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Below we publish the response from Kate Green shadow minister for disabled people to an inquiry from Brian Hilton, ILF Campaigner, on Labour’s position on the closure of the ILF.

From: “GREEN, Kate [Email Address Redacted]Date: 3 February 2015 08:28:26 GMTTo: Brian [Surname and Email Address Redacted]

Subject: RE: Ed Miliband statement yesterday on future of ILF

Dear Brian

Thank you for our further email, and apologies for not getting back to you before now on the English, Welsh and Scottish  material you sent me, which in fact I have been considering very carefully – particularly, as you suggest, the options being considered by the Welsh Assembly Government.

I do need to start by being clear that it’s not Labour’s position to retain the ILF. That’s because I believe that there is now a real opportunity, and indeed a pressing need, to develop a sustainable model of provision for the most severely disabled people within the integrated health and social care landscape that Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall have been articulating, rather than continuing with a standalone fund. I say this not least because an incoming government will immediately embark on a full review to set three year spending plans, and I think it’s vital that the spending review process has the concept of independent living at its heart. I’m therefore working closely with colleagues in the shadow health and CLG teams to establish the principles that will govern our approach.

We of course want to ensure recipients continue to be supported once the ILF has closed, which our proposed guidance to local authorities is intended to address, but our wider purpose is to ensure a sustainable model of provision that protects people’s ability to live independently in the way that they choose. I am really keen to stay in touch with you as we develop our thinking, and perhaps we could have a further conversation about this over the next few weeks.

Best wishes


Just in case anyone is in any doubt:

We are not taking No for an answer, however many times it is said.

We are not backing down on this, we are not going to give in and we will not give up.

We have right on our side, and we have determination in our hearts.

This campaign is not over, there is more to come, watch this blog for details.


We’re asking for as many DDPOs and individuals to sign up to an e-action to send an email directly to their MP


and also a petition to Ed Miliband and Ed Balls


And Finally – our response to Kate Green’s letter?  Its in the form of a song by @RockinPaddyWhich side are you on?

And if you enjoyed that , here is another@RockinPaddy song to get you up and ready to fight to #SaveILF: The Battle of Whilehall Continues


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  5 Responses to “Kate Green’s Response to #SaveILF & We’re still not taking No for an answer”

  1. I have been suspicious now for some time that maybe MPs have plenty of friends in high places who would love to make money out of care homes there are some nice profits to be made out of it all!!! I would sooner be dead and take my disabled son with me than see him in any care home I have seen!!!

  2. I am highly suspicious of the comment “to develop a sustainable model of provision for the most severely disabled people within the integrated health and social care landscape” This could mean “we have decided that you would all be better off, and out of our hair, in a nice “care home” where at best you will be abused, or at worst killed !

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