May 242014

We have seen some of reports, both on twitter and in the media about disabled people who where not able to vote or discouraged from voting because they are disabled in last Thursdays Council and Euro elections.

We are concerned about this and we want to gauge the extent of this issue before deciding on what action to take.

We will be launching a campaign to encourage disabled people to vote in the run up to the 2015 general election.

We want MPs and political parties to know that disabled people will use their vote, but to do this we need to know we can vote first!

So please, if you have had any difficulty with access to your polling station, voting itself, or you have been discouraged from voting  because you are disabled please let us know, either by emailing us at or by adding a comment below this post.

Or if you see any reports in your local media about disabled people who have been denied the chance to vote and you can send us a link to the story, that would also be good evidence for us to collect.

If we do get a large number of responses to his call-out we may combine the comments into a report to use as evidence. If we do this we will remove any names or personally identifiable information.

Further reading:

Legal action threat over postal voting ‘discrimination’

Trafford MP ‘shocked’ after man with learning difficulties told he ‘shouldn’t be voting’ by Conservative councillor




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  2 Responses to “Did you have any trouble voting because you are disabled?”

  1. Hounslow Chronicle has a letter from a woman who applied for a postal vote. She was told she had to collect the form! If she could do that she would not need a postal vote. She had to ask someone else to collect it for her.

    • Hello Penny, thank you for telling us this

      I’ve looked on the online version of the Chronicle and can’t find it, I don’t think they put the letters online, is there any chance you could scan or get a mobile phone picture of the letter and mail it to ?

      It would be a real help if you can



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