Mar 022015

Just a small fraction of some of todays tweets, pictures and videos from today’s National Day of Action vs Maximarse

Thanks to everyone who took part, on the streets in 30 towns and cities, on twitter and in solidarity with us in far away Toronto

See more here from Kate Belgrave, a storify by Paul Bull, and Johnny Void’s Blogpost about the day of action

Maximarse the Movie



























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  5 Responses to “Don’t relax Maximus, we’ll be back……. #ScrapWCA #Maximarse”

  1. It appears from other blogs that the domain name
    has been bought by Maximus, but no website attached to it.

    This link

    comes up when you put in in browser window,
    where Go Daddy advertises attaching a website to that domain name. is parked for free by Go Daddy, as is

    But just because the dot com domain name has been bought,

    does not mean someone cannot buy the cheaper versions of the domain name of

    You do not have to be a business, it is just a doman name.

    One domain name seller quotes 2 years for only £9.99 to buy domaoin name

    and is only £6.99 per year

    and is about £6.99 for 1 year and are bought domains.

    • This is Brilliant ! Thank you so much – will add it to the Don’t relax blogpost and start sharing right now!

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