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From Cuts to Resistance is a testament to the Disabled People’s fightback against the brutal idealogical austerity of the ConDem Coalition Government that has targeted us the most.

This document has been produced by Disabled People Against Cuts and Inclusion London who are part of the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance

It was published to coincide with the Launch of “Operation Disabled Vote” in November 2014

That day,we received a message from the Private Eye Cartoonist David Ziggy Green, it was such  a powerful message of support, it is copied below:

Sorry I couldn’t make it tonight.I’m pretty terrible with words but I just wanted to say that I have attended quiet a few DPAC action now. From the Oxford Circus hijack to the Atos Games opening ceremony to the Westminster Abbey occupation attempt.At each event and action, your determination and willpower is always so impressive and inspiring.
Believe me, there are people out there that care. They just need that constant pushing to get them to pull their fingers out and help.
So keep fighting and the numbers will swell and the message will get out and change will happen.
Good luck all & see you at the next battle ground.David.

Please feel free to read, download, print and share “From Cuts to Resistance“.

To download just click the pop out button pop out button go to the popout window and select the download button Screenshot from 2014-12-07 16:55:08


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