Apr 072014

The Steering Group asks that members support the following motions:


Motion 1 – Government honours

This conference recognises that the UK honours system is incompatible with the principles and values that underpin DPAC, honouring as it does the privileged and those who perpetuate the inequalities in our society rather than recognising true social value and justice. Awards that refer to the ‘British Empire’ in their title are particularly offensive to the millions of victims of brutal British imperialism.

This conference agrees that any DPAC member who accepts a Government honour or award through the UK Honours System is ineligible to stand for election to the Steering Group. If the member is already a member of the Steering Group he/she must immediately resign their position.


Motion 2 – Discrimination

This conference recognises the dangerous rise of racist and migrant scapegoating. While the main political parties compete to be tough on immigration there is a real danger of UKIP gaining seats in the local and European elections. Immigration is not to blame for austerity or attacks on welfare and DPAC does not tolerate any form of discrimination including on the grounds of gender, sexuality, age, faith, disability, ethnicity or status.

This conference agrees that any DPAC member declaring support for groups or parties who a majority of the Steering Group find to hold discriminatory policies may have their membership terminated by a vote of the Steering Group.


Motion 3 – Steering group size

This conference recognises that although there are many ways to be involved in DPAC and all contributions are valued, it is also important to have a broad, diverse and inclusive Steering Group. The constitution currently limits the Steering Group to 8 members elected at conference.

This conference agrees to amend the constitution to increase the maximum number elected at conference to 12.


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