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You might remember that in November 2014, we published an article about ESA claimants being required by Job centre Plus offices to attend work focussed interviews under threat of benefits being withdrawn if they did not attend.  According to the DWP Webpage, it is very clear that claimants in the Support Group don’t have to attend any interviews:  “You don’t have to go to interviews, but you can ask to talk to a personal adviser. “

At the time, we launched a call for evidence  in order to see whether the practice was widespread or confined to some areas and to find ways to stop this. You will find the testimonies we gathered at the end of the article, and they show very clearly how much people were upset by these letters and frightened by the threat of sanctions.

But it seems that DWP has started again sending letters to claimants in the Support Group, just over 2 months after being informed by them that they were in the Support Group.

So we are going to ask you again to come forward if you are in the ESA Support Group and have been contacted by your Jobcentre to attend an interview, especially but not exclusively if it it the second time within a few months. Please email us at mail@dpac.uk.net and we will get back to you.

We will never disclose your name or personal information without your permission, but we may use your case (after your name and all personal details have been securely removed) to campaign against this. If you say no to this, we will not use the information in any way, and your information will still help us to understand what is happening.


Testimonies of ESA Support Group Claimants who have been called in for Work Focussed Interviews


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  4 Responses to “ESA claimants in Support Group asked again to attend work focussed interviews- Call for evidence”

  1. I am in the Support Group, and I’m waiting for the ‘Support’ to start, the only contact I’ve had is a questionnaire for another assessment!!

  2. Have we now reached a point where the DWP are deliberately targeting those in the support group?

  3. hi my name is dawn l am on esa l had a whole knee replacement on the 12th nov 2013 l had to go in to a nuring home to help me walk l had the job centre phone in dec 2013 to ask how long l was going to be in there l l could not tell her she want to see me about work l left the nursing home on the 27th jan 2014 still can not walk the job centre phone me april 2014 l was stressing with them phoning me to go and have a interview she phoned me april 2014 l told her l need to go in to the support group as l can not walk she told me to send a letter which the C A B have done on my behalf l am still in esa work related she phone me again in dec 2014 she said at the letter and past it on still what to know what kind of work l want l said sorry that’s the last thing on my mind at the moment she said will phone me after Christmas l feel its a rasment and do not need the added stress ans can not beleive l am still waiting to go in to the support group since april 2014 its a joke nobody as a clue dawn steel

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