changed and I feel that social services have taken away something that has worked well for many years. my client hasn’t the understanding of what is happening so that is the reason she can no longer be an employer, everyone was very happy for me to take on the role as an appointee helping my client years ago.I just feel its not right to take away her role with my help and support as an employer…..can they do this without any legal questions being asked . we don’t seem to have any choices in all this…….liz

  2. I have had help from Kate when my mothers care package was reduced a few years ago she now works at scott moncrief

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