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We are getting information that people in the ESA Support Group are being required by JobCentre Plus offices to attend Work Focussed Interviews, under threat of benefits being withdrawn if you don’t go.

According to the DWP Webpage, if you are in the Support Group you “You don’t have to go to interviews, but you can ask to talk to a personal adviser. “, which should mean that they cannot require you to attend.

We are going to look closely at this and do whatever we can to get this stopped, but in order to do that we first need to gather information about how widespread this is, which areas it is happening in and how long it has been going on.

So we are asking for people to come forward if you are in the ESA Support Group and have been contacted by your Jobcentre to attend an interview, we would really like to hear from you, please email us at and we will get back to you

We will never disclose your name or personal information without  your permission, but we may ask you if we can use your case to campaign against this. If you say no to this we will not use the information in any way, and your information will still help us to understand what is happening.



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  1. I am almost 62 years old, in 2013 I was sent the form to fill in and had to attend the medical with Atos, I have suffered with a bowel problem for fourth years being that I can have great impaction or lose control on a daily basis, I have attended biofeedback back for many years I was prescribed a special irrigation system four years as my surgeon told me no operation will cure me, I will continue to be like this for the rest of my life. I am also deaf in both ears and cannot wear my hearing aids because of the blisters and infection they cause in my ears plus I have tinnitus very bad. I also have osteoporosis in my back hips and neck and suffer a lot of constant pain, I have made lung deformity of my arms so suffer pain in my wrists and do not have full rotation of my wrists and arms. The awful woman treat me like a lepor and failed me. The woman at job centre plus advised me to complain. I was the sent a letter of apology from Atos and told that the women had now left their employ. My money was resumed I was put on to employment and support allowance and told I was in the support group. I have now three years later been sent another form with a pending medical with them. I have started filling out the form and will be sending coppy letters from my GP my Bowel nurse and my Surgeon that were sent to them three years ago. My condition only gets worse and further more I have a 9 year old child who I adopted when I was 52 so I am a single mum and my child who I do not wish to become my carer is the only real support I have, I just hope I can manage to live another nine years so that I see my child safely in to adulthood. I really am at my wits end , I was told three years ago by job centre plus that I would not have to attend anymore of these now. Please can you advise me what to do.

  2. Ive got arthrits in most of my joints and suffer with emphysema and many other complaints and ive just been told to go to a job focus things or my money is stopped, i dont know what to do this is blackmail,, im on the esa support group and pip and wife is my carer,,dont know what to do put myself thru pain just to please them or lose my money ?

  3. I am my wife’s full time carer and she is in receipt of ESA in the support group. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia some 30 years ago (she also has many other ailments). She was put straight into this group without any face to face interview. Recently completed her renewal after 3 years and was amazed when she received a phone call yesterday. She put me on as her carer and I was told the assessment centre had some cancellations and could my wife go for an assessment. I asked had they contacted the psychiatric consultant or the GP to see if my wife was mentally fit to attend and they said no??? I said I was very unhappy but as we had nothing to hide I would take her to Manchester City centre on the condition I was provided with a car parking space at the centre.

    I was refused a parking space and was told there were plenty of car parks in Manchester. I said this was not acceptable as if they wanted to fit my wife in then they should provide. I tried to explain how difficult my situation was but it was clear they didn’t care. Then I was told that they do home visits so I said find book us one we have nothing to hide!!!! The guy then said he couldn’t arrange one!!!

    By now I was besides myself. I explained my wife takes 52 yes 52 tablets a day so it’s like a military exercise taking and arranging things.

    He then said just wait until you get a letter in January inviting my wife for an assessment then phone up to discuss it!!!!!!!!!

    The most ridiculous aspect of this is my wife’s ESA claim will cease in 10 weeks when she starts to receive her state pension!!!!!

  4. I have had problems with coping with stressful situations even from a child and these affected how I behaved in every day life as an adult.
    When I was employed there were times when I could not face going into work or when on my way to wherever I was employed I would turn
    back and go back home.. I had a breakdown in 1987 and ended up at a psychiatric hospital having cut my arms and burnt them with cigarettes.. I was first diagnosed with a severe nervous disorder with depression. I had been from different institutions both private and under mental health hospitals.. I went back to living in a group home for a while but then got very depressed again and took an overdose of sleeping pills and ended up at a psychiatric unit where I was in the ITU unit having been unconscious for 5 days.. I moved from there to a psychiatric care nursing home from November 1998 – During while I was there I saw a psychiatrist who advised me not to go back to work as this would cause more anxiety and stress, they even told me they were retiring me indefinitely on medical grounds.. I have been on disability benefits SDA Disability Premium and what used to be DLA (now PIP). On top of this I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I suffer from long-term chronic lymphodema and am prone to infections in both my legs.

    I had to go to one of them WCA interviews and waited 8 weeks for the result.. No recognition of my history of problems and was placed on ESA Work support.. I have not worked full time for something like 36 years altogether.. and unfortunately I cannot get any records of my medical or mental history.. I am now approaching 57 years of age and they want to try and get me back to work.

  5. Hi. I am in support group have been since 2013 got a work capability form today to fill in and send back. But im in support group. Sent a very lengthy assessment in back in 2013. Which stated my problems and chance of recovery poor. So why are they sending me this form. They have my problems etc.

  6. i had my medical in oct 17 was place in the WRAG I asked for a reconsideration they never changed their mind! I had a brain injury I suffer with anxiety,agrophobia, panic attacks, short memory loss and I cant follow a route or go out by myself also have really bad anger problems! yet they state I have to attend any interviews or work programmes, I think I should take it to tribunal but I’m scared I also get full PIP but they say that doesn’t matter to ESA. any advice please on what to do?

    • I hope you went to the tribunal. They are totally separate to the DWP and it’s processes. Much more human.

  7. November 2016. I have recently been moved from the support group to the work activity one despite my condition being far worse than when I first went sick over a year ago. I attended the work activity interview and was told they didn’t want to see me for another 6 months. So….They have reduced my allowance but can see I’m not fit for work. I rang the DWP and they were quite indifferent but when I pointed out that my phone system records all calls and that I use the recordings for reference due to my condition. They said that was fine but started realign of all my rights to ask for a concideration before appea and that after a year on the work activety group this allowance would stop. That has frightened the life out of me. They drop my money knowing I can’t work with a view that once on this street they will have me off my allowance. Wow! Just wow! .

  8. I just had a letter telling me to attend the jobcentre. I’m in support group. meeting is for dec 5th.

  9. What you all need to know is that everyone gets passed fit for work no matter what. Then you appeal and they all get refused. After that you get to have a Tribunal where you get to have a conversation with an actual doctor to explain yourself fully instead of with a disinterested “Health Professional” ticking boxes on a laptop. It’s a long drawn out process but I had my 4th medical assessment yesterday and even though I have won my previous tribunals I have to go through the system again! It makes no sense to waste everybody’s time and so much public money. The assessment system should be scrapped and those “Health Professionals” working for DWP should get back into the NHS. You do get back payments but that does not feed you or pay the rent in the year or so it takes to sort out. (I feel better getting that off my chest)!

    • I gave up after my first assessment and now have to return to jobseekers to get paid exactly the same amount of money.

  10. In July 2016 my partner lost his job and was unemployed for one month.

    I have been on ESA for a few years now and am in the support group.

    I completed the ESA Claim form in order to add my partner on to the claim in July. Since then I have sent them information proving the date his employment was terminated THREE times. They lost the information twice and had to request I send it to them again which has now dragged this out to October meaning I have been faffing around with them for four months just trying to get my partner on to my ESA for that one month he was unemployed as he got a new job in August!

    Now this morning I got a letter through the post informing me that I must complete the Capability for Work questionnaire and that it is likely I will need to attend a Work Capability Assessment. As previously stated, I am in the Support Group and according to the DWP website I should not have to do this.

    The worst thing is that I am terrified that I will need to go through this AGAIN when they FINALLY catch up with current affairs. Will I need to go through this again when they take my partner off my claim?

    I do not see why adding my partner to my claim would prompt them to re-examine my mental health conditions, which have not changed other than that they have worsened in some ways over the years as a result of therapy opening up some old wounds.

    Honestly, having to PROVE to some stranger that I am as ill as I say I am is a horrible thing to have to go through for anyone but receiving this news today has really affected me negatively. I am going to challenge them regarding this as I should not have to attend any WCAs let alone have to do it for adding a different person to my claim for the period of one blooming month. Or should I? Either way this seems downright unfair and un-necessary not to mention added expense to the DWP that could have been easily avoided.

    • It is only Work focussed Interviews at the job centre, that you don’t have to attend. This only applies to people in the support group. All esa claimants have to attend work capability assessments and xomplete work capability questionaires.

  11. Ive been in support group since medical in Jan 2016 , this morning I got letter saying I got go job centre next month see a work adviser ,, I thought in support group this did not happen ,, worried bad now

  12. In had my kidney removed in 2012, the remaining kidney is not fully functioning, I have chronic kidney disease stage three. I am constantly in and out of hospital with kidney infections I was on esa and had an assessment in may now been told I’m fit for work. The dwp stopped my payments and didn’t advise me for nearly a month. I am now in so much debt had no money off them since 6 June. How doe these people at dwp sleep at night. There attitude when ring is appalling. When I spoke to someone from dwp in was extremely distressed asking what do I do., I won’t be able to pay any bills or eat for that matter for the adviser to turn round and say you shouldn’t rely on your benefits. : I dont understand how they can get away with doing this to people.

  13. i went through all the criteria assessment to see if i met the criteria they said i was not alegible so i went through all the process regected then went to tribunal and won both hips now replaced both knees on the verge elbows knackerd right one there going to do keyhole surgery on to scrape all the infected bone first before they replace it ankles keep swelling up and ive just had letter to go for work related interview and im in the support group please help

  14. . I passed my medical in March and was placed in the work related activity group. I have mental health issues,anxiety and high blood pressure. I have been forced to attend working links every 2 weeks. I’ve been put on courses to improve my chances of getting work. Now I am being forced into interviews with employers?! Dwp states that I am on the work related activity group for 18 months…I don’t feel ready for work at the moment but yet again I am being forced. I have to take my children to the appointments at working links and don’t get my travel reimbursed. Now I’m being told I have to bring the children along to the interview. I need help!!

  15. I was put in the support group a while ago and out of the blue last monday the 9th of november 2015 i had a phone call saying i had to go into a interview on friday 20th november, been physical sick and hardly sleep for the last week, i suffer with Ptsd, mild agraphobia and anxienty, cannot take the stress and worry, i through the whole point of being put in the support group was that i didnt have to attend as im not fit for work……

    • my husband was on severe disability and income support and changed over to EMA support group in Sep 2014
      6 months later received letter from jobcenter to look for work or training , rang them up and they said yes you have to look for work, i then rang the number on his award letter and she ‘on the phone’ said no he shouldn’t be getting this letter as he is in support group, so it was cancel, 5 weeks later another letter and 5 weeks after that another, i phoned them up and explained this is all making my husbands health worsen and i want it stopped as he is in support group. It stopped till today another letter from job centre 14/12/2015 saying he needs to look at finding work and seeing what other options is available to him. i phoned up jobcenter and was told it doesn’t matter if hes on support group is has to look for work or training, and that she will be ringing up every 2 months to see if any changes that he can start work.
      never had this ringing up checking every 2 months when he has had a medical saying unfit for work but been harassed in such a way

      this made him more ill, as he has had a breakdown attempted suicide and still suicidal thoughts still, see a health worker every week and seen a physicist for counseling. among with his other medical and health conditions

      I am scared for my husband as i am afraid what he will do to himself as i just cant understand it what they are doing to him.

  16. I’m currently being forced to go for work focused programme since September 2014 and if I don’t go they’ll stop my benefit its very stressful and it isn’t fair and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Is there anything that can be done to get out of these appointments ?? because I am getting affected by these appointments .

  17. Hi all, I was put into a ESA Support Group in September 2014 and received a letter on 3rd September 2015 asking me to attend a WRAG group interview. Got to go in tomorrow and ask why, and if they don’t provide me with answers, i will be stuck on the phone half the day trying to sort it out. Frustrating really!

  18. Hello. i have been on ESA for almost 12 months now and have just recieved my letter to attend a Health Assessment with a health care professional. Firstly, i went on Esa as i had a kidney removed in october last year due to cancer in it and during my recovery which is still ongoing i have now been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis which is a rare disease about 1 in 40 thousand get it. Sarcoidosis is a living nightmare and i have great breathing difficulties and walking is one hell of an effort the list of problems is so immense. 2 weeks ago i have received another letter from the hospital after getting tests for blackouts that i must refrain from driving for 12 months and this has just shot me to pieces. I suffer from Hypertension too. My worry is this test. I have contacted the assessment centre and requested AUDIO recording of my interview and a ground floor room which according to the lady i spoke to should get a letter to confirm my requests. What do i need to take evidence wise as i have contacted my GP surgery and to abtain copies of my medical records will cost me £65. How am i suppose to pay that on £74 per week after my bills etc. Is it worth getting this medical records to back my case up. So frustrating how many people even get put back on the fit to work list even tho they clearly not myself included. Any information would be of great help. Thanks and good luck all those in the same boat.

  19. Attended Athos for medical assessment on 5th Aug. Just received letter from jobcentre asked to attend work focused apt.?.my sick note till 23th sept??? Got no lettersaying I was put into work focused group?

    • Sounds like exactly what has happened to me – attended face to face assessment with a doctor on the 27th September for him to assure me that I wouldn’t need another assessment for 3 years. Waiting anxiously for the decision letter but nothing as yet just a phone call from local job centre to arrange a work focused interview . I told her that the work coach must be majic if she thinks that forcing someone with uncontrolled Epilepsy for over 25 years is going to make them miraculously better to be able to start work !! I’ve telephoned dwp and asked for a copy of my assessment plus my decision letter.

  20. am in the ESA support group til June 17 and just recieved a letter from the local work programme people saying I have to attend an interview on the 4th sept and my benefits at risk if I do not attend etc… says I am mandated to attend

  21. sandra

    i am mortified at some of the comments i have been reading. all this information is going to make me well aware of what happens and how to handle the situations. i have just been put in the support group recently and what a relief for me but from reading peoples experiences i may still get letters etc t attend interviews which i know are nt mandatory …….ty people its made me aware what can crop up and hopefully not cause me to much anxiety and stress

  22. My partner has ADHD and depression and is on esa for a bad back injury he is incapable to look after himself due to pain ect we have a two year old and I received a letter about a work focused interview my my question is how and why ?how can they expect my partner to care for her he can hardly walk ore get up or bend down he cant tend to her needs at all and we arnt entitled to get nursery funding till she is 3 what will happen in quite anxious about it

    • If your partner is in the ESA Support Group, then this interview is optional, the DWP cannot force your partner to attend it and cannot affect his ESA claim if he does not attend. He should contact the DWP and tell them that he will not be attending the interview

      • does someone on the support group have to keep getting medical certificates from the doctor or do they need to require longer certificates?

        • Hi Claire, that’s something you need to check with DWP I’m afraid, unless its something I’m absolutely sure about, I can’t give benefits advice,I wish I could, but I don’t want to give the wrong advice to anyone.

        • Hi Claire,
          When in the Support Group, you don’t need to keep sending in medical certificates. I know this through personal experience first hand. Hope this helps.

        • no you should not have to provide sick notes if you are in support group ,you dont even need to even if you are on the work focused group either

  23. I was put on invalidity benefit 1995 after attending a medical with the SS now DWP. Later the benefit changed to Incapacity Benefit. I had to apply for ESA April 2013 and had to attend for an interview. I was told to go home and forget about it and I may be asked to attend another interview in a years time. I received my ESA payment and thought that was the end of the matter however the rules changed and I was invited to another interview. I phoned the DWP and was told i did not have to attend. I then received a letter saying my benefit would cease July 2014. By chance I was informed by a DWP insider I should have been put on a support group and retain my benefit until my official retirement. I had all sorts of obstacles put in my way, eg missing letters fax etc. I insisted in getting the original medical report from 1995 which they could not provide. I kept a history of all calls and letters which were presented to my local DWP who scanned the lot and sent to their head office. Two weeks later I was put on the ESA Support Group and do not have to attend for interviews. My case all along was if my GP, Hospital Consultant, Works Doctor and DWP GP had agreed I was unfit for work due to a permanent incurable disease then how all of a sudden did I become fit for work. They also lied to me and said only people with a terminal illness could be put on ESA support group. My advise is to record all verbal communication times and dates and ensure you send mail recorded delivery. And do get help as I did from family or friends for letter writing etc.

    • Hi, I too have been on incapacity benefit since 1995 with back problems from industrial injury. last year attended face to face assessment. Ye, you guest right, 0 points. Went through the procedure of asking for a reconsideration but had no satisfaction, still 0 points. Appeal process now taking place and am due on stage next week, but i will not be attending and have told them this. My appeal has been postponed once due to me sending in fresh evidence to support my claim. Two weeks after my assessment i was fortunate enough to get a mobility PIP award ( good old ATOS ). So one minute they saying 0 points and the next minute bingo. The points system for getting ESA or descriptors are the same for getting PIP. Needless to say i”m confused and i think the tribunal will be too. The stress and confusion this has caused is amazing. After many phone calls to try and get information as to what i should be living on, having to go over job centre for no reason because they gave me wrong information and waiting in doctors surgery for hours to get sick notes and traveling there only to be told after i sent in four that i do not have to send them in. ( HELL )

      • The descriptors for ESA and PIP are NOT the same. ESA assesses your capability for work and PIP assesses how much help you need because of your disability. The questions and application of the answers are absolutely not the same and just because you qualify for one does not mean you will qualify for the other.

  24. I have been on contribution based ESA, then income based ESA, originally in the work-related activity group but after further setbacks and much hassle, caused in no small part by the pressure, stress and fatigue of frequent phone calls and interviews with TCV, I have been moved to the support group about a month or 6 weeks ago.

    I thought the support group meant that ALL contact with TCV who run the work programme would be entirely voluntary and at my instigation so I could handle it at my pace. But as with Tracey I have been told to expect monthly phone calls. I am happy to stay in touch as I believe there are things TCV can help me with but as the main reason for my health declining was the pressure of not being able to control the pace of my involvement with the work programme myself, I’m not sure having to even just take phone calls when I am told to is going to help.

    Can anyone confirm if people in the support group are able to say if and when they want to contact TCV (the work programme) even by phone or do we still have to put up with rigid 4 weekly contacts.

    • Further to my comment above, I have just had my next contact with my TCV work program advisor who has told me that even though I am in the support group they HAVE to contact me fortnightly. They will send a letter out with a date and time for the next fortnightly appointment. However, as I am in the support group I don’t even have to answer the phone call. I can take the call and let them know if there is any thing they can help me with, I can contact them and say I don’t want it, I can pick it up and say I don’t want to speak today or alternatively I can simply ignore the call. What a waste of time for TCV as well as for the client (me).

      Does anyone know if this is what is supposed to happen according to DWP, or are TCV making their own rules up.

      (I will say that the three advisors I have had in 18 months have all been very nice people but they all seem to be restricted by ridiculous rules.)

  25. hi iv esa for a year and a half now and still not placed in a group its a joke as iv two buldges on in neck and one in my spine also throat disorder and tigminal neuralgia

  26. I’m in the ESA support group because I have serious mental health problems. I have been sent a letter today (Saturday), from the jobcentre plus that a work related interview has been arranged for me with a personnel adviser for next Friday, which will last up to an hour. I’m concerned about this because unless someone is a trained professional, mental health problems can be difficult to detect, and I’m worried that if I attend I might be taken out of the support group. I will phone them on Monday, but I’m very anxious about it.
    Does anyone know my rights?

  27. Today I went jobcentre it was my second appointment, first appointment I went the guy wasn’t there I was very upset as I made effort to go the lady in jobcentre apologies and gives next appointment. So today I went and saw the guy he looked at me not saying anything about last time and asking me if I got all the documents etc I showed him he kept all photocopys then asking me if I’m working etc.. As they know I’m registered disabled. Then says the esa will get back to I in trouble

  28. Ive been on ESA Support since pre xmas ive had no contact from Triage or Job centre since …. Untill today i had a phone call from Triage asking if circumstances had changed . i explained i was still under my consultant and things were the same or worse. She then told me Triage would be ringing me every three weeks from then on …. thats how it was when i was on the work related level of ESA .. Why areTriage involved with me when im on ESA Support Group … can they keep ringing me like this ? where do i stand with these phone calls ? i understand that ESA need to check to see if health circumstances have changed… but why are Triage contacting me they deal with getting people back into work !!!
    Can anyone let me know where i stand withthese calls i know i cant be forced to attend interviews, But what about phone calls…Any Advice?

    • Have sent you an email, Tracey

    • Hi. I don’t have an answer to your question but would also like to know if anyone else does. I have been on contribution based ESA, then income based ESA, originally in the work-related activity group but after further setbacks and much hassle, caused in no small part by the pressure, stress and fatigue of frequent phone calls and interviews with TCV, I have been moved to the support group about a month or 6 weeks ago.

      I thought the support group meant that ALL contact with TCV who run the work programme would be entirely voluntary and at my instigation so I could handle it at my pace. But as with Tracey I have been told to expect monthly phone calls. I am happy to stay in touch as I believe there are things TCV can help me with but as the main reason for my health declining was the pressure of not being able to control the pace of my involvement with the work programme myself, I’m not sure having to even just take phone calls when I am told to is going to help.

      Can anyone confirm if people in the support group are able to say if and when they want to contact TCV (the work programme) even by phone or do we still have to put up with rigid 4 weekly contacts.

      • Hi there 🙂 I can hekp 🙂

        Atos assessment – failed – appeal – WON – Support Group (2 year prognosis from May 2014)

        I thought I would hear nothing now until May 2016 – /WRONG/

        The Work Program Company ( NOT the DWP ) kept bothering me with letters and phone calls, despite me telling them I had been placed in the Support Group for two years! Thought I would hear no more from them – WRONG – They kept calling about every two weeks and letter every month, until I’d had enough.

        I called DWP and I was informed that the Workfare Company (similar to TVC, Ingeus etc) The DWP said they HAD told the Workfare Company of my appeal win, and told them to cease contact with me, I thought that was the end of it but NO – The workfare company STILL persisted with calls and letters (which I binned) They even called one night at 8 PM (no kidding!) and my partner blasted them.

        I called up the DWP again, and told them if I kept hearing from the workfare company, I was going to sue them for harassment. The DWP were actually angry at the workfare company and called them again (DWP actually taking my side) and told them again to STOP contacting me. Now would I get peace? NO – workfare STILL harassed me!

        I called the DWP again and told them I was taking legal action against the workfare company and would they be a witness for me and they said YES they would, as they had told the workfare company to CEASE all communication with me, on many occasions – and – they recorded every conversation with the workfare company.

        So – the workfare STILL kept on calling and sending letters. I told them when they called me again I was taking legal advice to sue them for harassment with the DWP’s support. Only in February 2015 did the workfare cease all communication with me.

        Workfare Company providers SHOULD cease contact with you, when you are in the Support Group. You do NOT have to attend WFI’s – fill out any forms – do any courses – or anything for that matter.

        You CANNOT be sanctioned or your ESA threatened by a workfare company, if you are in the Support Group . The DWP told me this, and they apologized to me on behalf of the workfare company (No apologies from the workfare company).

        I hope this helps you 🙂 That is my personal experience

  29. I have recently been placed in the support group of esa but my letter does not mention anything regarding medical certificates and if or not I should keep sending them in or not. Can anyone advise please?

    • I rang wdp to see what was happening after a very long wait for paper work to give outcome of attos,
      sick note was due to be renewed to continue claim…..they confirmed esa support group and assured me that sick note was not required once a decision has been made and you are placed in a group and said that sicknotes are only required when you are are off sick awaiting the decision proses (via attos/dwp).
      once you are deemed to be ESA sicknotes are no longer required.
      I did not renew it and all was well.
      but hey that was me…judging by the mistakes i have seen read and heard about…anything could happen.

    • Simon Once in the support group you do NOT need to send medical certificates mate…I have been on support group for 2 years now..and nobody has ever asked me for one.

  30. We have been sent a letter saying my partner has to attend an interview. He is not disabled I am and on the enhanced rate of pip. Not sure why he has to attend he is my carer. Can anyone help with this please.

  31. I was sent a letter stating that a work-related interview ( telephone ) had been arranged. I am in the Support Group and was confused and anxious about this.

    I phoned up the Job Centre and was told that ” interviews are voluntary and if you do not wish to do it then it will not affect your Benefit ”

    This has upset me and caused me unnecessary anxiety. There is no indication on the letter that the process is voluntary.

  32. Warning everyone on here not to be conned by the Jobcentre on Universal credit. ive been asking questions left right and centre about what i have to do legally and they dont like it,then they just ignore you!!!. Ask everything about everything!!!!. They have told me one thing then the next minuite changed the goal posts!!!. Ive had someone say i was getting paid on 22nd of May and ive received nothing!!. Then i asked someone else when i was getting my money and she said”oh i cant tell you that” and virtually slammed the phone down on me. Rude ,disgusting and ignorant!!!. Its a mess,,they dont know what their going on about. Ive seen disabled people being spoken too like dirt at The Jobcentre,,well its NOT HAPPENING!!!!. ive had to go sick as my health is failing mentally and physically and their just making it worse!!. Please please people!!!,,,,dont let them CON YOU!!!!. Speak up and dont shut up til you get somewhere!!!!.

    • I’m the same. I feel UC is a sham and the people dealing with it don’t know what they are doing. I’m the same I stick my feet in every time I think I have rights. They have stuck me in a WRAG. Even though I’ve had sick notes from doctor for over 15 months. Chasing up medical myself as been waiting for that for 15 months. Been to one WRAG with my cousin with me. Got a sick note until sept and I ring everytime to cancel. They threaten me with sanctions. But the group is over a mile away and my depression and anxiety levels have hit an all time high. Doctor not happy about all this but his hands are tied. Anyone know what I can do to stop them stressing me. ??? On the forms for appointments it says V. Is that not meant to be voluntary. I am working on writing a letter of complaint as I’m sick of the way they treat people

  33. Could someone please explain to me what the support group is all about? as I don’t have a clue what I’m going into 🙁

  34. Hey I am so glad I have found this page, I have been a nervous wreck! I am currently in the support group have been for about a year not long received an updated letter of my breakdown of esa for the year ahead etc. Then all of a sudden got a txt message stating (you’re medical certificate has ran out you will receive a letter). DWP had told me I will no longer have to submit fit notes as I am in the support group I was reassured on this. I called them up after the txt message and just asked when did it expire as I would have to get one from my doctor I’d need to know a date and the man on the phone just said It will be in your letter and I asked does this mean I need a new claim for esa? he just said no dont worry about it. Naturally with mental and physical disabilities I have done nothing but worry to the point I haven’t ate or slept properly my mind was doing overtime.After trawling for days and help of a friend I found this page. With all the info we collected I phoned them again explained what had happened why I was inquiring to then be told calmly oh this is just a mistake to disregard the letter there must have been an error. He was very reassuring and confident this is a mistake. I mentioned my claim came under clerical he checked everything and reassured me again that this is an error on their part likely a computer error. I know this slightly differs but when the letter came nearly everything matched with this page. It seems to be happening to a lot of vulnerable people it’s worrying as I know the stress I have been through.Thought I best share this as I thought I was wrong and alone until finding this page and other similar info. If people are in doubt just know as daunting as it is you really must check and get the answers you require and DO NOT give up if unsure about anything yeah you have the right to know!!

  35. I got an invite to an interview to check my circumstances on 8th May stating it was essential I attend on 15th May and to bring bank statements rent agreement my childrens birth certificates. I am in the support group and high rate dla care and mobility.I telephoned DWP and spoke to reception whom I told I did not think I would be able to attend and was told to call back on the 18th if I could not make it. I was terrified and spent 3 days researching here and benefitsandworks I found out that if I was in the support group I did not have to attend an interview. I called DWP on 11th May after days of stress which made me sicker than I already am and spoke to the person who had wanted to interview me I asked if this was mandatory because my carer had told me I was in the support group I did not have to attend. He was very polite and said I do not have to attend all they wanted to do was inform me about Universal Credit. I responded that my area is not due to be added to UC for some time yet and he said that was true. I asked why they needed my childrens birth certificates as my youngest is 33 yrs old and why they needed my tenancy agreement when I had not moved in 15 years. He said he was sorry that I had been distressed and would send me info on UC in the mail.

    Obviously these letters are worded deliberately and sent out to trick people their wording invitation and essential to attend support this belief.

    • i got the same letter as you mine was dated the 8 may they did not send it out until the 28 may how that works i dont no i was asked for the same things i phone them up and told them i was in support group i also told them i do not have to attend i asked why they needed all them things as well as bank details he said the letter came from another office and they had no record of it at the one i was told to attend all they are trying to do is get people in for nothing please do not fall for it i hope this helps you all the best future

  36. I found this page last week after attending a tribunal and today had a call from Brittania House saying i have to attend a work focused interview. During the call i was told im no longer in the support group also the back payments they owe are not going to be paid as i just refused to attend due to an upcoming operation. After i asked for a letter confirming what she said, she suddenly decided it could be deferred while she checked with another department and IF i am not in the support group they will send the letter detailing everything.
    How are they still getting away with doing things like this, its bad enough trying to get better and making the hospital visits without the extra pain and injury of trying to attend unnecessary interviews.

  37. I got a letter saying I had to attend. I had only been getting paid in support group for a few months. They had not even paid my back payment and I was placed in support group for at least a year before I would be required to have another assessment. The issue I found most disturbing is that I was being assessed for suitability for job seekers allowance and not work related group. I was told that because I was doing a course I should be able to work. When I challenged the advisor I was quickly told I was not suitable for work after all. I had to tell her that I eas not claiming because I didn’t want to work but because I was unfit. That the course was a way for me to get back into work once I was able to. I called the helpline and they apparently should not have sent me the letter and said I should call them if I ever got another.

  38. BELOW..A pains taking result of trawling through gov sites and advice centre sites,official hand book sites ect, and the relevant parts copied and pasted ..i have not changed the wording,only the order of appearance
    for convenience of the subject. Covers types of ESA and what to expect, and sanctioning.
    you can use it as a guideline ..always do what you can to let them know if and why you wont attend, and do your own research to check your own situation.
    ESA is usually reviewed yearly i.e back to atos after one year of passing it,however this is not set in stone and may vary,i.e could be longer. After passing atos you will receive a letter within (two or three months)
    telling you (Assuming you passed) which group your in, and when you might expect to be recalled.
    You can phone DWP to find out where you stand if you cant wait(give them a week or two to decide though) 0345 6088545 they will ring you back after a short check..always have N.I number and info at hand.
    Income based ESA takes into account earnings/income/private pension ect .this very likely includes partners
    income if married..but you should double check that.

    NOTE that there is a big difference between LCW…and LCWRA
    There is a minor inconsistency in the last paragraph on must make your own mind up about that…as it is as it appears officially.


    WRAG. (work related activity group)
    The claimant will be required to attend a series of Work Focussed
    Interviews (WFIs) with the Personal Adviser (PA). The first WFI will take place after
    the decision on inclusion into the WRAG. The interviews will be conducted at
    intervals to suit the claimant’s labour market likelihood of employment and needs.
    During these sessions, the claimant will draw up an agreed action plan of activity
    which is intended to help them with a potential return to work. This may include
    interventions such as retraining, education or condition management programmes.
    Their engagement in this process will result in entitlement to the “work-related activity”
    component of ESA in addition to the ‘basic ESA’ allowance
    1.5 Sanctioning
    The process of sanctioning lies out with the AH process. To receive the higher rates
    of benefit, the claimant must be considered to be carrying out “reasonable steps” to
    manage their condition and help move them towards the workplace.
    If the DM considers that the claimant has failed to participate in work-related activity,
    then the claimant may be sanctioned and their rate of benefit reduced.

    LCW (Limited Capability for Work),
    if you’re claiming Universal Credit and you have limited capability for work (LCW), you are normally in the work preparation group. You can be sanctioned for failing to do work-related activity to prepare you for finding work. You can only be given a low level sanction

    LCWRA Limited Capability for Work Related Activity, (LCWRA) after assessment, you are put in the Support Group.
    Support group
    You don’t have to go to interviews, but you can ask to talk to a personal adviser. You’re usually in this group if your illness or disability severely limits what you can do.
    1.5 Sanctioning
    The process of sanctioning lies out with the AH process. To receive the higher rates.
    Those in the Support Group will not be required to participate in work-related activity
    and will therefore not be subject to sanctioning procedures. However a claimant in the
    Support Group may opt to participate voluntarily in work-related activity and engage
    with a PA.

    The decision to apply a sanction is a complex procedure and is subject to a number
    of safeguarding procedures to ensure no claimant is unfairly treated.

    Atos Healthcare personnel will have no role in sanctioning decisions, however advice
    provided to the DWP regarding non-attendance or non engagement at the
    LCW/LCWRA may be used as evidence in the sanctioning process.

  39. I got a letter 6 weeks ago saying could I attend an interview, although it was not compulsory. I attended 3 weeks ago and got told that as of November my NI contributions run out so I be going onto income based ESA, but as my husband works would get no money. So basically I have been told I have to get a job or become self employed by November or I would get no money. Now as far as I have been told, being in the support group was a forever kind of thing as long as you satisfied the medical/questionnaire. Is this right or am I up the river come November?

  40. Hi,
    I’m not in any group as I’ve only been on ESA for a month
    (Was self employed). Even so I’ve received a letter to attend a work focussed interview next week. Can this be right?
    Hope you can advise

    Thank you.
    Kind regards

    • No you don’t have to attend, while you are not assigned to support or to work group, it is treated as voluntary, presuming ofc you have a sick certificate.

    • Hi

      I am still in the assessment phase of esa, and I have been sent two back to work interviews, the first stating this is entirely voluntary, the second saying I have an appointment (F1 ESA Voluntary 01/13)
      form. I didn`t go to either, but on the second appointment, the job centre rang me asking me where I was? I haven`t had the dreaded medical with Atos/Maximus yet, so therefore am still in the assessment phase. I had a panic attack during the ph call, which ended in the person at the JC telling me to expect another letter/ph call in a couple weeks time.

      What is the point of attending back to work focussed interviews when one is not fit for work?

    copy and paste above address to get gov site and scroll down to the small heading “suport group.this will say

    Support group
    You don’t have to go to interviews, but you can ask to talk to a personal adviser. You’re usually in this group if your illness or disability severely limits what you can do.
    copy and paste full address above into google and scroll down to page 25. A reference they should see, as well as us.

  42. I am getting Support group within Employment Support Allowance, which I am
    getting from March 2014. Today I received this letter from Jobcenter Plus,
    has anyone been on one of these and what does this mean. What support is available.

    “Important help for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) Claimants

    Our record show that as a result of your Work Capability Assessment you have
    been allocated to the Support group within Employment Support Allowance.

    You are now invited to attend a small Group Information session, where you
    will be presented with options of support available to you whilst you are
    claiming Employment Support Allowance.

    You will not be required to take any actions you do not feel comfortable
    with. Make sure you don’t miss out on a wide range of support we are able to
    offer. Look forward to meeting you.”

    • I attended a f2f on 27th April for ESA. On 6th May got a letter from DWP asking me to attend an appointment on 14th May, to check my circumstances haven’t changed and that I needed to bring ID, utility bill, birth certificate and bank statements. Why I don’t know. Today, 14th May, when I have the appointment, I received another letter stating I have been put into the ESA support group, it doesn’t state for how long and they have paid me the back pay for the last 12 months. Why do I need to attend this appointment? and why do they need to see my bank statements? Nothing has changed, do DWP not know what chronic means? Any advice please?

  43. I received a letter this morning stating I have an appointment 23rd March for a work focused interview, I called and don’t have to attend as I am also in the support group its a voluntary appointment. Why do they not state in the letter it is voluntary ?

    They must know our illness problems surely as its down on record. Also I am awaiting 3 operations so how could I possibly work and my illness varies daily some days I am fine other days I struggle to walk thats without the fatigue. I am not lazy though I am doing an open university course which I have been doing since being unwell.

    Glad I found this site. It’s unfair them sending these letters to people in the support group without stating it is voluntary, can cause a lot of emotional upset and stress which isn’t good for health !!!

  44. Yesterday I received a letter stating that I’ve been placed in ESA Support Group, without needing a medical. The supporting paperwork makes it clear that I’m not required to attend any interviews at the jobcentre, or with any advisor.

  45. I got emphysema, bipolar, panic attacks and am on crutches! I was put in the wrag on esa and forced to travel 16 miles to wrag in woolwich se london for a year, have had 4 chest infections due to forced winter travel to said wrag! Then on 5/2/15 i got a letter saying as of september 14 i have been moved to the support group, now i received a letter saying i must go to a wfi on 16/2/15 i sent my oh with letter saying im in support an she said oh she dont have to attend & said they would amend my file!

  46. was put in support group on the 29.2.15. then on Friday 13th 2015 get a letter from my jcp asking me to attend an interview (not work focused interview) on wed 18th feb to discus my claim for esa and wether all the details they hold are correct. letter went on to say please bring id for yourself and partner if you have one plus bank statements for last 3 months. on contacting my jcp I was told I must attend. on the afternoon of the 13th feb I get a call from jcp plus saying the interview is nothing to worry about and if I don’t want to attend I don’t have to. lady who called also went on to say they just want to know if I need any support. the letter had no mention of sanctions and no mention I had to attend interview. I have been put in to support group after waiting 13 months plus 9 days to be assessed by atos but got my esa awarded instantly due to mental health issues plus at 62 years old need both my knees replacing. now while I was waiting the 13 months plus to be assessed I heard nothing at all from jcp and now ive been awarded esa they want to help me. now it could just be because I was awarded my esa that they do want to know if there is any support I need I just don’t know. i think the letter was sent from my local jcp not the national head office generated as the envelope address was hand written so maybe its a new job been created at my jcp giving some-one there a job to do looking busy who knows. will update on Wednesday after interview.

    • well I went for my interview and asked the question why have I been asked to attend when ive only just been awarded my esa and the reply I got was everyone and anyone who is on any kind of benefit is being and will be asked to attend with 3 months bank statements and proof of id. by the sounds of it there just checking you say who you say you are plus your not getting regular income payments into you bank accounts but on the whole very informal and no mention or work.

  47. i am in the support group emphesemia ascheamic heart disease thrombosis and numerous other illnesses i recieved a letter stating i had got to have a office interview ,i phoned straight away and was told i had not got to attend as this was voluntary ,so i didnt go sat morning 7/1/15 had a phone call of job centre telling me i had to go and it didnt matter that i was in the support group as everyone had to go and there making me another appointment is this true what would you recommend i do thankyou

    • You need to find out why they are calling you in , if it is for in id check you will have to go in , if they are saying its regarding jobseeking you DO NOT have to attend.

      Speak to the benefits line as they will be a lot more helpful than your jobcentre.

  48. I’m my sons appointee after a serious accident left him physically and mentally challenged.

    He was finally put into ESA support group 4 months ago.

    I’ve just received a letter from the Jobcentre informing me that they’ve arranged an appointment for a ‘Work Focused Interview’!

    What’s all that about?

    I shall be phoning DWP and Jobcentre tomorrow to clarify my sons situation and the necessity of his attendance.

    Not happy!

    • Hi Annabelle, hope you gave DWP what for and clarified your situation, just wondered how you went about getting your son into the ESA support group. (who it’s best to contact etc…)

      I’ve a friend that’s in the work related activity group and is not sure how/if he’s able to get into the support group.

      Any info from you or anyone on this page would be much appreciated.

  49. I would just like to say, thank you so much for the clarification posted on this site. I received a letter yesterday for my husband to attend an interview next week. I will be contacting the team tomorrow to get this sorted, now I know our rights. It is very scary, and causes a lot of emotional upset. Thanks again.

  50. Hi Everyone

    I am in the support group , here is what happened to me. I received the letter from job center plus in December saying I would be required to take part in a phone interview to discuss my options on going back to work , also included in the letter was a printed sheet saying I was in the work group ?! I knew this was not true so rang the benefits line.

    I spoke to a very helpful lady – she confirmed I was in the support group and would not be sanctioned fore not attending interviews. SO i then asked how this had all come about , why were job center plus contacting me and arranging interviews ? She replied “oh the records say you made contact with job center plus and asked for an interview ” I was gobsmacked.

    So it seems job center plus are now lying and making up stories to get people off the support group – I emailed my job center adviser with whom the interview was arranged explaining I would not be attending , would not be sanctioned and that I knew they had lied to trick me into an interview.

    She did not reply (surprise surprise) and my money went in fine and I have not been sanctioned.

    Be vigilant people – they are now willing to lie and make up stuff.

  51. wow mind came today seems non obligatory if could send a picture i would but know now to bin it of mayb stuff the turkey lol

  52. me too , i dont usually get xmas cards or any kind of post so was surprised with my seasons greeting from dwp , how nice of them to offer me their help at this difficult time of year . so glad i found this page to know my right not to go , as many will without knowing theirs – thus the importance of this page and the need to get more attention to this for all those affected , since i got my letter this morn i found this page and others and i emailed bbc and mirror asking why its not been on the news , you can do it too , tell other people at the very least . they contradict their own guidelines – if you are exempt you shouldnt get the letter requiring a wfi to begin with , then not to say its not ‘o blog a tory’ or ‘man! de tory’ to attend .. with subliminal threats of possible sanctions , is the kind of low level mind control cameron should have stuck to in pr or goebels lab or whatever eton mess he came from . so throw another tory on the fire and keep warm this crapmass (thats if if you havent been threatened with eviction or had your benefits sanctioned or stopped or cant pay your energy bill or any other shite besides and on top of being seriously ill etc, its a great xmas present from uk.guv.ogre)

  53. I have received a request from my local jobcentre to attend a Work Focused Interview,

    I am currently in the support group and I believe that this interview is voluntary as per the form number ‘F1 ESA Voluntary 01/13’. I am diagnosed with Hurthelle cell carcinoma of the thyroid and have been receiving and am now recovering from radiotherapy treatment for over a year and there will probably be further treatment to come. I am worried about this Interview as they may unlawfully bully me in to a situation that I can not sustain, I know that the DWP have confirmed that those in the support group only need to attend WFIs on a voluntary basis but they often ignore the small print of their own policy, I know that requests have been made to the DWP Central Freedom of Information Team asking how many claimants on ESA have been called in for 2013/2014 for similar interview requests but they declined to answer on the grounds of cost, so no suprise there.

  54. my friend who has serious mental health issues who is in the support group ,has got a letter to see a personal adviser ,now she is having bad thoughts on the verge relapse, now going to get her to see her doctor for a letter,this is just wrong theres no way she could go for a interview in the confused and panic state she is in, let alone work thats why she is in the support group

  55. Hi there,
    Im in the support grour, have been for two and a half years now and suddenly I got a letter yesterday saying I have to attend a work related interview with my advisor tomorrow …i don’t even have an advisor as I’m in the support group. This has upset me and can’t u derating why I’ve got this letter when I’ve been deemed as unfit for work and dismissed from my job

    Do you know anything more about this issue?

  56. I have received a letter to attend an appointment made for me next week. I am ESA Support group Contribution based I have been there for one year. It says ‘the ”named” personal advisor has arranged an appointment to speak to you about the support that Job Centre Plus can offer you’.

    I have emailed back saying I cannot attend due to my specific disability.

    I will let you know what they say.

    • Yes please do let us know – they should realise that they cannot force you to attend and the appointment should be cancelled

  57. In wrag group, but was told by the lady at the job centre about a year ago that I would not need to attend further interviews, as she believed I was clearly not fit for work and should have been placed in the support group. I saw her mark my file. Today I’ve received a letter for an interview??? Not only is all this bullying sole destroying for everyone, it is a total waste of tax payers money. Unless there is a miracle cure, I for one am not going to get better/fit for work, so why all this jumping through bloody hoops all the time!

    • ” In wrag group, but was told by the lady at the job centre about a year ago that I would not need to attend further interviews, as she believed I was clearly not fit for work and should have been placed in the support group ”

      Exactly the same position Awarded 15 points at the Tribunal thought ide won lol
      Deformed hip , fused spine , arthritic knees Aged 60
      Retired medically after 18 yrs at Tesco the Doctors report used to make their decision stated my conditions as

      Debilitating , degenerative and progressive So the DWP performs another miracle

      Now recieve £21 E S A ( However with £14 bedroom tax and the added £8 pw council tax in the name of austerity ” )
      – £1 net

      Logic says if you are fit enough to work they would have put you onto J S A
      The very fact they havent means you are incapable

      This was just an excercise in benefit removal nothing more nothing less

  58. I’ve been in the Support group for over a year. I’ve been in once for an interview with a PA. I refused to go in after that as my condition deteriorated and have had another operation, which has reduced my mobility even more. I am now waiting for another op too.
    I have to have a phone interview once a month and send sick notes in or they won’t pay me. They are now saying about a home visit for an interview

    • I don’t understand why, if you’re in the support group, they’re hassling you in this manner; it does not sound lawful to me. Please ask the help of a benefits advisor. It sounds like you are being bullied and it makes me quite angry to be honest. Please report back on this. Take care.

      • They bully everyone at The Jobcentre,,,,even people with problems. it has to be stopped!!!!.

  59. can I join

  60. I was sent one of the letters 18 months to two years ago it looked like a “you must attend or….” I phoned them after checking my status and told them I would not be attending as I was in Support group and it was just to much to deal with, they said OK, end of.

  61. Please let us know. This is a new developent.

  62. Exactly what I was saying earlier – They make the rules and then they break the rules. This happened to me the last time they decided to break their own rules. If you fight this system you’re then victimised & end up even more ill – So yes, I’m in the Support Group (keeping my mouth shut about the past) and now I’m about to witness it all over again ….they’re already threatening sick people after making sick promises. It’s amoral. I was once married to a psycopath – it’s similar – You break broken people – you pick them up – give them a pittance of hope for a while & then you go in for the kill and destroy them. You just have to ask yourself WHY? and keep a step ahead. The powers that be pay good money to clever psychopaths who have No Conscience – no empathy – no guilt … reach their financial goals. It’s a well known fact that most psychopaths are in the financial market. This is going to cost more lives.

  63. I’ve been in the support group for ESA for six months and I have received a letter from the DWP requesting that my partner and I attend separate work related interviews at the job centre with a threat of sanctions if we fail to attend.What’s going on?,I thought support group people were exempt from work related interviews.Please help.

    • Alan, you don’t have to go for work related interviews in the Support Group if you do want to, you can go voluntarily if you want but it isn’t mandatory and you can’t be sanctioned if you don’t go, have a look at the last paragraph of my earlier post, this is a direct quote from the WCA handbook, if you get any more issues contact you MP and quote my earlier post

  64. This is from the WCA training manual Training & Development
    Revised WCA Handbook
    ESA (Amendment) Regulations 2011 and 2012)
    Version: 6 Final
    19 March 2013
    P20 If the Decision Maker accepts that a claimant does reach the threshold of having Limited Capability for Work, they are placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). The claimant will be required to attend a series of Work Focussed Interviews (WFIs) with the Personal Adviser. The first WFI will take place after the decision on inclusion into the WRAG. The interviews will be conducted at intervals to suit the customer’s labour market likelihood of employment and needs. During these sessions, the claimant will draw up an agreed action plan of activity which is intended to help them with a potential return to work. This may include interventions such as retraining, education or condition management programmes. Their engagement in this process will result in entitlement to the “Work related Activity” component of ESA in addition to the basic ESA allowance
    1.5 Sanctioning
    The process of sanctioning lies out with the AH process. To receive the higher rates of benefit, the claimant must be considered to be carrying out “reasonable steps” to manage their condition and help move them towards the workplace.
    If the DM considers that the claimant has failed to participate in work related activity, then the claimant may be sanctioned and their rate of benefit reduced. (Please note this next bit)
    Those in the Support Group will not be required to participate in work related activity and will therefore not be subject to sanctioning procedures. However a claimant in the Support Group may opt to participate voluntarily in work related activity and engage with a PA.

  65. I went to a tribunal hearing and won my appeal,10 weeks later I’m still waiting for my back pay and was payments to be played. My next step is committal to prison for IDS and his cohorts

    • Steve

      hope you have your money paid now, if not contact your MP and tell him the situation

      • Tracey
        I av been put in a WRAG coming up for a year soon,I suffer from severe anxiety and stress,panic attacks,and been diagnosed by therapist having severe social anxiety,also slipped disc a few yrs ago so suffer bad back pain at times,I av been to lots of work focused interviews with advisor at job centre,I av been forced to take part in a IT corse t library and also forced I feel (bullied is more appropriate) into taking part in these things,which is making my life hell(worrying exsecivly) I visited my doctor recently and I just be broke down in tears,my doctor Cud c how much of a state I am in emotionally,and my doctor said I was not in any fit state to b going on these work related activities,so he gave me a sick note saying I am not well enough to b doing the activities,I had an appointment the Nxt day to c the advisor,I explained I felt so anxious and the doctor has given me a sick note to give to her,with that the advisor said to me ,I don’t want to c the sick not bcos it don’t make any difference whatsoever bcos u are in a WRAG,u will still av to do and go to where I send u or your money will b stopped!

        • always ask your dr to refer you to the local mental health team. I suffer from mental health issues anxiety depression severe agrophobia. I always get a covering letter from them also get from your dr explain situation and how effects you personally socially ect, sometimes you have to pay for drs letters but worth it in long run.

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