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See https://www.autismprofessionalsawards.org.uk

Supporters of Anthony Kletzander will gather at 6.0 pm outside the Royal Hall, Harrogate.

Nua Healthcare is the institution where Anthony Kletzander is incarcerated and abused.


Nua sponsored the National Autistic Society Professional Autism Awards for Clinical Excellence in 2014.

Supporters of Anthony brought an end to Nua sponsorship, for the 2015 awards.

NAS/NUA relationship continues. https://www.businessandleadership.com/business/item/40507-nua-healthcare-stands-out-I

This is despite Nua Healthcare (UK) failing Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections. Nua have since de registered their provision with CQC.

https://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-679471140 and https://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/1-631787360

NAS continue to give NUA  “Autism Accreditation”. NUA continue to abuse  Anthony Kletzander a young man with Autism.

Nua deny Anthony’s right to his communication.

Nua, deny Anthony’s right to be free from antipsychotic medication (Anthony has been subjected to emergency hospitalisation on two occasions whist in the “care” of Nua. Prior to Anthony being institutionalised he was free from any medical complications he had no history of epilepsy, now he is on several medications.

Nua, deny Anthony right to be free from forced unpaid Farm Labour

Nua, deny Anthony’s right to independent living

Noel Dunne, general manager of Nua wrote to the families of all people within Nua, he used the NAS accreditation and “stamp of approval” to reassure families that Nua is a safe place for people with Autism. This letter followed when an Irish television programme RTE, exposed abuse, with
hidden cameras, in another Irish institution, Aras Attracta,  https://youtu.be/RydAoa-7ePU

The RTE programme had a similar impact to the BBC, Panorama programme Winterbourne View in the UK 2011.

Irish Institutions for disabled people are under serious scrutiny from the mass media and general public in Ireland.

It is hypocritical of The National Autistic Society to award professionals for Autism practice, whilst they retain “an active silence”s at the abuse of Anthony Kletzander, a young man with Autism.

Anthony’s support group will be organising a peaceful protest outside the Awards ceremony at 6pm on the evening of 3rd March 2015, Royal Hall, Harrogate to inform people attending this event of the abuse of Anthony by Nua and hypocrisy of NAS.

Anthony’s mother will travel from Dublin, to take part in the protest, alongside friends and supporters. Linda Kletzander will be describing the impact the Nua abuse is having on Anthony and the whole family and her shock at the active silence of NAS

If you intend to join the protest please contact Joe Whittaker ( Whittakerjoe5@gmail.com ) to collect details or visit the facebook events page https://www.facebook.com/events/1557496471159771/

If you can’t make the protest but still want to support, you could make a donation to Anthony’s legal fund: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/0tLga?utm_campaign=story-update&utm_medium=email&utm_source=01-2015

Posted on behalf of:
Joe Whittaker


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