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It has been very difficult to find out what is really happening regarding people being called for a Work Capability Assessment who may not have submitted an ESA50 form. This is a form that you fill in and is sent to you after the first initial phone contact to apply for  Employment Support Allowance. The issuing of the ESA50 form is automated and systematic in almost all cases. But we are hearing of people going to assessments who haven’t filled out this form or received it, also from people that filled out the form 1-2 years before their assessment.


We would like to ask people in this situation to contact us.  What we are specifically interested in, is to know whether Employment Support Allowance claimants had ever submitted an ESA50 form, at any time before being asked to attend a Work Capability Assessment, even if it was as far as 2 years ago.


In your response, could you specify whether you are claiming Employment Support Allowance  for the first time or whether it is a reassessment? And whether you have ever submitted  an ESA50 form at any time? And please could you be as precise as you can regarding the dates.

Thank you for you time.


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  1. I first claimed ESA on 3rd October 2014. I lost my hearing and I cannot talk on the phone. My claim was done via my local Employment Service,Nobody told me anything about an ESA 50 or even a medical.
    I found out about the medical last week from my Welfare Officer at the council, she got the Employment service person in the council to phone up about it. I recieved an email from DWP at Basildon saying they had fast tracked my medical to Atos,who replied saying, “I will get appointment. by next week”
    Do I go to the Employment service and ask about the ESA50?

  2. I have been on ESA for a number of years. My last WCA was in June 2012 and that is the last time I had an ESA50. Yesterday I received an appointment for another WCA but have not been given an ESA50 form to complete. I will try to complete a pdf version and take it to my appointment but there is less than 2 weeks to the medical date so I may not be able to do that. i have mental health problems. I feel shattered by this procedure and feel as though I’m at the top of a slippery slope.

  3. Yes a friend had a WCA in March on a 2 yr old form which failed then and was overturned on appeal. Failed this time mandatory reconsideration refused so new appeal sent in yesterday.

  4. YES!!
    Apparently, I should’ve been at the local atos centre (in Stockport) on the 18th April. However, up to that date, I’d neither seen the ESA50 or the appointment letter.
    Therefore, I failed.
    I did get a letter – ok, a form, asking me ‘why did you not attend?’ apparently, being truthful “I did not recieve an appointment” didn’t work – instant fail.
    So I’ve had to reapply for ESA again.
    Today I got the letter I’d been waiting for – yes, now send us your sick notes! (that one) and while I can easily provide an up-to-date sick note and a backdated one (which I’m picking up tomorrow), none of them mention *all* the things I’m claiming – however, my stomach issues are a persistent affair and I’m not done there yet, despite it being in the best form it’s been in in the last four years, so they’ll have to wait until the next sick note – which will have enough info on to give the doctor writers cramp. I’m also waiting for at least four other hospital/medical appointments for the things that have had my GP and specialist writing off to two rheumatology departments on top of at least two time consuming and hospital based tests.
    It’s a three bus journey each way to my Manchester appointments – time consuming and exhausting to say the very least – and not such a good thing because I can’t eat while I’m out – or I’ll be travel sick, although, recently, I’ve been ok with a small thick chocolate milkshake to stop me from at least keeling over.
    And summer – the time of warm sunshine and swollen feet and ankles… on top of plantar fasciitis, the challenge isn’t just to get out of bed of a morning, but to do so with as little swearing as possible.
    And mild arthritis in lower back and hips, wonky under-active thyroid, possible rheumatism in several joints plus a metric crateload of food intolerances aswell as the constant pain in my ribs since having my gallbladder out four years ago. The last time I had a scan on that area, it hurt me so much I was in tears.
    So the big question now is, am I going to be screwed over like I have been countless times in the past? the most likely answer will be ‘probably yes’.
    I’ve had my local MP involved too.
    But as for the rest of my naturals? well, I’d love for all my illnesses to get up and go. didn’t want it, didn’t ask for it, it happened – end of story.
    I’m expecting the same stuff to happen again. I don’t want to go to the assessment on my own.
    The last time I was assessed, as for mentioning ‘depression’, I was asked ‘so why haven’t you killed yourself?’
    Excuse me?
    In some ways, yes, I was glad I recorded it. it HAD to be recorded. If they’d have recorded it, I probably wouldn’t have had to jump through literal hoops and constantly reclaim time and time again for ESA.
    I can’t help it if my body doesn’t want to function all that well.
    I have been told to claim PIP, but all the stories about delays have made me a bit wary, that and being assessed by the same people. I stammer when I’m stressed/excited and my brain gets forgetful.
    But until I have those appointments in my hand, and a confirmation that I’m definitely sicker than I’ve ever been at any point ever in my life and Fibro is not some cuddly illness that makes a cold look like ebola..!!
    If I’ve rambled on, I’m sorry, I just saw the opportunity to vent.

  5. I filled in the form over 2yrs ago, and was sent for a wca and was told I was fit for work I then had to wait 15mths for the appeal which I won, I now get 6 monthly calls to check on my well beaing, it was a dreadfull time..

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