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Urgent Call out for mass action to #SaveILF
Tuesday, January 6th 1.30pm for 2pm start.
House of Commons, SWIA 0AA

Following the loss of our court case against the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) we need as many disabled people and their supporters to join us for a mass visit to parliament.
At  the moment only the Green Party have said they will keep the ILF open, Labour have shockingly refused to commit to do this. That is in spite of them paying lip service to the ideal of independent living when in reality all they offer is empty rhetoric.
We must stop disabled people being pushed back into the margins of society, we will not go back into the institutions, our place is in the community alongside our family and friends and neighbours and we are fighting to stay.

Join us for a DPAC- style lobby of parliament on January 6th 2015. Let’s kick of next year’s Revenge Tour campaigning by making sure we let politicians know we are still here and are neither going away nor allowing ourselves to become prisoners in institutions or our own homes.

We will meet in the central hall just through security and suggest people arrive for 1.30pm to allow time to get through security. Contact us on if you want to meet up beforehand, have any specific access needs or need help towards travel costs.

‘Cos we’re not taking no for an answer



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  13 Responses to “Urgent Call out for mass action to #SaveILF, cos we’re not taking no for an answer”

  1. I am worried about the closure of I.L.F. Half of my son’s care allowance is paid by them. I am a lone pensioner who looks after my son at home (residential care broke down) giving 60% of his care needs. He has L.D/autism/challenging behaviour. As the money is not ring-fenced, Social Services will want to make cuts. I live in fear that I will no longer be able to cope.

  2. Would like to have been there today but caring responsibilities prevent this – as they do so many other things.

  3. Without ILF funding we have no respite support to enable our daughter (complex special needs, aged 32) to remain at home with us.
    We are both pensioners and have two dependent special needs adults to care for………..what hope for us without the ILF funding being ringfenced.


    he said that he would help people suffering from this governments attacks on the poorest

    we need a prominent celebrity to get involved only then do you media take an interest.

  5. Keep up the fight, my mum had ILF but sadly she passed away earlier this month but I know because of this fund I had more years to spend with her which I would not have had if she had ended up in a home. She would have given up. Noone deserves what this government is forcing onto the disabled it angers me so much as I know quite possibly I may end up in the same place my mother was and I dread to think what lies ahead for all the sick and disabled who are about to have their independence and dignity cruelly taken away from them. The local councils have no money ring fenced to help those it will affect. #saveILF

  6. I would love to join you guys on this protest but can’t due to caring responsibilities, is there any online action planned? and if so please let me know and I will gladly stick it to this vile Government. All the best on the 6th,


    • Hi James, thanks for getting in touch, we usually do an online action to coincide with events to make our presence felt on social media and be inclusive of the many people who can’t get there in person, and we’ll be putting up details of how people can join in online on the blog before the 6th.

      Best wishes


  7. Good luck with your demonstration. I just wanted to add, I think TUSC (Trade Union and Socialist Coalition) in addition to the Greens are supportive of keeping the ILF, just in case you wanted to add that to the statement above.

  8. i will be there its so wrong what they are doing ,,,

  9. How can those so called PUBLIC SERVANTS be allowed to take their PAY for so blatantly letting diabled people down. its a journey back to the Draconian age
    ps the server is NOT TAKING THE POSTS very suspect

    • I’m afraid sometimes our webserver gets overloaded with too much activity and it plays up a bit, apologies for that, if you find this, please try again a little later

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