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Shown below is a video clip of Shadow Minister for Disabled People Kate Green speaking at the SERTUC disabled workers’ network meeting 30 October 2014, filmed and passed to us by Kate Belgrave

In this clip Kate is saying (from 1.23 in the video)  “We are going to make sure that the work capability assessment is returned to its original purpose of being the first step in the process to diagnose and identify what sort of support somebody who could work at some point would need to have in order to enable them work, and so we will give every single person who goes through the work capability assessment, at the end of their assessment, a statement of how their condition or impairment impacts on their capacity to work. That will refocus the assessment into the right mindset, how to situate (? unclear) your capability for work. It will also, we hope, empower the individual, because that statement will be yours to take to your employer or your work programme provider or training provider and say ‘this is is what I have to contend with. How can we work together to build the support that I need.'”

Our very serious questions to Kate Green are:

  1. Will this be the policy of any incoming Labour Government?
  2. There is no recognition in this statements that people in the Support Group are not able to work, as judged by the already harsh WCA regime, do you really mean that the support group no longer has any meaning?
  3. When you say “everybody going through a Work Capability Assessment”, do you mean this to include (among others):
    1. Claimants with terminal conditions who do not have long left to live
    2. Claimants with severe mental health conditions who are at risk of suicide, or harming themselves or others
    3. Claimants with severe learning difficulties or cognitive impairments
    4. Claimants with high support needs, who will no longer receive ILF funding?
  4. Does Labour intend that the support group will no longer exist for people judged unable to work?

We are extremely concerned about this statement and we call on Kate Green to clarify what these words mean and respond to our questions listed above.

We will publish in full her response on this blog



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  5 Responses to “Alarm Bells are ringing, answers please Kate Green”

  1. The way forward does become clear through the mist of turmoil and anguish and then they appear to apply their pain.

  2. What I have seen & heard on this email is a total disgrace for (1) All Disabled People within the UK (inc Wales (2) This current Labour Party of 2015. 3. We the members & supporters of DPAC need some method of accurate communication before releasing an opinion & qualifying an opinion without some structure & advice .Heart & soul must be one in Unity. I speak as a terminally ill friend & believer in humanity , not as your adversary and opponent.

  3. Thanks DPAC – once again you have reminded me why I don’t vote for the Labour Party!

  4. Don’t forget those diagnosed with lifelong,incurable conditions who are still subjected to WCA despite the fact they will never recover.

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