Aug 142014


Has anyone experience of people being denied #ESA in annual review, reinstated on appeal, but refused back payments on technicalities?

Please get in touch with Kerry McCarthy MP




Kerry McCarthy MP
326a Church Road
St. George

phone: 0117 939 9901 (Lines are open from Monday – Friday 10am – 1pm)

MP for East Bristol you can also contact DPAC on :

twitter: dis_PPL_protest



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  6 Responses to “Have you been denied back payments for ESA?”

  1. i havent been paid in four months> im being told tough, try jsa! nuts

  2. all the media and news etc etc dont want too know honest phoned them all…we phoned bbc …itv….all of them and all newspapers…the dayly mirror said they would look into it but never got back… mp has allready helped six times last year alone u know the dwp and atos…they just say anything not to pay me i dnt get it

  3. I am owed from 2013 Janurary .when i was placed in wrag after a lying atos assment which i won in court of april the 16th 2014…. i got the full points u can get …court was disgusted at the lies and mis-practice on me .so iam owed last years wrag infaltion u know the 2.7 per cent and 1.65 a week from 2013 – 2014 and allso my contrbrution allowence too. all my up rateing for me placed in the full support group and this years rate of inflation …welfare rights have told me u are owed quite a bit john about 3.500 yes three thousand in back pay….the dwp are saying and doing anything not to give it me …they even said that your father phoned and told us u didnt want the extra monies —–reason—well u dad says its to much stress on my son …honest have evidence .my father is my carer …welfare rights are helping but the dwp aren’t saying anything honest …i do need more help on this

    • Thanks john- have you tried your local MP and local media to push this along?

    • You have won in court so if was me I would enforce it and send the bailiffs in

      • This is something I would do, I have just won my court appeal after having benefit stopped end of August this year, haven’t had a single penny in four months so they now owe me a fair bit, am worried now if the DWP try to get away without paying what was unlawfully took away but they’d better know I will fight them all the way and send in the bailiffs if I have to.

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